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Take an online tour of our interactive demos featuring samples of our Sarbanes-Oxley and Sexual Harassment courses.
10 Aug 2007 - SAI set for another year of solid growth
03 Jul 2007 - SAI Global / ACCI Survey of Investor Confidence
www.sai-global.com   (51 words)

In it, the sai is held by the blade and is used for hooking and for striking.
The sai could be used as a throwing weapon to knock a rider off his horse, not by stabbing, but more by the sheer weight of the sai.
Because the sai was used primarily for self defense, it was taught as a separate martial arts style.
tkdtutor.com /16Weapons/Offensive/Sai.htm   (1209 words)

 Sai (weapon) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sai are often believed to have originated as an agricultural tool used to measure stalks, plow fields, plant rice, or to hold cart wheels in place, though the evidence for this is limited.
Traditionally, sai were carried in threes, two at the side, as primary weapons, and a third tucked behind, in case one was disarmed or to pin an enemy's foot to the sandy Okinawan ground.
The jitte is the one-pronged Japanese equivalent to the (Okinawan) sai, and was used predominantly by the Japanese police during the Edo period.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sai_(weapon)   (1137 words)

 Sai - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sai (West), one of two possible pronunciations for the Japanese kanji meaning west.
Prince Sai, a Lao prince of Lan Xang
Sai (Naruto), a character from the Japanese manga series Naruto who is Naruto's team member and rival, analogous to Sasuke.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sai   (192 words)

 SAI || software architecture for immersipresence   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
SAI is a new software architecture model for designing, analyzing and implementing applications performing distributed, asynchronous concurrent processing of generic data streams.
SAI provides a universal framework for the distributed implementation of algorithms and their easy integration into complex systems that exhibit desirable software engineering qualities such as efficiency, scalability, extensibility, reusability and interoperability.
SAI specifies a formal architectural style comprised of an extensible data model and an hybrid (shared memory and message-passing) distributed asynchronous concurrent processing model.
iris.usc.edu /~afrancoi/sai   (1031 words)

SAI works by state audit law issued by royal decree No. 55/2000 which declared SAI as an autonomous legal entity that enjoys a financial, administrative and operational independence that carries out post audits of the state public funds in addition to monitoring the performance of entities falling under its jurisdiction.
SAI’s objectives to protect the state public funds, expose cases of financial irregularities, draw attention to deficiencies in the financial and personnel laws and to evaluate the performance of entities subject to its audit.
SAI is headed by a President, in the rank of a Minister, a Deputy President, both appointed by a royal decree, they are supported by an Assistant Deputy President, Advisors, Directors General and Directors as specified in royal decree No. 56 2000 issuing SAI’s organizational structure.
www.sai.gov.om /glance.asp   (384 words)

 Sathya Sai Baba - a personal appraisal
Sai Baba's fake claim to be born on the day that Sri Aurobindo and the Mother brought about a descent of the Overmind
For a long time, I am embarressed to say, I compartmentalised my critical faculties from my immature wish-fullfilment and thus believed that Sai Baba is an avatar and that even the most inflated claims of miracles that have been published about him are all literally true.
The human Sai Baba, born Sathyanarayana Ratnakaram, gives the impression (at least from the accounts of critics) of being spoilt, sexually demanding, and unable to cope with crises or respond in a mature way.
www.kheper.net /topics/gurus/Sai_Baba.htm   (1967 words)

 Sai Newletter - Sai Vichaar   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Sai Vichaar is an open forum for those interested to share their experiences, views and ideas on Sai devotion and their experiences with Saibaba of Shirdi.
Sai Vichaar is devoted to the philosophy and teachings of Shri Sadguru Sai Baba of Shirdi, and will take every measure to avoid topics or themes contradicting the same.
Devotees are invited to participate in Sai study and bhajans on Thursdays between 7-8 pm at Meditation Gallery, 219 E Horatio Ave, Maitland, FL 32715.
www.saibaba.org /newsletter.html   (3399 words)

 EPA: Pesticides - Strategic Agricultural Initiative Grants
The primary goal of the Strategic Agricultural Initiative (SAI) Project is to assist in Food Quality Protection Act implementation though an extensive and effective communication and partnership effort with regional pesticide user, teacher and researcher communities.
SAI grants fund projects which emphasize the use and study of reduced risk pesticides and alternatives to pesticide use.
The primary goal of the SAI is to assist in Food Quality Protection Act implementation though an extensive and effective communication and partnership effort with regional pesticide user, teacher and researcher communities.
www.epa.gov /pesticides/grants/aginitiative.htm   (448 words)

 Power Technology - SAI - Silencers, Engine Test Benches, Acoustic Enclosures and Gas-Liquid Separators
SAI's gas pressure silencers can handle any type of liquid, as well as air, steam and carbon dioxide under variable degrees of flow, pressure and temperature.
SAI customises inlet or air exhaust silencers for use in operating or reciprocating diesel and gas engines, co-generation engines, pumps, boilers and compressors.
SAI designs and manufactures silencers, reciprocating engine silencers, engine test benches and other equipment for the global power generation industry.
www.power-technology.com /contractors/noise/sai   (563 words)

 Oshiro's Karate - Yamanni-ryu
These hidden sai were typically shorter than the modern sai used today, with straight wings rather than flared so as not to snag on clothing when they were being drawn.
Consistent with the sai's history as "kakushi buki", modern practitioners should try to initiate their strikes right from where their hands are without too much setting or winding-up.
Inspite of the fact that our current understanding of the origins of the sai is not definitive, the practice of the sai can provide today's martial artists with a chance to look back to the "old ways" and flavor their modern training with a taste of earlier Okinawa....
www.oshirodojo.com /kobudo_sai.html   (1930 words)

 Sadguru Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi
Sai Baba began living with Gopal Rao Deshmukh and also had to face opposition from the disciples of Deshmukh.
It is said that Chand Patil saw Sai Baba under a mango tree as a Fakir near the village of Dhoop in the district of Aurangabad.
Sai Baba directed Merwan to Shri Upasni Maharaj who was observing a long fast in the Khandoba temple near Shirdi, and Merwan stayed with Maharaj for a long time.
www.trustmeher.com /files/five/saibaba.htm   (1914 words)

 A Guru Accused
Sai Baba says he has not incarnated to start a new religion, but is here for all religions, and he has come to guide mankind out of the Kali Yuga era, in which humanity is living at this time.
He, Sai Baba, claims to be a living example of unselfish love and service, whose purpose is to help mankind to find its way to a new golden era where our consciousness is lifted to a higher level, to a closer connection with God and selflessness.
According to the Sai Organisation officials the former students were shot by the police after interrogation; according to Hari Sampath, who at the time was a volunteer member of the intelligence and security section of the ashram, they were stabbed to death by a crowd of about 60 people, and then shot by the police.
www.saiguru.net /english/articles/02guruaccused.htm   (6357 words)

Sai Tatwam is spreading all over the world speedly from 1985 on words and number of Sai Mandirs are also constructing with huge amounts.
Sai Baba came to Shiridi first time in 1854 at the age of 16 years.
Paramathma came to earth as Sai Baba and Sai Baba is leading His devotees in His path for their Salvation as Satguru.
www.saidarbar.org /sai.html   (5257 words)

 Sai Baba - Essays and Articles
Sai Surya Gayathri - The Vision of Sai Suurya Gaayathree - By Ghandikota V. Subba Rao [This article is based on the original in Sanaathana Saarathi (Thelugu), October 1997 ]
Sathya Sai Baba on the Pope - By Hans, Vienna.
Sai Baba e Gesù Cristo - Uno studio sulle figure di Sri Sathya Sai Baba e Gesù Cristo.
geocities.com /saibabalinks/essaysonline.htm   (1843 words)

 Festivals and Plays of Sathya Sai Baba
On the evening of 7 July, the children of Sri Sathya Sai Bal Vikas in the area of Mumbai performed a musical drama: the story of Moses leading the Hebrews to freedom from slavery in Egypt and God giving Moses the ten commandments.
The Sai International Choir, consisting of 170 members from 45 countries, sings to Swami on the evening of 20 November 2005.
Sai devotees from Maharashtra and Goa celebrate Ashadi Ekadasi in Swami's presence.
www.saicast.org /festivals.htm   (1528 words)

 Weapons: Sai
Sai were used in pairs and may have been introduced to Okinawa as weapons of Chinese martial arts, then later taken and adapted by the Ryukyu styles.
The shaft and tines of the sai were used to block, strike and ensnare enemy weapons.
If the sai were used for thrusting to any depth into the enemy's body, because of suction it would be very difficult to withdraw the weapon, which would render it useless.
www.okinawankarateclub.com /weapons/sai.htm   (258 words)

 Sai Baba the story of Sathya Sai Baba
Sai Baba is an Indian holy man and miracle worker who is believed by many Hindus to be an Avatar - a spiritual messenger who directly embodies the power of the Godhead.
Sai Baba, is a guru from India who has has an influence on my thinking because of his inspiring and uplifting a philosophy.
We corresponded just before she died and she was kind enough to give me information about Sai Baba's attitude to psychics and mediums.
www.psychics.co.uk /saibaba/index.html   (1082 words)

 Sai News and Links - Australia
Sai Centres and Groups could use this information as a guide in preparing their calendar of events and also by those travelling to India to be in the physical presence of Sai Baba.
The Sathya Sai Organisation of Australia and PNG is conducting public meetings nationally, to introduce the public to the universal message, the humanitarian works, and the inspiration to Mankind given by Sathya Sai Baba.
The Sathya Sai Organisation of Australia and PNG through the Sai Youth of New South Wales and one Sai Center responded to the Tsunami Disaster.
www.saiaustralia.org.au /alinks.html   (5136 words)

 CORRECTIONS - Special Alternative Incarceration (Boot Camp)
The SAI program includes an intensive post-release program and may include Phase II, which is placement for up to 120 days in a residential setting or on electronic monitoring.
Because of the rigorous nature of the SAI program and the extent to which the success of the program is dependent upon the performance of staff, it is imperative that staff, particularly custody staff, be carefully selected and appropriately trained and that their performance be carefully evaluated.
To achieve these objectives, the SAI program has developed entry-level physical conditioning standards for new corrections officers and obtained the approval of the Michigan Corrections Officers Training Council (MCOTC) to implement them.
www.michigan.gov /corrections/1,1607,7-119-1435-5043--,00.html   (511 words)

 SSSCT- Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation
The Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organisation was founded in the 1960s by Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba to enable its members to undertake service activities as a means to spiritual advancement.
The Sathya Sai Organisation derives inspiration, guidance and strength from Bhagawan Baba’s mission and message of propagating the truth of man’s inherent divinity, which is proclaimed and preached by all religions of the world.
That is why the Sai Organisation features in its emblem the symbols of some of the major religions of the world.
www.srisathyasai.org.in /Pages/Sai_Organisations/Sai_Organisations.htm   (1739 words)

 Sai Mandir: Youth
The Merton Sai Youth Wing is a branch of Merton Sai Centre in the Sai Mandir.
Its role is to provide forums and opportunities to allow youth activities within the Centre to flourish and event driven initiatives to be undertaken.
Sathya Sai Baba has stated that, “the age span 16 - 35 is crucial, for that is the period when life adds sweetness to itself, when talents, skills and attitudes are accumulated, sublimated and sanctified”.
www.saimandir.org.uk /index.php?id=6   (180 words)

 Sathya Sai Baba - Divine Discourses
The last part of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's discourse at the "World Conference of Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Seva Organizations" in Bombay, 17 May 1968.
Sai Baba states plainly and directly that he has come as an incarnation of God to restore righteousness (dharma).
Sai Baba talks about God, the Religion of Love, and His Avatar-hood.
geocities.com /saibabalinks/discourses.htm   (642 words)

 SAI Mentoring and Induction Program Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Notify Amy Swanson at SAI, aswanson@sai-iowa.org, of your district’s intent to use the SAI program upon employment of a beginning administrator.
SAI will assign mentors, using the recommendations of AEAs and the willingness of those recommended to serve in the mentor role.
SAI will send an e-mail message to beginning administrators informing them of their assigned mentor.
www.sai-iowa.org /mentoringfaq.html   (627 words)

Sai are a pair of short swords used defensively against the Bo and Samurai sword.
Three Sai were often carried, with one placed behind the back in the belt, where it could serve as a replacement for a hand-held sai that was thrown at an opponent.
Sai Carrying case for two Sai made of vinyl leather with red felt interior.
www.shadowofleaves.com /sai.htm   (188 words)

 Intl Sai Org sites
The members of Sathya Sai Centers are united by a common bond --love of God-- and a common goal --spiritual growth.
Center activities include the study of the teachings of Sathya Sai Baba and the sacred literature of all religions, group devotional singing, spiritual meditation, and selfless service to the community, society, the world, and the environment.
The organizations must be such that members find them congenial places to deepen their spiritual discipline sadhana), to cultivate their virtues, to overcome their ego, by contact with workers who are free from the least trace of that deadly poison.
www.sathyasai.org /organize/content.htm   (611 words)

 Travel in Sai Kung
Sai Kung, the "Leisure Garden of Hong Kong", has long been one of the most beautiful place in Hong Kong.
Whether you are a tourist or a local resident, Sai Kung, with a total area of 12,600 hectares, will offer you a wide range of enjoyable activities.
I hope that "Travel in Sai Kung", with its detailed information on sea and land travelling routes, will help usher you into a trip of relaxation and rest.
www.travelinsaikung.org.hk /english/intro/index.aspx   (143 words)

 Alibris: Sai
This is a teaching story in which the author relates some of the personal development she experienced through her encounters with Sai Baba over a period of ten years.
THE SATHYA SAI BABA COMPENDIUM is a very thorough collection of gleanings on what has been written by and about Sai Baba, and what's been said by and about Sai Baba.
Krystal share Sathya Sai Baba's insights, along with her own growth techniques, on how to keep ourselves from being driven and imprisoned by our desires.
www.alibris.com /search/books/subject/Sai   (743 words)

 sai_kuu's Xanga Site   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Sai: -opens her mouth, then smiles- -hugs Kiro really tight- yes..-whispers-...
Sai: oh im sorry, i havent had this much fun in awhile..-smiles and and wraps arms around her knee`s and puts her head down- -yawn-
Sai: its an old hiding place were i use to hide when i was little...hehe..-stands next to Kiro-
www.xanga.com /Sai_Kuu   (1825 words)

It seems obvious at this point that his announcement of Krishna’s physical re-embodiment was referring to the birth of Sathya Sai Baba.
(Sai Baba is barely five feet tall.)  “His legs and feet will be like those of a young girl.”  (Baba’s feet are unusually small.)  “He will give gifts that are light in weight.”  (Baba most frequently gives rings, pendants and watches.)   “He will go around among his devotees and touch their heads with his hand.
“This Sai has come in order to achieve the supreme task of uniting the entire mankind as one family through the bond of brotherhood, of affirming and illumining the Atmic Reality of each being in order to reveal the Divine, which is the basis on which the entire Cosmos rests.
www.saibaba-aclearview.com /contents2.html   (6496 words)

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