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Topic: Sammo Hung

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In the News (Mon 15 Jul 19)

  Sammo Hung - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sammo Hung (Chinese: 洪金寶; Hanyu Pinyin: Hóng Jīnbǎo; Cantonese: Hung4 Gam1 Bou2) (born in Hong Kong on January 7, 1952) is a Kung Fu movies actor, producer and director.
Hung had appeared in several children's movies in the 1960s, but it was not until the 1970s that his career began in earnest.
Hung's profile soon began to rise, due to the quality of his choreography and disciplined approach to his work, and caught the eye of celebrated Taiwanese director King Hu.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sammo_Hung   (1023 words)

 Encyclopedia: Sammo Hung   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Hung is known for his distinctive, large frame.
Hung Kam-Bo was born on January 7, 1952 in Hong Kong, where he was raised by his grandparents since both of his parents worked in Hong Kong's blooming movie industry.
Hung was formally accepted into the school and took the name Yuen Chu (all the members took the surname Yuen out of respect -- and fear -- of their sifu).
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Sammo-Hung   (614 words)

 Sammo Hung   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Hung and his wife, Joyce Godenzi, will be at the MFA this Friday for the opening-night screening of his self-directed 1989 romance/adventure Pedicab Driver (which also screens August 23 at 1:30 p.m.).
Hung is limited to a supporting role as a lethal-handed gambler who comes through for his friend Chan.
Hung delivers a compassionate performance as the film explores issues of love, family, and cultural identity.
www.bostonphoenix.com /archive/movies/97/08/14/SAMMO_HUNG.html   (585 words)

 Sammo Hung biography
From an early age, Hung knew he wanted to perform for an audience, so he begged his grandparents to let him enroll in the Peking Opera Academy, which they did in 1960, when Kam-Bo was only eight years old.
As he moved into his teenage years, Hung became the "big brother" of the group, something that irritated his "brothers" to no end, since he was seen by many (especially Jackie Chan) as a bully.
By 1978, Hung had so much clout in HK film (he and his stunt team were regarded as the best in the business) that he was able to form three production companies -- Gar Bo, Boho and Bojon.
www.hkfilm.net /sammo.htm   (783 words)

 Sammo Hung Kam-bo
Sammo would eventually portray his former school master in Painted Faces (1988), a dramatic account of this troubling period in his life where students were pushed to their limits.
Sammo was even selected to face off against Bruce Lee at the introduction to Enter the Dragon, a scene which provided a strong contrast between Lee's wiry frame and Sammo's larger girth, which he has maintained since childhood.
Sammo is probably best remembered for his fun-loving roles in several films from this era that included Enter the Fat Dragon (1978) and Encounter of the Spooky Kind (1981).
www.kungfucinema.com /people/sammo_hung_kam_bo.htm   (1371 words)

 Sammo Hung   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sammo Hung Kam-bo (frequently spelled Samo) was born on January 7, 1952 in Hong Kong.
Sammo's parents both worked in the movies and he was left in the care of his grandparents.
Sammo in my opinion is one of the only kung fu film stars to successfully cross over from playing bad guys, to playing big loveable good guys.
www.journaled.com /MA/KungFu/SHung/main.htm   (593 words)

 My Sammo Hung Fan Page
When Hung barks a command, Chan stops to listen, adding credence to rumors on the set that the action director is the only person who can keep the leading man on his toes.
Hung has slimmed since we last met on the set of Martial Law two years ago, although it isn't clear whether he had lost weight on account of the golf or a strict diet of brown rice and no booze for his diabetes.
Eldest son, Timmy Hung Tin-ming, is a TVB actor; second son, Tin-cheung, is a singer with rhythm and blues band Tension in Taiwan; and his third son, Tin-chiu, who has just finished school, has expressed an interest in the martial-arts business.
www.geocities.com /carrickters/Sammo_interview_page.html   (2098 words)

 [KFCC] The Victim Review
Sammo Hung, who also directed the movie, is not really the main character of the movie but still a very important one.
Sammo's character was the funny guy and Leung played the more serious kung fu master, so they both completed each other very well.
Sammo's physical abilities were fully displayed on screen, lot of long and elaborated fight sequences using hand techniques, flips, throwing and sweeps.
www.kfccinema.com /reviews/kungfu/victim/victim.html   (1126 words)

 Where's Officer Tuba?
This addition to the Hung collection is a fairly generic cops and robbers tale, with a little supernatural thrown in to make it a little different.
Sammo is left holding his hand as he dies and unwillingly promises to avenge his death.
As ever, a Sammo film must have action, and although sparse, we are treated to some quality encounters featuring the likes of Yuen Wah and Hwang Jang Lee amongst the rest of the talented Hung Ga Ban.
www.dragonsdenuk.com /reviews/wheres_officer_tuba.htm   (378 words)

 Screen/Society--Martial Artistry--"Pedicab Driver"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sammo Hung was at the wheel of this truly Hong Kong confection, and he comes through nicely.
Generally considered to be Sammo Hung's finest accomplishment (along with Prodigal Son), and long unavailable on video, this diversly mixed film set in the 1930's features all of Hung's trademarks set within a tightly edited storyline.
Hung, Mok Siu-tung, and Meng Hui star as a trio of lowly pedicab (rickshaw) drivers who must face numerous trials and tribulations in their quests for love and adventure in post-war Macau.
calendar.duke.edu /calendar.nsf/EventID/693SER   (289 words)

 Dragons Forever Review (1988)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Similarly, the sight of loveable Sammo Hung selling guns and, in one scene, captured by the villains and pumped full of drugs, is somewhat at odds with the gentle, silly romantic comedy elsewhere in the film.
Hung’s large frame belies a formidable martial arts ability, and he’s best known for his collaborations with Jackie Chan during the 1980s and more recently for his US TV show Martial Law.
Hung’s acting career began at the age of 12 but it was Enter the Dragon that gave him his first high profile role.
www.thespinningimage.co.uk /cultfilms/displaycultfilm.asp?reviewid=1326   (997 words)

 Sammo Hung in Enter the Dragon   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The scene that is interesting in that film is when Sammo visits the set of a film of a Bruce Lee imitator and criticizes the actor for doing a poor job.
Sammo would go on to be an important star, director and film producer.
Sammo Hung as the Lung, a swine herder
www.libarts.ucok.edu /english/faculty/stein/kungfu/notes/sammo/sammo_dragon.htm   (237 words)

 Millionaires' Express movie DVD
Though it's a bit slow at times, this film is redeemed by lots of tasty fight scenes from an all-star martial arts cast, and some trademark HK zaniness.
Sammo plays a shady businessman who has plans to revive the town of Hanshui, in which he grew up in.
The train is not only the target of Sammo's plans but also a gang of train robbers.
www.chinesetapes.com /movie_chinese/millionaires_express.html   (230 words)

 The Victim DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sammo Hung solidified his comedic Kung Fu character in 1978’s ENTER THE FAT DRAGON, which was one of the earlier attempts to combine comedy and Kung Fu, a controversial combination to be sure.
Sammo performs some perfectionist choreography including a superb bit with a three sectional staff, a sword, and the constant flipping (and acrobatics) of his overweight physique.
Sammo Hung has more than his fair share of critics, but he made a great decision to take himself out of the spotlight, to elevate the rising star of Leung Kar Yan.
www.dvdcult.com /rev_Victim.htm   (1919 words)

 My Sammo Hung Fan Page
Sammo credits his exceptional skills and his love for the performing arts to the Yu JimYuen Peking Opera School where he started training at the age of 9 in acrobatics and dance.
Sammo's weaponry skills are outstanding.Particularly with the sword and spear as is evident in his movie Odd Couple.
Sammo Hung made his feature film debut at the age of 12 and has since worked in numerous martial arts films as an actor, director producer and choreographer collaborating with Bruce lee and Jackie Chan.
www.geocities.com /carrickters/My_Sammo_Page.html   (1088 words)

 DVD Talk > Reviews > Sammo Hung Action Collection
To say that is not an insult; his weight is Sammo's trademark and the key to his long and illustrious career.
Sammo stars as Bold Cheung, a likeable dope self-proclaimed as the most fearless man in the land.
Highlights include Sammo's battle with his own possessed arm (a gimmick that would be reused in countless movies including The Evil Dead) and a completely out of nowhere zinger finale that must rank as the greatest ending to any kung-fu movie ever.
www.dvdtalk.com /reviews/read.php?ID=17861   (1568 words)

 Hong Kong Cinema - Pedicab Driver - Sammo Hung
When one of his fellow riders (Mok Siu Chong) falls in love with a former prostitute the whole family of rickshaw riders come under threat from her former perverted pimp/triad boss and his henchmen.
Sammo ends up waging a one-man war against the triad boss responsible.
Sammo and Kar Leung have been directorial rivals throughout the 1970-80s from different film studios of Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers.
www.hkcinema.co.uk /Reviews/pedicab.html   (555 words)

 cityonfire.com | Millionaire's Express
Shanghai Express seems to be Sammo Hung's excuse to invite every major star in HK cinema to his own personal kegger party.
Sammo Hung brings back a carload of half-bit whores, all of whom are inexplicably clean, although Sammo himself and the car and totally caked with mud and traildust.
Just as Sammo and Yuen start to go at it, he returns, slams the car door shut, slams the condo door open (I didn't think that was possible but he managed), and then STOMPS up the stairs again.
www.cityonfire.com /hkfilms/mn/millionairesexpress.html   (1222 words)

 [No title]
After Chow pulled one of Sammo's films from theatres after just two weeks Sammo realised it was time to move on and formed his own company Bo Ho films.
However, Sammo was still widely regarded as a fight choreographer who could make anyone look their best and made a living directing and choreographing films for the Hong Kong movie elite.
Sammo's big break came the same year when he was offered the oppurtunity to star in the CBS show 'Martial Law' this was also a big success and has been granted another season.
www.barry.fryer1.btinternet.co.uk /actorsprofiles/sammohung.html   (759 words)

 Hong Kong Cinema - Iron Fisted Monk - Sammo Hung
Sammo plays Husker (Chinese hero Miller 6), who was sent to the Shaolin Temple by the Iron Fisted Monk (Chen Sing), after he saved Sammo from a beating by the Manchu's.
The fight between Sammo and his master, Tien, is one of Tien's better offerings and the moving camera especially during pauses in the fighting adds to the excitement.
Sammo also has some great moments with the spear and there is a feast of animal forms, such as Crane, Snake, Tiger and Eagle.
www.hkcinema.co.uk /Reviews/ironfistedmonk.html   (965 words)

 subway cinema | encounter of the spooky kind (1981)
Shaw Brothers had been a veritable soft serve ice cream machine of gloppy worm-eating with a series of sticky, icky horror films in the 70's at the same time that it was dispensing whup ass in large quantities of kung fu films.
Sammo figured that these two tastes would go great together, and that instead of venting his kung fu hissy fits on pig-tailed Ming Dynasty nasties he could resurrect a legion of the undead and start beating them up, too.
Courageous Cheung (Sammo Hung) is a rickshaw puller who's not the most attentive husband.
www.subwaycinema.com /frames/archives/gore2002/spooky.htm   (522 words)

 EASTERN CONDORS - DIGITALLY REMASTERED DVD   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Hung, rendezvous with a group of cute female resistance fighters and team up with a fl marketeer in order to find and destroy the munitions.
No one goes to a Sammo Hung movie for the sparkling repartee, they go for stunts and lots of 'em.
Note to Sammo Hung: it's never a good thing to have a script that can be likened to a filthy insect in need of a swatting.
filmfreakcentral.net /dvdreviews/easterncondors.htm   (657 words)

 cityonfire.com | My Lucky Stars
Sammo's side blade kicks are thrown practically from the ground, they need to be thrown from your knees for the full impact.
Sammo's crescent kicks are sloppy as well and he doesn't extend to the fullest mark that a crescent kick needs to be reached; but its mainly because he can't get his legs around his obese belly that easily.
Sammo really proves he is capable of directing films in all sorts of genres.
www.cityonfire.com /hkfilms/mn/mylucky.html   (2486 words)

 OddCouple   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
The first duel between Sammo and Lau Kar Leung is a sight to behold.
Sammo Hung and Lau Kar-Wing, but manages to keep up with them using the Kwan-Do.
It lacks the energy of the usual Sammo Hung movies, which make them so much fun to watch.
www.hostultra.com /~dpix/reviews/OddCouple.html   (475 words)

 Sammo Hung Pics - Sammo Hung News - Sammo Hung Information
Sammo had always wanted to be an actor since a child.
Sammo has a chance to capture his son but decides to give him the chance to choose the...
Amongst the shows pictured and featured is the Fong Sai-Yuk show and Sammo's Special Unit Flying Dragon which is seen by many as an unoffical follow up to Martial Law.
www.tv.com /sammo-hung/person/51073/summary.html   (264 words)

 Salon Entertainment | Joyce Millman On Television: Fu fighter
The 46-year-old Hung may be a new face to most American viewers, but he's a Hong Kong film industry veteran.
Hung does all his own fu, and, boy, is it impressive.
Rule No. 1: If Sammo is cooking in a kitchen, you can bet those knives and iron skillets are going to be used for more than just the stir fry.
www.salon.com /ent/tv/mill/1998/12/07mill.html   (571 words)

 The Magnificent Butcher (1979)
The film begins modestly enough with Sammo comfortably playing an uncouth lout named Lam Sai-wing or simply 'Butcher Wing,' who happens to be a student of the legendary Hung Gar master and hero, Wong Fei-hung.
Sammo has no trouble stirring up audience indignation towards his villains and it sure makes the struggles of our hero sweeter.
Likewise, Sammo again shows himself to have one of the most measured eyes for action filmmaking by not letting most of the comedy and dramatic bits erode the action.
www.kungfucinema.com /reviews/magnificentbutcher.htm   (1258 words)

 Eastern Condors (1987)
Sammo Hung’s “Dirty Dozen in Vietnam” is a great action movie and one of the standout kung-fu pictures of the eighties.
Sammo Hung plays one of the convicts and Yuen Biao appears as Rat Chieh, a crafty profiteer who aids our boys in the bush.
Sammo Hung) received a Best Actress nomination for her part as a Cambodian patriot.
www.lovehkfilm.com /reviews/eastern_condors.htm   (293 words)

 The DVD Maniacs - Forum - Favorite Sammo Hung Director Film   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Sammo Hung has done some of the best martial arts and action films in Hong Kong cinema, but has always had to do it behind the shadow of Jackie Chan.
He was a mainstay in Sammo's films and always showed his versatility in different types of roles and genres.
Much of the stuff in Sammo's film like the bumbling hero getting mixed up in a world he knows little about, the boxer being taken over by the Monkey King and other animal spirits, and the horror/comedy elements like humorous meetings with ghosts and such were all in Lau's film.
www.dvdmaniacs.net /forums/showthread.php?t=1817   (747 words)

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