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Topic: Salicylate

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In the News (Tue 25 Jun 19)

  eMedicine - Toxicity, Salicylate : Article by Lance W Kreplick, MD, MMM
Pathophysiology: Salicylates cause an uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation.
The chronic ingestion of salicylates may produce the appearance of anxiety with its associated tachypnea, difficulty concentrating, and hallucinations; agitated delirium also may be observed.
Sodium bicarbonate (Neut) -- Alkalinizes urine, causing excretion of salicylate to increase.
www.emedicine.com /emerg/topic514.htm   (2900 words)

  salicylate. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Methyl salicylate is the main component of wintergreen, sweet birch, gautheria, and betula oils; the compound is used in rubbing liniments to soothe muscular aches and as a flavoring.
In general, salicylates, especially aspirin, are used medically to reduce fever and inflammation and to relieve headache, menstrual pain, and pain in nerves, muscles, and joints.
Because of the effects of salicylates on blood platelets and clotting, aspirin is often prescribed prophylactically for those at risk of stroke or heart attack.
www.bartleby.com /65/sa/salicyla.html   (244 words)

 Salicylate (UK PID)
Protein Binding Salicylates are extensively bound to two receptor sites on plasma albumin, one of which has a high affinity and is saturated at low plasma salicylate concentrations while the second has a less marked affinity and only contributes significantly as plasma concentrations increase.
Hypoprothrombinaemia and Gastrointestinal Haemorrhage Despite the importance attributed to therapeutic doses of salicylates as an etiologic factor in upper gastrointestinal haemorrhage, severe bleeding from the stomach or duodenum is a rare complication of acute massive overdosage.
The concentration of salicylate in cerebrospinal fluid reflects the concentration of unbound non-ionised drug in plasma; studies in children and animals have shown that the severity of intoxication is closely related to cerebrospinal fluid salicylate concentrations.
www.intox.org /databank/documents/pharm/salicy/ukpid14.htm   (6351 words)

 s000508a - Salicylate Poisoning
Chronic salicylate toxicity should be considered as a: cause of SIRS in the absence of a source of infection, since survival appears to be dependent on prompt diagnosis and: management.
Routine screening for salicylates in all patients with: acute poisoning in Hong Kong appears unnecessary, especially as many authorities consider that 1 of the main: indications for treating salicylate poisoning is clinical evidence of toxicity.
Salicylates are commonly used by the elderly, and long-term: unsupervised use may lead to salicylate toxicity that can cause delirium.
www.emory.edu /WHSCL/grady/amreport/litsrch99/s000508a.html   (1319 words)

 Salicylate therapeutic compound and process for controlled delivery thereof patent invention
The net result is that salicylate in conventional form that typically is predominantly absorbed from the stomach, is absorbed according to the present invention predominantly in the duodenum.
A typical daily dose of salicylate according the present invention for an adult is between 300 and 900 milligrams (mg) per day exclusive of the weight of counter ions, and for children a typical dose ranges from 12 to 50 mg/kilogram (kg)/day exclusive of the weight of counter ions.
By way of example, an inventive salicylate composition taken in the evening that affords pain relief to allow a restful night and clearance by morning to facilitate the ingestion of a secondary therapeutic is a value in the treatment of a subject suffering multiple chronic ailments.
www.freshpatents.com /Salicylate-therapeutic-compound-and-process-for-controlled-delivery-thereof-dt20061228ptan20060293218.php   (2655 words)

 Feingold Program - Salicylate Sensitivity
Salicylates are chemicals found naturally in some plants, stored in the bark, leaves, roots, skin and seeds, where they protect the plants against insect damage and disease.
Salicylate sensitive individuals may have any of the symptoms in our Symptoms List and their health problems may be very serious.
Between our list of salicylates to avoid on Stage One, and the extended list included in the Handbook, you will find the most complete list available of salicylate-containing items, plus benzoate information since many salicylate-sensitive people are also sensitive to benzoates.
www.feingold.org /sas.html   (683 words)

 Aspirin and Other Salicylate Poisoning: Poisoning: Merck Manual Professional
Salicylates impair cellular respiration by uncoupling oxidative phosphorylation.
Salicylate poisoning is suspected in patients with a history of a single acute overdose or repeated ingestions of therapeutic doses (particularly in patients with fever and dehydration), in patients with unexplained metabolic acidosis, and in elderly patients with unexplained confusion and fever.
Significant salicylate toxicity is suggested by serum levels much higher than therapeutic (therapeutic range, 10 to 20 mg/dL), particularly 6 h after ingestion (when absorption is usually almost complete), and by acidemia plus ABG results compatible with salicylate poisoning.
www.merck.com /mmpe/sec21/ch326/ch326d.html   (813 words)

 Each 500 mg tablet contains 293 mg of choline salicylate combined with 362 mg of magnesium salicylate to provide 500 mg ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
On ingestion of TRILISATE Tablets/Liquid, the salicylate moiety is absorbed rapidly and reaches peak blood levels within an average of one to two hours after single doses of the tablets or liquid.
These factors account for the prolongation of salicylate half-life and the nonlinear increase in plasma salicylate level as the salicylate dose is increased.
Salicylate blood levels should be in the range of 15 to 30 mg/100 ml for anti-inflammatory effect and 5 to 15 mg/100 ml for analgesia and antipyresis.
www.pitt.edu /~kconover/ftp/trilisate.htm   (1963 words)

Salicylate is a very common drug used for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties.
The DCL Salicylate assay is an enzymatic method based on the reaction of salicylate hydroxylase on salicylate and NADH.
In the test reaction, salicylate hydroxylase catalyzes the conversion of salicylate and NADH to catechol and NAD, in the presence of oxygen.
www.dclchem.com /Diagnostic/Reag_Lit/salicylatesSL_lit.htm   (615 words)

 Salicylate Sensitivity - All about salicylates and salicylate sensitivity
Salicylates are chemicals that occur naturally in many plants, including many fruits vegetables, and herbs.
Salicylates in plants act as a natural immune hormone and preservative, protecting the plants against diseases, insects, fungi, and harmful bacteria.
Salicylates also have a cumulative effect in the body and build up over time, this means that a salicylate sensitive person may be able to tolerate a small amount of salicylates but will experience symptoms after excessive exposure.
salicylatesensitivity.com /about   (1296 words)

 salicylate - Encyclopedia.com
salicylate, any of a group of analgesics, or painkilling drugs, that are derivatives of salicylic acid.
1H NMR and DTA evidence for the mobility of methyl salicylate sorbed by a smectite.
Effects of ultrasound and trolamine salicylate phonophoresis on delayed-onset muscle soreness.
www.encyclopedia.com /doc/1E1-salicyla.html   (484 words)

 Research on PST, Salicylate & Sulfation
The aspirin metabolite sodium salicylate causes focal cerebral hemorrhage and cell death in rats with kainic acid-induced seizures.
Pretreatment of rats with sodium salicylate, ED50 103 mg/kg (60-174), and phenylbutazone, 59 mg/kg (50-70) converted the non-convulsant dose of pilocarpine, 200 mg/kg, to a convulsant one.
We report that sodium salicylate did not protect neurons from seizure-induced cell death, and to the contrary, it caused focal hemorrhage and cell death in the hippocampal formation and the entorhinal/piriform cortex of rats with kainic acid-induced seizures.
diet-studies.com /pst.html   (2779 words)

 Fibromyalgia Treatment Center / Guaifenesin Protocol
Salicylates block the uricosuric effect of medications, this is well documented.
Salicylates you eat as food are glycinated and of course also destroyed in the digestive tract.
Neither is Andrea Rose's Vanilla (vanillin is NOT salicylate free) or Lemon Lime (lemon lime is a plant).
www.fibromyalgiatreatment.com /FAQ_salicylate.html   (1638 words)

 s001206a - Salicylate Poisoning
Abstract: The treatment of salicylate poisoning is based on the prevention of further absorption, and enhancement of excretion of already absorbed drug.
The charcoal adsorbs salicylate diffusing back into the gut from the coeliac and mesenteric blood vessels thereby effectively eliminating it--a form of 'internal peritoneal dialysis'.
Decisions on management of an acute salicylate overdose should be based on clinical presentation and good judgment as well as the serum salicylate concentration in relation to the time of ingestion.
www.emory.edu /WHSCL/grady/amreport/litsrch00/s001206a.html   (564 words)

 trolamine salicylate
Trolamine salicylate is the key ingredient to most creams that claim when applied directly to the skin can cure muscular aches and pains.
The canines with trolamine rubbed into their knees had 20 times as much salicylate in the underlying muscles; compared to those who were taking aspirin orally (salicylate is the active ingredient in aspirin).
The research documented one very important fact: even though pill-popping pooches had higher BLOOD levels of salicylate, animals using skin cream had much more of the drug in their tendons, ligaments, cartilage, and joint cavities, where it really mattered, and where the chemical could actually relieve pain and inflammation.
www.sportsinjurybulletin.com /archive/0283.htm   (477 words)

 [No title]
Methyl salicylate and salicylic acid are naturally occurring compounds with medicinal uses.
This study is the first to describe the enzymatic transesterification of methyl salicylate in organic solvents with different hydroxyl donors.
Methyl salicylate is similar to acetylsalicylic acid in that it masks one of the acidic hydrogens in salicylic acid.
www.lycos.com /info/salicylic-acid--salicylate.html   (213 words)

 Salicylate, Amine & other Food Intolerances
Salicylates are found in most food that grows in or out of the ground, as well as medicines, supplements cleaning, beauty and hygiene products.
Salicylates and amines are just as toxic when they are inhaled or absorbed through the skin.
Salicylates and amines are rarely identified by the use of the chemical name on labels.
www.users.bigpond.com /mywebhome/sindex.html   (989 words)

 Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) Salicylate Tests for Professionals
Salicylate and acetaminophen (paracetamol) are two of the most frequently used analgesic/antipyretic drugs.
Salicylate has a direct effect on the respiratory center of the brain, with overdoses causing hyperventilation.
Determination of Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) and Salicylate overdose is essential for doctors to properly treat patients in the emergency department.
www.xpressdrugtest.com /acetaminophen.html   (1616 words)

 Web Shop Emporium salicylate free (sal-free tm) product recommendations and information.
salicylate status of ingredients are based on 8 years of extensive research into individual ingredients as well as taking into consideration credible feed-back of blocking reports from Dr. St.
Amand goes by his mappings to determine the status of ingredients and the Guai-Support group now look at the molecular structure of an ingredient as well as using all of the same tools that have been used in the past such as extensive research with manufacturers, scientists, chemists, blocking reports, mapping results etc..
If you have a salicylate allergy or sensitivity, please be aware of your particular needs and double check the ingredients to ensure that you are not using something that is a problem for you.
www.webshopemporium.com /sal-free.htm   (1922 words)

 magnesium salicylate medical facts from Drugs.com
Magnesium salicylate is used to reduce pain, inflammation, and fever.
Enteric-coated a magnesium salicylate can be, but does not have to be, taken with milk or food and should not be taken with an antacid.
Magnesium salicylate is in the FDA pregnancy category C. This means that it is not known whether magnesium salicylate will harm an unborn baby.
www.drugs.com /mtm/magnesium_salicylate.html   (1387 words)

 magnesium salicylate - Drug Finder - MSN Health & Fitness   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Enteric-coated a magnesium salicylate can be, but does not have to be, taken with milk or food and should not be taken with an antacid.
Magnesium salicylate is in the FDA pregnancy category C. This means that it is not known whether magnesium salicylate will harm an unborn baby.
Symptoms of an magnesium salicylate overdose include ringing in the ears, headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, confusion, hallucinations, coma, seizures, rapid breathing, and fever.
health.msn.com /drugfinder/articlepage.aspx?cp-documentid=100106604   (1338 words)

 Auckland Allergy Clinic - Salicylate Sensitivity
Salicylate sensitivity is the body’s inability to handle more than a certain amount of salicylates at any one time.
Salicylates occur naturally in many fruits, and vegetables as a preservative, to prevent rotting and protect against harmful bacteria and fungi.
Salicylates are found naturally in many foods and its compounds are used in many products.
www.allergyclinic.co.nz /guides/30.html   (471 words)

 Ion-selective microelectrode analysis of salicylate transport by the Malpighian tubules and gut of Drosophila ...
Use of salicylate-selective microelectrodes for measurement of the concentration of salicylate in droplets of fluid secreted by isolated Malpighian tubules in the Ramsay assay.
Salicylate concentration in the secreted droplets is calculated from the voltage difference between the secreted droplet and the calibration droplets, as described in the methods.
Salicylate flux (right axis) and differential signal (left axis) in three segments of the Malpighian tubule, and in the midgut, the ileum and the rectum.
jeb.biologists.org /cgi/content/full/208/1/93   (6708 words)

 choline magnesium salicylate - Arthritis and arthritic conditions, medications, and treatment on MedicineNet.com
PRESCRIBED FOR: Choline magnesium salicylate is used for the rapid relief of mild to moderate pain and fever.
Choline magnesium salicylate is also used for the treatment of inflammation and pain of soft tissue injuries, tendinitis, bursitis, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, juvenile arthritis, and other related arthritis conditions.
Choline magnesium salicylate, like aspirin, is avoided in children having these viral infections because of the possible association between Reyes's disease and the use of salicylate containing drugs.
www.medicinenet.com /choline_magnesium_salicylate/article.htm   (706 words)

 Salicylate Sensitivity - Page 1
Salicylate sensitivity is a reaction that causes symptoms similar to those of an allergy.
Salicylates occur naturally in many plants and act as a plant hormone.
The chemical is also manufactured in the form of salicylic acid to be used as a preservative against spoilage.
allergy.health.ivillage.com /allergygeneral/salicylatesensitivity.cfm   (294 words)

 Salicylate and Fragrance Free Skincare and Makeup by Andrea Rose for Fibromyalgia Patients Using Guaifenesin
Salicylate Sensitivity can manifest itself in many ways, including asthma, fatigue, skin irritations, hives, rashes, increased sensitivity, reddening of the eyes and face, changes in skin color, swelling of the eyelids, face, and lips, photo sensitivity increased tear secretion, headaches and hyperactivity, as well as some cognitive and perceptual disorders.
Salicylic acid keeps the top layer of the skin irritated which in sensitive skin can actually cause wrinkles.
Andrea Rose Salicylate Free Skincare is especially designed for sensitive skin and for the salicylate sensitive woman.
www.andrearose.com /salicylate.html   (261 words)

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