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In the News (Tue 23 Oct 18)

 Saints' Biographies -- D
Saint Dyfrig, the then "archbishop" of Wales, was obviously not meeting his 'quota', so David took over the primacy of Wales, and moved the See of Wales from Caerleon (in Monmouthshire) to the village which is now known as Saint David's ('Mynyw', or 'Menevia').
Saint Dyfrig was an important leader in the Church in south-east Wales and the Welsh Marches.
Saint David's symbol is a dove, descending to a grassy mound. /lop_myd/saints/biogs/d.htm

The climb back up to St. Vith was steep, and when I finaly reached the town I went streight looking for a bakery for some sweet rolls, water and energy drinks.
I found one about 2 kms downhill from St. Vith (and it was steep).
When I finaly reached Melmedy it stoped but not the hills, between Melmedy to St. Vith there are a couple difficult hills. /xilios/Week1.html

 Saint Helier - Saint Hélyi - Saint Hélier
Born in Wales in the VIth Century, Saint-Méen settles in the vicinity of St-Marcouf.
The healing spring of Saint Méen to be found at Ste-Mère-Eglise in mainland Normandy owes its legendary origin to the saint striking the ground and causing water to flow.
At the bottom of the lane is a pump, a lavoir, and a statue of the saint perched above the healing spring itself. /geraint/helier/saints.html

 Sanctuary - The Ardennes forest - Mickael Therer - World Wide Panorama
On X-mas Day Saint Vith is wiped in just 14 minutes under allied bombs, he will then set to cross the battlefield by foot to rejoin his family some 100 kms away.
December 1944, Victor my grandfather is a young gendarme quartered in Malmedy and Saint Vith near the German border.
For him like for many other civilians, caught in the battle, the Ardennes forest was the only possible sanctuary, the house basements were not safe during the dogfights or allied bombings, and the fighting was just about everywhere. /wwp1204/html/MickaelTherer.html

 106th Inf Div Memorials
Vith region and is of special stone noted for in that region.
The regiments had been surrounded and were trying to break through to St. Vith via the Schoenberg-St Vith road to join the rest of the Division there.
This monument erected by the 106th Infantry Division Association is cared for by the people of St. Vith. /user/jpk/memorial.htm

 Stories from WWII
PFC Richard B. Campbell, wearing the uniform of a master sergeant that he had taken from a dead soldier in Saint Vith, to fight the cold was appointed the Barracken Fuhrer, head of the barracks, because he was able to speak German.
The battle at Saint Vith, despite the high number of deaths and prisoners taken, has been regarded as an important part of the containment of the German offensive in the Battle of the Bulge.
After crossing the English Channel on December first, they proceeded from France and on to Belgium on December 9, 1945 and were stationed in the "quiet zone" on the Belgium/German border on the Siegfried line in the town of Saint Vith. /apps/band/site/client/stories/curated_story.jsp?exid=399

 Battle of the Bulge
The rests of the 106th American division managed to retreat in the central zone and they reached Saint Vith where they were joined by the rests of the 7th and 9th armored divisions.
An early capture of the crossroad cities of Saint Vith and Bastogne was the key for the German success, but they failed.
Saint Vith resisted the German attacks for 5 days, enough to smash German plans.

 Geographic Terms File 1
Other notable buildings are the Church of Saint Mary, a Gothic edifice dating from 1223, containing a celebrated altar executed by the German sculptor Veit Stoss, an outstanding artist of 14th-century Europe; and the Wawel Royal Castle, built in the early 16th century and established as a museum in 1930.
Points of interest are the Cathedral of Saint Étienne (primarily 13th-16th century); the Basilica of Saint Pierre de la Citadelle; and the Porte des Allemands (13th-15th century), a large gate with crenelated towers.
Near the center of Tours are two towers, the only remains of the Abbey of Saint Martin, named for St. Martin, who was bishop of Tours in the 4th century, and mentioned in the 6th century by the noted Frankish historian Gregory of Tours. /genealogy/Enf_Bry/g1.html

Saint Vith was a major road that led to the Meuse River and to Antwerp.
The battle that ensued at St. Vith would cost the Germans much in terms of resources.
However, the 106th division slowed the Germans down at St. Vith. /Bastogne.htm

 Belgische Gemeentewapens - Belgian Civic Heraldry - SAINT VITH / SANKT VITH
The Lords of Fauquemont were lords of Saint Vith already in the 12th century.
Belgische Gemeentewapens - Belgian Civic Heraldry - SAINT VITH / SANKT VITH
The oldest known use of the double-tailed lion dates from 1342 on a seal form Jean de Fauquemont. /int/bel/s/s-vith.htm

 Articles - Sankt Vith
Sankt Vith (French: Saint-Vith) is a municipality located in the Belgian province of Liège, and in the German speaking community in Belgium.
On January 1st, 2004 Sankt Vith had a total population of 9,090 (4,502 males and 4,588 females). /articles/Sankt-Vith

 One Last Blitzkrieg
The Germans capture Saint Vith, but not before determined American resistance further slows the German timetable.
Eisenhower reacts quickly, sending the Seventh Armored and 101st Airborne Divisions to hold the road junctions at Saint Vith and Bastogne.
The Americans in front of the assault fight valiantly but are soon overrun, but their unexpectedly stiff defense slows the German timetable. /cclinks/abtf/onelas~1.html

 Pocono Record Online: Battle of the Bulge
The mission at the 7th Armored Division was to get to Saint Vith, but with no winter clothing supplies arriving, rough times were ahead.
As the Germans broke through and headed for St. Vith and Bastogne, they met fierce resistance from America's young soldiers.
He said it was so cold that when someone was killed, in a short time the bodies were frozen where they lay. /1999/topstory/tjd47299.htm

U.S. Army 289th Infantry Regiment soldiers march through the snow-covered Ardennes on their way to cut off the Saint Vith-Houffalize road in Belgium, during the last days of the Battle of the Bulge, 24 January 1945.
Eisenhower focused on confining the penetration to as narrow a front as possible, holding the crossroads at St. Vith and Bastogne to slow down the German timetable and threaten their supply lines.
A vigorous defense at St. Vith by the American units held up the German timetable by four days until it fell on 22 December. /od_history_ww2_ops_battles_1944bulge.php

 Air Power in the Battle of the Bulge
Holding the crossroads at Saint Vith and Bastogne was the key element of the strategy designed to increase German logistics requirements and slow the German advance.
Saint Vith was evacuated; but Bastogne, although surrounded, still held.
Furthermore, IX TAC used the SCR-584 to "blind bomb" through overcast skies such area targets as Saint Vith and to direct night aerial reconnaissance flights. /airchronicles/apj/apj89/carter.html

 275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion Association Home Page
Their campaigns were in Northern France, the Ardennes (including the Schnee Eifel, St. Vith in the Battle of the Bulge), the Rhineland and Central Europe, finally to be part of the occupation forces of Germany a few weeks prior to V-E Day.
The unit was activated April 15, 1943 at Camp Phillips, KS as a truck drawn 105MM artillery outfit and was converted to a self-propelled Armored Battalion after arriving at Camp Campbell, KY in January of 1944.
They were ordered back to Camp Bowie, TX, reporting for redeployment training on August 14, 1945 for the Pacific Theater, but with the ending of the war the unit was deactivated. /EnchantedForest/Creek/7185

Louis was led to Tunis by Charles of Anjou, but instead of encouraging his brother's ambition the saint endeavoured to thwart it.
Charles had tried to take advantage of the vacancy of the Holy See between 1268 and 1271 in order to attack Constantinople, the negotiations of the popes with Michael Palæologus for religious union having heretofore prevented him.
On hearing the reports of the missionaries, Louis resolved to land at Tunis, whose prince he hoped to convert to Christianity. /cathen/04543c.htm

 Saint Michaels, AZ 86511
Battle of the Bulge : Saint Vith (Battleground Europe)
Saint Michaels, AZ Arizona 86511 Hurricane Jeanne Weather...
Saint Michaels, AZ Arizona 86511 Current and Forecast Weather and Pollen Forecast from /z/AZ-86511.htm

 Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 3: Tactical Air Combat Over Europe
To restrict enemy supplies and slow the German advance, Eisenhower's strategy required U.S. forces to take and hold the crossroads at Saint Vith and Bastogne, an already perilous task that became practically impossible without tactical air support.
U.S. forces soon evacuated Saint Vith, but the 101st Airborne Division hung on at Bastogne.
Chafing at the uncooperative weather that made life miserable for infantryman and airman alike, General George Patton ordered the Third Army chaplain to devise a "weather prayer" to be published throughout the Third Army by December 14, two days before the Battle of the Bulge began: /games/combatfs3/article_campaign4.asp

 If the Dead Could Talk by Victor Davis Hanson
The Belgians in places like Wiltz and Saint Vith were not complaining about Americans “exporting democracy” when Panzers were stopped from renewing their murderous work in their countryside.
Sleep in peace, you ten thousand of Saint Avold, and let us pray that we, the smug beneficiaries of your ultimate sacrifice, may still wake up from our own slumber.
There are more than 10,400 Americans resting in the World War II cemetery at Saint Avold in the Lorraine—more dead here than at Normandy. /044/hanson2.html

 CIB Media - first army
The devastating story of how 250,000 Germans destroyed the unprepared U.S. 106th Infantry Division that had never been in battle and was resting near Saint Vith in the peaceful forests of the Ardennes.
Follow the 30th from Vire River to Saint Lo and on to the Roer River.
-- VHS VIDEO --Excellent coverage of the battle for Saint Lo. /main-search-result.asp?idsearch=first+army

 war and social upheaval: World War II The Battle of the Bulge
The NAZI panzers stormed westward along a 60-mile front stretching from Saint Vith in Belgium south to Echternach in Luxembourg.
The American 7th Armored division blovcked Dietrich's Sixth Panzer Army at Saint Vith (December 17).
The American armor and retreating infantry units managed to hold out in St. Vith for 5 days. /essay/war/ww2/camp/eur/lib/w2-bulge.html

 Edward Henry
A road block was established at Lorentswaldchen and patrols were sent to the outskirts of Saint Vith.
At 1400 on January 23rd, Combat Command B passed through Task Force Seitz and completed the capture of Saint Vith.
On January 24th orders were given to clear the Saint Vith-Ambleve road that remained in enemy hands. /CamdenWW2-EdwardHenry.htm

 Stories from WWII
The 101 Airborne Division arrived by trucks in Bastogne on December 19, and the 82 Airborne was send toward Saint Vith.
On December 21, our CCB became attached to the 101 Airborne Division. /apps/band/site/client/stories/curated_story.jsp?exid=518

Their first rest after 6 days of travel through enemy lines came at St. Vith, Belgium. /Timelines/1945.htm

 Day Of Defeat Forums - [REL] dod_nordwind BETA1
Vith and to meet up with the Fifth Panzer Army.
- Hold St. Vith untill orders are given to meet up with the Fifth Panzer Army (10 minutes); /forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44531

 Paris Kiosque - The Magazine of The Paris Pages - May 2003
Paris Gallery: Mairie du VIem - VIth Arrondissement - Norman Barth - Bordering the Place Saint Sulpice, and between the streets rue Bonaparte, and rue Madame, is the Mairie of the 6th arrondissement.
Paris Gallery: Fontaine Saint Sulpice - VIth Arrondissement - Norman Barth - Its also known as the Fontaine des Orateurs Sacrés and Fontaine des Quartre-Evêques.
Not surprisingly, they were originally proposed by Sir Richard Wallace, an Englishman in 1871, shortly after the uprising known as the Commune. /Kiosque/may03 : Belgium Map
Another famous pageant is the Procession of the Holy Blood, held in Brugge in May. December 6 commemorates Saint Nicholas’s Day, an important children’s holiday.
During the carnival, noisemaking and dancing are led by “Gilles,” men dressed in high, plumed hats and bright costumes.
Belgium's rich artistic heritage makes it an artistic centre of considerable importance. /belgium

 CIB Media Detail
Beginning with footage that describes the Nazi;s "Conquer or Be Conquered" strategy for their winter offensive in the Ardennes, this is the dauntless story of American GIs from the 106th Infantry "Golden Lion" Division and the 7th Armored Division fighting against unbelievable odds at St. Vith.
Three days of heroic resistance captured the attention and admiration of the entire world. /main-codec-detail.asp?index=72

 Table of contents for Library of Congress control number 2002511203
Table of contents for Decision at St Vith / by Charles Whiting.
Bibliographic record and links to related information available from the Library of Congress catalog.
Table of contents for Library of Congress control number 2002511203 /catdir/toc/fy041/2002511203.html

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