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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  The Jewish Community of Salonika
In 1430, Salonika was occupied by the Turks.
In addition to the rabbinical schools in Salonika in the 16th century, there was a Bet Midrash for secular studies where medicine, natural sciences, astronomy, and other subjects were taught.
In October 1944, Salonika was recaptured by the Greek and Allied forces.
www.bh.org.il /Communities/Archive/Salonika.asp   (1595 words)

 EJP | News | France | Sarkozy: “My roots are in Salonika”
Sarkozy’s mother is from the Mallah family, which originally came from Spain like all Jews of Salonika, northern Greece, and left with the expulsion of the Jews by King Ferdinand.
The grave of Mordohai Mallah exists till today at Stavroupoli where it was transferred from the old cemetery just before the Germans walked in the cited a during WWII and destroyed the Jewish cemetery.
At the event the wife of the president of the Jewish community of Salonika David Saltiel, Lucy, who was born from the same Mallah family, was also present.
www.ejpress.org /article/16221   (595 words)

 A Nurse at Salonika – the Diary of Mrs Edith Moor   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The main point of arrival in northern Greece for the vast majority of British servicemen and women, the strategic significance of the port of Salonika lay in its direct rail link with Belgrade, which made it an ideal entry point for the Allies to intervene in the Balkans.
Remaining onboard the Grantully Castle in the harbour for a number of days, Edith was informed on Saturday, 31 October that she and a number of other nurses were to be sent to the 43rd General Hospital.
For Edith Moor, the war in Salonika would end in November 1917 when she embarked in HMHS Heroic and set sail for Italy, where she had been posted to the 38th Stationary Hospital.
www.salonika.freeserve.co.uk /NurseInSalonika.htm   (2884 words)

Salonika (Greek Thessaloniki, in the past also known as the Slavic Solunj or Turkish Selanik) is the second in population city of Greece and the most important commercial and civic center of the Macedonian region.
It is built on the edge of the Thermaic Gulf, and was named after King Philip's eldest daughter, when Kassandros (one of the generals of Alexander the Great), founded the city in 316 BC.
Salonika was the place where rebetika was born.
www.workersforjesus.com /dfi/paul/salonika.htm   (1699 words)

The events in Salonika are not so easy to find; it was regarded as a sideshow and received much less attention.
At the beginning of 1918, the Allied troops in Salonika were prepared for a major offensive intended to end the war in the Balkans.
The Passage of the Vardar, and the Pursuit to the Strumica Valley
www.1914-1918.net /salonika.htm   (4733 words)

 Zeppelins over Salonika   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Unused PPC with a panoramic view of the Gulf of Salonika, the town itself and the hills of Bulgaria and Serbia behind.
The wreckage of the LZ-85 in the swamp at the mouth of the River Vardar.
Accordingly the wreckage was laboriously gathered and shipped across the Gulf to Salonika city where it was gathered, under guard, on an open space in front of the White Tower.
www.tughranet.f2s.com /postcard/robertso/zeppelin.htm   (800 words)

 Home Page
Salonika beach has 2 km's of unspoiled beach with one of the regions closest islands to the mainland.
The crystal clear waters of Salonika Beach are great for swimming, and the fishing is fantastic (Barra county).
You can see the turtles nesting in the sands and the sea eagles are seen regularly along with the bush turkeys often visiting the guests patios looking for a free meal, and there are also kangaroo's and fl cockatoo's.
www.seaeaglesresort.com.au   (349 words)

 Salonika - Thessaloniki - Greece: Byzantine Churches
Founded in 315 BC a provincial capital and sea port of Salonika became one of the first centres for the spread of Christianity.
It was built in the first half of the 5th century AD on the spot where used to be a Roman bath, the place in which the saint made a martyr of himself.
After the conquest of Salonika by the Turks in 1430, it was converted into a mosque named Kazantzilar Mosque, because it was close to the coppersmiths' forges (kazantzidika) of Salonika.
www.cozy-corner.com /travel/salonika_greece_churches.htm   (1006 words)

 A Gathering of the Shaltiel Clan in Salonika
Diana Sommer, Director of the Dorot Genealogy Centre of Tel Aviv, gave an accout of Jewish genealogical practice, and Michael Halévy, who is currently engaged in a research project of the Portuguese Community of Hamburg, spoke on the Sealtiel family of Hamburg., spoke on the Sealtiel family of Hamburg.
There were, of course, good reasons for holding the family gathering in Salonika, for it was here that members of the Sealtiel family gathering in Salonbika, for it was here that a lot of members of the Sealtiel family had made their homes even before the Jews had been expelled from Spain.
In a moving ceremony, the family, together with the small Jewish community of Salonika, gathered to commemorate those members of the family who had been murdered in the last war : one hundred and twenty from Holland, sixty-three from Greece, fifty-four from France, six from Italy and five from Germany.
www.sefarad.org /publication/lm/028/shaltiel.html   (767 words)

 BakuTODAY.net - Greek ruling party scores well in Athens, Salonika but loses Piraeus: polls   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
The ruling New Democracy party scored well in mayoral votes in Athens and Salonika in the first round, with the socialist candidate in the Greek capital conceding in favour of conservative candidate Nikitas Kaklamanis.
In Salonika, Greece's second largest city, incumbent conservative mayor Vassilis Papageorgopoulos was placed ahead of socialist challenger Chryssa Arapoglou with a lead of around 20 points, but it was unclear whether he would make enough gains to secure election from the first round.
And in the local prefecture -- or group of districts -- of Salonika, maverick prefect Panayiotis Psomiadis, also conservative, appeared a clear winner against former athlete Voula Patoulidou, a gold medalist in the 100m hurdles of the Barcelona 1992 Olympics.
www.bakutoday.net /view.php?d=28008   (772 words)

 The Muslim Exodus from Salonika, 1912—1924 : The Watson Institute for International Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Mazower used the Muslim exodus from Salonika between 1912 and 1924 in a comparative study with Jewish deportations from the city during the World War II Nazi occupation of Greece.
By 1950, Salonika was largely a Christian city, with 98 percent of its population Greek Orthodox.
In 1900, the largest community in Salonika was Jewish, constituting 40 percent of the total population.
www.watsoninstitute.org /events_detail.cfm?id=519   (617 words)

 ESPNsoccernet: PAOK Salonika Team Page
Greek club PAOK Salonika are close to signing former world champion Lothar Matthaeus as their new head coach after a miserable start to the season, a club official said on Wednesday.
Greek club PAOK Salonika are looking for their fourth coach in 12 months after Nikos Karageorgiou resigned on Friday.
Austrian Rolf Fringer was unveiled on Tuesday as coach of PAOK Salonika after the sacking of Angelos Anastasiadis.
soccernet.espn.go.com /team?tag=GRE.PAOK_SALONIKA&cc=5739   (181 words)

 The Agony of Salonika Jewry
The majority, however, were transported to Poland or escaped to the mountains to join the partisan units.
Attorney Baruch Uziel based his account on a letter written in Hebrew, which was received half a year ago, and on a memorandum from a Greek student, P.K., who had left Salonika on July 18 and then sent in September a special memo to the Greek government about what was happening in Greece.
No one knows what happened to Salonika's Jews or to where they were sent.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/Holocaust/SalonikaJewry.html   (567 words)

 All About Jewish Theatre - YIVO-ASF Lecture“Discovering Salonika, the Jerusalem of the Balkans "Tuesday, August 23, ...
The Salonika Project at YIVO, whose objective is to catalog, microfilm and digitize the Records of the Jewish Community of Salonika in the YIVO Archives, is funded by the Maurice Amado Foundation and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
The YIVO Salonika Collection holds fragments of the Records of the Jewish Communal Council of Salonika, primarily for the interwar period, including three of the multi volume population registers created after the Great Fire of 1917 to assess the membership of the Jewish community as well as damages incurred by them.
The majority of the Jewish community of Salonika was killed in Auschwitz in 1943.
www.jewish-theatre.com /visitor/article_display.aspx?articleID=1493   (393 words)

After the invasion and occupation of Greece in April 1941, Salonika was included in the German occupation zone.
In February 1943, German authorities concentrated the Jews of Salonika in two ghettos, one in the east of Salonika and one in the western, Baron de Hirsch quarter of the city.
During the years 1941 to 1943, the ancient and vibrant Jewish community of Salonika was destroyed.
www.ushmm.org /wlc/article.php?lang=en&ModuleId=10005422   (431 words)

 Salonka Synagogue   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Before the Holocaust there were over 50,000 Jews in Salonika and they played a vital role in the city's life - from the town hall to the docks, Jews were everywhere, occupying every niche of urban life.
The Jewish Community of Salonika received a grant from the Ministry of Culture as part of the financing of the 1997 Salonika Cultural Capital of Europe activities.
The Synagogues of Salonika and Veroia (ISBN 960-336-010-4) is softbound, with text in English and Greek and over 70 illustrations (including b and w and color photographs, maps and architectural plans), and is published by Gavrielides Editions, 116 Aristotelous St., Athens 10434, Greece.
www.isjm.org /jhr/nos3-4/salsyn.htm   (576 words)

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