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  Samaria - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
To the north, Samaria is bounded by the Esdraelon valley; to the east by the Jordan River; to the west by the Carmel Ridge (in the north) and the Sharon plain (in the west); to the south by Judea (the Jerusalem mountains).
The history of Samaria in modern times begins when the territory of Samaria, formerly belonging to the Ottoman Empire, is entrusted to the United Kingdom to administer in the aftermath of World War I as a British Mandate of Palestine, by the League of Nations.
In 63 B.C.E. Samaria was annexed to the Roman province of Syria.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Samaria   (2848 words)

 Samaria - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
Samaria, Sumaria or Shomron (Hebrew שֹׁמְרוֹן, Standard Hebrew Šoməron, Tiberian Hebrew Šōmərôn, Arabic سامريّون; Sāmariyyūn (but commonly called in Arabic جبال نابلس Jibal Nablus), in the New Testament Greek Σαμαρεία) is a term used for the mountainous northern part of the area on the west bank of the Jordan River.
To the north, Samaria is bounded by the Esdraelon valley; to the east by the Jordan River; to the west by the Carmel Ridge (in the north) and the Sharon plain (in the south); to the south by Judea (the Jerusalem mountains).
Samaria was given by the emperor Augustus to Herod the Great, who rebuilt it, and called it Sebaste (the Greek form of Augustus) in honour of the emperor.
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/s/a/m/Samaria.html   (1171 words)

Samaria suffered her first siege from Benadad, King of Damascus (1 Kings 20:1-21); after the disaster which this same king suffered at Aphec, he concluded a treaty with Achab (1 Kings 20:34-43).
The history of Samaria is connected with various episodes in the life of the Prophet Elias, notably on account of the siege of the city by Benadad (2 Kings 2:25; 6:8 sq.).
Joas, who had transported the treasures of the temple of Jerusalem, pillaged by him, to Samaria, was buried in the tomb of the kings of Israel (2 Kings 14:14-16; 2 Chronicles 25:24) as also was his son Jeroboam II (2 Kings 14:16, 24, 29).
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13416a.htm   (1217 words)

 Samaria - Crystalinks
The history of Samaria is connected with various episodes in the life of the Prophet Elias, notably on account of the siege of the city by Benadad.
SAMARIA 721 B.C. From 721-355 B. C., Samaria was a Babylonian and Persian city; finally it fell into the power of Alexander who to avenge the murder of his governor, partly exterminated the inhabitants, replacing them by a Graeco-Syrian colony.
Samaria briefly revives under the Crusaders, who build a large cathedral and smaller chapel dedicated to the relics of John the Baptist, who was traditionally (and mistakenly) thought to have been beheaded there.
www.crystalinks.com /samaria.html   (1991 words)

 Samaria and the Samarians
Samaria now was a minor capital in the empire of the Babylonian king Nebuchadnezzar (605-562).
After the death of Alexander, on 11 June 323 in Babylon, Samaria was the most important city in the country known as Coele Syria, which was to be at stake for a series of wars -lasting almost a century- between two of Alexander's successor states, the Ptolemaic and the Seleucid empire.
Samaria's fate changed for the better when the Roman general Pompey the Great captured Jerusalem in 63 and transformed the country, now called Judaea, into a Roman protectorate.
www.livius.org /saa-san/samaria/samarians.htm   (1686 words)

 HighBeam Encyclopedia - Samaria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
SAMARIA [Samaria], city, ancient Palestine, on a hill NW of modern-day Nablus (Shechem).
BC The scene of the wickedness of Omri's son Ahab and Ahab's wife Jezebel, Samaria was considered a place of iniquity by the Hebrew prophets.
In the expansion of Assyria, Samaria fell in 721 BC to Sargon.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/s/samaria.asp   (475 words)

 Samaria - Easton Bible Dictionary - Bible Software by johnhurt.com
He laid siege to Samaria (B.C. 723), which held out for three years, and was at length captured by Sargon, who completed the conquest Shalmaneser had begun (2 Kings 18:9-12; 17:3), and removed vast numbers of the tribes into captivity.
Samaria occupied the centre of Palestine (John 4:4).
It may be noticed that the distance between Samaria and Jerusalem, the respective capitals of the two kingdoms, is only 35 miles in a direct line.
www.htmlbible.com /kjv30/easton/east3202.htm   (611 words)

 Samaria (WebBible Encyclopedia) - ChristianAnswers.Net
In the days of Jehoram this Benhadad again laid siege to Samaria, during which the city was reduced to the direst extremities.
But just when success seemed to be within their reach, they suddenly broke up the seige, alarmed by a mysterious noise of chariots and horses and a great army, and fled, leaving their camp with all its contents behind them.
Samaria occupied the center of Palestine (John 4:4).
www.christiananswers.net /dictionary/samaria.html   (601 words)

 The gorge of Samaria
The Samaria National Park has traditionally always opened to the public at the beginning of May. From 2004 the park administration makes all possible efforts to open earlier and the crossing of the Samaria gorge is generally possible from the middle of April, provided there is no heavy rain around (or shortly before) that time.
The gorge of Samaria is not 18 km long (this refers to the distance between the settlement of Omalos and the village of Agia Roumeli) but is 16 km long, starting at an altitude of 1250m and taking you all the way down to the shores of the Libyan sea in Agia Roumeli.
The gorge of Samaria is situated in the National park of Samaria, in the White Mountains in West Crete.
www.west-crete.com /samaria-gorge.htm   (1899 words)

Samaria was the third (and last) capital of the ancient Kingdom of Israel (succeeding Tirzah and Shechem).
Samaria is unique in that it was the only city founded by the Northern Kingdom of Israel, and Omri had grand ideas for his seat of power.
While the term "Samaria" was first identified only with the city founded by Omri, it soon became associated with the entire region surrounding the city, the old tribal territories of Ephraim and Manasseh.
www.ourfatherlutheran.net /biblehomelands/palestine/samaria.htm   (2789 words)

 SAMARIA, CITY OF in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE (Bible History Online)
After the brief reigns of Elah and Zimri came that of Omri, who reigned 6 years in Tirzah, then he purchased the hill of Samaria and built a city there, which was thenceforward the metropolis of the kingdom of Israel (1 Ki 16:24).
Recent excavations conducted by American archaeologists have uncovered the foundations of Omri's palace, with remains of the work of Ahab and of Herod (probably here was Ahab's ivory palace), on the western end of the hill, while on the western slope the gigantic gateway, flanked by massive towers, has been exposed to view.
The siege of Samaria was begun by Shalmaneser in the 7th year of Hoshea, and the city was finally taken by Sargon II at the end of 3 years, 722 BC (2 Ki 17:5 f; 18:9 f; Ant, IX, xiv, 1).
www.bible-history.com /isbe/S/SAMARIA,+CITY+OF   (1467 words)

 Samaria Idaho
Samaria received its name from Lorenzo Snow, a member of the Quorum of the Twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Samaria is nestled under the beautiful Samaria Mountain range and lies in the southeastern part of the State of Idaho.
The people of Samaria, even though they were heavily involved in educational, religious, and their work duties they always found time to have fun and were a very social group.
www.maladidaho.org /samaria.htm   (4627 words)

 Samaria, Sebaste (BiblePlaces.com)
The hill of Samaria was in the tribal territory of Manasseh, but apparently was not significantly inhabited until the time of King Omri (Ahab's father).
This geographical reality is reflected in the history, as Samaria withstood sieges by the Arameans (2 Ki 6), Assyrians for 3 years (2 Ki 17), and Hasmoneans for one year.
Samaria (Catholic Encyclopedia) Surveys the history of the site, from its founding by King Omri to the present day.
www.bibleplaces.com /samaria.htm   (501 words)

 Samaria. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
Samaria (named for Shemer, who owned the land) was built by King Omri as the capital of the northern kingdom of Israel in the early 9th cent.
In the expansion of Assyria, Samaria fell in 721
The native population was deported, others were settled in its place, and the city was made the capital of an Assyrian province.
www.bartleby.com /65/sa/Samaria.html   (409 words)

The land is dissected by dramatic gorges that form small, fertile valleys and isolated plains high in the mountains and give rise to some of the most spectacular views that are framed against the Libyan Sea to the south and the Sea of Crete to the north.
Below, the great gash of the Samaria gorge was carved by mountain torrents making their way steeply to the Libyan Sea.
The Complete Guide to the Gorge of Samaria has the most complete information to be found on the web including a photo gallery and a detailed description of the walk.
www.great-adventures.com /destinations/greece/samaria.html   (2266 words)

 About College of Judea and Samaria in Ariel
The College of Judea & Samaria (CJS) is at the forefront of a dramatic change that is taking place in higher education in Israel.
The College of Judea & Samaria offers several avenues of learning for those deserving of a second chance for a better future, as well as newcomers whose formerly acquired skills are now obsolete.
Situated in central Samaria, the College is sensitive to the needs of the City of Ariel and other nearby communities and is aware of the area's vast human potential.
www.yosh.ac.il /About.asp   (1065 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Samaria   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Samaria SAMARIA [Samaria], city, ancient Palestine, on a hill NW of modern-day Nablus (Shechem).
AD 60, Roman procurator of Judaea, Samaria, Galilee, and Peraea (c.AD 52-AD 60), a freedman of Claudius I. He was judge of the apostle Paul.
In the Bible, it was in the vicinity of Dothan that Joseph was sold into slavery and that the Syrians were blinded by Elisha's prayer.
www.encyclopedia.com /articles/11396.html   (400 words)

 Samaria - Facts from the Encyclopedia - Yahoo! Education   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The scene of the wickedness of Omri's son Ahab and Ahab's wife Jezebel, Samaria was considered a place of iniquity by the Hebrew prophets.
In the expansion of Assyria, Samaria fell in 721 to Sargon.
The Samaritans are the descendants of non-Jewish colonists from Babylonia, Syria, and elsewhere who were settled in Samaria when the Israelites were deported (722) In the Bible the Samaritans recognize only the Pentateuch and are even more scrupulous about observing its ordinances than are Orthodox Jews.
messenger.yahooligans.com /reference/encyclopedia/entry?id=41755   (404 words)

 Samaria - Smith's Bible Dictionary on Westover Study Resources
The possessor of Samaria was considered Deuteronomy facto king of Israel.
(2 Kings 15:13,14) In B.C. 721 Samaria was taken, after a siege of three years, by Shalmaneser king of Assyria, (2 Kings 18:9,10) and the kingdom of the ten tribes was put an end to.
Some years afterward the district of which Samaria was the centre was repeopled by Esarhaddon.
westover.searchgodsword.org /dic/sbd/view.cgi?number=T3722   (448 words)

 Amazon.com: Archangel (Samaria Trilogy, Book 1): Books: Sharon Shinn   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
With place-names such as Gaza and Jordana, she tantalizingly hints at her Samaria's connection to an ancient Israeli past, and she tempers the angelic milieu with talk of her angels' technological heritage in an entertaining sf-fantasy blend that should please fans of both genres.
I enjoyed the concept of the world of Samaria, despite the fact that I found Rachel to be a bit of a Mary Sue.
Samaria, a world originally founded for the hopes of a great Utopia of sorts, is extraordinarily created by the mastermind Shinn.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0441004326?v=glance   (1888 words)

As they came to the east side of the island, a large cliff lay in the middle of a forest.
Yet, this is only true for a year, for by then, the stallion will have left that herd to move to another.
As you cross the island, you are oblivious that you are following the same path the Samaria Stallion followed on his first trek across the island.
www.freewebs.com /samaria04   (391 words)

 Judea and Samaria
Judea and Samaria, located west of the Jordan River, with Jerusalem approximately in the center, are historical parts of the Land of Israel.
Despite the fact that virtually the entire world rejected Jordan's annexation, and even after Israel drove the occupiers back across the river in the 1967 Six Day War, the phrase "West Bank" has stuck, and is used to the near total exclusion of any other.
Judea and Samaria have been known by these names for unbroken centuries, and were registered as such on official documents and maps, by international institutions and in authoritative reference books right up to about 1950.
www.palestinefacts.org /pf_early_palestine_judea_samaria.php   (475 words)

 interkriti: the Samarian Gorge
Samaria Gorge is one of the National Parks of Greece and the only one in Crete.
Halfway through the park lies the village of Samaria that was abandoned when the Gorge became a Park.
The authorities have restored the buildings, which are now uninhabitted, and a shady place with benches and tables is provided for the visitors' rest.
www.interkriti.org /visits/samaria/samaria.htm   (422 words)

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