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In the News (Mon 22 Oct 18)

 Saka - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Mainstream historians and linguists consider Sakas as speakers of northern sub-branch of the Iranian branch of the Indo-Iranian family of the Indo-European languages.
The Saka Era is used by the Indian national calendar, a few other Hindu calendars, and the Cambodian Buddhist calendar—its year zero begins near the vernal equinox of 78.
Paul Pezon supports this theory, claiming that the Saka Scythians and the seemingly related Cimmerians were ultimately ancestors to the Celts and Germans, and that the Germans fled the Baltic area when it was flooded by the rising sea level after the Ice age.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saka   (2346 words)

 The Saka Nomenclature, A Persian appraisal - (The Circle of Ancient Iranian Studies - CAIS)
It is possible that the designation of the Saka as "Saka of the marshes" and "Saka of the plains" in Egyptian hieroglyphs was framed exclusively in reference to the presence of the Saka force on the Egyptian landscape which, according to Herodotus, was flat and full of swamps (II: 22).
The Saka Tigraxauda are depicted as inhabiting the eastern littoral of the Caspian Sea between Hyrcania and Chorasmia [present-day Turkmenistan].
The synonymy of Massagetae with Saka Haumavarga situates the latter on the eastern littoral of the Caspian Sea.
www.cais-soas.com /CAIS/Anthropology/Scythian/saka_nomenclature.htm   (6109 words)

 Origin of the Saka Races
Moreover, traditional Brahmanical dress consisting of the sari and dhoti are visibly different in appearance and style from the traditional uchkin, turban, kurta pajamas, jodhpurs, salwar kammeez and ghagra worn by the Mughal-Saka populations in the north and west.
The Sakas of the northwest did not accept the supremacy of the Brahmins, did not practise the chaturvarna caste system advocated by their "law givers" like Manu, had their own Saka priests (Magas), and mainly patronized Buddhism mixed with their own religion (sun-worship) prior to 9th century AD.
Saka priests were known as "Magas" (Sun priests who prayed to the sun for bountiful harvests) who, along with Buddhist masters of Sakasthan, found themselves out of work when Buddhism and its institutions declined during 8-10th century.
www.punjabilok.com /land/origin_of_saka_race3.htm   (1526 words)

 SAKA - LoveToKnow Article on SAKA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In 57 B.C. the Sakas were attacked simultaneously by Parthians from the west and by the Malaya clans from the east and their power was destroyed.
It should be added that what we know of Saka history is mostly derived from coins and inscriptions which admit of various interpretations and that scholars are by no means agreed as to names and, dates.
Nothing is known of the language or race of the Sakas.
7.1911encyclopedia.org /S/SA/SAKA.htm   (448 words)

 Saka   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The arrival of king Ajiraja marked the Saka era in Southeast Asia and mirrored the infiltration of the Saka culture in the Trangangetic India.
What make the Saka very successful in their venture is due mostly to theirs past culture of Central Asia well known as the culture of the steppe.
It appears that the Saka rulers did not suffer the same fate as the Tian rulers who were subdued and driven away by the Han dynasty of China.
home.att.net /~khmerheritage/Saka.html   (2562 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Saka migrations were not led by a single king, but were probably gradual movements of acephalous groups to Jibin, a region apparently corresponding to Gandhara or to northwestern India in general.
Saka support of Buddhism did not preclude their patronage of other religious traditions or imply that their old beliefs were abandoned.
Concurrent with their impact in India, migrations of the Sakas during the last two centuries BCE and the Kushans in first century CE from Central Asia to northwestern India eventually led to the transmission of Buddhism in the other direction to Central Asia and East Asia.
depts.washington.edu /uwch/silkroad/exhibit/sakas/essay.html   (999 words)

 SAKA - Sheffield Area Kidney Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
SAKA was formed by a group of patients and their families in 1976 to raise money to fund research into kidney disease and to help kidney patients and their families cope with the physical, mental, emotional and impact of kidney failure.
SAKA is a registered charity, number 506386, and is a founder member of the National Kidney Federation (NKF).
Like most charities, SAKA relies entirely on the goodwill of its members and their families and its friends to raise funds from subscriptions, gifts, collections, donations, legacies and individual fund-raising activities.
www.shef.ac.uk /ski/saka   (816 words)

 SAKA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In Siam the game of backgammon is known as saka, and is played upon a board, represented in Figure 7 with 2 dice.
The dice are not thrown directly with the hand, but are loaded into a tube (krabok) of ivory, about 3 inches in length (Figure 8), called krabok saka, and shot obliquely through another cylinder of ivory, 2½ inches high (Figure 9), called by the same name, placed upon the board.
These implements correspond with the Roman fritillus or dicebox, and the pyrgus, the latter being defined as "a little wooden tower on the side of a gaming board, hollow, and having steps inside, through which the dice were thrown upon the board.
www.ahs.uwaterloo.ca /~museum/Archives/Culin/Dice1893/saka.html   (200 words)

 Saka: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Sakas or Saka race was a group of people who lived in present day Uzbekistan[For more info, click on this link] around 3000 BC.
The baltic sea is located in northern europe, bounded by the scandinavian peninsula, the mainland of eastern europe and central europe, and the danish...
This Saka race and especially their affiliated tribe whose name is more correlated to the word Saxon, EHandler: no quick summary.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/sa/saka.htm   (2022 words)

 ORIGIN OF THE SAKA RACES - Chapter 3 of `Collapse of the Brahmanist Empire in South Asia', by Khshatrapa Gandasa. On ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Historians derive "Jat" fom "Gatae", "Ahir" from "Avar", "Saka" from "Scythii", "Gujjar" from "Khazar", "Thakur" from "Tukharian", "Saurashtra" from "Saura Matii" or "Sarmatians", "Sessodia" (a Rajput clan) from "Sassanian", "Madra" from "Medes", "Trigartta" from "Tyri Getae" and "Sulika" from "Seleucids".
The progenitor of the Sakas picked them up and hence the Saka race began its long history of conquering lands, releasing its bounties and enjoying the fruits of their labor (the cup has a ceremonial-spiritual-festive symbolism).
By means of the dogma of jati (professional caste) the Brahmins divided and destroyed the unity of the Saka peoples, pitting brother against brother and son against father.
www.dalitstan.org /books/gandasa/gandasa3.html   (5497 words)

 Javanese Caracter and Aji Saka - Joglosemar Online
Aji Saka told the snake, that he would be recognized as his son, if he could kill the Bajul Putih in the South Sea.
Aji Saka was accompanied by Dora and Sembodo
Aji Saka is the symbolic meaning of the principal rule of life.
www.joglosemar.co.id /hanacaraka/hanacaraka.html   (1485 words)

 iranian.com: Saka Legacy , Guive Mirfendereski
The Saka who remained in Media became a part of the kingdom and in Achaemenian times their lands in Jaxartes River (Syr Darya) basin and in the Balkans belonged to the empire, while contingents of them were deployed in Egypt.
I began with this long description of the Saka to support the point that Saka were present on the Iranians scene for a long time and they were spread all over the place.
The connection between the Saka and the place-names Sakiz and Sakastan at two opposite ends of Iran suggests the likelihood of the existence of other Saka place names in the areas where the Saka are known to have inhabited.
www.iranian.com /GuiveMirfendereski/2005/May/Saka   (2364 words)

 Character: Saka Naalkavar
Saka is built like a stout barrel, broad and muscular even for a dwarf.
Saka and her little (literally; she's far bulkier than he is) brother Mogoom come from a clan of mountain dwarves found in an out of the way part of the Rakers; the name Naalkavar is dwarvish for 'Hunger Mountain' and they seem a little more wild than the average dwarf.
Mogoom apparently talked Saka into going looking for adventure, and they started out by exploring deeper and deeper tunnels until, in Mogoom's words, they were forced to make a tactical retreat.
www.nyrond.org /turbine/char-show?char=2089   (516 words)

 Saka - Parthian rule of Pakistan
The waves of Sakas were so enormous and their settlements so vast that Pakistan came to be known to Greek geographers as Scythia and in Indian literature as Saka-dipa.
The leaders of the Sakas in the Indus basin seem to have first acknowledged the power of the local Greek Indian rulers.
Ghandara became the centre of the Saka domains, and the eastern Capital city of Taxila was chosen by the Saka king Mavak (Maues or Mauakes in the ancient authors, and Moga in early Indian sources) in the middle of the first century B.C. as its residence.
www.geocities.com /pak_history/saka.html   (427 words)

 Oreochromis saka   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Oreochromis saka is the third member of the endemic tilapia mini-flock of Lake Malawi, which is briefly introduced under O.
saka is yet another species in which the breeding males are fl.
Oreochromis saka forms breeding colonies in water 2-4 m depth off reedy shores, where the males excavate and defend large saucer-shaped nests....
malawicichlids.com /mw10001c.htm   (247 words)

 Saka Mini Yoga Mat Bag (SALE)
Saka Yoga Bags are designed by the people at Yoga Vermont.
The main compartment is downsized considerably from the Saka City Messenger Bag making it ideal for those who prefer a bag with a compact profile.
Saka's signature adjustable and detachable yoga mat cradle fits your standard size yoga mat.
www.yogavermont.com /yogavermont/m-011.html   (175 words)

 Saka, the Necktie, and the Bush Babes
So me and Saka are on a well-deserved break from our sales gig and taking in some of the local color at a semi-famous club in Anchorage that bears the rather descriptive name of The Great Alaskan Bush Company.
Before I can lend a hand, Saka is levered inexorably forward until his face is buried in the stripper’s nether region, and she then gaffs him by grabbing an ear in each hand.
An hour or so later, me and Saka are back in the rental car headed for the hotel when I sniff the air a couple of times and then turn and look pointedly at Saka.
rfarnswo.mystarband.net /SakaBush.htm   (817 words)

 IL&S: Saka Language & Script   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
In the second century BC The area of Balkh and around the Hirmand River were occupied by the Saka tribes and named Saghastan (or Sakastan) in Parthian or Sistan in New Persian.
While the Scythian language refers to the language of the western Sakas, the eastern Saka language is known as Scytho-Khotanese or simply Khotanese.
The Khotan Saka texts are written in the Brahmi script used in India.
iranianlanguages.com /midiranian/saka.htm   (334 words)

 A Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase That Senses Nitrogen Regulates Conidial Germination and Growth in Aspergillus ...
sakA strain and AF293, the wild-type strain, exposed to increasing concentrations of NaCl.
Conidial germination is altered in the sakA deletion strain and is dependent on the nitrogen source.
SakA MAP kinase is involved in stress signal transduction, sexual development and spore viability in Aspergillus nidulans.
ec.asm.org /cgi/content/full/3/2/557   (1611 words)

 DaVinci: Bookmarks> S> saka
?Saka kung si Piolo ang kasama ko sa MTV...
?Saka na natin matatawag na ang ating bansa (It would be then we can call our...
?Masaya ako na nakausap ko siya at saka yung ibang...
www.bluegrassdavinci.com /ODP/Bookmarks/S/saka   (279 words)

 Saka Acquaye and His African Ensemble | Ghana: High-Life And Other Popular Music
Saka Acquaye, a multi-instrumentalist who formed his African Ensemble in the '50s, leads the group of eleven musicians featured on this reissue from 1969.
Saka Acquaye's ensemble does a nice job of tying things together.
Personnel: Saka Acquaye: drums, flute, and tenor saxophone; Garvine Masseaux: vibes & drums; George Brooks: double-bass; Edward Cooper: trumpet and mellophone; Wilfred Letman: trumpet; Charles Earland: tenor saxophone; Walter Miller: guitar; Robert Crowder, Joseph Acquaye, Benny Parkes, Sunny Morgan: drums.
www.allaboutjazz.com /reviews/r0203_090.htm   (430 words)

 UT-CTF Instagib Match vs SAKA
Great match and great attitudes from SAKA - this was a another fun match.
You can see by the number of flag pickups that SAKA was constantly attacking and when we fragged the enemy FC one of the SAKA escorts would always be there to pickup the dropped flag.
Because I was so slow at writing this match debrief we have also had time for a scrimmage vs SAKA - again very close but SAKA's fragging abilities allowed another win for them.
www.oldfart.com /utctf-insta-SAKA.htm   (140 words)

 Saka City Yoga Mat Bag
Yoga Vermont is pleased to introduce Saka and the City Yoga Mat Bag.
The Saka City Yoga Mat Bag is perfect for your daily commute, designed by the yoga instructors at Yoga Vermont to support your changing needs.
The waterproof detachable mat cradle is 18" long and attaches to the base of the bag.
www.yogavermont.com /m-008.html   (184 words)

 Parliament of Fiji
Au vakaraitaka saka toka ni ka kece saka oqo ni na veisautaki ga na Constitution ena rawa ni qai walia na leqa.
Na kena lekaleka saka ga ni na vakatau saka ga vei ira era veiliutaki tiko ena gauna oya nai wasewase era na solia vei ira nai taukei ni qele.
Vakalolomataki saka tiko na kawa i taukei, na vanua oqo ena vakavuna na tiko na nona dravudravua na Matanitu.
www.parliament.gov.fj /hansard/viewhansard.aspx?hansardID=171&viewtype=full   (8646 words)

 Saka Cliff » Saka Cliff - ENG » Üleval » Caravan park
Saka Cliff » Saka Cliff - ENG » Üleval » Caravan park
There is a spectacular stop-off point for those travelling by caravans on Saka limestone bank, only two kilometres off the Tallinn—St. Petersburg road.
The staircase next to the caravan park leads to the quiet beach on the foot of the cliff.
www.saka.ee /?page=14   (104 words)

 Saka Yoga Mat Bags
The Saka City Yoga Bag is perfect for your daily commute, designed to support your changing needs.
Saka's signature adjustable and detachable yoga mat cradle fits almost any mat size.
The Saka Cargo Yoga Bag is designed for those who need to tote a little more gear (of any kind).
www.santosha.com /saka-mat-bags.html   (252 words)

 SAKA Yoga
Saka is the creator of the modern yoga mat bag.
Designed by yoga instructors who live out of their bags, Saka yoga accessories support the connection between life on and off the mat.
SAKA Yoga Mat Bags designed by Yoga Instructors
www.sakayoga.com   (49 words)

 PAKERBETH, ERBETH and BOLCHOSETH   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Webb notes the late identification of the bull-god Bata of Saka with Set (see the discussion of the Papyrus Jumilhac in
As for the beti of your chariot, they are Bata, Lord of Saka...
Hollis states that no exact translation for beti is known but notes mrkbt for "chariot" and a parallel expression in Ugaritit, bt.mrkbt, and similar phrases in other Semitic languages, translated as "house of the chariot".
members.aol.com /dakhla/temple/erbeth.html   (419 words)

 iranian.com: Guive Mirfendereski, The Saka nomenclature, A Persian appraisal
iranian.com: Guive Mirfendereski, The Saka nomenclature, A Persian appraisal
Herodotus wrote of Cyrus II the Great (r.550-529 BC) that he had planned to campaign personally against Bactria, Saka and Egypt after he had taken Babylon (I: 153).
Yet there is no record of him pursuing any of the remaining enterprises after Babylon.
www.iranian.com /GuiveMirfendereski/2005/September/Saka   (6190 words)

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