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In the News (Sat 20 Apr 19)

 Sally Struthers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sally Ann Struthers (born July 28, 1948 in Portland, Oregon) is a American actress, perhaps best known for her portrayal of Archie Bunker's daughter, Gloria Bunker Stivic, on the popular and groundbreaking 1970s sitcom All in the Family.
Struthers' weight gain came about after years of struggling to stay thin and attractive for her role on All in the Family, where she was commonly seen in tight blouses, slacks and jeans.
Struthers, who in recent years has become overweight, was parodied in the "Starvin' Marvin" and the "Starvin' Marvin in Space" episodes of South Park as a Jabba the Hutt-like character. /wiki/Sally_Struthers   (425 words)

 Celebrity Artist: Sally Struthers
Sally Struthers is the two-time Emmy Award winning actress who shot to fame playing Gloria Stivic on the enormously popular and groundbreaking television series "All in the Family." She's also an accomplished primitive artist who enjoys working with watercolors and acrylics.
Sally appeared in TV commercials and was occasionally seen on shows like "The Summer Smothers Brothers Show" and "The Tim Conway Comedy Hour." She was also cast for supporting roles in two major motion pictures: "Five Easy Pieces" (with Jack Nicholson) and "The Getaway" (with Steve McQueen and Ali McGraw).
Since then, Struthers has been in a string of made-for-TV movies and some feature-length films (although the plum roles she aspired to on the big screen were often denied her because she was so closely identified with her Gloria character). /framer/struthers.htm   (1116 words)

 The Celebrity Collector: Sally Struthers
Sally Struthers was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.
It was Struthers' role as Meathead's wife Gloria on the hit sitcom "All In The Family" (with Carroll O'Connor, Jean Stapleton and Rob Reiner) that catapulted her to stardom.
Suffice it to say that Sally was probably hard-wired to be a collector from the day she was born, on July 28, 1947, in Portland, Ore. After high school, she moved to California to attend the Pasadena Playhouse College of Theatre Arts. /antiquing/struthers.htm   (1830 words)

 MTW-Mame, Sally Struthers Bio
SALLY STRUTHERS (Agnes Gooch) is a two-time Emmy Award winner and was born and raised in Portland, Oregon.
Sally worked on numerous commercials, dance on the "Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass Special" and made regular appearances on two variety series, "The Summer Brothers Smothers Show" and "The Tim Conway Comedy Hour".
Struthers' credits include the television movies: "Deadly Silence", "A Gun in the House", "And Your Name is Jonah", "My Husband is Missing", "Intimate Strangers", "The Great Houdinis", "Hey I'm Alive" and "In the Best Interest of the Children". /b1SallyBio.html   (222 words)

 Biography for Sally Struthers
Cute as a button and with a petite, porcelain prettiness and vulnerability that endeared her to the American public, Sally Struthers nabbed a series role in the early 70s and became a solid part of TV history as a member of a dysfunctional family quartet in the milestone sitcom & in the Family&; (1971).
Sally returned to the TV series fold in the early 80s spinning off her Gloria character with the self-titled sitcom "Gloria&; (1982), but the ensemble formula that worked so well for her before was missing here and the show died in its freshman year.
While Reiner became a noted director, Sally made her Broadway debut in "Wally's Cafe" in 1981, and returned four years later with a gender-bending version of "The Odd Couple" as neat-freak Florence opposite Rita Moreno's slovenly Olive. /name/nm0001783/bio   (738 words)

 Las Vegas Weekly
Struthers sallies forth grandly through her role as orphanage meanie Miss Hannigan, a part she's played on national tour, but even more impressive is the aura she casts over the entire NCT/UNLV theater operation.
Struthers embodies Hannigan as the play's tart, comic punctuation, her bitterly funny lines laced with spin, sharp physical shtick precisely timed, right down to her Snidely Whiplash bullying of the girls and the headaches she gives herself with every shrill, angry toot of her whistle.
But Struthers' willingness to work alongside Vegas actors and students (she was invited by Casale to perform here) radiated from the stage and out into an audience more pumped than I've seen around town in some time, especially during the curtain call, Struthers' face beaming as our own performers took their bows. /2004/12/09/theater.html   (513 words)

 Sally Struthers is DOLLY...
re: re: re: re: re: re: Sally Struthers is DOLLY...
re: re: re: re: re: Sally Struthers is DOLLY...
re: re: re: re: Sally Struthers is DOLLY... /board/printthread.cfm?thread=42913   (945 words)

 Laguna Playhouse
SALLY STRUTHERS is a two-time Emmy Award winner and Golden Globe winner for her performance in the legendary television series All in the Family.
Struthers is perhaps best-known for the role of Gloria in the legendary, ground-breaking television series, All in the Family, for which she received two Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award.
Struthers was recently named Best Actress/2004 by the Los Angeles Artistic Director Theatre Awards for her role as Louise Seger in the musical, Always…Patsy Cline, a true story based on the relationship between Seger and Cline. /pressrelease_gala2005.htm   (876 words)

 Candy-Colored Times, July 1999
Sally Struthers, lead spokesperson of the movement to end world hunger and former co-star of television's All In the Family, was arrested by Kenyan authorities late Tuesday after consuming an 8 year-old boy and his dog.
Former All In the Family co-star, Rob Reiner, said that he hasn't spoken with Struthers since 1981 "when she got really whiny."
The creature, indigenous to the Nevada underground nuclear testing area in the 1950's, and known officially as tedibearus horribilus, was captured and killed several hours later attempting to operate a treadmill at a nearby health club. /~breitt/july_99/july.html   (407 words)

 The Harvard Crimson :: Arts :: IT'S THE HARD KNOCK LIFE
According to the playbill, Struthers is the first to admit that she's a "belter from the Ethel Merman school"; as Miss Hannigan, this is a very effective combination.
Struthers, rather ironically, stars as the despotic spinster Miss Hannigan in the 20th anniversary production of the American classic Annie, which appeared at the Wang from November 3-8.
Aside from the comic irony of seeing her decapitate helpless ragdolls, Struthers' main contribution to the show is her name recognition. /article.aspx?ref=109791   (873 words)

 Billboard - Sally Kirkland Official Homepage, Actress, Director, Producer, Writer, Singer, Poetess, Artist
Sally has a scene with Rod Steiger, a scene with Michael Pare', a scene with Sally Struthers, and a moment with Dee Wallace Stone.
Sally guest stars, in a reoccurring role, with Nicholas Gonzales in a wonderful "older woman/young man" on a dinner date.
Sally has been very busy with independent films, she's made several recently. /pages/career.html   (549 words)

 Sally Struthers Joins Cast of Annie
Sally Struthers joins the cast of Annie opening December 3.
Sally also appeared in the television series 9 to 5 and Gloria, and appeared on stage in Neil Simon's female version of The Odd Couple and Wally's Café, both on Broadway.
Sally was also "heard" as the voice of the teenage dinosaur "Charlene" in the ABC series DINOSAURS. /programs/nct/sally_announce.htm   (372 words)

Sally Struthers is shown macking on some cake while two Ethiopians are fanning her with palm fronds.
Sally Struthers is shown over a spit with an apple in her mouth.
Sally Struthers: Here in the heart of Africa children are dying. /TelevisionCity/Stage/1390/109.txt   (2855 words)

 Sally Struthers stars in Always... Patsy Cline
Television and stage actress Sally Struthers plays the role of Louise, the woman who has a chance meeting with the singer after a Houston concert.
Struthers, a two-time Emmy winner, most recently has starred as Miss Hannigan in the 20th Anniversary national tour of Annie.
For 20 years, Struthers has worked tirelessly to help the disenfranchised, hungry and uneducated children of the world. /may99/may28/entertainment2.htm   (563 words)

 Starvin Marvin In Space
(shows Sally's ship on screen) Uh, Sally Struthers has a Taberian Junker which is, uh, the favourite ship of the hutts and she has trapped our, our, our new CBC ship in a, uh, Posetronic Tractor Beam.
(Sally Struthers licks her chops and drools at the bar.) Of course, if you don't want to tell us about the Ethiopian boy,...
Sally Struthers: Ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho! /nf/spdomain/scripts/season3/marvininspace.html   (3246 words)

 The Birminghamster - Alabama's Great Equalizer
The financially beleaguered Birmingham City School system gained a new ally today with the announcement that famed television personality, and actress, Sally Struthers has been recruited to appear in a public service billboard as part of a fundraising effort for the school system.
"But this Sally Struthers woman absolutely takes z'ee cake." Birmingham City Council President, William Bell, has joined the team as a paid consultant on how best to obfuscate the effects of poverty.
Sally Struthers Joins Forces With Birmingham City Schools /index050901.htm   (1113 words)

 Playbill Features: Sally Struthers: Little Gloria, Hannigan at Last
Outside of her roles in television and theatre, Sally Struthers is probably best known for her volunteer work as a spokesperson for Save the Children, a charitable organization.
Playbill Features: Sally Struthers: Little Gloria, Hannigan at Last
Struthers says that she rather enjoys life on the road, though she does miss the dog and two cats she has left behind at her Los Angeles home in the care of two of her Grease! /features/article/64723.html   (621 words) - Raina Has Two Moms on The Division
While Debbie Allen and Sally Struthers are not expected to be regulars on the show by any means, the ending of this episode was open-ended enough to assume they will probably be back--which is at least a step in the right direction.
Sally Struthers has most recently been in a few television series like Gilmore Girls and movies like Out of the Black (2001), A Month of Sundays (2002), and the upcoming Reeseville (2003).
Debbie Allen and Sally Struthers play Raina's parents, who adopted her as a child. /TV/thedivision.html   (753 words)

 Business Wire: Sally Struthers Partners with Fuse to Save the Music Video
"Sally Struthers - who else could we turn to at this time when the music television industry is in such a state of crisis, when viewers see more about the homes musicians live in and the cars they drive than the videos they make?" stated Marc Juris, president of Fuse.
The Struthers campaign was designed as a humorous, tongue-in-cheek technique for reaching these viewers and is part of Fuse's innovative branding strategy that incorporates a progressive logo, changing taglines and viral marketing.
Like the Struthers' advertisements, the telethon will ask viewers to "Show a music video that you care" by pledging hours that they will dedicate to watching music videos and insuring their survival. /p/articles/mi_m0EIN/is_2003_May_12/ai_101575742   (819 words)

 Callahan Online Hate Mail from America
It is largely due to the efforts of Sally Struthers that over a quarter million children receive assistance on a daily basis.
Sally Struthers' ads call us to action to realize our responsibility to our fellow man. Thank God she and others like her care.
If you have all tired of hearing Sally Struthers' voice on behalf of the world's children (as the cartoon implies), then sponsor a child. /calhat13.htm   (307 words)

 eBay - sally struthers, Autographs-Original, Television Memorabilia items on
Sally Struthers All In The Family Star Signed Photo COA
Sally Struthers All In The Family Signed Photo COA
Sally Struthers Signed 8x10 Photo All in the Family /search/search.dll?query=sally+struthers&...&krd=1   (380 words)

 Talkin' Broadway - What's New on the Rialto? - "Always...Sally Struthers" - 8/03/00
It's three years later, a new production of the show is out on tour starring Sally Struthers and Rachel Ricca.
Struthers makes her entrance like a steam-rolling electric chicken with big hair about ready to do some shit-kicking country dancing (she does that later)...subtle she's not, and that's what the character of Louise should be about.
In all fairness to Struthers, a friend I was with thought she was quite funny. /rialto/past/2000/8_3_00.html   (675 words)

 // Easy Midget //
Sally Struthers: Listen, when the Southern Baptists were up in arms about Disney releasing violent "antifamily" movies such as Pulp Fiction (as well as Disney's refusal to get rid of "Gay Day" at Disneyland) Disney decided to drop the album "The Great Milenko" just hours after its release.
Sally Struthers, seen here working on site in the Sudan inspects some rice sifting with 30lb.
Sally Struthers: Thank you Sammy D. Editor's Note: More of Sam Donalson's Hair's work can be found in EasyMidget's April and May issues. /new/stories/0601_donaldson-struthers.shtml   (775 words)

 All in the Family: Sally Struthers
Sally Struthers has also done voice-over work for a variety of cartoons, like Tiny Toons as well as the voice of Charlene Sinclair on Dinosaurs in the early '90s.
While still a regular on All In The Family, Struthers took the occasional TV movie role and did the voice of Pebbles on the Saturday morning cartoon, The Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm Show.
ally Struthers began her career as an actress after graduating high school in the mid '60s. /shows/aitf/actor3.jhtml   (222 words)

 The MQ - Sally Struthers Dies, Excess Fat Used to Feed the Children
After her death at an all-you-can-eat cattle festival in Portland, Oregon, Sally Struthers, who once lunged into American’s hearts as Gloria Bunker in the 1970s hit show All in the Family, will soon be diving into starving Africans’ mouths as the inaugural cadaver in a humanitarian effort dubbed “Operation Dumbo Drop.”
But some days she must have been excruciatingly hungry because she yelled at us when we tried to lick her fingers.” Though he never saw a single meal while Struthers was on location, Mulatu said, “the missionaries would tell me and the other children to keep faith and that one day Ms.
She visited us, with a very nice camera crew, and was always eating Hostess snack cakes and kindly giving us the wrappers. /index.php?articleid=31&issue=104   (694 words)

 Sally Struthers - Charts of the Famous
Sally has done work for the Christian Children’s Fund. /famouscharts/SallyStruthers.htm   (215 words)

 Sally Struthers Pics - Sally Struthers News - Sally Struthers Information
Sally is well-known as Gloria Stivic, daughter of Archie Bunker, the loveable bigot of the popular show "All in the Family" back in the 70's.
Presently, you may see Sally as a recurring character in The WB's "Gilmore Girls".
Made her TV debut as a dancer on a Herb Alpert special. /sally-struthers/person/2644/summary.html   (189 words)

 YPL: The Interviews - A Dinner Party with William Shatner, Sally Struthers, and the guy who played Urkel
Struthers: I used to have 8 cats, but I took Ruffy, and tied her by her hind legs on my back porch and skinned her alive, then I ate her bones.
First Bill is gonna fuck Sally up her ever running ass, then he's gonna fuck your little one.
Struthers: I'm cold and my feet are sleepy. /features/interview_dinnerparty   (945 words)

But, I've had a thing for Sally Struthers ever since she was on Full House, so I'll go with her.
[Sally Struthers falls through the floor of her square, landing on Cartman.
Sally, where was the first settlement of the planet Pluto located in New York City? /squares.html   (1118 words)

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