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Topic: Sarah, Duchess of York

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Sarah's Jewelry
The Sarah Ferguson Foundation values and respects cultural diversity and therefore seeks to support charities that provide aid through means that are sensitive to and in keeping with cultural differences and identities.
Founded by the Duchess of York in 1993, Children in Crisis' mission is to assist disadvantaged and forgotten children around the world who are suffering extreme hardship due to war, poverty or illness.
To achieve its mission the Foundation's sole purpose is to allocate contributions derived from The Duchess of York's commercial activities internationally.
www.sarahsjewelry.com /SarahsFoundation.htm   (340 words)

  Sarah, Duchess of York - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sarah, Duchess of York (Sarah Margaret Mountbatten-Windsor, née Ferguson) born 15 October 1959, is the former wife of Prince Andrew, Duke of York.
She is a great-great-granddaughter of the 6th Duke of Buccleuch, a great-granddaughter of the 8th Viscount Powerscourt, a direct descendant of William the Conqueror, and a step-granddaughter of Air Marshal Sir Thomas Elmhirst.
She married The Prince Andrew, Duke of York, on 23 July 1986, and became formally styled "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of York", although, due to her maiden name, Sarah is often referred to simply as "Fergie".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sarah,_Duchess_of_York   (1421 words)

 Duchess of York - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Contrary to popular belief she is not the Duchess of York as that is the title of the wife of the Duke of York.
Duchess of York is a courtesy title held by the wife of the Duke of York since the first Duke of York in 1384.
Sarah Ferguson (1986 1996) Sarah Ferguson was a close friend of Diana, Princess of Wales and was introduced to Prince Andrew at her instigation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Duchess_of_York   (630 words)

 Sarah, Duchess of York
Sarah Margaret Ferguson (nickname-Fergie) was born in London on October 15, 1959.
Sarah as a child was an accomplished horse rider and won a number of trophy's.
Sarah graduated from Queens secretarial college at the age of 18 and went to work in a public relations firm.
www.paralumun.com /sarah.htm   (303 words)

 Duchess Books - Signed, used, new, out-of-print
by Sarah the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess
by Duchess Of York Sarah, Sarah Ferguson, Sarah Mountbatten-Win York
Sarah, the Duchess of York, shares the secrets and tips for healthy living she herself uses to help every woman win the battle of the bulge.
www.alibris.com /search/books/author/Duchess   (1204 words)

 Royalty.nu - Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York
Royalty.nu - Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York
In this surprising autobiography, the Duchess of York reveals herself as a deeply fearful and insecure woman who never thought she was good enough to be a member of the royal family.
Andrews, a former employee of the Duchess of York, was convicted of murdering her boyfriend.
www.royalty.nu /Europe/England/Windsor/Fergie.html   (2061 words)

 HELLO! Profiles
The flame-haired, lively Duchess of York has never had an easy time in the limelight, suffering every kind of jibe from cruel headlines such as 'The Duchess of Pork' to scathing criticism of her financial affairs.
Sarah was born in London in 1959 to parents Major Ronald Ferguson and his wife Susan.
Sarah and Andrew have two children, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, born in 1988 and 1990 respectively.
www.hellomagazine.com /profiles/sarahferguson   (517 words)

 Sarah Ferguson - Duchess of York - Nationwide Speakers Bureau
Sarah Margaret Ferguson was born in London on October 15, 1959.
The Duke and Duchess of York’s separation was announced in March of 1992.
Sarah took another step toward independence in 2002, when she moved with her daughters to a rented house near Sunninghill Park.
www.nationwidespeakers.com /speaker/723/sarah-ferguson/duchess-of-york/35   (897 words)

 The Royalist - Sarah Speaks About Her Royal Return
Sarah, Duchess of York was invited to attend the Order of The Garter service by the Queen following a concerted campaign of reconciliation between the royals and Sarah by the Yorks' eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice.
Sarah made a somewhat unorthodox entrace, appearing at the start of the show walking across screen and waving into the camera as part of a fun section in which the presenters introduced each guest with their own build-up.
Sarah and her publishers will have had her book publication date planned some time in advance so she will have lined up her TV appearance to coincide with that.
www.theroyalist.net /content/view/861/1   (1548 words)

 Newsvine - duchess-of-york
Fergie, Duchess of Pork, grapples with the hulks from Hull
The Duchess of York is facing the wrath of environmentalists over her role in a vast new tourist resort threatening to destroy a fragile stretch of unspoiled Brazilian coastline.
The Duchess of York is facing a £20,000 clean-up bill after nearly burning down her house as she left a scented candle alight in her lavatory.
www.newsvine.com /duchess-of-york   (678 words)

 The Royalist - Sarah Becomes Duchess of Mork
Sarah, Duchess of York was on top form as she joined an array of Hollywood stars and celebrities, including Sharon Stone, Willem Dafoe, Faye Dunaway and Samuel L Jackson, at the 59th International Cannes Film Festival.
Sarah arrives at the event wearing what could be deemed a rather revealing decolletage.
Great photos of Sarah, although the cut of her dress was a little too low for a woman her age.
www.theroyalist.net /content/view/759/2   (403 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Moments: Reflections in Words and Pictures: Books: Sarah, Duchess of York   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This collection of moving and intriguing images from around the world, of her travels and of her family, is the result of her quiet and unassuming observations and experiences.
Accompanied by quotes from some of her favourite writers and with some of her own comments, this volume reveals the Duchess as both an accomplished photographer and acute observer of human nature.
Sarah has captured intimate moments with her family, snatched shots whilst working and of course the favourite holiday photos.
www.amazon.co.uk /Moments-Reflections-Sarah-Duchess-York/dp/1862055734   (387 words)

 Royal Genealogies Part 3
Spent her childhood at Glamis Castle in Scotland; The precise location of her birth in London is unknown; When she married in 1923, she became HRH the Duchess of York; Queen Elizabeth (known as the smiling Queen) is most beloved by all of her countrymen and women.
The rules of title dictate that although her mother is a royal princess, Lady Sarah can inherit neither title nor position from her; she is Lady Sarah because her father is an earl.
The Yorks are building a sixteen bedroom mansion at Sunninghill Park, near Ascot.
ftp.cac.psu.edu /~saw/royal/r03.html   (1796 words)

 Washington Speakers Bureau: Sarah, The Duchess of York
By her own admission Sarah Ferguson is a born people-pleaser, but she nearly lost her own identity during the many years she spent seeking the acceptance and approval of others.
In this speech, the Duchess shares compelling memories of her “unauthentic” life and contrasts them with the life she lives today – which she calls “living in truth.” The Duchess will challenge her audience to take the concept of authenticity and apply it to their own lives.
Many of the Duchess’ personal and career choices in recent years have indeed been risky, but by taking considered risks (often counter to what her “experts” might have advised) the Duchess has opened doors and discovered who she is and what she wants and hopes to accomplish in her life.
www.washingtonspeakers.com /speakers/Speaker.cfm?SpeakerID=2197   (599 words)

 AffirmWare Books: Sarah Mountbatten-Windsor York, (Editor), Sarah The Duchess of York - Reinventing Yourself with the ...
Today, The Duchess of York is a confident, single working mother of two girls.
Throughout, The Duchess offers her insights, including how each chapter topic relates to her life and what she has learned from others.
Reinventing Yourself with The Duchess of York supplies a blueprint for action for anyone seeking to change her life.
www.affirmware.com.au /books_affirmations_21.html   (534 words)

 Sarah, The Duchess of York: My Stor/Sarah, The Duch/CBCB000040   (Site not responding. Last check: )
When Sarah Ferguson first surfaced as the woman Prince Andrew would marry, she was celebrated as a breath of fresh air inside Buckingham Palace.
As Sarah would soon discover, she was a natural person in a world where spontaneity is hidden, a candid person in a setting where truth could be hard to find.
By coming to grips with her long-repressed pain, The Duchess of York has emerged without regrets; all the storms and heartaches have made her the person she is today.
www.bookworm.com.au /cb000040.htm   (181 words)

 Borders to Host Sarah, The Duchess of York, For a Book-signing January 14 in Chicago
The former Duchess, Weight Watchers spokesperson, and author will be at Borders on Friday, January 14 from noon until 1 p.m.
Sarah will be signing copies of her new book, "Win the Weight Game: Successful Strategies for Living Well" -- where Sarah and sixteen other Weight Watchers members share their remarkable success stories.
WHO: Sarah, Duchess of York, Weight Watchers spokesperson, and author WHEN: Friday, January 14, noon WHERE: Borders Books and Music, 830 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago PLEASE NOTE: Sarah will only be signing copies of her new book, "Win the Weight Game" on a first-come, first-served basis.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=104&STORY=/www/story/01-06-2000/0001109536&EDATE=   (188 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
With style, with grace, the duchess of York has survived scandals and divorce, beaten a weight problem, climbed back out of bankruptcy.
Sarah Ferguson, the duchess of York, for the hour, with your phone calls, is next on LARRY KING LIVE.
Sarah, this is a pleasure speaking to you, for one.
transcripts.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0310/21/lkl.00.html   (7437 words)

 Amazon.com: My Story: Books: Sarah The Duchess of York Ferguson   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I think that red headed exuberant Sarah caught our attention twenty years ago when we watched her walk down the aisle with her prince and we all thought it was sort of neat that a real person was in this situation.
I think that this is a lady who is VERY media savvy and knows how to market herself but there is still something rather refreshing at her forays into writing, her ability to fly a plane and her trek across the deserts of Quatar on horseback.
She may have been a little naive about the demands of her position, but royalty would be an alien condition to most people who are not born into it.
www.amazon.com /Story-Sarah-Duchess-York-Ferguson/dp/0671004395   (2027 words)

 The Duchess of York's royal return
Sarah, the Duchess of York in Hong Kong, China, Sunday, 20 November 2005.
In August of 1992, photographs were published showing the Duchess in a compromising position with her American financial adviser.
While the Duke and Duchess have remained close friends since the break up, the Duchess has been continually excluded by senior members of the family from participating in royal functions or events.
people.monstersandcritics.com /royalwatch/article_1172747.php/The_Duchess_of_Yorks_royal_return   (612 words)

 Sarah, Duchess of York: The Opera Glove Gallery, Part 2
The former Sarah Ferguson, more familarly known as "Fergie", became Duchess of York in 1986 when she married Prince Andrew.
Although they were divorced in 1994, they remained quite close and in fact are now living as a couple again with their two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, and reportedly wish to remarry in the face of opposition from other members of the Royal Family.
The Duchess of York has quite a fondness for opera gloves, as can be seen from the pictures in this gallery; she reportedly gave a pair of them right off her own hands last year to a well-wisher who admired them as she was leaving a formal event!
www.operagloves.com /Royals/Fergie/sarah2.html   (205 words)

 ‘Dining with the Duchess’ - Today: Food - MSNBC.com
Recipes from “Dining with the Duchess” by Sarah, the Duchess of York and Weight Watchers (Simon and Schuster, Hardcover, $25.00, 1998)
Sarah, the Duchess of York, makes everyday meals a special (and healthy) occasion with her new cookbook, “Dining with the Duchess.”
Be sure to sprinkle the chicken with the sesame seeds instead of dredging it in them; otherwise you’ll use more sesame seeds than you really need.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/9123557   (499 words)

 Northpinellas: Duchess of York will drop in on city mall
Best known in the United States for her Weight Watchers commercials, turbulent relationship with British Prince Andrew and jet-setting world travels, Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, will visit the former Countryside Mall in Clearwater on Thursday.
The duchess will begin her speech at 9:30 a.m.
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, will speak about Westfield Shoppingtown's charity, Westfield Works Wonders, Thursday at Countryside Shoppingtown at 2601 U.S. She will address shoppers at 9:30 a.m.
www.sptimes.com /2002/09/24/NorthPinellas/Duchess_of_York_will_.shtml   (394 words)

 11/03/2005 - Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, Named Global Ambassador to McDonald's World Children's Day Campaign
Oak Brook, Ill. (November 3, 2005) — Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, has been named a global ambassador for World Children’s Day at McDonald’s, a program which raises funds and awareness for Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC®) and other children’s organizations.
In her capacity as a Global Ambassador for World children’s Day, The Duchess of York will travel to Poland, Mexico, Hong Kong and the United States to actively support and promote World Children’s Day fundraising efforts in those markets.
As someone who is universally recognized as a good mother and having immense empathy with children, I am confident The Duchess will help us have an even greater impact during World Children’s Day activities and celebrations,” said Ken Barun, President and CEO, RMHC.
www.mcdonalds.com /corp/news/corppr/2005/CPR11032005.html   (500 words)

 AbsoluteNow: Sarah Ferguson photos - SARAH FERGUSON DUCHESS OF YORK at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
AbsoluteNow: Sarah Ferguson photos - SARAH FERGUSON DUCHESS OF YORK at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA.
11DEC96: SARAH FERGUSON, the DUCHESS of YORK, at booksigning in Pasadena, California.
SARAH FERGUSON DUCHESS OF YORK at the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Beverly Hills, CA.
www.absolutenow.com /new/fergus~15.html   (449 words)

 The Quill Awards | Press Information
Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, and Rocco DiSpirito presented the Quill Award in the Children’s Chapter/Middle Grade category to Brian Selznick for his book The Invention of Hugo Cabret, published by Scholastic Press.
In recognition of her important work with the Kennedy Library Foundation and her commitment to providing support for education and literacy in New York, Caroline Kennedy was given the 2006 Platinum Quill, presented by Gerry Byrne, Chairman of The Quill Awards.
NEW YORK, NY, September 29, 2006 – Today, Reed Business Information (RBI) and the NBC Universal Television Stations announced that the recipient of the Quill Award’s Variety Blockbuster Book to Film Award, given for the first time this year, is “The Devil Wears Prada,” directed by David Frankel.
www.thequills.org /press.html   (7045 words)

 Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York - anagrams
Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of York - anagrams
Find anagram aliases of sarah ferguson, the duchess of york (or any other text)!
Find gold service anagrams of sarah ferguson, the duchess of york (or any other text)!
www.anagramgenius.com /archive/sarah.html   (145 words)

 Sarah Ferguson (I)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Duchess of York / HRH The Duchess of York / Sarah Duchess of York
The Wonderful World of Whiteley (2005) (TV) (as Sarah Duchess of York)....
The Grand Knockout Tournament (1987) (TV) (as HRH The Duchess of York)....
imdb.com /name/nm0272601/?fr=c2l0ZT1kZnxteD0yMHxsbT01MDB8ZmI9dXxwbj0wfHE9ZHVjaGVzc3xodG1sPTF8bm09b24_;fc=2;ft=20;fm=1   (164 words)

 TV ACRES: Aircraft - Helicopters - Budgie the Litle Helicopter (Sarah Ferguson/Duchess of York)
They all interact with Harefield Airfield's resident mechanics, Mike and Ken. The series debuted in England and later premiered in America in 1995 on The Fox Network's weekday preschool program, FOX CUBHOUSE as a component series of MAGIC ADVENTURES OF MUMFIE.
The program is based on four children's books written by HRH Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York.
Sarah Ferguson got the idea for her successful children's character while training as a Royal Navy Pilot.
www.tvacres.com /helicopters_budgie.htm   (191 words)

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