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In the News (Fri 24 May 19)

  A Letter from San Francisco - CJR, November/December 1999
Implicit in such analysis, of course, is the subjective conviction that San Francisco newspapers have been off the mark, a poor match for a great city.
San Francisco has long fascinated, titillated and sometimes appalled the rest of the country.
Carl Nolte, sixty-six years old, a native San Franciscan and thirty-eight-year Chronicle veteran, was not in the most chipper of moods: the Chronicle that day was reporting that the paper was for sale.
archives.cjr.org /year/99/6/caen.asp   (2221 words)

 FAQ :: San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The San Diego County Fire Chief’s Association pledged to return to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors with recommendations to improve the County’s firefighting capabilities, as set forth in the Association’s letter to the Board dated November 7, 2003.
The San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association recommends that all jurisdictions in San Diego County which have wildland/urban interface areas, adopt a code to specifically address construction and fuel clearance issues that lead to the loss of structures during wildland fires.
The San Diego County Fire Chiefs Association is not requesting that the County move directly to the ICC Code at this time, but requests that the County move toward the adoption and implementation of the ICC Code at the next code cycle.
www.sdcfca.org /faq.asp   (2545 words)

 Journal of San Diego History
One of the most revealing sources of San Diego's beleaguered existence in the early years of the decade is found in the letters of Augustus S. Ensworth, which are preserved today in the collections of the Whaley House Museum in San Diego.
The second letter is indicative of the kind of economic relationship that existed between Whaley and Ensworth.
As I said to you in my letter, you seem not to have read, you had better hold on to the goods a little until we see what is that.
www.sandiegohistory.org /journal/97winter/soundleg.htm   (3698 words)

 City of San Mateo » Letter to the Editor
The following 'Letter to the Editor' was written by Claire Mack, Mayor for the City of San Mateo, and published in the local paper.
It is with growing anger and frustration that I read comments attributed to Governor Davis and members of his administration regarding the vehicle registration fee issue and the financial condition of California’s cities.
In San Mateo we are cutting our budget by $6 million in response to local revenues being down significantly and our fixed costs for employee retirement increasing dramatically.
www.ci.sanmateo.ca.us /mayor.html   (545 words)

 City of San Mateo » Letter to the Editor
The following 'Letter to the Editor' was written by Arne Croce, City Manager for the City of San Mateo, and published in the local paper.
In the City of San Mateo, this proposal would lead to the take away by the State of $4 million per year, every year.
As a result of the last raid on local government treasuries in the early 1990’s, the City of San Mateo has lost over $25 million in local property tax revenue to the State, revenue which should go to maintain and enhance the quality of life in San Mateo.
www.ci.sanmateo.ca.us /autofees.html   (797 words)

 Letter from San Sebastian by Benjamin Curtis | Travel Reviews from Travel Intelligence
Letter from San Sebastian by Benjamin Curtis
San Sebastian sits proudly against the Atlantic coast, clustered around two horseshoe bays separated by a central headland.
This is San Sebastian's answer to Bilbao's Guggenheim; finished in 1999, it is said to reflect "the romance between the city and the sea".
www.travelintelligence.net /wsd/articles/art_1814.html   (1177 words)

 artnet.com - magazine:Letter from San Antonio
The San Antonio Art Museum is in the midst of a huge expansion that will add 30,000 square feet for the new Rockefeller Center for Latin American art.
The center is to be unveiled in October with an installation of art that spans 3,000 years from 1000 BC to the present.
The San Antonio museum's senior curator and curator of Latin American Art Marion Oettinger is in charge of the installation.
www.artnet.com /magazine_pre2000/reviews/sirmans/sirmans9-8-98.asp   (791 words)

 FOX6 San Diego - Letter of Resignation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Mayor Dick Murphy filed a formal letter of resignation Wednesday with the city clerk -- clearing the way for the San Diego City Council to determine how to replace him when he steps down on July 15.
San Diego faces the daunting problem of solving a nearly $1.4 billion shortfall in its retirement system.
San Diego has been unable to secure audits of its 2003 and 2004 financial statements -- the lack of which has prompted Wall Street to downgrade the city's credit rating to the point it can't borrow money.
www.fox6.com /news/local/story.aspx?content_id=38BB211E-EFBE-4754-890B-09A7E49E76C5   (589 words)

 ACLU San Diego: HATE AND DISCRIMINATION ESSENTIAL TO BOY SCOUT MISSION   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
The letter also criticizes the Chief's current proposal to edit the Task Force's report before it is provided to the City Council and proposes a number of changes to the Task Force.
The letter requests a budget for the Task Force and that members be given a full range of information, including data which reflect negatively on how San Diego compares to other cities on fatal police shootings.
The letter is also critical of the Task Force "Media Responsibility" team which has as one of its responsibilities recommendiing ways to increase positive coverage of the police department.
www.aclusandiego.org /deadly_force.html   (524 words)

 Journal of San Diego History   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
It was one of several letters to his brother, written during a year-long journey from San Antonio to Sacramento.
It is in these cross-hatched letters that are found the details of one of the most remarkable overland journeys made during the "Gold Rush" to California.
The last letter of the series, dated June 21, 1850, in "Sacramento City", relates (as might well have been expected) the swift steps the energetic and sagacious emigrant was taking towards success.
www.sandiegohistory.org /journal/63january/up.htm   (1876 words)

 SNAP letter to San Diego Bishop Brom
The letter was signed by victims of alleged sexual abuse in the church.
The continued insistence on secrecy and legal maneuvering to deny victims their opportunity to seek the truth and justice is an impediment to healing and reconciliation.
It is clear that the children of San Diego were exposed to some less than well-formed men and women as their priests and other religious figures.
www.snapnetwork.org /snap_letters/2005_letters/060805_bishop_brom.htm   (596 words)

 Open Letter to San Diego Mayor Susuan Golding and City Council   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
In its decision, the CPUC rejected most of the terms of the Enova/Pacific Enterprises merger proposal that was endorsed by the City of San Diego.
I write this letter not to tout the fact that UCAN’s representations to the Council were ultimately affirmed by the Public Utilities Commission.
If true, UCAN is reasonably certain that the costs of this new stadium may be improperly borne by San Diego ratepayers.
www.ucan.org /law_policy/energydocs/citylet2.html   (853 words)

 The Body: Rep. Nancy Pelosi Sends Letter to HHS Secretary Requesting Explanation of San Francisco Ryan White Funding ...
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has sent a letter to HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson calling for a "full explanation" of a $4 million reduction in San Francisco's Ryan White CARE Act funding, the San Francisco Chronicle reports (Gordon, San Francisco Chronicle, 3/19).
San Francisco received $29.8 million in funding for its HIV/AIDS programs and services, including physician visits, home-based care, hospice care, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, case management and assistance in obtaining medications for HIV-positive people who have partial or no health insurance (Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report, 3/2).
According to Pelosi's letter, San Francisco "experienced the largest dollar reduction of any [eligible metropolitan area] and the third highest reduction by percentage." She said that the reduction "will have a devastating impact on HIV/AIDS services in the Bay Area" (Pelosi letter, 3/12).
www.thebody.com /kaiser/2004/mar19_04/aids_funding.html   (425 words)

I would certainly be chagrined and sad if I were a family member of hers- to know that she would shun and be ashamed of me if I were to make a bad choice.
I am writing this letter one day after reading her comments due to the fact I could not type because my hands were physically shaking (and still are).
I am a friend to all the McCutcheo's and do not want to be their voice but the reason they have the cross there is to remember Matt not to make him out to be some hero.
www.sanjuanislander.com /letters/county/roads.shtml   (4210 words)

 Open Letter to San Jose Police Officers
But to you San Jose police officers with integrity, those accusations struck right at the heart of the legitimacy and purpose of your job; a job you take very seriously.
After reading those arguments it should becomes obvious that the real threat that both Lt. Herbert and the City is afraid of is that she will be deposed under oath and be forced to talk about her involvement in that illegal 1990 sting.
Dr. and had verified that she actually lived there, I sent a letter to all of her neighbors on that street to notify them of the crimes that she had committed.
www.jwebster.com /police.htm   (1641 words)

 Letter to Nebraska Senators from San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce in favor of Smokefree Legislation
Letter to Nebraska Senators from San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce in favor of Smokefree Legislation
In 1990, San Luis Obispo, California became the first city in the world to ban smoking in all public buildings including bars and restaurants.
I'm sure you are aware that cities and counties from Amherst, MA to Shasta County, CA have adopted smoking bans in public workplaces, bars and restaurants.
www.tobacco.org /News/010129garth.html   (407 words)

 BigSoccer Boards - San Jose letter writing campaign (R)
Don't know if anyone has been reading the San Jose boards but apparently they are yet again unhappy with the ref's in tonight's loss to a better club.
With proper reviewing of all angles of tapes, from the San Jose Earthquakes vs. The Los Angeles Galaxy on 9-14-02, you will notice that the goal Ruiz scored was in fact offsides.
Remember, San Jose fans are known for such hits as...
www.bigsoccer.com /forum/printthread.php?t=13702   (321 words)

 San Diego Golf Charity Golf Events | Charity Events In San Diego   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
All of us here at San Diego Golf Reservations feel it's very important for every business...big or small, to be a concerned, active and contributing partner with the people and communities in which they are located.
Listed below are the San Diego golf events, charities and programs we have chosen to support for the past four years for a variety of reasons.
San Diego Golf Reservations would like to challenge every business to support as many "good causes" as their budgets will allow.
www.sandiegogolf.com /charity-challenge.aspx   (536 words)

 A proposal to encode the Greek Letter San in UCS
A proposal to encode the Greek Letter San in UCS
This document was submitted by the TLG Project to the Unicode Technical Committee proposing the encoding of the archaic Greek letter San in the Unicode Standard Set.
Thesaurus Linguae Graecae Project, "A proposal to encode the Greek Letter San in UCS" (March 10, 2003).
repositories.cdlib.org /tlg/unicode/5   (108 words)

 Open letter to San Francisco - THR
What I don’t like about Codrea’s letter is that it does not distinguish the reason that the two incidents would be similar, and as such actually portrays gun owners in a negative light,.
This would be a better letter if the author had refrained from letting his anti-gay biases intrude.
The first one involves the mayor of San Francisco, who, though sworn to uphold the laws and the constitution of California in his just-taken oath of office, now allows and instructs city government to break those laws.
www.thehighroad.org /showthread.php?t=65622   (2844 words)

 Voice on Peterson case to go silent / S.F. prosecutor to halt TV analysis after D.A. letter
In a letter addressed to her, Brazelton wrote that Hammer's television appearances had gone too far, according to sources who have read the letter, and that he has gone beyond straight analysis and given opinions on the strength of the evidence in the case.
Kimberly Guilfoyle-Newsom, a former San Francisco prosecutor, who also worked on the dog-mauling case, became so popular with her legal analysis of the Peterson case that CNN and Court TV have hired her permanently.
Jim Fox, San Mateo County's district attorney for 21 years, has ordered his prosecutors not to discuss the Peterson case now that it is being tried in Redwood City.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/2004/02/14/MNG3R517C61.DTL   (930 words)

 Letters of a Traveller: Second Series - Questia Online Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
- Letter Iv.: A Watering-Place in the Pyrenees.
- Letter Xx.: A Voyage to the African Coast--Oran.
- Letter Xxv.: A Death at Naples -- Climate of That City.
www.questia.com /PM.qst?a=o&d=9331181   (218 words)

 Salon Newsreal | Letter from San Francisco
She has called anti-Asian crimes "atrocities," and when the San Francisco Examiner noted that her stridency was alienating her fl neighbors, she was unapologetic.
"In San Francisco, we think of ourselves as progressive and we look down on views we disagree with," he says, "but in a conservative district those unpopular views may galvanize neighborhood support for an indigenous leader.
The more citywide politicians try to marginalize those views, the stronger the indigenous leaders may become." The question, says Lee, as the city gears up for the 2000 elections, is how to develop indigenous leaders with a citywide view.
archive.salon.com /news/1998/11/24news2.html   (1190 words)

 The Love Letter
Tell Michael I said hi and I got his letter he sent last week, everything is fine and as soon as I’m on holiday I’ll come down to visit.
Devon put down the letter and was thinking maybe he should go down there and see her, he needed the rest and Michael and K.I.T.T would love to see her too.
Devon made his way to the front seat and saw the letter he quickly pushed it on the ground just it case Michael found out, he might have not let Devon live up to it.
www.geocities.com /agent_knight2000/kr.html   (1873 words)

 Pacific News Service > News > Letter From San Francisco - High-Touch Wins Over High-Tech
This San Francisco is a somber place, one with far fewer lavish parties, and at my favorite haunts, many chairs and tables are empty.
For my sister, Nancy, what San Francisco is facing is not a recession, "it's a downright depression." Until half a year ago, Nancy headed an accounting department at a software company.
Their five-bedroom house has been perceived as a place of refuge not only by their three adult children, but also by all their cousins and aunts and uncles in America.
news.pacificnews.org /news/view_article.html?article_id=70f480830c9c453b53140f69406f1eaf   (922 words)

 Letter to the Editor--WN Sep 2000
Secondly, as confirmed by the San Francisco Planning Commission's January 1999 approval of our plans with a 6 - 1 vote, the Asian Art Museum's project is a sensitive adaptive reuse of the old Main Library.
Also, on May 27 San Francisco Superior Court Judge David Garcia ruled that the plan does comply with local historic preservation laws and state environmental statutes.
We are grateful to the members of the Planning Commission, the Board of Supervisors, the citizens of San Francisco who have supported us throughout our endeavor to create a new museum that will showcase the splendid art and cultural heritage of Asians in San Francisco and around the world.
palimpsest.stanford.edu /waac/wn/wn21/wn21-3/wn21-302.html   (645 words)

 Safe Access Now: Patients Presumed Innocent
Under California state law, SB 420 (HS 11362.7), local cities and counties are empowered to adopt medical marijuana possession and garden guidelines, so long as the per patient.
Safe Access Now (SAN) promotes reasonable guidelines for medical marijuana patients to be presumed in compliance with voter-approved Prop 215 (HS 11362.5), also known as the Compassionate Use Act of 1996.
We have local point persons in various counties who work with community residents to get a SAN Resolution adopted by their City Council or County Board of Supervisors.
www.safeaccessnow.net   (863 words)

 Politics and Policy | Rep. Nancy Pelosi Sends Letter to HHS Secretary Requesting Explanation of San Francisco Ryan ...
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has sent a letter to HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson calling for a "full explanation" of a $4 million reduction in San Francisco's Ryan White CARE Act funding, the
Funding amounts are based on a formula using the estimated number of people living with AIDS in each city, with supplemental grants awarded competitively based on the "demonstration of severe need" and other criteria.
San Francisco received $29.8 million in funding for its HIV/AIDS programs and services, including physician visits, home-based care, hospice care, substance abuse treatment, mental health services, case management and assistance in obtaining medications for HIV-positive people who have partial or no health insurance (
www.kaisernetwork.org /daily_reports/rep_index.cfm?hint=1&dr_id=22769   (275 words)

 Bare-Faced Messiah, FBI Archives -- Re San Diego letter to Bureau, 3/9/55.
From the files of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Justice, Washington, D.C. Re San Diego letter to Bureau, 3/9/55.
Photostatic copy of a letter dated 6/12/54 to the Better Business Bureau, Phoenix, Arizona, on letterhead of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International, Phoenix, by JOHN GALUSHA, Secretary, reveals in parts, "Scientology is described as a science of knowingness.
It is actually a modern approach, using mathematics and physics, to the philosophic subject of episteomology [sic], the goal of Scientology is to bring about greater capabilities in human biengs, such as increases in recognition, memory and reaction time.
www.factnet.org /Books/BareFacedMessiah/fbi237.htm   (947 words)

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