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Topic: Samarra

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In the News (Sun 16 Jun 19)

While Samarra today is a modest regional centre, it was the capital of the Muslim world for 56 years in the 9th century, when the Abbasid caliphate was moved here from Baghdad.
Samarra holds the tomb of two imams, the 10th, Ali al-Hadi and the 11th, Hassan al-Askari.
The second shrine of Samarra is meant to indicate where the 12th imam went into concealment.
lexicorient.com /e.o/samarra.htm   (604 words)

 Where We Work ::: Iraq Heritage Program :: Samarra
Samarra was a major tourist site from the 1920s onwards, and there was a small museum in addition to the Antiquities headquarters, but the museum has not been functioning for years.
Because Samarra was an easy day-trrp from Baghdad, or could be viewed briefly by tourists going to Mosul, there was little justification for a local tourist hotel, but if the site were to be coordinated with the Tharthar lake resorts, tourists might spend more time in the area.
The site of Samarra is significant in that it has not been diminished due to loss in its condition or damage to its integrity during the centuries.
www.globalheritagefund.org /where/samarra.html   (2826 words)

 t r u t h o u t - Appointment in Samarra: An Eyewitness Account
There were a lot of nasty places to be in Samarra last week after U.S. and Iraqi forces began their assault early Friday morning, but one of the nastiest was with the platoon led by Lieutenant Ryan Purdy.
The scene in Samarra was similar to those anywhere in Iraq in which soldiers have had to shoot into cities.
In one intersection, the body of a rebel lay in pieces, torn apart by 25-mm cannon fire, while a mother hurried by holding her toddler by the hand.
www.truthout.org /docs_04/100504C.shtml   (2415 words)

 Civil Affairs Wears Many Hats in Samarra - DefendAmerica News Article
SAMARRA, Iraq, March 27, 2006 —; Welcome to the world of Civil Affairs, where in one minute you could be drinking Chai tea with the mayor and the next minute you could be having a shoot-out with anti-Iraqi Forces.
Samarra’s economy was based on tourism, but since anti-Iraqi forces have destroyed many of the tourist sights, the local government has to find other means of revenue, said Staff Sgt. Robert Nevarez, Team Leader, Troop 1461, Tactical Psychological Operations Company assisting the Civil Affairs Team.
Following a meeting with the mayor and city council of Samarra, Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations soldiers volunteered to assist on a raid in an area of town that was thought to harbor an Al-Qaeda leader.
www.defendamerica.mil /articles/mar2006/a032706dg1.html   (663 words)

 McClatchy Washington Bureau | 02/15/2006 | Order, peace elusive in Iraqi city of Samarra
"Samarra is one example of many towns in Iraq that are barely functioning," said Capt. Ryan Edwards, 31, of Plain City, Ohio, who majored in Middle Eastern studies at West Point.
The police substation was attached to Samarra General Hospital, and the soldiers questioned doctors and policemen alike, swabbing their hands, looking for explosives residue.
Last month, 33 police recruits from Samarra were killed when gunmen ambushed their bus and shot them in the head, execution-style.
www.realcities.com /mld/krwashington/13880387.htm   (2034 words)

 Samarra to be seized, US commander says - The Boston Globe
Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, has been the biggest flashpoint in a tough swath of north-central Iraq controlled by the First Infantry Division.
Agreement means Samarra will receive tens of millions of dollars in US reconstruction aid to create jobs repairing the crumbling city, he said.
The Iraqi military unit that will be tapped to maintain order in Samarra is the 202d Battalion of the Iraqi National Guard, a unit that deserted in disarray during the insurgent uprising in April.
www.boston.com /news/world/articles/2004/09/09/samarra_to_be_seized_us_commander_says   (792 words)

 About Samarra, Oriental Dancer
Samarra studied fashion design in college, and in 2001, was attempting to get back to designing clothes and started to look for a small studio to rent.
Samarra used to dress up as this character, using all of her mother’s chiffons scarves, and even having her make a tiny fez to put a long ponytail through.
Samarra has the look of an old-fashioned harem princess when she dances, and enjoys using unique props, such as peacock and marabou feather fans, electric lotus blossom candles; as well as traditional Middle Eastern props.
www.samarradance.com /bio.shtml   (521 words)

 The Seattle Times: Nation & World: Trying to break Iraqi city's brutal cycle
SAMARRA, Iraq —; On one of his last days in Iraq, Sgt. Dale Evans looked out over the turbulent city from a rooftop tower piled high with sandbags, manning a machine gun.
Since 2003, Samarra has come to symbolize the trials and errors of U.S. strategy in Iraq —; a cycle of military offensives, lulls and new waves of lethal insurgent attacks.
After Samarra was walled in, attacks in the city dropped sharply, from seven or eight a day last summer to one or two now, according to the military.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/nationworld/2002705786_samarra27.html   (1366 words)

 Samarra Archaeological Survey
Samarra is located on the east bank of the middle Tigris in Iraq, 125 km north of Baghdad, Between 836 (221 H) and 892 (279 H) it was the capital of the Abbasid Caliphs.
Samarra expanded to an occupied area of 57 km², one of the largest cities of ancient times, whose remains of collapsed pisé and brick walls are still largely visible.
Samarra is now one of the largest archaeological sites in the world.
www.dur.ac.uk /derek.kennet/samarra.htm   (75 words)

 The Spectator.co.uk
Thus for the American soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division, Taskforce Iron Horse, the dusty towns and villages north of Baghdad seem to have become a sort of Wild West where gangs of outlaws must be ridden down and given summary justice.
Sunday’s clashes in Samarra — billed by US spokesmen in stories that went round the world as their biggest victory since the end of full-scale fighting — had all the classic ingredients.
Samarra was part of Saddam’s cherished Sunni heartland, and was once the splendid seat of eight successive Abbasid caliphs.
www.antiwar.com /spectator/spec26.html   (1179 words)

 Samarra: an entire city up in arms
As the smoke clears from heavy fighting in downtown Samarra, what emerges is the portrait of a city deeply connected to the Iraqi resistance.
The resistance in Samarra was born in the spring of 2003.
In 1991, Samarra was asked to send volunteers to help put down a Shia uprising in Karbala, but the city refused.
ccmep.org /2003_articles/Iraq/120403_samarra.htm   (1049 words)

 Samarra, Iraq
Samarra, about 124 km north of Baghdad, is one of the four Islamic Holy Cities of Iraq, and is considered as the largest ancient city known in the whole World with its majestic ruins which extends about 9 km horizontally and 34 km vertically along the eastern bank of the Tigris.
Despite the short sojourn of the Abbasid Caliphate in Samarra, the city's artistic, literary, and scientific splendors have remained a legend in Arab history.
Samarra was penetrated by a very long axial street called Al-Adham (the Greatest), at the end of which, 22 km away north of the modern city, are the remnants of a large mosque still mostly extant, with its beautiful courtyard and a small 19 m high spiral minaret.
www.atlastours.net /iraq/samarra.html   (765 words)

 USATODAY.com - U.S., Iraqi forces launch offensive in Samarra   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
SAMARRA, Iraq (AP) — U.S. and Iraqi forces battled their way into the heart of Samarra Friday and moved house to house in search of militants in what appeared to be the first major offensive to regain control of areas lost to insurgents before the January elections.
Samarra had been a "no go" zone for the American forces since May. U.S. forces returned briefly on Sept. 9 under a peace deal brokered by tribal leaders under which U.S. forces agreed to provide millions of dollars in reconstruction funds in exchange for an end to attacks on American and Iraqi troops.
During the Samarra push, soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division rescued a kidnapped Turkish construction worker who was being held in the city.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/iraq/2004-09-30-iraq-operations_x.htm   (1332 words)

 Samarra   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Samarra is an ancient town on the east bank of the middle Tigris just north of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad.
Archaeological work at Samarra was started by the French architect Henri Viollet in 1907-1909, which was mainly a survey of the region.
Samarra dated back to 5500-4800 BC and that Samarra showed the first significant irrigation.  The finding of irrigation at Samarra suggests that there was more investment in the land as far as farming for crops.
www.mnsu.edu /emuseum/archaeology/sites/middle_east/samarra.html   (253 words)

 .:Holy Samarra:.
In a gesture of goodwill, Iraqi Sunnis in the northern city of Samarra are working tirelessly to rebuild the Golden Mosque, one of the holiest Shiite shrines which was devastated in an odious explosion last week.
The attack against the mausoleums of Imams al-Hadi and al-Askari of Samarra is aimed to fail the process of democratization and reconstruction in Iraq and to cause inter-confessional violence," he said in a statement.
Samarra is the buried tomb of tow Imams, namely Imam Hadi and his son the twelfth Imam, Imam Askari, the father of Imam Mahdi whose saviour of Islam's future.
holysamarra.blogspot.com   (4126 words)

 Belmont Club   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The objective of the operation was to establish government control after the city council had been disbanded under insurgent threat.
Samarra is a city of 200,000 on the Tigris river about 120 kilometers north-northwest of Baghdad.
This is what American and Iraqi forces are achieving in Samarra; this is what can be done in October that could not be achieved in April, 2004.
belmontclub.blogspot.com /2004/10/appointment-in-samarra-and.html   (959 words)

 The Seattle Times: Nation & World: U.S. says incursion reclaims Samarra
SAMARRA, Iraq —; U.S. military officials yesterday said they had regained control over the insurgent stronghold of Samarra, 60 miles north of Baghdad, recording a big victory in their bid to recapture rebel-held areas in Iraq before the January election.
U.S. and Iraqi officials said Samarra would be the first in a series of military thrusts aimed at quelling resistance in rebel hot spots so that national elections can be conducted safely and with maximum Iraqi participation.
Schantz said the Samarra operation had moved from combat to the reconstruction phase, with 24 projects planned, at a total value of $1.5 million.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/nationworld/2002053340_iraq04.html   (786 words)

 Pre-Historic Samarran Culture in Iraq   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Samarra is an Islamic town of the second half of the first millennium AD on the Tigris River just north of Baghdad as well as the name of a pre-historic culture.....
The finding of the first significant irrigation at Samarra suggests that there was more investment in the land as far as farming for crops.
This type of pottery was first recognized at Samarra but at first was thought to be a southern variant of the Hassunan Culture; it is now associated mainly with the site of Tell Sawwan.
ancientneareast.tripod.com /Samarra_Culture.html   (238 words)

 BBC NEWS | World | Middle East | 'Scores die' in Samarra assault
The assault on Samarra, which lies on the main highway from Baghdad to northern Iraq, began overnight.
Samarra is one of several pockets in Iraq that over the past few months have fallen into the hands of insurgents.
She adds that the attack on Samarra may well be the beginning of a wider offensive.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/world/middle_east/3705890.stm   (596 words)

 Bloomberg.com: U.S.
Samarra is about 80 miles (125 kilometers) north of the Iraqi capital on the Tigris River.
The goal of the raid is to ``clear a suspected insurgent operating area northeast of Samarra,'' the military said.
Samarra's Golden Mosque, a shrine sacred to Shiite Muslims, was destroyed in a Feb. 22 terrorist bombing that prompted reprisals against Sunni Muslims and brought the country to the brink of a civil war.
www.bloomberg.com /apps/news?pid=10000103&sid=a9kTbNxy74a4&refer=us   (786 words)

 DefenseLink News Article: Samarra Citizens Support Iraqi Commando Operations
SAMARRA, Iraq, March 11, 2005 – In the days since Iraqi forces rolled in to sweep out insurgents, citizens here are showing support for the operation by streaming to local checkpoints to personally deliver information to help the mission along.
Citizens also are flooding the telephone lines to the office of Iraqi Gen. Adnan Thabit, security adviser to the Ministry of Interior, to express their gratitude for the show of force and tips on insurgent activity.
Three have been identified as leaders of a terrorist cell in Samarra responsible for the deaths of 11 Iraqi police officers, seven Iraqi soldiers, three interpreters and two contractors, officials said.
www.defenselink.mil /news/newsarticle.aspx?id=31232   (335 words)

 The fight for Samarra: full-spectrum operations in modern warfare Military Review - Find Articles
The 1st ID's victory at Samarra was the first such victory and had a strategic effect, both in Iraq and the United States.
However, victory in the battle for Samarra during the early days of October 2004 marked neither the beginning nor the end of Operation Baton Rouge, which was a full-spectrum operation.
Because of increased insurgent activity in Samarra and the surrounding area, the 4th ID conceived Operation Ivy Blizzard in November 2003.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0PBZ/is_3_85/ai_n13824959   (875 words)

 New Iraqi forces face security test at polls - The Boston Globe
Samarra, where Iraqi police and military units have repeatedly disintegrated under insurgent attack, is a case study of the vicious circle US troops face as they struggle to set up credible Iraqi security forces.
US military officials say the keys to better success are to train soldiers and police for longer periods, to let them train as a group with their officers before putting them in the field, and to have more of them live and fight with their US trainers.
Yesterday a car bomb in Samarra killed an Iraqi soldier and two civilians, wounding four more Iraqi troops, and insurgents forced people out of a school that was to be a polling site and then blew it up.
www.boston.com /news/world/middleeast/articles/2005/01/28/new_iraqi_forces_face_security_test_at_polls   (1554 words)

 1st Infantry Division News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Now, Samarra, a once-thriving holy city of some 200,000 people, is in the early stages of a massive facelift.
While rebuilding the city, the coalition is simultaneously breathing life into Samarra’s sour economy by employing locals to refurbish their own city.
But driving through the heart of the city, which has an open market that stretches several miles, one gets the sense that life is passable and the citizens are working to return to normalcy.
www.1id.army.mil /1ID/News/December/Article_66/Article_66.htm   (584 words)

 1st Infantry Division News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It appeared that the people of Samarra were ready to move on and break away from their previous chains of dependence.
Men from Samarra were hired to clean the streets after Operation Baton Rouge to provide employment and help restore a sense of normalcy to the city.
It was as if the people of Samarra had been swept off their feet by a slumbering economic giant that had suddenly risen from the rubble.
www.1id.army.mil /1ID/News/November/Article_64/Article_64.htm   (1740 words)

 Al Jazeera English - Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
An AFP correspondent in the city said powerful explosions rocked Samarra's northern edge near al-Qadisiya neighbourhood starting at about 7pm (1700 GMT) on Tuesday, and mosques later urged residents to donate blood.
US soldiers at an observation post in northern Samarra said they were attacked at 7.30pm (1530 GMT) with mortar rounds and small arms fire from a house and a mosque.
In further unrest in the north of the country, one policeman was killed and four were wounded when their patrol was targeted by rocket-propelled grenade fire.
english.aljazeera.net /NR/exeres/A436AEE2-F1E3-4F6F-A763-51976CEDC777.htm   (385 words)

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