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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Urban Legends Reference Pages: Coca-Cola Invents Santa
Santa Claus is perhaps the most remarkable of all the figures associated with Christmas.
Although Nast never settled on one size for his Santa figures (they ranged from elf-like to man-sized), his 1881 "Merry Old Santa Claus" drawing is quite close to the modern-day image.
Santa was portrayed as both large and small; he was usually round but sometimes of normal or slight build; and he dressed in furs (like Belsnickle) or cloth suits of red, blue, green, or purple.
www.snopes.com /cokelore/santa.asp   (1311 words)

  Santa Claus Story — History & Sayings of Santa Claus
For the rest of the year Santa Claus is believed to be living on the North Pole along with his wife and his elves where he manufactures toys.
Another tradition concerned with the letters to Santa Claus is that of burning down the letters written to Santa Claus in Britain, as it is believed that with the wind these letters would be automatically transported to the North Pole.
No description of Santa Claus can be complete without the mention of Santa's reindeers, which have been given the names of Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donder, who is also called by the name of Donner as some people find it difficult to pronounce Donder, Blitzen and Rudolph.
www.theydeserveit.com /christmas-traditions/santa-claus.html   (823 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Santa Claus (also known as Father Christmas) is the American and British variant of the European folk myth of Saint Nicholas, explaining the source of Christmas presents given to children on Christmas Day.
Conventionally, Santa Claus is portrayed as a kindly, round bellied, merry bespectacled man in a red suit trimmed with white fur, with a long white beard.
Santa's image was further modernized by the Coca-Cola company, who at the turn of the 20th Century featured the character in a variety of advertising campaigns.
www.wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/s/sa/santa_claus.html   (1176 words)

 Santa Claus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Santa Claus is a variation of a European folk tale based on the historical figure Saint Nicholas, a bishop from Myra that is now present-day Turkey, who gave presents to the poor.
Conventionally, Santa Claus is portrayed as a kindly, round-bellied, merry, bespectacled white man in a red coat trimmed with white fur (perhaps remotely derived from the episcopal vestments of the original Bishop Nicholas), with a long white beard and green or white gloves.
Such a condemnation of Santa Claus is not a twentieth century phenomenon, but originated among some Protestant groups of the 16th century and was prevalent among the Puritans of 17th century England and America who banned the holiday as either pagan or Roman Catholic.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Santa_Claus   (1602 words)

 Santa Claus Facts, Origins, Christmas celebration in different countries, and fun Tidbits
Children often call him "Santa no ojisan," which means "Uncle Santa." (This information comes to you via the courtesy of Mr.
However, readers are encouraged to write with corrections, and to confirm any of the names for Santa found here at client@lnstar.com.
Nowadays the Joulupukki of Finland resembles the American Santa Claus.
www.lone-star.net /mall/main-areas/santafaq.htm   (1379 words)

 Write Santa Claus Christmas Letters
Official Countdown To When Santa Claus Arrives At Your House!
The elves and reindeer have been busy making fun things to do...
But shining through, Santa Claus wishes your Christmas dreams come true !
www.emailsanta.com   (88 words)

 Santa Claus House - North Pole
Perfect for displaying all year long, our most popular afghan features Santa Claus House, the North "pole", and the "Santa's Official Mail" postmark.
Copyright © 2001 - 2007 Santa Claus House - North Pole Alaska.
Santa Claus House, 101 St. Nicholas Drive, North Pole, AK 99705
www.santaclaushouse.com   (111 words)

 Evolution of Santa Claus
The Legend of St. Nicholas and Santa Claus
The legend of Santa Claus can be traced back hundreds of years to a monk named St. Nicholas.
Even after the Protestant Reformation, when the veneration of saints began to be discouraged, St. Nicholas maintained a positive reputation, especially in Holland.
www.history.com /minisite.do?content_type=Minisite_Generic&content_type_id=1276&display_order=3&mini_id=1290   (202 words)

 Santa-Claus.com For A Letter From Santa and Phone Call From Santa
A selection of Greetings from Santa for the whole family.
We are proud to have been serving visitors worldwide with our much acclaimed Letter From Santa and Phone Call from Santa since 1998.
A Santa Claus, Inc and Father Christmas ltd website.
www.santa-claus.com   (94 words)

 YouTube - Santa Claus Twist
Santa Claus ArtPaul Statestreet Madison Guitar Art Paul Schlosser
Santa Claus and 74 million children in the US From: markalanream
Luis Miguel - Santa Claus Llego A La Ciudad (Santa Claus Is Coming To Town)
www.youtube.com /watch?v=zGVJCpdXGpw   (219 words)

 All about Santa Claus (a.k.a. St. Nickolas, Father Christmas, etc.)
Santa distributes some gifts in bulk quantities to orphanages, children's hospitals etc. before Christmas.
Some time is taken to decelerate the sleigh to a stop, for Santa to deliver the presents, for him to return to the sleigh and for the sleigh to accelerate to cruising speed.
Santa Claus does not exist, except as a symbol or a myth.
www.religioustolerance.org /santa2.htm   (1011 words)

 SantaClaus.fi — Christmas Rovaniemi — Santa Claus — Joulupukki
Santa Claus, is not afraid of chilly weather – under his thick, red coat he is snug and very warm, as he commutes from Korvatunturi in Eastern Finnish Lapland to Rovaniemi every day.
In Santa Claus Office within the Arctic Circle it is far from freezing.
The Office is full of excitement with a symphony of different languages, spoken by the thousands of international guests in Rovaniemi to meet with Santa Claus.
www.santaclaus.fi /?deptid=8044   (146 words)

 Santa Claus - The Encyclopedia of Pointless
Somewhere along the way this was corrupted into "Santa Claus", a detail that even today boggles America's greatest linguists.
Santa Claus died in early 1997 due to a Heroin overdose.
Nobody seemed to notice, because by this time the market was flooded with Santa Claus imitators that all looked more like Santa than he himself did.
www.eopoint.com /wiki/index.php/Santa_Claus   (1068 words)

 Claus - Dr. Claus Pahl
Claus will offer her holiday recipes and decorating tips on her home page at MrsClaus.com to help the grown-ups through the Holidays.
Claus Hotel and Event Center consists of the new Courtyard by Marriott hotel and one of the largest eventcenters in the Netherlands, Event Center.
Claus George Willem Otto Frederik Geert von Amsberg was born on September 6, 1926 in Northern Germany.
i-buy-cruises.egoldlife.com /pel/i-buy-cruises-claus.html   (733 words)

 TheStar.com - About Us - Santa Claus Fund
Donate online to the Star's Santa Claus Fund and you will help provide gift boxes to 45,000 needy children.
The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund was established in 1906 by Toronto Star Founder, Joseph E. Atkinson.
Maurice Coulter heard stories about the founder of the Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund many years before the gift boxes arrived to brighten a poignant Christmas Day for her children.
www.thestar.com /aboutUs/santaclausfund   (679 words)

 Santa Claus Services Michigan Santa Claus & Mrs. Claus
Santa Claus Services Michigan Santa Claus and Mrs.
Claus have a heart for children and will consider work for your children’s charity.
Invite the singing Santa Claus to holiday party.
thesantaclaus.net /services.html   (140 words)

 Santa Claus RC Helicopter l Santa Claus Remote Control Helicopter l Santa Claus Mini RC Helicopters l Santa Clause Mini ...
Santa Claus RC Helicopter l Santa Claus Remote Control Helicopter l Santa Claus Mini RC Helicopters l Santa Clause Mini Remote Control Helicopters
Santa Claus has always been in the toy business, but this year more than ever, he know that good toys mean
this year, Santa is coming with his own private Remote Control Helicopter!
www.heli-central.com   (257 words)

 SCARED OF SANTA GALLERY: Tis the season to be scared witless
SCARED OF SANTA GALLERY: Tis the season to be scared witless
A couple of years ago, the Chicago Tribune asked readers to send in their "Scared of Santa" photos.
Those photos are included here, as well as additional photos sent in by SouthFlorida.com, Sun-Sentinel.com and Chicago Tribune readers in subsequent years.
www.southflorida.com /events/sfl-scaredsanta,0,2245506.photogallery   (0 words)

 Santa Claus rally | Topic Definition | Find the Meaning and Define the Answer of Santa Claus rally
Find the Meaning and Define the Answer of Santa Claus rally
A Santa Claus rally is a late-December rise in stock market activity, generally seen over the final week of trading prior to the new year.
The rally is generally attributed to anticipation of the January effect, an injection of additional funds into the market, and to additional trades which must, for accounting reasons, by completed by the end of the year.
www.thefreeencyclopedia.com /definition/word.aspx?w=Santa_Claus_rally   (99 words)

 Christmas Santa Claus Clipart and Pictures - Holiday-Clipart.com
Christmas Santa Claus Clipart and Pictures - Holiday-Clipart.com
It's Christmas again and here you'll find links to some great Christmas clip art and web graphics.
Whether it's Santa Claus, snowmen, Christmas trees, turkeys or more offbeat Christmas subjects - you'll find lots of Christmas clipart and web graphics to use.
www.holiday-clipart.com /christmas/christmas_santa01.html   (94 words)

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