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Topic: Salmon (color)

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  USGS WFRC Outreach
Salmon travel the distance from their home stream to the ocean which can be hundreds of miles and they may travel in the ocean up to Alaska and far out to sea, some up to 1,000 miles.
Salmon eggs are very sensitive to movement early in their development so they are not moved until they are "eyed" (their eyes are showing through the egg).
Salmon come back to the same stream they were "born" in because they "know" it is a good place to spawn and they won't waste time looking for another stream with good habitat and other fish to spawn with.
wfrc.usgs.gov /outreach/salmonq&a.htm   (1008 words)

  Salmon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salmon are anadromous : they are born in fresh water, migrate to the ocean, then return to fresh water to reproduce.
Salmon are carnivorous and are currently fed a meal produced from catching other wild fish, so as the number of farmed salmon increase, the demand for other fish to feed the salmon increases.
Pink salmon or Humpback salmon ( Oncorhynchus gorbuscha) is found from northern California and Korea, throughout the northern Pacific, and from the Mackenzie River in Canada to the Lena River in Siberia.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salmon   (1218 words)

 Salmon (color) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salmon is a pale orange - red color, named after the color of salmon flesh.
Actual salmon color varies from almost white to deep red, depending on their levels of the carotenoid astaxanthin due to a rich diet in krill and shrimp.
Dark salmon is a color that resembles the color Salmon, but is darker; it is used in HTML and CSS as DarkSalmon.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salmon_(color)   (129 words)

 WDFW -- Chum Salmon Colors
Salmon in either of these conditions do not display the colors of living fish happily occupied with the goals of feeding, growing, and ultimately producing as many offspring as possible.
For spawning chum salmon in the northern portion of their range, the result is often brighter maroons or reds in the banding pattern, darker and more extensive fls on ventral surfaces and on the ventral and anal fins, and generally more colorful heads and body ground colors.
The general color patterns evident in spawning Pacific salmon are vertical bars in males, and a single dark horizontal stripe in females.
wdfw.wa.gov /fish/chum/chum-9.htm   (4271 words)

 Salmon Species Description   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the ocean, the chinook salmon is a robust, deep-bodied fish with a bluish-green coloration on the back which fades to a silvery color on the sides and white on the belly.
Colors of spawning chinook salmon in fresh water range from red to copper to almost fl, depending on location and degree of maturation.
Most sockeye salmon are harvested with gillnets either drifted from a vessel or set with one end on the shore, some are captured with purse seines, and a relatively small number are caught with troll gear in the southeastern portion of the state.
www.hitime.com /sdscptn.htm   (4510 words)

 Salmon Main
Salmon is fished off the coast in the cold Pacific, then smoked gently with fl pepper and brown sugar, then packed for shipping.
Smoked salmon is fresh salmon that has undergone a smoking process, usually by one of two methods: hot-smoking or cold-smoking.
Also called the silver salmon, Coho are found in the coastal waters of Alaska after traveling down the spawning streams and rivers of Oregon and Washington to the ocean.
www.oregongourmet.com /salmon.htm   (1059 words)

 Sheffield School of Interior Design Distance Education
And indeed it is; in fact, the salmon is one of the more interesting fish, captivating biology students with its feat of swimming hundreds of miles only to return to the very spot from whence it came.
Salmon is one of those colors that is subdued enough that you could use it for a whole room.
This last combination — salmon and turquoise — is a favorite in Southwestern interiors, as the stone, turquoise, is of course found in the Southwest, and the salmon echoes the colors of the desert in the morning light.
www.sheffield.edu /htmlsrc/colortip1003.php   (812 words)

 Salmon Colored With Astaxanthin
The reason for farmed salmon’s natural absence of redness is a lack of astaxanthin, an anti-oxidant that wild salmon and trout absorb from their diet of lobster, shrimp, krill, plankton and algae.
It is the color altering property of this nutrient that is causing concern in the kosher community.
Astaxanthin (the primary carotene found in wild salmon) is in the same family as beta-carotene, the chief anti-oxidant (and principal pigment provider) found in carrots, apricots, squash and sweet potatoes.
www.kashrut.com /articles/SalmonColoredWithAstaxanthin   (792 words)

 Pacific Salmon
They begin to lose fat, the flesh fades from salmon color to white, the skin thickens, the scales sink slowly out of sight in the skin, the digestive organs shrivel up for want of use, the body becomes slabsided and thin.
The salmon are scooped up by the paddle nets and drop into a chute at the center of the wheel, thence into a fishbox set to receive them.
Salmon packing has become one of the most important industries on the Pacific coast, and during the season it furnishes employment to over 20,000 people.
www.sensato.com /1921/07salmon.htm   (701 words)

 SeaSense: Wild Salmon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Chinook salmon, found from the Yukon River in Alaska to central California, is the largest of the five Pacific species.
Chum salmon has the widest geographic range of all Pacific salmon, with runs in Japan, Russia, and along the Pacific coast of North America from Washington state to Kotzebue, Alaska (north of the Arctic Circle).
The highest-quality chum salmon is called "silver brite," referring to its bright, silver skin color (not to be confused with coho, which is often called "silver").
www.seafoodchoices.com /seasense/salmon.shtml   (1224 words)

 Salmon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
And indeed it is; in fact, the salmon is one of the more interesting fish, captivating biology students with its feat of swimming hundreds of miles only to return to the very spot from whence it came.
This last combination — salmon and turquoise — is a favorite in Southwestern interiors, as the stone, turquoise, is of course found in the Southwest, and the salmon echoes the colors of the desert in the morning light.
Salmon is an unusual color choice, but it’s one with a great deal of versatility.
www.doityourself.com /colordec/salmon.htm   (785 words)

It is generally helpful to use a color of fly that matches the overall color of the riverbed.
Of all the old classic salmon flies it is probably the one which is most used today in its modern form.
This classic salmon fly was created during the height of the Victorian fascination of constructing salmon flies with the most exotic and colorful feathers they could get their hands on.
freespace.virgin.net /fly.shop/salmon.htm   (4207 words)

 The Hidden Costs of Farmed Salmon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
In the case of farmed salmon, those rules allow raw sewage to pour into coastal waters, and fatal epidemics to spread from farmed to wild fish.
Farmed salmon are raised in open cages, thousands of them in a net-pen the size of a small house.
The 2002 collapse of the pink salmon run on the central B.C. coast is blamed on parasites known as sea lice, contracted from the area’s numerous salmon farms.
www.sectionz.info /issue_1/Hidden_costs.html   (646 words)

 20th WCP: New Physical Properties
Finally, the salmon color of the sky is a property.
They would have to be considered as co-referential in the case we would have good reasons to think that the extraordinary color had by the sky of Mars summers sunsets could not be other but the shining salmon color with purple shades and delicate metallic flashes.
The having a shining salmon color with purple shades and delicate metallic flashes is the having an extraordinary color of the sky of Mars summers sunsets.
www.bu.edu /wcp/Papers/Scie/ScieLiz.htm   (4342 words)

 SOTA | News | Salmon Color, Nutrition and Retail Labeling   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
And it is this variation in fat content in wild salmon that allows the misleading claim that wild salmon has half the saturated fat of farm raised Atlantic salmon.
Other claims about farm raised salmon and aquaculture in general have the same flaws and misrepresentations, so it is important that as you read these claims you get independent verification of the facts.
Salmon of the Americas is an organization of concerned salmon producing companies whose mission is to improve the health, awareness and dining enjoyment of consumers in North America by providing timely, complete, accurate and insightful information about salmon on behalf of the member companies.
www.salmonoftheamericas.com /news_color.html   (739 words)

 Salmon Files: Pigments in Salmon Aquaculture
One of the most common criticisms of farmed salmon is that it is "artificially" colored, or as critics love to put it, "dyed." A typical anti-farming article states that farmed salmon "rely on a dye to color their flesh pink.
Farmed salmon feed, which is largely based on fish meal, does not normally contain any crustaceans or other natural sources of xanthins, so the only way to grow a salmon-colored salmon (or "red-meat" rainbow trout or Arctic char) is by providing pigments in the feed.
US salmon farmers were limited to canthaxanthin until 1995, when the FDA approved the use of astaxanthin in domestic salmon farming, and astaxanthin quickly became the pigment of choice here as well.
www.seafoodmonitor.com /sample/salmon.html   (1691 words)

 The British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association: The trade association for the British Columbia salmon farming industry.
Salmon portions such as steaks and fillets are easier to cook for smaller numbers of people, and can be used in many different recipes.
Salmon sausage, burgers, pepperoni, stuffed salmon loins, salmon pate, marinated salmon, and many other tasty forms of farmed salmon are also available at specialty shops and markets.
Salmon changes color during cooking from an uncooked translucent red/pink to an opaque pink when it is cooked.
www.salmonfarmers.org /nutrition/buying.html   (982 words)

 The Color of Salmon - Big Y® World Class Market™
Astaxanthin is a naturally occurring carotenoid in the same family of nutrients as vitamin A and has a vital nutritional function as well as providing color to the flesh of wild and farmed salmon.
Salmon of the Americas is an organization of salmon-producing companies in Canada, Chile and the United States whose mission is to improve health, awareness and dining enjoyment of consumers in North America by providing timely, complete, accurate and insightful information about salmon on behalf of the member companies.
Carotenoids areused extensively as safe, natural colorants for food, feed, and cosmetics, are known to be essential for plant growth and photosynthesis, and are a main dietary source of vitamin A in humans.
www.bigy.com /content/seaf/pdct/salmon_farm_clr.php   (431 words)

 KIROTV.com - Money - Lawsuit: Something Fishy In Farm-Raised Salmon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Salmon farmers use a salmon color chart to decide what color they want their salmon to be.
When you're shopping for salmon, the color of the flesh is a major factor.
Chemical additives are put into fish feed at salmon farms, and that's what gives some fish their nice pink color.
www.kirotv.com /money/2154528/detail.html   (486 words)

 Salmon Colored Roses
Salmon is among the more elusive of rose colors, along with copper: they are both almost impossible to describe because they float somewhere in between a host of secondary colors.
Still, it is useful to conceive of this color as being distinctive, for several popular roses - Tournament of Roses and America to name two - are best described as being tints of this color.
Salmon does not go especially well with yellows or with cool pinks and roses.
www.rosefile.com /Tables/Salmon.html   (206 words)

 SalmonCrazy.com :: Species
They are often found spawning in rivers or larger streams, and are usually one of the earlier salmon species to spawn in the fall.
In Oswego County, they are found in the Salmon River, and many of the surrounding tributaries and rivers of Lake Ontario.
Coho Salmon tend to be smaller than the Kings but spawn around the same time.
www.salmoncrazy.com /species.php   (376 words)

 Wild Alaska Salmon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Yukon River salmon- which are among the most sought-after, and tastiest, salmon in the world.
Salmon are troll-caught, gill-netted, and purse seined throughout the summer months.
Bright silver in color, coho salmon live three years, weigh up to 15 pounds, and are a popular game fish sought by sport fishers.
www.fishermansexpress.com /alaska-salmon.html   (347 words)

 Fishing Books : Steelhead, Salmon & Sea Run
Covers the mechanisms that cue salmon and steelhead to migrate, spawn, feed and rest; how native people use this knowledge to time when and where these fish can most efficiently be harvested; plus timing cues and tribal hunting strategies for deer, elk, waterfowl and other animals.
Traces the dramatic history of the plight of the Pacific salmon and of the many Northwest citizens who are fighting passionately against their seemingly imminent extinction.
A decade's worth of award-winning photography of salmon and the human culture and commerce which are their dependents.
www.chartingnature.com /book-category.cfm?cat=240   (3590 words)

 Cooking : Salmon : Salmon, Simplified : Food Network
Salmon is generally designated by species (king, silver, sockeye) and the waters it was pulled from (Copper River, Columbia River, etc.).
The fish are fed a diet of processed food, often containing natural or synthetic dyes to give them the color wild salmon develop from their natural diet of crustaceans.
Salmon should be good for up to two months.
www.foodnetwork.com /food/mh_salmon/article/0,1977,FOOD_10271_5039185,00.html   (731 words)

 Nutrockers Scrollbar Stylesheet Color Code Creator   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Take your time picking which colors to use and the results will be worth the wait.
The scrollbar color code generated, is shown in the area below.
If using the scrollbar color code for an Ezboard, the code needs pasting into the Control Center, My Community, Custom HTML, 1st text box from the top.
www.nutrocker.co.uk /scrollbarcolor.html   (232 words)

 Coho Salmon color picture   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Coho salmon, also know as the silver salmon can be distinguished by the fine dark spots on the back and upper lobe of the tail fin, the long anal fin and gray gums.
In Illinois coho are reared in an accelerated fashion and in 6 months are stocked as 5-6 inch long fish in the spring.
Shoreline fishermen are generally successful fishing for this species in the spring, using power lines and pole and line baited with nitecrawlers, small alewives or strips of large alewives and small spoons.
www.spendthriftcharters.com /page91.html   (348 words)

 Farm To Table   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
When Lori Thomas of Seattle discovered the salmon that she bought at Albertsons had been raised on feed that artificially kept its flesh pink, she was incensed.
Bright says he suspects much of the anti-farmed salmon effort comes from the wild fish advocates, perhaps from the commercial fishing industry, though Lowney says none of those interests are involved in the lawsuit.
She said she doesn't know whether the color additive is that bad if it's what makes regular salmon pink.
academic.evergreen.edu /curricular/farmtotable2003/farmed.salmon.html   (1075 words)

 Norwegian Salmon: Fresh from the fjords (Norway - the official site in the United States)
With the advent of salmon farms came the hope that Norwegian salmon would soon be the pride and joy of dinner menus all over the world.
The salmon farm we are looking for holds three of the 848 licenses issued for farm-producing salmon and trout in Norway.
The salmon’s first stop is a small table where nimble and experienced hands chop off the heads and send the fish down an assembly line to a machine that carefully cuts the flesh from the bones.
www.norway.org /News/archive/2002/200205salmon.htm   (2722 words)

 Salmon Roe - Find, Compare, and Buy at Shopping.com
This Malossol (Russian for ¿low salt¿) Salmon Roe, is a special treat that hails from the cold northern waters of Alaska.
Keta Salmon Caviar is from the select roe of the Keta Salmon, which has very large eggs with a color that can range from bright red to brilliant orang...
Canadian salmon roe has very appetizing, large translucent grains that are red-orange in color.
www.shopping.com /xGS-Salmon_Roe~FD-96446~NS-1   (676 words)

 Ask E.T.: What color is your salmon, flamingo, leaf, soil, golden retriever, egg yolk, beer, diesel fuel? Measuring ...
In a curious sort of information design, salmon farmers apparently choose the desired orangness-pinkness of their product from a color chart (SalmoFan) provided by Hoffmann-LaRoche which supplies the food dyes to color farmed salmon that would otherwise be gray, khaki, pale yellow, or pale pink.
Apparently the salmon dyeing is nothing compared to concerns over shrimp because foreign farms use some pretty nasty pesticides to keep the shrimp lice at bay.
Salmon cannot synthesize carotenoid pigments and so must find them in their diet, to assist the reproductive process and protect the eggs.
www.edwardtufte.com /bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0000XT&topic_id=1   (2300 words)

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