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Topic: Saint Etienne (band)

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Saint Etienne (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Saint Etienne are an English indie dance act, fronted by Sarah Cracknell (born April 12, 1967, Chelmsford, Essex).
Saint Etienne are one of the bands who defined the early 90s indie dance genre, fusing the production values of the dance-pop that emerged in the wake of the Second Summer of Love with the clever lyrics and self-aware production of indie music.
Saint Etienne collaborated with Daho on the Resurrection EP as well as his single "Le Premier Jour" from his greatest hits compilation Singles.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saint_Etienne_(band)   (638 words)

 HEAVENLY 100-The Heavenly Recordings Website
Saint Etienne's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", a slow motion, dubbed up & smoked out cover of a song from Neil Young's seminal 1970 album "After The Goldrush", was the second single to be released on the fledgling Heavenly Records, but, in most ways, was people's first point of contact with the label.
Saint Etienne's first album, "Foxbase Alpha", was released in October 1991, preceded by a re-issue of "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", which was the band's first Top 40 single.
The album was kicked off with Saint Etienne's first appearance on Top Of The Pops "You're In A Bad Way", mixed as a single by Alan Tarney, a one time Cliff Richard collaborator, into a stylophone led vision of swinging Carnaby Street in the '60's.
www.heavenly100.com /biogs/biog_sainte_1.html   (1961 words)

 Saint Etienne - Biography - AOL Music
Though most Brit-pop bands rejected the dance inclinations of Saint Etienne, they nevertheless adopted the trio's aesthetic, which celebrated the sound and style of classic '60s pop.
Later in the year, Saint Etienne released their second single, a cover of the indie pop group Field Mice's "Let's Kiss and Make Up," which was sung by Donna Savage of the New Zealand band Dead Famous People.
Saint Etienne was beginning to gain momentum, as the British press generally gave them positive reviews and their records were gaining a strong fan base not only in England, but throughout Europe.
music.aol.com /artist/saint-etienne/14155/biography   (938 words)

 Auralgasms Artist - Saint Etienne - Bio
Throughout the early '90s, St. Etienne racked up a string of indie hit singles that were driven by deep club beats -- encompassing anything from house and techno to hip-hop and disco -- and layered with light melodies, detailed productions, clever lyrics and Cracknell's breathy vocals.
Later in the year, St. Etienne released their second single, a cover of the indie-pop group Field Mice's "Kiss and Make Up," which was sung by Donna Savage of the New Zealand band Dead Famous People.
Etienne was beginning to gain momentum, as the British press generally gave them positive reviews and their records were gaining a strong fanbase not only in England, but throughout Europe.
www.auralgasms.com /frameArtistBio.aspx?BandID=etienne   (870 words)

 Saint Entienne - Free Williamsburg
Saint Etienne was formed ten years ago by Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs.
Saint Etienne's first album, Fox Base Alpha, was a classic, and along with Primal Scream they ushered in a new age.
The band got involved in the new DJ scene when they had some of their singles remixes by the likes of Andrew Weatherall, David Holmes, The Chemical Brothers, and Underworld.
www.freewilliamsburg.com /still_fresh/october/saint_e.html   (978 words)

 saint etienne
An array of guitarists, drummers and background vocalists assist St. Etienne on various projects, but the Wiggs/Stanley/Bracknell writing team are the true force behind Saint Etienne's reinvention of common dance rhythms and addition of witty fun to the genre of predictable pop.
Saint Etienne started their fabulous career with the album Fox Base Alpha (1991), which compiled singles from the previous year along with newly composed tracks.
All of Saint Etienne's records are still in print in the United States and the United Kingdom and are available (appropriately) on Heavenly Records.
www.jhu.edu /~newslett/02-05-98/Arts/1.html   (689 words)

 Chaos Control Archives
Saint Etienne's debut album, "Foxbase Alpha," proved that the trio were masters at smooth, intelligent dance music.
For the live shows, Saint Etienne is expanded to an eight piece that doesn't include Bob (he DJs before and after the sets) The group adds two backing singers, a drummer, bass player, guitarist, an extra keyboard player.
Saint Etienne are sure to surprise people with their next album through they refuse to hint at what direction their music may be taking in the future.
www.chaoscontrol.com /archives/SaintEtienne.html   (628 words)

 Saint Etienne: Finisterre - PopMatters Music Review
At its best, Finisterre finds Saint Etienne exploring new moods within their familiar formula of '60s acoustic sounds meet '90s electronica rhythms; at its worst, which is far more often, it clumsily grafts hip-hop and electro-synth on to the group's increasingly shopworn pop hooks.
Saint Etienne's single biggest problem hasn't changed: Sarah Cracknell, while she has her moments, just isn't a terribly interesting vocalist or lyricist (it's no coincidence that the best thing Saint Etienne ever recorded, "Only Love Can Break Your Heart", doesn't feature her).
You can hear echoes of Saint Etienne in the music of everyone from Groove Armada to Bent to Lemon Jelly; the problem is, they're all doing better, more interesting work than Cracknell, Stanley and Wiggs have been able to muster in years.
popmatters.com /music/reviews/s/stetienne-finisterre.shtml   (545 words)

 Mantra Recordings - St Etienne (junk)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Available from 7th October Saint Etienne's all new studio album "Finisterre" available on CD and LP.
The band play at The Filmhouse (Edinburgh Film Festival) tomorrow and then at the Royal Festival Hall on 10th October with support from Broadcast.
The band are playing a special London date at the Royal Festival Hall on 10th October 2002.
www.mantrarecordings.com /stetienne   (442 words)

 Saint Etienne News
Saint Etienne's chic blend of chilled-out club beats, lavish Bacharach-styled arrangements and character-based narratives seemed timeless when they debuted 15 years ago.
The genteel soul-groove of Saint Etienne was first introduced to the United States via 1991's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart," but the feminine subtlety of Sarah Cracknell's voice and her band's version of a...
For all their worldly sophisto-pop airs, Saint Etienne have always been a London band, as steeped in local color as the Kinks, the Clash or the Streets.
www.topix.net /who/saint-etienne   (696 words)

 Film Gains Exposure For Saint Etienne   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Saint Etienne member Bob Stanley says the idea for the film arose while the band was working on "Finisterre." Instead of using its video budget to promote a single, the band had a grander vision: to make a feature film.
The film is interspersed with comments from those whom the band felt had contributed to Saint Etienne's evolution since it debuted in 1990 on the Sony-affiliated Heavenly imprint.
"Saint Etienne have produced some great records, and we are all sure they will deliver another one for us [in 2004]," he says.
www.editorandpublisher.com /bb/feature/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=2065959   (569 words)

 Saint Etienne Tickets - Cheap Saint Etienne Concert Shows Tickets At Onlineseats
Saint Etienne came up in the early 80's when childhood buddies Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs played music in their hometown of Croydon, Surrey, England.
The band released their first single in 1990, it was a cover song of Neil Young's "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." Moira Lambert of the indie pop band Faith Over Reason lent his vocals to the number.
Saint Etienne released their second album in 1993 titled "So Tough." The album was received well and sales increased drastically.
www.onlineseats.com /saint-etienne-tickets/index.asp   (905 words)

 Saint Etienne   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Not for Saint Etienne the archivist's insistence that nothing new can be any good, and not the archivist's elitism, either.
That impulse is surely part of what led the band to embrace dance music, the most utopian and communitarian of pop music.
Lucky because the band's lack of popularity in the States has kept them from touring here, and because it was a terrific -- and terrifically friendly -- show.
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/music/98/09/10/SAINT_ETIENNE.html   (856 words)

 Saint Etienne - AOL Music
Saint Etienne, aka St. Etienne, british pop and uk indie darlings who provide the soundtrack to the lives of those with shimmering shiny souls.
Saint Etienne is a British indie dance act, fronted by Sarah Cracknell (born...
Saint Etienne are one of the bands who defined the early 90s indie dance...
music.aol.com /artist/saint-etienne/14155/main   (151 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Tiger Bay - Saint Etienne at Epinions.com
Saint Etienne created distinctive, dance-oriented music from their earliest experiments.
It took until 1990 for Saint Etienne to get around to releasing any material (a single), but it was the addition of Cracknell’s vocals that helped the band’s work to pick up pace.
Her voice was first heard with the band in 1991, first in the form of a single and then subsequently with the band’s full-length debut Fox Base Alpha.
www.epinions.com /content_81672310404   (966 words)

Add to that their unique knack of recording songs that match futuristic elements with a glorious past prove Saint Etienne are one of the most refreshing, colourful, exciting and innovating pop bands around.
Saint Etienne were knocking the jazz movement recently in MM and they seem very much loyal to the original techno sounds to come from America.
Saint Etienne deserve to be top of the pops any day with songs like that.
www.ready-steady-go.org.uk /etienne.html   (2872 words)

 Cerebral Saint Etienne is warm yet detached   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sarah Cracknell, Saint Etienne's beloved chanteuse, wears the band's music like a runway model draped in Chanel: cool and elegant, with a sense of rhythm that gives her blithe vocals syncopated swing.
Etienne's stylistic range, thankfully, remained intact beneath the rhythmic roar, shifting from the electro groove of "Action" and "New Thing" and the new-wave synthesizers of "Amateur" to the hip-hop fusion of "Soft Like Me," which matched guest vocalist Wildflower's rapped verses with Cracknell's gliding choruses.
The second encore included two vintage gems, Saint Etienne's own "Nothing Can Stop Us" and a cover of the Smiths' "Hand in Glove." The songs were well matched: Both examined daily travails and common emotions through a protective lens of glossy pop detachment, yet both hit home with their note-perfect articulation of human desire.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/11/21/DD33052.DTL&type=music   (464 words)

 angels twenty » Saint Etienne - Teenage Winter
A lot of Saint Etienne’s albums sound like they were conceived as snapshots of life in London, but I think this is the first album where that goal was made explicit.
Tales From Turnpike House is the sound of a band apparently at a crossroads, though in reality Saint Etienne have been figuring out a new direction for a long while now.
And yet there’s a comfort in the fact that Saint Etienne have seen fit to devote an entire album to the small dramas and little victories of the less-than-glamorous urban life.
mp3.chrominance.net /2005/12/saint-etienne-teenage-winter   (982 words)

 wbur.org Arts - Music - Finisterre
What makes the London trio Saint Etienne and its new album Finisterre so refreshing is that it will quench a listener's healthy desire for something fresh and diverse, for thoughtful and ambitious pop.
For years, the music press has called the members of Saint Etienne pop wizards who combine '60s British melodies with the roaring electronic grooves that came out of Manchester and London dance clubs during the '90s.
The most attractive qualities of Saint Etienne are the dexterously woven layers in each song, a combination of sugar and spice that is catchy enough to send you around the house doing the shimmy, yet gentle enough to sip tea with on a rainy Sunday.
www.wbur.org /arts/2002/50068_20021106.asp   (833 words)

 Saint Etienne Tickets - Saint Etienne Concert Tour Schedule Show Ticket Broker
Saint Etienne is a popular British rock band which was formed by former music journalists.
They got together and came up with the name "Saint Etienne" and by the beginning of the 90s; the band had signed a huge deal with indie label Heavenly.
In 1990, the band issued their debut single; actually it was just a cover song of Neil Young's hugely popular "Only Love Can Break Your Heart." The song became and instant hit, followed by their second single, "Kiss and Make Up" which got a similar response.
www.ticketspecialists.com /concert/saint_etienne_tickets.htm   (587 words)

 jimcofer.com - Our Secret Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Many of the quotes talk about Saint Etienne’s “sweet melodies”, their “lush musical movements over a field of melancholy dew drop daisies”, and even “a peaceful cloud of love feelings”.
James in London says that Saint Etienne’s sound is “that film moment (usually in slo-mo) when the girl turns her head and opens her eyes”.
Saint Etienne were becoming a popular band indeed.
www.jimcofer.com /critics_corner/sainte.htm   (2238 words)

 AMZ - June, 1999 - Saint Etienne
The band, "Saint Etienne," formed from Bob Stanley and Pete Wiggs fascination with sampling.
A three year hiatus followed while the band members pursued their own projects; Cracknell working on a solo album, "Lipslide," while Wiggs and Stanley were remixing and DJing.
My first encounter with the band, "Saint Etienne," was the compilation CD, "Tambourine Studios Volume 2." (see AMZ February 1999) I was so taken with their song, "Hit the Brakes," that I requested their next album be sent to me for review.
www.music-reviewer.com /06_99/newrel22v.shtml   (608 words)

 PUPPIES AND KITTIES-Saint Etienne News!
The otehr shirt is a basic White T with "Saint Etienne" blazened across the chest.
Yes, "He's On the Phone" is with Etienne Daho but "The Process" which was featured as a B-side on the "He's On the Phone"(yellow) single does not feature Daho at all.
Ironically this is the same label that carried Saint Etienne and subsequently demolished their last American record, "Tiger Bay".
members.aol.com /pupnkit/saintetienne.html   (2909 words)

For how Saint Etienne subtly smashed the system was by mastering the art of being all things to all people.
So, when homely souls said the Etienne were quintessentially English, it was easy to agree and say not even The Clash dropped as many London references.
Then when the rootless internationalists claimed the Etienne as their own, it was only right to second this, pointing to Italian house piano magic and French disko bleeps and beats, Swedish flair and German adventuresomeness.
www.myspace.com /saintetienne   (1051 words)

 Plexifilm -- New DVD Releases
Presented and scored by Saint Etienne, the film takes us on a journey from the suburbs into the heart of the city over an imaginary 24 hours.
Its development is unique: early sequences were projected as visuals behind the band during their latest tour, while the film played recently to cinema audiences in London and Tokyo.
Paul Kelly has been working closely with Saint Etienne for several years designing much of their artwork, directing a number of promos and even enjoying a spell as guitar player in the live touring band.
www.plexifilm.com /finisterre.html   (618 words)

 Amazon.com: Tales from Turnpike House: Music: Saint Etienne   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
comparing saint etienne 2005 to saint etienne 1995 is an exercise in futility, and not to mention a bit pointless.
saint etienne 2005 sees the band with one eye excitedly looking toward the future and the other looking lovingly at the past.
In this work, Saint Etienne express a love of living that is not in the least bit naive or escapist.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B0009F6712?v=glance   (2405 words)

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