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Topic: Saimiri

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  Saimiri Natural History
Saimiri ustus is geographically distributed in eastern central Brazil between the Rio Purus and Rio Xingu south of the Rio Solimoes.
Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis, which show a high degree of sexual segregation within their social groups, demonstrate distinct linear dominance hierarchies among males with dominance associated with higher testosterone levels and generally, copulatory frequency.
Kaplan, J.N. Breeding and rearing squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus) in captivity.
www.southalabama.edu /cnprr/saimiri.htm   (3040 words)

 Digimorph - Saimiri sciureus (squirrel monkey)
Saimiri sciureus, the squirrel monkey is a South American or New World monkey.
Saimiri sciureus is among the smaller platyrrhines, males and females averaging 779g and 668g respectively (Fleagle, 1999).
Saimiri is largely frugivorous, but forages for insects when on the ground (Fleagle, 1999).
digimorph.org /specimens/Saimiri_sciureus/338948   (608 words)

 Herpesvirus Saimiri vFLIP Provides an Antiapoptotic Function but Is Not Essential for Viral Replication, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
In vivo oncogenicity of the herpesvirus saimiri C488 recombinants was assayed by experimental infection of Saguinus oedipus
Herpesvirus saimiri is able to transform human and simian T cells to permanent antigen-independent growth in vitro (6).
Herpesvirus saimiri is the prototype of the gamma-2 herpesviruses or Rhadinoviridae (1).
jvi.asm.org /cgi/content/full/74/24/11919   (6446 words)

 Squirrel monkey - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The squirrel monkeys are the New World monkeys of the genus Saimiri.
Females give birth to young during the rainy season, after a 150- to 170-day gestation.
Saimiri oerstedti are weaned by 4 months of age, while S.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saimiri   (396 words)

 ILAR Journal Online, Volume 31(1) 1989: Perspectives on Animal Use
His report documents the difficulties with captive reproduction in Saimiri spp., particularly as it relates to the use of captive-born squirrel monkeys as breeders.
Detection and cultivation of intestinal trichomonads of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus).
Bolivian squirrel monkeys are classified as "roman" variety based upon the distribution of pigmented and nonpigmented periocular hair in a pattern resembling a semicircular arch.
dels.nas.edu /ilar_n/ilarjournal/31_1/31_1SquirrelMonkey.shtml   (5731 words)

 ADW: Saimiri oerstedii: Information
Saimiri oerstedii is known to inhabit humid Pacific slope forests (Reid, 1997).
Saimiri oerstedii is a small, slender monkey with a long prehensile tail (Reid, 1997).
Saimiri oerstedii can be distinguished from its sister species Saimiri sciureus because the crown of S.
animaldiversity.ummz.umich.edu /site/accounts/information/Saimiri_oerstedii.html   (1108 words)

 Group formation of squirrel monkeys
Squirrel monkeys (Saimiri spp.) have always been a common sight in zoos, but this seems to have changed in the past few years.
The adult females function as the core of a Saimiri group, and all other group members are attracted to them.
Baldwin, J.D., and Baldwin, J.I. (1981): The squirrel monkeys, genus Saimiri.
www.awionline.org /Lab_animals/biblio/izn-ver.htm   (1030 words)

 Comparative Placentation
This small South American cebid monkey weighs up to 1,000 g, is arboreal prefers insects, small reptiles and birds as well as fruit (see Lima and Ferrari, 2003), and is a diurnal animal.
The length of umbilical cords in Saimiri was given as 8.5 cm by Spatz (1968).
The most important pathologic feature of squirrel monkeys undoubtedly is that all animals are infected with the Herpesvirus saimiri.
medicine.ucsd.edu /cpa/sqmonkey.html   (2258 words)

 Selective Activation of T Cell Kinase p56[IMAGE] by Herpesvirus saimiri Protein Tip -- Wiese et al. 271 (2): 847 -- ...
saimiri infected cells, we probed their basal phosphotyrosine levels as a readout for kinase activity that might not be masked by excess of inactive enzyme.
saimiri transformed T cells, and it is not expressed in the nontransformed parental cell lines.
saimiri transformed T cells, so that this autocrine loop appears to be essential for the transformed phenotype (6).
www.jbc.org /cgi/content/full/271/2/847   (5705 words)

 Red-backed squirrel monkey - Saimiri oerstedii: More Information - ARKive
This species has two subspecies: the fl-crowned Central American squirrel monkey, Saimiri oerstedii oerstedii, is classified as Endangered (EN B1ab (I, ii, iii)) and the grey-crowned Central American squirrel monkey, Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus, is classified as Critically Endangered (CR B1ab (i, ii, iii)) (1).
It also bears a distinctive crown on its head; in the fl-crowned subspecies (Saimiri oerstedii oerstedii), this crown is, as the name suggests, fl, whereas in the grey-crowned Central American squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus) it is grey.
The grey-crowned subspecies Saimiri oerstedii citrinellus is critically endangered and has lost 89% of its original habitat in Costa Rica, with the remaining range (just 210km²) being severely fragmented (1).
www.arkive.org /species/GES/mammals/Saimiri_oerstedii/more_info.html   (856 words)

 Costa Rica Hotels, Manuel Antonio Hotels, Beach Hotels
Boinski and I were in Manuel Antonio National Park near the old fishing village of Quepos, Costa Rica, where she had returned to gather more data on the behavior of squirrel monkeys during mating season and to collect DNA material.
Her work is urgent because this species, Saimiri oerstedii, is critically endangered.
In the Peruvian species, Saimiri boliviensis, the females are dominant and very aggressive.
www.hotelcostaverde.com /monkeys.htm   (4079 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, (NAS Colloquium) Genetic Engineering of Viruses and Viral Vectors (1996)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
When permissive cells were cotransfected with herpesvirus saimiri virion DNA and one of the engineered reporter genes cloned within herpesvirus saimiri sequences, recombinant viruses were readily identified and purified on the basis of expression of the reporter gene.
HVS infection is endemic and apparently apathogenic in squirrel monkeys (Saimiri sciureus; refs.
Previous characterization of HVS oncogenesis has demonstrated that sequences near the left end of the viral genome are unnecessary for viral replication but essential for oncogenesis and in vitro transformation of common marmoset lymphocytes (16–19).
www.nap.edu /openbook/0309058368/html/11389.html   (5480 words)

 Untitled Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
At present, I am working on an integration of the evidence for the evolutionary patterns in the New World Monkeys in light of the most recent molecular phylogeny of this group.
As an outgrowth of my interest in New World Monkey Phylogenetics, I am using nuclear and mitochondrial genetic markers to study the relationships of Cebus and Saimiri in order to reconstruct biogeographic patterns of their dispersal across Central and South America.
I have developed a protocol for extracting DNA from museum specimens, and to date, have successfully sampled representatives from over 30 localities across Latin America, a sampling virtually impossible to accomplish in the present day using field specimens.
www.wsu.edu /~jwalfaro/research/newworldphylogeny.html   (212 words)

 Generation of CD4+ and CD8+ T−cell clones from PBLs of HIV−1 infected subjects using herpesvirus saimiri - ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
Medveczky, P., Szomolanyi, E., Desrosiers, R.C. and Mulder, C. Classification of herpesvirus saimiri into three groups based on extreme variation in a DNA region required for oncogenicity.
Transformation of human T-cell clones by Herpesvirus saimiri: Intact antigen recognition by autonomously growing myelin basic protein-specific T cells.
Immortalization with Herpesvirus saimiri modulates the cytokine secretion profile of established Thl and Th2 human T cell clones.
www.nature.com /doifinder/10.1038/nm1196-1272   (551 words)

 Problems and Proposed Solutions in Platyrrhine Phylogeny
Also the traditional cebid-callitrichid dichotomy is radically altered: Cebinae, consisting of Cebus (capuchin monkeys) and Saimiri (squirrel monkeys), is the sister of Callitrichinae and these two subfamilies constitute the family Cebidae.
We plan to gather extensive additional DNA sequence data in order to test the congruent branching arrangements of the epsilon and IRBP maximum parsimony trees, especially those arrangements that are controversial when compared to the cladistic evidence from previous morphological studies (11-14).
To pursue these aims, it will be important to enlarge the DNA sequence data from additional ceboid species and outgroup species (from a broader range of non-ceboid primates) and from noncoding regions (introns) of additional unlinked nuclear genes.
www.genetics.wayne.edu /lgross/Problems.html   (1916 words)

 Herpesvirus saimiri-transformed macaque T cells are tolerated and do not cause lymphoma after autologous reinfusion -- ...
Herpesvirus saimiri subgroup C strains, especially strain C488, are capable of transforming human T cells to a stable interleukin-2-dependent
T-cell lymphoma caused by herpesvirus saimiri C488 independently of ie14/vsag, a viral gene with superantigen homology.
ORF73 of Herpesvirus Saimiri Strain C488 Tethers the Viral Genome to Metaphase Chromosomes and Binds to cis-Acting DNA Sequences in the Terminal Repeats
www.bloodjournal.org /cgi/content/full/95/10/3256   (4010 words)

 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species: Saimiri oerstedii ssp. oerstedi
Saimiri oerstedii oerstedi has a restricted range, is fragmented and occurs in only a few remaining forests.
The Endangered assessment is based on its restricted extent of occurrence (1,166 kmĀ²), historic loss of habitat (76%) and severe fragmentation.
Thorington Jr., R.W. The taxonomy and distribution of squirrel monkeys (Saimiri).
www.redlist.org /search/details.php?species=19840   (305 words)

 JGV Direct - Herpesvirus saimiri StpB (S. Hor and others)
In addition, the saimiri transforming proteins of subgroups A (StpA) and C (StpC) are both oncogenic when expressed in rodent fibroblasts and transgenic mice (Jung et al.
Choi, J. K., Ishido, S. and Jung, J. The collagen repeat sequence is a determinant of the degree of herpesvirus saimiri STP transforming activity.
M., Alexander, L., Veazey, R. and Jung, J. Substitution of ras for the herpesvirus saimiri STP oncogene in lymphocyte transformation.
www.socgenmicrobiol.org.uk /JGVDirect/17383/17383ft.htm   (3709 words)

 CTLA-8, cloned from an activated T cell, bearing AU-rich messenger RNA instability sequences, and homologous to a ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
CTLA-8, cloned from an activated T cell, bearing AU-rich messenger RNA instability sequences, and homologous to a herpesvirus saimiri gene.Southern blots showed that the CTLA-8 gene was single copy in mice, rats, and humans.
CTLA-8 transcripts could be detected only in T cell hybridoma clones related to the one used to prepare the library.
This protein was 57% homologous to the putative protein encoded by the ORF13 gene of herpesvirus Saimiri, a T lymphotropic virus.
www.pdg.cnb.uam.es /UniPub/iHOP/gp/7890500.html   (257 words)

 Draft#1 All you want to know about the Red Backed Squirrel Monkey
Known climatic changes of the Pleistocene Age must have therefore dispersed the Saimiri during a short period when the forests were extensive.
Within the genus Saimiri there are two generally recognized groups of squirrel monkeys, determined by the shape and color of the pelage of the upper eyebrow.
In the past the center had partially funded various studies of the squirrel monkey (Saimiri oerstedi citrinellus), these include testing the content of hormones in the feces, blood sampling to determine the level of inbreeding through DNA similarity, and the distribution of the subspecies in the country.
jrscience.wcp.muohio.edu /fieldcourses01/PapersCostaRicaArticles/Draft1Allyouwanttoknowabo.html   (1528 words)

 Hartley - Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Homepage - University of South Alabama
Herpesvirus saimiri (strain C484M) will induce T cell derived lymphomas and leukemias in most New World primates, New Zealand white rabbits, and can transform human peripheral blood lymphocytes (PBLs) in vitro.
saimiri is a DNA virus with a large genome encoding 75 open reading frames.
Hartley, D.A., and Cooper, G.M. Direct binding and activation of the STAT transcription factors by the Herpesvirus saimiri protein Tip.
southmed.usouthal.edu /com/biochem/hartley.html   (502 words)

 Laboratory Primate Newsletter Volume 34 Number 3
Among Saimiri spp, the high incidence of illness and neonatal death is a serious problem in captivity (Brady et al., 1990).
The subjects were 32 Saimiri boliviensis infants born alive at CAPRIM during 1993-1994, of which nine (the experimental group) were hand-reared.
The temporary decrease in average consumption of milk in the 12th week was probably due to the change in the milk formula as well as the infants starting to eat solid food.
www.brown.edu /Research/Primate/lpn34-3.html   (14824 words)

The PRL is equipped to handle any clinical situation that might arise with the Saimiri.
All the staff at the PRL are trained to provide immediate First Aid to the Saimiri.
A surgery is available at the PRL for use in clinical cases as well as research, such as ova retrieval, require it.
www.southalabama.edu /usa/cnprr/clinical.htm   (138 words)

 Herpesvirus saimiri transformation of HIV type 1 suppressive CD8+ lymphocytes from an HIV type 1-infected asymptomatic ...
Herpesvirus saimiri transformation of HIV type 1 suppressive CD8+ lymphocytes from an HIV type 1-infected asymptomatic individual.
This suppression appears to be multifactorial and the molecules contributing have not been fully elucidated.
As an approach to this question we used herpesvirus saimiri (HVS) to transform CD8+ T lymphocytes from an HIV+ asymptomatic donor to a continuously growing, activation-independent, IL-2-dependent phenotype.
www.aegis.com /aidsline/1998/aug/M9880931.html   (515 words)

 Herpesvirus saimiri protein StpB associates with cellular Src -- Hör et al. 82 (2): 339 -- Journal of General ...
Biesinger, B., Trimble, J. J., Desrosiers, R. and Fleckenstein, B. The divergence between two oncogenic herpesvirus saimiri strains in a genomic region related to the transforming phenotype.
Desrosiers, R. C., Silva, D. P., Waldron, L. and Letvin, N. Nononcogenic deletion mutants of herpesvirus saimiri are defective for in vitro immortalization.
Fleckenstein, B. and Desrosiers, R. Herpesvirus saimiri and herpesvirus ateles.
vir.sgmjournals.org /cgi/content/full/82/2/339   (3372 words)

 Specific oncolytic activity of herpesvirus saimiri in pancreatic cancer cells   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
A variety of agents have been studied, including some which appear to be selectively replication-competent in cancer cell lines.
In this study, we have investigated the ability of herpesvirus saimiri to specifically lyse selected human cancer cell lines.
These data suggest that herpesvirus saimiri may have potential as an oncolytic agent for the treatment of pancreatic cancer.
www.nature.com /cgi-taf/dynapage.taf?file=/bjc/journal/v83/n3/abs/6691346a.html   (246 words)

 Cancer Spectrum: CANCERLIT® Citation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-25)
A Herpes saimiri oncogene causing peripheral T-cell lymphoma in transgenic mice.
Herpesvirus saimiri is an oncogenic virus causing rapid T-cell lymphomas in New World primates and rabbits.
Thus, StpA is not only necessary for the oncogenicity of Herpesvirus saimiri, but is also sufficient for the induction of peripheral pleomorphic T-cell lymphomas.
jncicancerspectrum.oupjournals.org /cgi/cancerlit/8622880   (151 words)

 Immunization of Saimiri sciureus Monkeys with a Recombinant Hybrid Protein Derived from the Plasmodium falciparum ...
from the Saimiri monkeys immunized with the GLURP/MSP3-CFA/IFA
Saimiri monkeys (5) and in Aotus monkeys (F. Alves et al.,
Immunization of Saimiri sciureus monkeys with Plasmodium falciparum merozoite surface protein-3 and glutamate-rich protein suggests that protection is related to antibody levels.
cdli.asm.org /cgi/content/full/12/2/242   (3784 words)

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