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Topic: Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan

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In the News (Thu 24 May 18)

  Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan (1885?-1953) was a political figure in Afghanistan.
He was the uncle of Mohammad Zahir Shah and the elder brother of Sardar Shah Mahmud Khan.
Hashim put into effect the policies already orchestrated by his brothers.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Sardar_Mohammad_Hashim_Khan   (172 words)

 Afghanan Dot Net
Sardar Mohammad Sulaiman Khan, who was a soldier in the mounted unit of the British army, received the position of military attaché; Sardar Fatih Mohammad Khan Zikria became the magistrate and Sardar Mohammad Aziz Khan was appointed as cultural attaché.
Sardar Mohammad Nadir Khan who was in the British artillery was awarded the position of Brigadier at the royal guard.
Since Amanullah Khan was looking for a symbol for the remembrance of the independence war therefore, he made the mistake and instructed to build a monument in which the name of the mentioned personalities, instead of the names of the martyrs who bravely lost their lives for their land, was inscribed.
www.afghanan.net /afghanistan/saqaw.htm   (19134 words)

 Gorbat Online
Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan (1909-1978), cousin and brother-in-law of King Zahir, president of the Republic from 17 Jul 1973 to 27 Apr 1978; previously, royal Prime Minister from 7 Sep 1953 to 10 Mar 1963; overthrown and assassinated in the coup ("Saur Revolution") staged by the military and the Communist Party on 27 Apr 1978.
Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal (1919-1973), royal Prime Minister from 2 Nov 1965 to 11 Oct 1967.
Mullah Mohammad Rabbani Akhund (1956/1957-2001), reportedly the late second-ranking person of the Taliban movement as deputy head of the Supreme Council (or Shura) installed in Kandahar in 1994 and since 26 Sep 1996 head of the Shura installed in Kabul, which acted as a Provisional Government.
www.gorbat.org /plead/faceson.html   (873 words)

 [No title]
Sardar Ahmad Shah Khan Asifi received the military position of Sir Mir Espor, and Sardar Shah Mahmud Khan was appointed military chief of Parwanaha.
Nadir, who was in charge of the running of the plan against Amanullah Khan, because of the dismissing of his brother got angry and pretended that he was sick, and resigned.
In particularly, after the visit of Amanullah Khan to Moscow and the warm and sincere welcome he received, and the agreement on air transportation between Tashkent and Kabul caused the British authorities to engineer the fall of Amanullah Khan, planned originally for a year later in time.
www.geocities.com /afghanistanbooks/reshtia.html   (12250 words)

 Political Leaders: Afghanistan
Mohammad Zahir Shah (1914-), King from 8 Nov 1933 to 17 Jul 1973; overthrown by former PM Daud (his cousing and brother-in-law, see below); exiled in Rome.
Mohammad Najibullah (1947-1996), President of the Republic from 30 Sep 1987 to 16 Apr 1992; from 4 May 1986 general secretary of the HDKA, since Jun 1990 called HW; forced to resign on the advance of the mujaheddin over Kabul; captured and executed by the Taliban on 27 Sep 1996.
Mohammad Daud (?-), Tajik commander of the JIA party and of the anti-taliban UINFSA or Northern Alliance.
www.terra.es /personal2/monolith/afghanst.htm   (1206 words)

 Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan (1885?-1953) was a political figure (political figure: more facts about this subject) in Afghanistan (Afghanistan: A mountainous landlocked country in central Asia; bordered by Iran to the west and Russia to the north and Pakistan to the east and south).
He was the uncle of Mohammad Zahir Shah (Mohammad Zahir Shah: mohammed zahir shah (born october 16, 1914) was the last king of afghanistan...
He governed Afghanistan as royal Prime Minister (Prime Minister: The person who holds the position of head of state in England) from November 14 1929 until May 1946.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /reference/sardar_mohammad_hashim_khan   (117 words)

 Countries Ab-Am
Sardar Ali Ahmad Khan (s.a.) (in rebellion, at Kandahar) 1929 - 17 Oct 1929 Mohammad Nadir Khan (b.
1959) 7 Sep 1953 - 10 Mar 1963 Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan (s.a.) 10 Mar 1963 - 2 Nov 1965 Mohammad Yusuf (b.
As indicated by the country's 1997 name change, the de facto leader during the Taliban rule (27 Sep 1996 - 13 Nov 2001) was Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar (b.
www.rulers.org /rula1.html   (4033 words)

 Afghanland.com Afghanistan Leaders Kings Presidents
Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan 14 Nov 1929 - May 1946
Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan 7 Sep 1953 - 10 Mar 1963
Mohammad Hashim Maiwandwal 2 Nov 1965 - 11 Oct 1967
www.afghanland.com /history/leaders/leaders.html   (256 words)

 Senate nomination papers’ scrutiny begins -DAWN - National; February 15, 2006
Secretary of the Election Commission Kanwar Mohammad Dilshad said that the scrutiny of nomination papers for a technocrat and a general seat from the federal capital accepted the nomination papers.
The Provincial Election Commissioner, Sono Khan Baloch, who was appointed as returning officer for senate election in Balochistan, scrutinized the nomination papers and rejected eight nomination papers on various grounds.
Candidates, whose nomination papers were rejected, include Mohammad Akram Wali and Mohammad Yousuf (independent) on general seats, Arab Mohammad Hashim, Dr Sardar Mohammad Hussain (independent), Maulvi Qamarud Din, Maulvi Allah Dad Kahirkhwah (MMA) and Sajid Tareen (BNP-M) on technocrats and Mrs Samina Raziq (independent) on women’s seats.
www.dawn.com /2006/02/15/nat1.htm   (575 words)

 Afghanland.com Afghanistan Ustad Gholam Hussain Sarahang
Gholam Hussain was among the group that traveled to Kabul when Amir Sher Ali Khan, the king of Afghanistan invited the circus to perform at the wedding of prince Shah Mahmood Khan in Kabul.
Their plans to return to Peshawar were postponed for the wedding of Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan and other high profiled royals.
Singing to the queen behind a curtain that divided the women from the men, Gholam Hussain was dubbed the court singer of Queen Sarwar Sultan, the wife of King Habibullah and Mother of King Amanullah.
www.afghanland.com /entertainment/music/gholam.html   (551 words)

 Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan (1910-78)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Except for the constitutional decade—when, as a prince, he was constitutionally barred from conducting politics—he was involved in the government from an early age, often exerting virtually unrestricted authority.
An ambitious person, Daoud was first cousin and brother-in-law of the former King Zahir as well as the eldest son of Mohammad Aziz, the eldest brother of the ruling Musahiban family (the late king Mohammad Nadir, the late premiers Mohammad Hashim and Shah Mahmud, and the late ambassador Shah Wali).
Daoud held a number of high military posts before he ruled as prime minister for a decade (1953-63), when he introduced reforms and established closer ties with Russia.
www.realafghan.com /biography/daud.htm   (225 words)

 Former minister convicted -DAWN - National; July 9, 2005
QUETTA, July 8: An accountability court on Friday convicted former Balochistan education minister Sardar Nasir Ali Hazara and three ex-officials of the department in a corruption reference.
Quetta Accountability Court Judge Mohammad Naeem Kakar sentenced Mr Hazara to seven-year imprisonment and a fine of Rs15.7 million when the prosecution proved the charge that illegal appointments in the education department caused loss to the national exchequer.
Three former directors of the department were also sentenced —- Raja Nasir Ahmed to five-year imprisonment and Rs8.4 million fine, Mirza Noor Ahmed to five-year imprisonment and Rs7.1 million fine and Mohammad Hashim Khan to one-year imprisonment and Rs250,000 fine.
www.dawn.com /2005/07/09/nat23.htm   (188 words)

 :::► Dictionary of Meaning www.mauspfeil.net ◄:::
The Japanese had some contact with Islamic leaders in Southeast Asia and Middle East areas, such as British Malaya, Dutch Indies, Afghanistan or Sinkiang, before and during the war.
Among these leaders were the Sultan of Johore, Afghan Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan, and Uiguir leader Ma Chung-ying.
They coordinated some actions with Japanese agents, but these contacts did not result in significant action during the war.
www.mauspfeil.net /Axis_Powers.html   (4108 words)

 The world's top sardar mohammad hashim khan websites
The world's top sardar mohammad hashim khan websites
Sardar Mohammad Hashim Khan was a political figure in Afghanistan.
Born 1885, he was the uncle of Mohammad Zahir Shah and the elder brother of Sardar Shah Mahmud Khan.
www.websbiggest.com /wiki-article-tab.cfm/sardar_mohammad_hashim_khan   (123 words)

Mar 1842 - 1 Jun 1851 Yar Mohammad Khan
Mar 1880 - 2 Oct 1881 Mohammad Ayyub Khan (b.
May 1946 - 7 Sep 1953 Sardar Shah Mahmud Khan (b.
www.worldstatesmen.org /Afghanistan.htm   (1911 words)

 Ustad Gholam Hussain
Gholam Hussain was among the group that traveled to Kabul when
, the king of Afghanistan invited the circus to perform at the wedding of prince Shah Mahmood Khan in Kabul.
Hussain married in 1923 and was blessed with 3 daughters and 2 sons including Ustad Mohammad Hussain Sarahang (1924) and Khadam Hussain who lived until his death in Peshawar.
watanonline1.8m.com /ustad_gholam.html   (556 words)

 Amanulla Khan: Betrayal of Nadir Khan   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Now, we see the government’s celebration of the 6
of Jauza which corresponded with the departure day of Amanullah Khan was not an accidental matter or without an historical reason.
According to the declassified documents of the British government, Hashim went to the British Consulate in Nice on December 10
www.afghana.com /SocietyAndCulture/amanula.htm   (16105 words)

 Afghan Geography
Suffrage: undetermined; previously males 15-50 years of age, universal
Taliban Islamic movment (Religious Students Movement), Mulla Mohammad OMAR Mujahid
Hizbi Wahdat-Akbari faction (Islamic Unity Party), Mohammad Akbar AKBARI
lemar45.tripod.com /Afghans.com/id15.html   (1758 words)

Khan Khalil Sultan, Pir Muhammad and Shah Rukh
Mirza Mohammad Nabi (I) Sirdar Mohammad Amir Khan
Sirdar `Abd al-Qudduz Khan (I) Sirdar Nasr Ullah Khan
tosic.interfree.it /Asia/Afghanistan.htm   (59 words)

 islam and nonviolence
Proceedings of the Symposium held at The American University, February 6—7, 1998.
"The Crisis of Muslim Thought and the Future of the Ummah." in Zia Sardar, ed., The Early Crescent: The Future of Knowledge and the Environment in Islam.
A Man to Match his Mountains: Badshah Khan, Nonviolent Soldier of Islam.
www.nonviolenceinternational.net /islambib_001.htm   (11910 words)

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