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Topic: Salisbury (district)

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

 RPL History Room  - Salisbury Historic District
Salisbury, founded in 1755 as the county seat of Rowan County, was the major center of trade and politics for western North Carolina in the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.
Charles Fisher (1789-1849) was born near Salisbury and was elected to the North Carolina Senate in 1818 at the age of twenty-nine.
This institution was relocated in Salisbury in 1784 and was re-named the Salisbury Academy.
www.lib.co.rowan.nc.us /historyroom/NatlReg/shd/significance.html   (4806 words)

 Salisbury Central School
Salisbury, with a population of approximately 4,049, is located in the northwestern corner of Connecticut, and is divided into the neighborhoods of Lakeville, Salisbury, Lime Rock, Taconic, and Amesville.
The Salisbury Central School District, comprised of two school buildings, is part of the six-town Region One School District.
Salisbury has a student population of 410 students (10/1/00) in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.
www.salisburycentral.org /aboutOurSchool.html   (395 words)

 Salisbury School District History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Judge Lucius Salisbury deeded a plot of ground to the Salisbury Board of Education, and the first building was contsructed on the site in the same year as the founding of the town.
Prior to that time, the Salisbury schools were limited to the city, and children attending high school from surrounding three-directory elementary districts were required to pay tuition.
It was called the Salisbury Acadamy in 1888 and the North Missouri Academy in 1891.
www.c-magic.com /salisbury/historicschools.htm   (384 words)

 Salisbury District Council | Salisbury District Council
Salisbury District Council's tenants have opted for their homes to remain under council ownership by voting against the proposal to transfer to a newly formed local housing association.
67 Salisbury district based hairdressers and college students attended the 'Raising Awareness of Dermatitis in Hairdressing' on 13 November 2006 at City Hall Salisbury.
Salisbury District Council, The Council House, Bourne Hill, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP1 3UZ
www.salisbury.gov.uk   (347 words)

 A Day In the Life - Salisbury
SALISBURYSalisbury, being an old and venerable town, is blessed with outstanding historic architecture, both residential and public.
The Newtown Historic District was Salisbury’s first residential district, developed during the first decades of the 19th century on the lands of the Poplar Hill plantation.
On the west side of Salisbury is an even older example of Colonial architecture, Pemberton Hall, which sits on a 262-acre historical park and is open to the public.
www.delmarvanow.com /dayinthelife/salisbury/pages/salisburystory10.html   (839 words)

 Salisbury (district) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salisbury is a local government district in Wiltshire, England.
The City of Salisbury, only one-sixtieth of the area of the district, is unparished; since 1974 its dignity and privileges have been vested in Charter Trustees.
The district was formed on April 1, 1974, under the Local Government Act 1972, as a merger of the previous municipal boroughs of New Sarum (Salisbury) and Wilton, along with Amesbury Rural District, Mere and Tisbury Rural District and Salisbury and Wilton Rural District.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salisbury_(district)   (142 words)

 A Landscape Transformed: The Ironmaking District of Salisbury, Connecticut Environmental History - Find Articles
The Salisbury district is today a sought after location for summer residence, unlike other American iron-making regions, in which the natural environment remains deeply and permanently scarred.
The people of Salisbury kept their industrial enterprises from overwhelming the natural environment not only because geography, hydrology, or other environmental attributes made their course of action feasible, but because of the powerful role their regional culture took in shaping the Salisbury human/nature relationship.
Introduction of railroad transportation challenged Salisbury iron makers to adopt new, more economical methods, such as puddling furnaces and the use of anthracite coal instead of charcoal (wood supplies turned out to be the greatest natural resource problem for them), but they still fell behind as technology changed.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_qa3854/is_200210/ai_n9099578   (856 words)

 Salisbury Civic Society
Surplus land and buildings to the north of the Wilton Road are in different ownership, that of the Salisbury Foundation NHS Trust, rather than the Wiltshire Primary Care Trust which actually owns the property for which the LIFT is seeking new uses.
Salisbury Guildhall has long been seen as an unsatisfactory location for magistrates' courts, and the Old Manor car park on the north side of the A36 was identified as the best site for an entirely new courts building.
Salisbury is at the centre of a major tourist area.
www.salisburycivicsociety.org.uk /issues/home.html   (2907 words)

 Salisbury District Council Contaminated Land Inspection Strategy
Salisbury District Council has adopted signing the enforcement concordat and is currently in the process of implementing it.
Given that the majority of the District overlies a major aquifer, it is not intended, at the early stages of the investigation, to split the District into sub-areas for priority.
The majority of the district is rural, varying in character from the New Forest in the South East to the extensive, sparsely populated areas of Salisbury Plain in the North and the remote countryside of Cranborne Chase to the South West, all linked by the valleys of the River Avon and its tributaries.
sp5.org /sdc/contamination.htm   (8616 words)

 Salisbury - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1990 Salisbury was twinned with Saintes in France, and in 2006 with Xanten in Germany.
It is at the confluence of five rivers: the Nadder, Ebble, Wylye and Bourne are tributary to the Avon (Celtic for 'river'), which flows to the south coast and into the sea at Christchurch, Dorset.
To the north and east is a large flat expanse of Salisbury Plain.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salisbury   (1655 words)

 Salisbury Township School District
Although the majority of the students pursue higher education, the District is committed to providing superior academic and vocational instruction for all members of its diverse student body.
The District seeks to create a quality educational environment which is student-centered, based on high expectations, and contributes to the development of long-term learners.
All schools in the Salisbury Township School District are accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
www.salisbury.k12.pa.us   (189 words)

 Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust - All News
Salisbury nurse Rosemary Cox has won the Pinder Award for her outstanding contribution as a mentor to student nurses at Salisbury District Hospital.
Salisbury District Hospital based Burns Unit Group Support (B.U.G.S.) has launched an innovative new video and DVD that provides patients with a wide range of important information about their care and treatment and what to expect when they leave hospital.
Salisbury District Hospital is introducing special bags so that patients' can have their own 'brought in' medication in one portable carrier — helping both staff and patients to manage their medicines more effectively and safely while they are in hospital.
www.salisbury.nhs.uk /allnews/index.asp   (2003 words)

 Salisbury 2000/Historic and Cultural Preservation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Salisbury's first officially recognized efforts in the area of historic preservation began in 1972 with the establishment of the Historic Salisbury Foundation.
On one hand there are many citizens in Salisbury with an active interest in historic preservation who would like to see historic district controls extended over a larger area of the community.
On the other hand, many residents living in the historic districts currently lacking local historic district controls are hesitant to endorse the extension of controls to their areas.
www.ci.salisbury.nc.us /sal2000/policy10.htm   (411 words)

The focus of the District is the city of Salisbury itself (population approximately 39, 500) which provides many of the services for the surrounding area and is therefore an important commercial centre.
It is not necessary to address the other prescribed processes in the Salisbury District Council as part of this review as it is not considered that the emissions are likely to have a significant impact with respect to the pollutants of concern.
As Salisbury District Council embark upon stage two of the review and assessment process, more monitoring of NO and PM will need to be carried out, the detail of which will be the subject of further discussions.
www.uwe.ac.uk /aqm/review/examples/salisbury/r&a.html   (9764 words)

 Options abound for board members in school redistricting
Currently in the West district, two of the areas border the North district, one borders the North and Salisbury districts.
One, north of N.C. 150, borders the Salisbury and proposed Southeast districts.
Currently in the East district, this area borders the Salisbury district and is included only on the school system’s high school map.
www.salisburypost.com /2000february/022700a.htm   (864 words)

The Salisbury LibDems Executive Committee are delighted to welcome Henry Curr as committee member with responsibility for youth and students.
LibDem representation for the Salisbury area on the County Council is significantly stronger nowadays.
Salisbury Liberal Democrat councillors, candidates, and supporters all endeavour to work towards the party's aims in all aspects of politics that we are involved in—at District or County Council level, or in elections for the Westminster or European parliaments—to help make our district, county, and country a better place to live in.
www.salisburylibdems.org.uk   (869 words)

This is a club which aims to cater for the enjoyment of the whole family and their horses, whilst considering the safety of both rider and horse at all times.
The Salisbury District Riding Club has been in operation for the last 25 years.Throughout these years, the club has been responsible for supplying local horse enthusiasts with a place to come and share their love of horses with others.
Becoming a member of the Salisbury District Riding Club means that you and other club members are able to meet and compete with friends having a great deal of fun.
www.geocities.com /riding_club/SalisburyRidingClub.html   (258 words)

 Salisbury City Centre Management - About Us
Every year the Partnership strives to achieve this by working with Salisbury District Council and local businesses and organisations to ensure that the city is clean, attractive and successful.
CCM is a Partnership with 115 members, including Salisbury District Council, retailers, local media, estate agents, hotels and public houses.
In partnership with Tesco and Salisbury District Council we have implemented a trolley collection scheme which sweeps the city twice a day, 7 days a week.
www.salisburyccm.co.uk /aboutus.php   (374 words)

 NCDOT Rail Division > Station Improvments > Salisbury
The beautiful station represents the importance of Salisbury's location on the railroad, lying halfway between Washington and Atlanta and at the eastern terminus of the railroad to Asheville and Tennessee.
NCDOT and the City of Salisbury have begun designing a new concrete passenger boarding platform.
The $500,000 project is being funded 90% by NCDOT and 10% by the city.
www.bytrain.org /istation/isalisbury.html   (250 words)

 Urban Salisbury Inc.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Urban Salisbury’s mission is to manage, promote, develop and enhance the quality of life and commerce in the greater Historic Salisbury Business District through facilitating the combined efforts of government, civic and community groups, property owners and tenants to implement the Main Street Approach.
Downtown Salisbury is recognized as a spirited center for commerce and culture – a prime destination for quality shopping, professional services, unique dining, the arts and entertainment – unmatched in the region.
The “purpose” of Urban Salisbury, Inc. is to enhance the community identity of the urban core of the City of Salisbury and to coordinate the efforts of private citizens, businesses, government and non-profit organizations to preserve and revitalize both its residential and business districts.
www.urbansalisbury.org   (706 words)

 Salisbury School District schools - district elementary, middle, and high school information
The federal No Child Left Behind (NCLB) act is intended to hold both states and schools more accountable for student results by instituting requirements on academic growth, student assessments, teacher qualifications, and annual local report cards.
NCLB requires all districts and schools receiving Title I funds to meet state "adequate yearly progress" (AYP) goals for their total student populations and for specified demographic subgroups, including major ethnic/racial groups, economically disadvantaged students, limited English proficient (LEP) students, and students with disabilities.
If a school fails to meet AYP goals for two or more years, it is classified as a school in need of improvement and faces consequences.
www.greatschools.net /cgi-bin/vt/district_profile/193   (461 words)

 newsobserver.com |Voters Guide
The district attorney is responsible for representing the state and the public’s interest in every criminal and traffic case in the district.
One seat is open in the third district, and two seats are open in the fourth district.
And voting by district could help secure his win in the western part of the county, where his support is stronger, they say.
blogs.newsobserver.com /voters_guide/index.php?...&more=1&c=1&tb=1&pb=1   (3693 words)

 Salisbury Civic Society
We hosted a number of guests including the Mayor of Salisbury and the Leader of Salisbury District Council and the media was well represented.
The Society is a member of the Salisbury Vision Steering Group and members and non members are urged to take part in the consultation process which is already under way.
Our report will be used as a reference for the Salisbury Vision exercise although we are hoping for some "quick win" improvements to be adopted in a shorter timescale.
www.salisburycivicsociety.org.uk   (713 words)

 Welcome to Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust
Salisbury nurse Rosemary Cox has won the Pinder Award for her outstanding contribution as a mentor t
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust is a 3 star hospital.
Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust provides a number of Education facilities both internally & externally for its staff.
www.salisburyhealthcare.org   (291 words)

 How to get to Salisbury District Hospital
Salisbury is at the crossing point of the London to Exeter line and the Bristol to Southampton and Brighton line.
Bournemouth Airport has few convenient public transport connections with Salisbury but is approximately 20 minutes by taxi.
Salisbury Tourist Information is situated in Fish Row at the back of the Guild Hall in the Market Square.
www.salisburyfes.com /travel.htm   (445 words)

 Lines affect board member’s district
The board’s 4-3 vote moved Norman, the West district representative, into the Salisbury district, which is represented by Vick Bost.
“According to the policy, I was exited from West and would be in the Salisbury district at this point, if this stands,” she said.
And he said that while he believes Norman has an obligation to finish her term in the West district, he would welcome a challenge from anyone interested in serving on the board.
www.salisburypost.com /2000march/032600f.htm   (785 words)

 BBC NEWS | UK | England | Wiltshire | Blueprint maps Salisbury's future
A vision for the future of Salisbury which aims to preserve the city's spirit is to be created in a blueprint spanning the next 20 years.
Salisbury District Council's project will concentrate on how the city will look and work.
Issues that will soon be affecting Salisbury include changes in car park demand, and the future use of the Guildhall and Market Square.
news.bbc.co.uk /go/rss/-/2/hi/uk_news/england/wiltshire/4247002.stm   (178 words)

 Salisbury District Council | Partnerships
Salisbury District Council recognises the significant benefits of working in partnerships.
The publications, produced jointly with Salisbury District Council, are part of a campaign to attract business to South Wiltshire.
Salisbury Tourism Partnership has almost 300 members drawn from all sectors of the local industry, including accommodation, attractions, pubs and restaurants, shops, sport and leisure, arts and entertainment.
www.southwiltshire.com   (792 words)

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