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  Salzburg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salzburg (population 135,000 in 2005) is a city in western Austria and the capital of the federal state of Salzburg (population 520,000 in 2003).
The geographic coordinates of Salzburg are 47°48′00″N, 13°02′36″E.
Until 1803, the Archbishop of Salzburg was the ruler of the city and the surrounding territory.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salzburg   (1692 words)

 Salzburg (state) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Salzburg is home to one of the longest and deepest gorges of the Alps, Liechtensteinklamm.
Salzburg was an independent Archbishopric within the Holy Roman Empire (see Archbishopric of Salzburg) until the Imperial reorganization of 1801, when it was given as compensation to Grand Duke Ferdinand III of Tuscany, the brother of Emperor Francis II.
Following the Austrian defeat at Austerlitz in 1805, Salzburg was annexed by Austria as compensation for the loss of Tyrol to Bavaria, and Ferdinand was transferred to Würzburg.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Salzburg_(state)   (279 words)

In Salzburg the noble tendencies and great principles of the age of Gregory VII and his immediate successors, aiming at the sanctification of the Church, the success of the Crusades, the fostering of religious life among the people, and the development of monastic life, were always encouraged.
The Renaissance epoch was for Salzburg an era of cultural decay, caused by the incompetence of the territorial princes and the bad conditions of Austria under Emperor Frederick IV.
The archbishops of Salzburg were deprived in the same year of their temporal sovereignty; Jerome, the last ecclesiastical sovereign of Salzburg, died at Vienna.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13411b.htm   (4497 words)

 SALZBURG - LoveToKnow Article on SALZBURG
Owing to the frequent fires the private buildings of Salzburg are comparatively modern; and the existing houses, lavishly adorned with marble,, are, like many of the public buildings, monuments of the gorgeous taste of the archbishops of the 17th and f 8th centuries.
The oldest and most important of the eight convents at Salzburg is the Benedictine abbey of St Peter founded by St Rupert as the nucleus of the city.
The origin and development of Salzburg were alike ecclesiastical, and its history is involved with that of the archbishopric to which it gave its name.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /S/SA/SALZBURG.htm   (1799 words)

Salzburg's influence waned in the 18th century, although every cloud has a silver lining and in Salzburg's case it was that many of the city's old buildings weren't destroyed in the name of "progress".
Salzburg is also a city of music, from the sublime (Mozart was born here in 1756) to the ridiculous (the Sound of Music was filmed here).
Salzburg is close enough to the UK that you can get there and see most of the major sites in a weekend, but it has enough charm and depth that you could easily stay here for much longer and not get bored.
www.geocities.com /stevestravelguides/salzburg.htm   (3322 words)

 Salzburg, Austria
The capital of Salzburg lies in the so-called 'Salzburger Becken' (Salzburgian basin) on the northern border of the Alps and it is surrounded by the Kapuziner-Mountain (636m), the Monk-Mountain (508m) and the Gais-Mountain (737m).
The area to the north of Salzburg is mainly residential, with the buildings becoming increasingly modern the closer you come to the main train station.
The territory that today calls itself Salzburg was settled after the Neolithic period and after the beginning of the Roman Empire in 15 BC, the cave settlements that were established here, were eventually substituted by a city on the left bank of the River known as Salzach.
worldfacts.us /Austria-Salzburg.htm   (1686 words)

 Salzburg, Austria - Salzburg Tourism Information - Austria Travel City Guide to Salzburg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The birth of the town Salzburg can be set in the year 696 when the missionary St. Rubert arrived and founded the Benedictine Monastery of St. Peters.
Its organisation was Vatican-like and Salzburg was not called the "Rome of the North" by accident.
The city of Salzburg lays proof of the wealth and power of the Archbishop and the Catholic Church and is a home to approximately 150.000 inhabitants today.
www.aboutaustria.org /capitals/salzburg.htm   (309 words)

 Salzburg Hotels - Best Salzburg Hotels - Discount Hotels Salzburg.
For many, Salzburg is the quintessential Austria, offering the best of the country's Baroque architecture, subalpine scenery and a musical heritage largely provided by the city's most famous son, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, whose bright-eyed visage peers from every box of the ubiquitous chocolate delicacy, the Mozartkügel.
Salzburg's captivation with Mozart is perhaps best reflected in the world-famous Salzburg Festival, a five-week celebration of opera, orchestral music and theatre that begins in late July, although there's a wide range of (not always Mozart-related) musical events on offer throughout the year.
Salzburg's central ensemble of archiepiscopal buildings on the left bank of the river forms a tightly woven net of alleys and squares watched over by the sombre grey bastions of the medieval Hohensalzburg castle.
www.discounthotel-worldwide.com /hotels/austria/salzburg-hotel.htm   (584 words)

 Salzburg on Encyclopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The composer Mozart, Salzburg's most distinguished son, met scant recognition in the city during his stay there, but he is now honored by an annual summer music festival (see Salzburg Festival), which constitutes an important source of tourist revenue for Salzburg.
By c.798 Salzburg was the seat of an archbishopric, and for almost 1,000 years it was the residence of the autocratic archbishops of Salzburg, the leading ecclesiastics of the German-speaking world.
Secularized in 1802, Salzburg was transferred to Bavaria by the Peace of Schönbrunn (1809).
www.encyclopedia.com /html/S/Salzburg.asp   (1288 words)

 Sightseeing & excursions Salzburg - Hotel Schorn, Salzburg
They built the Salzburg Residence, the New Residence, the Mirabell Palace, Hellbrunn Palace, and many other buildings with which they demonstrated their power.
The scenery also makes Salzburg the ideal place to spend a holiday - straddling the river Salzach, it is peacefully in the arms of the local hills.
To the south of Salzburg, nature lovers and climbers savour the scenery where the high peaks soar up to the sky.
www.gasthofschorn.at /en/salzburg.shtml   (841 words)

 This is Salzburg
Salzburg as a holiday destination is equally popular in winter and summer.
Of Austria’s present-day Länder or provinces, Salzburg is the only one to have been ruled as an independent state by a prince-archbishop and it is the only one of the many spiritual principalities of the Holy Roman Empire still to exist as an independent province.
The strong economic orientation towards European markets, a dense network of inter-regional contacts, and Salzburg’s previous role as an international meeting-place in the heart of Europe presented the best prerequisites for a continuation of the active participation in shaping the ”Europe of the regions”.
www.salzburg.gv.at /en/en-index   (913 words)

 AllRefer.com - Salzburg Festival (Music: History) - Encyclopedia
Salzburg Festival, annual festival of music and drama held in Salzburg, Austria, for five weeks starting in late July.
The festival may be considered a descendant of the Salzburg Music Festival Weeks that the Vienna Philharmonic gave irregularly between 1877 and 1910.
Performances of music and drama at the Salzburg Festival are given in the "Old" Festival Hall, the "New" Festival Hall (built 1960), and the 17th-century Riding School in the Cliff, an arena that can be roofed over.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/S/SalzFest.html   (484 words)

This is (thankfully) more than commercial exploitation of the name, it is a tribute to the whole Mozart family, the history and culture in Salzburg in the 18th Century, and the role of music at the time.
The little tiny dots on the lower left are actually people sledding, to give you an idea of how high up this is. In fact, Salzburg is a common destination for skiiers, looking to hit a quality café after hitting the slopes in the nearby towns.
Salzburg is an incredible place, with places to visit and things to do year round.
www.tompgalvin.com /places/at/salzburg.htm   (730 words)

 Salzburg : Introduction | Frommers.com
Salzburg, a city of 17th- and 18th-century houses, is internationally known for its architectural grandeur.
The Salzburg Cathedral is the first deliberately Italian-style church to be built north of the Alps.
Several beautiful castles and palaces dot the city: Hohensalzburg Fortress, the former stronghold of the prince-archbishops of Salzburg; Residenz, an opulent palace and seat of the Salzburg prince-archbishops after they abandoned the gloomy Hohensalzburg; and Schloss Hellbrunn, 5km (3 miles) south of the city, summer residence of the prince-archbishops.
www.frommers.com /destinations/salzburg/0102010001.html   (473 words)

 International Civic Heraldry - AUSTRIA / ÖSTERREICHISCHE GEMEINDEWAPPEN- SALZBURG   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
The State of Salzburg was an independent state between Austria and Bayern until 1803, when all religious states were abolished.
Salzburg became a Principality under Archduke Ferdinand IV of Tuscany.
The arms, however, probably date from the reign of Archbishop Ulrich of Kärnten (1246-1256), as the arms are probably based on the arms of Kärnten.
www.ngw.nl /int/oos/salzburg.htm   (256 words)

The provinces of Salzburg, Tyrol and Styria are involved in the bid.
The City of Salzburg (population approximately 150,000) is in the Province of Salzburg which has a population of 520,000.
Three Olympic Villages are proposed: one in Salzburg, one in Kitzbühel and one in the Amadé region.
www.olympic.org /uk/games/2010/salzburg_uk.asp   (510 words)

 Turist Information - Salzburg Hotel Start Page
The face of the contemporary Salzburg, dominated by the baroque majesty of the old city, was created in the 17th and 18th centuries.
Salzburg is proud to offer theatre, concerts and art on a par with the major cities of the world.
The capital, Salzburg, lies on the Danube (Donau) River, partly surrounded by the hills of the Salzburg Woods (Wienerwald).
www.salzburghotelstart.com   (2387 words)

 Salzburg (city) - Wikitravel
Salzburg is a city in Austria, with a population of some 148,000 in 2005.
Salzburg W.A. Mozart International Airport (SZG) [1] (http://www.salzburg-airport.com/) is situated about 20 minutes from the centre of the city.
Salzburg is the region with the most Gault Millau toques per capita.
wikitravel.org /en/Salzburg_(city)   (1458 words)

 ipedia.com: Leopold Mozart Article
He was born in the City of Augsburg, in the Swabian part of the Dukedom of Bavaria, was legal citizen of the Diocese of Salzburg...
He was born in the City of Augsburg, in the Swabian part of the Dukedom of Bavaria, was legal citizen of the Diocese of Salzburg, but spent a lot of time in Vienna, Austria, (all within the Holy Roman Empire of German Nation).
He studied theology at Salzburg University, but was more interested in music, becoming violinist and valet to one of the university's canons, Count Thurn und Taxis, in 1740.
www.ipedia.com /leopold_mozart.html   (311 words)

 International Programs - Summer Abroad in Salzburg
Salzburg is located at the geographic and historic crossroads of Central Europe.
Classes are held in the Law Faculty building of the University of Salzburg, located in a renovated 16th Century palace in the heart of Salzburg's historic Old Town.
I arrived in Salzburg without knowing a single person in the program, and though the McGeorge students arrived in established groups of friends and acquaintances, they could not have been more open and friendly.
www.mcgeorge.edu /international/summer-abroad_program   (588 words)

 Salzburg Travel Guide | Fodor's Online
Salzburg lies on both banks of the Salzach River, at the point where it is pinched between two mountains, the Kapuzinerberg and the Mönchsberg.
While Salzburg is a visual pageant of Baroque motifs, music is the element that shapes the life of the city.
Since 1920, the Salzburg Festival, which draws a crowd to the city from mid-July until the end of August, has honored Mozart with performances of his works by the world's greatest musicians.
www.fodors.com /miniguides/mgresults.cfm?destination=salzburg@134   (326 words)

 Salzburg Hotels, Online Hotel Reservation System. Discounted Hotel Deals
Salzburg, Austria - described as both architecturally and scenically one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, Salzburg is the place, over which hovers the shade of its most famous son, Mozart.
No matter what descriptions you give to this city, you will be fascinated by the atmosphere of it, especially if you spend most of your time in the Altstadt, on the left bank of the Salzach River, which probably has more masterpieces of Baroque architecture per hectare than any other city on Earth.
The Altstadt is tucked into the space between the cliffs and the left bank of the river; on the other side of the river, the city becomes increasingly modern as it sprawls from the Mirabell Castle and its gardens to the shops and offices near the railroad station.
www.europe-cities.com /hotels-salzburg.aspx   (241 words)

 Salzburg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
For many people Salzburg is famous by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart who was born in 1756 in this city.
In 798 Salzburg is raised to the rank of archbishopric, develops gradually into ecclesiastical principality and remains an independed state until its secularisation in 1803.
In 1816 Salzburg is incorporated in the Austrian Habsburg empire.
www.burger.si /Austria/Salzburg/Salzburg.html   (72 words)

 Salzburg Hotels
Salzburg hotels - a huge selection of Salzburg hotels available through the web.
We present one of the most comprehensive selections of hotels in Salzburg available through the web, with detailed information on the hotels  facilities, photos, maps, and secure reservation forms.
Charming 4-star housed in a historical building, a former residence of Archibishop, and located in the heart of Salzburg.
salzburg.lodgingaustria.com   (385 words)

 Salzburg Map Austria - In-salzburg.co.uk   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-08-20)
This map is divided into districts and zones, to help you locate the different sights and places to visit.
Salzburg train station is situated 15 mins walk from the city centre.
Salzburg Sightseeing Tours offer city tours, trips to the Salt mines in Hallein and “Sound of Music” Tours, among others.
www.in-salzburg.co.uk /About_Salzburg/Salzburg_Map.html   (352 words)

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