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Topic: San Jose, Costa Rica

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In the News (Mon 22 Jul 19)

  San José, Costa Rica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
San José is the capital and largest city of the nation of Costa Rica.
San José is located in the center of the country at 9°56′N 84°5′W; it is on a mountain plateau at an elevation of about 1,170 meters (3,839 feet) above sea level.
According to the 2000 census, the city had a population of 309,672 people in San José Canton: the latter half of the 20th century was a period of rapid growth for the city, considering that in 1950 its population was a mere 86,900.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/San_Jose,_Costa_Rica   (1120 words)

 San Jose Costa Rica Travel - San Juan Costa Rica - Capital City - Lure - Fact - Info - Nightlife - San Jose Hotel
San Jose in Costa Rica experiences a dry season from mid-November through to mid-May and a wet season during the remaining half of the year.
Costa Rica, is better recognize for the beaches and rainforests, but there are many places to eat, dance, and spend time socializing with other people that are also enjoying the nightlife in San Jose Costa Rica.
Costa Rica fact is that this attraction is designed with the architectural style of Costa Rica’s major towns (Heredia, San Jose, and Cartago) as they appeared in the 19th Century.
www.vacationcity.com /costa-rica/destinations/san-jose   (846 words)

 San Jose, Costa Rica
Nonetheless, the majority of the province of San Jose is blessed by a moderate climate where nothing more than a sweater or lightweight jacket and an umbrella are all the protection from the elements you'll ever need.
History: The province of San José is the most populated of Costa Rica's seven provinces and is the seat of the nation's capital, the city of San José.
The members of the country's coffee elite proposed that a theater be built in San José to correct this situation and agreed to contribute five centavos per exported sack of coffee to finance the construction.
www.angelfire.com /bc/gonebirding/sanjose.html   (2425 words)

 San Jose, Costa Rica
Costa Rica was inaptly named following Columbus's third and last voyage in 1503 on the basis of favorable trade in the precious metal with the indigenous people of the time.
COSTA RICA MARRIOTT: The hacienda style Costa Rica Marriott is situated on a thirty acre coffee plantation between the airport and downtown San Jose.
Couryard by Marriott San Jose is pleased to embrace cultural traditions through its architecture, offering to the guest a unique style in Costa Rica, creating a mixture of high standard and elegance with the warmth and traditional of the city.
www.soldeosa.com /sanjose.htm   (1346 words)

 San Jose, Costa Rica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
San José is the heart of the country, and about 30% of the country’s population lives there or in the nearby suburbs.
San Jose is a good base for spending a couple of days visiting the area, and taking short tours which can include white water rafting, a coffee tour, the butterfly farm and Zoo Ave.
There are of course many San Jose hotels, both in and around the center, and others located nearby but in a more rural setting.
www.costaricadiscovery.com /sanjose.htm   (414 words)

 san jose costa rica hotels san jose
The capital of Costa Rica, San Jose is a city of contrasts.
As the people and the country face the challenges of the next century, San Jose will be at the forefront with a daring and style that says they are willing to try new things and ideas.
San Jose, the city that stretches across Costa Rica's pastoral past and connects it to its technological and economic future.
www.worldheadquarters.com /cr/destinations/san_jose   (601 words)

 San Jose - Costa Rica
Costa Rica's capital is a lively town with colorful markets and pleasant parks.
San Jose's central location enable the visitor to take day trips to nearby Arenal volcano, Sarchi village, Poas volcano, Carara wildlife reserve and go white water rafting in Reventazon river.
San Jose has lively nightlife, including a wide variety of bars and clubs, as well as casinos at the main hotels.
www.skylinetravel.com /html/san_jose.shtml   (757 words)

 San Jose travel guide - Wikitravel
San José [1] is the capital of Costa Rica.
San Jose, the capital, is on a plateau in the Central Valley at 1500 meters elevation.
Costa Rica in general, and San Jose in particular, is a great place to improve your Espanol.
wikitravel.org /en/San_Jose_(Costa_Rica)   (2343 words)

 San Jose Costa Rica
San Jose is the economic, geographical and political center of Costa Rica.
San Jose is a central location with a wide variety of hotels to choose from.
You must be in San Jose the night before this trip and the night after.
www.jdwatersports.com /san_jose.htm   (655 words)

 World Record: San Jose, Costa Rica - Features   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica-I could describe the beautiful white-sand beaches, the breathtaking views of active volcanoes, and the abundant wildlife, but those conventional aspects can be found in your Lonely Planet Guide to Costa Rica.
This problem of incessant poverty exists throughout Costa Rica and the rest of Central America, but is not dealt with by governments because they are too busy masking poorer areas of their country with marvelous images of beaches and wildlife to attract tourists to add money into their economy.
Costa Rica is much closer than other countries in this region to becoming "developed," and it will be very interesting to see in which direction this country heads, especially with the recent controversial presidential elections.
www.bcheights.com /news/2006/03/30/Features/World.Record.San.Jose.Costa.Rica-1765332.shtml   (905 words)

 San Jose Vacations - San Jose Vacation Reviews - San Jose Attractions - Travelersnet
Costa Rican cuisine is tasty rather than spicy-hot and is centered around beef, chicken and fish dishes, with rice, corn or beans and fresh fruit as supplements.
Costa Rica has a reputation for being an oasis of calm among its turbulent neighbors.
San José is home to nearly a third of Costa Rica's population.
www.hotels-travelersnet.com /international-cities/san-jose-costa-rica.htm   (600 words)

 Northwest Airlines Travel to San Jose Costa Rica
Costa Rica's stable government and the Central Valley's climate have, over the years, attracted people from all over the world.
San José will invariably serve as a default hub or transfer point for most visitors to Costa Rica, unless you are flying in and out of Liberia.
San José was a forgotten backwater of the Spanish empire until the first shipments of the local beans made their way to sleepy souls in Europe late in the 19th century.
www.nwa.com /travel/world/frommers/san_jose_costa_rica   (633 words)

 Accommodations San Jose Costa Rica, San Jose hotels, hotel reservation on line
The Melia Cariari is situated in the green Costa Rican Central Valley, adding a touch of serene and relaxed ambiance which combined with the tradition of true hospitality, makes this hotel a true oasis of relaxation.
A nice property within a short distance from San Jose surrounded by beautiful gardens and trails set amid coffee plantations and orchards.
Costa Rica Marriott Hotel, decorated in elegant colonial-style, is surrounded by the colorful landscape of the Central Valley's mountains.
www.costaricatours.net /accommodations/sanjose.html   (306 words)

 San Jose Costa Rica Hotel, Hotels - Alta
The Alta Boutique Hotel is a leader among San Jose Costa Rica hotels offering a wide variety of activities designed to pamper its exclusive clientele.
The hotel, the finest among Costa Rica´s small hotels and resorts, offers its clientele a sublime combination of unsurpassed luxury and the country´s natural splendor.
Wether you are enjoying your honeymoon, attending a wedding or looking for one of the finest hotels near the airport in Costa Rica, the Alta Hotel will surely become your luxurious home away from home.
www.thealtahotel.com   (143 words)

 Costa Rica Flights San Jose Flights Costa Rica Travel Costa Rica National Parks Costa Rica Jungle
In terms of travel, Costa Rica is the gem of Central America.
San Jose, besides being the jumping off point for almost everywhere, is worth at least a few days.
Among the nation’s plethora of parks and reserves are Parque Nacional Santa Rosa, Costa Rica’s oldest, Parque Nacional Volcán Irazú, a favorite excursion from Cartago, and Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio on the coast.
www.exitotravel.com /destinations/costa_rica.htm   (262 words)

 [No title]
She decided to visit a friend in Costa Rica, and on the way there impulsively got off the bus in Dominical.
The first three years, she could spend only a few months at a time in Costa Rica, and progress was excruciatingly slow.
Costa Paradiso’s beach is much safer than Dominical’s, where strong currents put swimmers at risk.
www.infocostarica.com /news/27-november-00.html   (854 words)

 Academic Study Abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica
Known as the Switzerland of Central America, Costa Rica has an abundance of natural beauty and is populated by a friendly, well-educated people.
Costa Rica has obtained the highest standard of living in Central America by embracing democracy and disbanding its army.
With a population of over 1/2 million, San Jose is more similar to North American cities than most Central American cities.
www.amerispan.com /study_abroad/Costa_Rica/San_Jose/3598   (476 words)

 [No title]
The majestic Costa Rica Marriott Hotel rises from this cherished place on a flourishing 30-acre coffee plantation, capturing the elegance of' a 16th century colonial hacienda.
Near the base of the active Arenal Volcano in the north side of Costa Rica, world renowned Tabacon Resort provides you a relaxing and unparalleled experience with its natural hot spring and thermo mineral water pools, its tropical and exuberant surroundings and its famous Iskandria Spa.
One of the most exciting things to do in Costa Rica can be to witness the activity of the country's most infamous volcano from Volcano Lodge Hotel.
www.deltavacations.com /destination.aspx?code=SANJOSE   (1046 words)

 CCIS San José
A small, democratic country in Central America nestled between the Caribbean and the Pacific ocean, Costa Rica is exceptional in that many environments can be visited within a short time.
Costa Rica is one of the few stable, democratic republics in Latin America.
A Costa Rica Colloquium, which includes excursions to museums and other cultural and historical sites as part of the program, is offered as a credit course; this course is not required, but is a helpful introduction to Costa Rica and Central America.
www.ccisabroad.org /Sanjosesemester.html   (499 words)

 San Jose - Costa Rica Flight - Nature Air
Located in the Heart of Costa Rica, on a plateau, at an altitude of 3,000 feet.
It enjoys a permanent spring climate, with an average temperature of 23C, 74F year round; It is surrounded by majestic blue green mountain, reaching to the cloud covered volcanoes of Póas and Irazú.
San Jose is known for its theatre, performing arts and galleries.
www.natureair.com /destinations/sanjose_costa_rica.html   (220 words)

 San Jose Costa Rica
San José, the nation's capital, a congested and bustling city, sits at an elevation of 1150 meters in a wide and fertile central valley.
The city's population is approximately 278,000, and along with the population of surrounding suburbs of close to 885,000, greater San Jose represents 37% of the nation's total population.
San José does offer much to the traveler, whether you stay one night or several.
www.amtvl.com /costarica/sanjose.html   (202 words)

 Costa Rica San Jose Flights San Jose Travel Fly to San Jose Cheap Airfare
San Jose, besides being the jumping off point for almost everywhere (you can get anywhere in Costa Rica in just 9 hours from the capital), is worth at least a few days.
It has a number of good cafes and restaurants and a lively arts scene against the backdrop of the jagged mountain peaks and volcanoes that surround the city.
From the cosmopolitan capital, most travelers choose to experience several of Costa Rica’s magnificent National Parks and reserves and spend time at the appealing mix of resorts and deserted beaches along the country’s Pacific coast.
www.exitotravel.com /destinations/costa_rica_san_jose.htm   (185 words)

 San Jose hotels Costa Rica,accommodations,small luxury hotels,charming hotels,downtown ...
San Jose hotels Costa Rica,accommodations,small luxury hotels,charming hotels,downtown hotels,suites,jacuzzi,restaurant,bar,bed and breakfast, lodging,rafting,white water rafting,riverrafting,river rafting,water sports,adventure,canopy,skywalk,hanging bridge,fishing,surfing,sailing,kayaking,diving,scuba diving,snorkeling,volcano,hiking,adventure tours,horseback riding,biking,mountainbiking,turtles nestling,birds,waterfall tour,tobacco tours,coffee tour,jungle,ecotourism,tropics
Rather than impersonal numbers, every room is lovingly named after a species of flower native to Costa Rica.
Echandi Clinic, PO-Box: 10736-1000 San José, Costa Rica
www.hotelfleurdelys.com   (198 words)

 Costa Rica Travel Information | Lonely Planet Destination Guide
Costa Rica's enlightened approach to conservation has ensured that lush jungles are home to playful monkeys, languid sloths, crocodiles, countless lizards, poison-dart frogs and a mind-boggling assortment of exotic birds, insects and butterflies.
The world record for a musician holding a single note is held by Costa Rican saxophonist Geovanny Escalante of the famed local band Marfíl, which has played in Costa Rica for many years.
In 1998, the then 24-year-old artist held a steady 'A' for 90 minutes and 45 seconds, almost twice as long as the previous record held by the US saxophonist Kenny G. Enquire
www.lonelyplanet.com /worldguide/destinations/central-america/costa-rica   (257 words)

The Republic of Costa Rica, Central America, constitutes this diocese as a suffragan see of the Archdiocese of Guatemala.
It was established in 1850, and its Catholic population in 1910 amounted to 368,000, which is practically the total number of inhabitants in the country.
The cathedral of San José is the largest and handsomest religious edifice in the capital, and is noted for the dignity and elegance of its architecture.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13446a.htm   (201 words)

 Inside Costa Rica - Daily Online News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The bathing spa known as the Balneario de Ojo de Agua, which is one of the "classics" in the history of Costa Rica will go into the hands of the Acueductos y Alcantarillados (A Y A).
The organizers of the Reef Classic Latin Pro Costa Rica, confirmed that the event is going to take place from on November 10 until the 12 at Playa Hermosa, Jacó.
A radar device to detect meteorological events located on San Juan Peak in the Cuban province of Cienfuegos is being modernized to increase significantly its capacity, Granma newspaper reported Friday.
insidecostarica.com   (495 words)

 San Jose Costa Rica   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
San José, which contains a mix of colonial Spanish-style structures and modern architecture, is the site of the University of Costa Rica (1843), which includes the Tropical Studies Organization and the Latin American Demographic Center; the National Library; and the National Archives.
Points of interest include the National Museum, featuring displays of art and natural history materials; a museum with exhibits of religious art and artifacts; an 18th-century cathedral; and the National Theater.
During the 19th century San José developed as a center for coffee production, and it became a major manufacturing city in the mid-20th century.
www.2747.com /2747/world/city/sanjosecostarica.htm   (165 words)

 The Tico Times Online Home Page
A Family Affair: President Oscar Arias, right, and his younger brother Rodrigo Arias, Minister of the Presidency, are working to bring about their vision of a better Costa Rica.
Five lucky readers in Costa Rica and five readers in the United States will win a one-year subscription.
Then all you have to do is fill out the survey and submit it by fax, e-mail, snail mail, or at our office in downtown San José in October (snail mail must be postmarked by October 15).
www.ticotimes.net   (403 words)

Costa Rica Guides offers everything you need for your travels to Costa Rica right here, in just one place.
It would be a pleasure to assist you with your planning for the trip to Costa Rica.
This weekend I went together with Katie and Mary to one of Costa Rica’s main attraction; Tortuguero Tortuguero is a natural park in the north east side of Costa Rica.
www.costaricaguides.com   (322 words)

 San Jose Costa Rica Hotels - Hotel Santo Tomas
Hotel Santo Tomás is located in San Jose’s Historical District, Barrio Amon.
This Colonial San Jose hotel is just four blocks from Plaza de la Cultura and Central Avenue, location of the National Theater and the pre-Columbian indigenous Gold Museum.
We offer one of San José‘s finest Restaurants serving outstanding international and Costa Rican cuisine in an open-air setting.
www.monteverdeinfo.com /costa-rica/hotels/san-jose/hotel-santo-tomas   (247 words)

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