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Topic: Sancho VII of Navarre

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In the News (Thu 27 Jun 19)

Navarre and García Fernández, the son of Fernán González, made an attempt to oppose him, but were defeated at Alcocer.
Sancho Garcia, grandson of Fernán González, took part in the victory of Calatañazor, which put an end to the campaigns of the victorious Moslem hájib (1002).
Navarre had in 1035 separated these two kingdoms; in the twelfth century they were temporarily united by the
www.newadvent.org /cathen/03410b.htm   (3290 words)

Navarre, on the north-east by the Province of
Navarre (Basse-Navarre) belongs to the Department of Basses-Pyrenees, and forms the western part of the Arrondissement of Mauldeon and the Cantons of Hasparren and Labastide-Clairence in the Arrondissement of Bayonne.
Navarre and all opponents of the Holy League were under the ban of the Church, the Navarrese declared for Ferdinand, who took possession of the kingdom on 15 June, 1515.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/10721a.htm   (2099 words)

 The Periphery of Francia: Spain, Britain, Eastern Europe, & Scandinavia
Navarre, which is perhaps known too generally by the French version of its name, was originally a kingdom of the Basques, an apparently autochthonous people whose language has no demonstrable affinities to any other in the world, much less to any in the area.
Also, the text refers to the daughter of Sancho García of Castile who marries Sancho III of Navarre as "Mayor" [p.687], even though the diagram calls her "Elvira" and "Mayor" is elsewhere given in the text as the heiress of Ribagorza [p.690].
Sancho I of León (955-958) thus might be considered Sancho I of Castile instead, especially given the co-numbering of the Kings of León and Castile.
www.friesian.com /perifran.htm   (11464 words)

 Theobald I of Navarre Summary
Although he was opposed to the Albigense war, Thibaut pursued its religious aim, the elimination of a dissident sect; and before leaving for a crusade in Palestine in 1239-1240 he had nearly 200 adherents of that sect burned at the stake.
He was the son of Theobald III of Champagne and Blanca of Navarre, the youngest daughter of Sancho VI of Navarre.
He was succeeded first by his elder son Theobald II of Navarre and then by his younger son Henry I of Navarre, both children of his third marriage.
www.bookrags.com /Theobald_I_of_Navarre   (1026 words)

Some of the christians that escaped from the Arab troops in Zaragoza, founded a group of small chapels that were the origin of the Monastery.
The realm of Navarre is a land of castles.
Its construction began under the reign of Sancho VII and supposedly it was consecrated in 1219.
www.caminosantiago.com /way_of_saint_james/arte_abajo.htm   (784 words)

 Vitoria Gasteiz - Turismo
The name “Nueva Victoria” was given to the city by King Sancho VI of Navarre, who founded Vitoria in 1181.
Vitoria was founded by Sancho VI of Navarre.
Alfonso VIII laid siege to Vitoria in the absence of Sancho VII El Fuerte.
www.vitoria-gasteiz.org /we027/http/html/en/0102.shtml   (365 words)

 Ancestors of Robert C. Bradley: Index
Aquitaine, William VII Guillaume (marriage to Philippa Mathilde Or Toulouse Countess of) (i5679), b.1071-d.1126
Arragon, Sancho V King of (marriage to Felicitas Queen of Arragon) (i4111), b.1067-d.1094
Castile galicia, Alfonso VII, King of (marriage to Rixa Richenza Poland Princess of) (i5840), b.1105-d.1157
www.ancestors-genealogy.com /bradley/nindex.htm   (6426 words)

 MOC - Genealogi
of Theobald K of Navarre, ancestors of the House of Ixar
Ignazio Vincenzo (1781-1844) VII P of Biscari = 1808 Antonia Guttadauro of the P of Emmanuel and Riburdone s.p.
Francesco Maria Giuseppe (1786-1854) VII D of Carcaci, Gentleman of the Bedchamber to K Ferdinando II s.p.
www.mocterranordica.org /genea.html   (5211 words)

 File 1a - From 1095 to 1400AD - Merchants and Bankers Listings   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
The son of this Raymond and Urraca was the famous Alfonso VII of Portugal (1105-1157), Alfonso Henriques, who had three wives: Berengaria/Berenguela Borrell of Barcelona, daughter of a Count of Barcelona; Matilda of Savoy; and Ryska of Poland, daughter of Vladislav II of Poland and Agnes Hohenstaufer.
C11th: Pope Gregory VII does away with clerical marriage in the Roman Church.
In 1137, Marriage of Louis VII and Eleanor of Aquitaine.
www.danbyrnes.com.au /merchants/merchants1a.htm   (14738 words)

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