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The Saros cycle is an eclipse cycle with a period of about 18 years 11 days 8 hours (approximately 6585⅓ days) that can be used to predict eclipses of the Sun and Moon.
The name "saros" was first given to the eclipse cycle by Edmund Halley in 1691, who took it from the Suda, a Byzantine lexicon of the 11th century.
For solar eclipses the statistics for the complete Saros series within the era between 2000 BCE and 3000 CE are as follows.[1] [2] The series last between about 1226 to 1550 years, which corresponds to 69 to 87 eclipses; most series have 71 or 72 eclipses.
webraindor.info /wiki/saros   (1064 words)

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A Saros cycle is an eclipse cycle of 223 synodic months (period from one new moon to the next), or approximately 242 draconic months (the period of the Moon to return to the ascending node of its orbit, i.e.
Thus an eclipse (which happens when a conjunction or opposition of the Sun and Moon occurs in one of the nodes, that is, crossing the plane of the orbit) occurs again one Saros later.
The name "Saros" was first given to the eclipse cycle by Edmund Halley in 1691, who took it from a lexicon by the Byzantine scholar Suidas from the 11th century.
wikiwhat.com /encyclopedia/s/sa/saros.html   (410 words)

 Saros cycle: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The saros was discovered by ancient astronomers and was very useful to them since the calculations involved are simple.
The only problem is that the next eclipse of the same Saros cycle occurs about 8 hours later in the day.
In the case of an eclipse of the Sun this means the region of visibility shifts west one third of the way around the world and most places which saw the first eclipse do not see any of the second one.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/sa/saros_cycle.htm   (1510 words)

 Astronomy Answers: Eclipses and the Saros
If the saros number of the lunar eclipse is between 109 and 112 (inclusive), then there are additional non-total lunar eclipses 1 and 6 Full Moons later, with saros numbers that are 38 greater and 5 greater, respectively.
For solar eclipses there are saros numbers, just like for lunar eclipses, but a solar eclipse with a certain saros number is not related to a lunar eclipse with the same saros number.
If the saros number of the solar eclipse is 117 or 118, then there is another (likely partial) solar eclipse 1 and 6 New Moons later, with saros numbers that are 38 greater and 5 greater, respectively.
www.astro.uu.nl /~strous/AA/en/saros.html   (2360 words)

 NASA - Eclipses and the Saros
Because the saros period is not equal to a whole number of days, its biggest drawback is that subsequent eclipses are visible from different parts of the globe.
In the case of Saros 145, the peak occurs with the eclipse of 2342 Mar 08 (gamma=0.008).
The saros cycle for lunar eclipses operates analogously with the solar eclipse saros.
sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov /eclipse/LEsaros/LEsaros.html   (1156 words)

 The Saros Interval
The term is known as the "Saros" and refers to an interval of 223 lunar months after which the earth, sun and moon return – almost exactly – to their same relative positions.
After three saros cycles – 54 years 34 days – the eclipse would be back to its original longitude, but it would have shifted, on the average, about 6 miles (1,000 km) northward or southward, taking totality and even major partiality out of view for the original observer.
A saros period truly does predict with accuracy that a solar eclipse will happen, but it would have been extremely hard for an ancient astronomer to confirm that the predicted eclipse had taken place and thus difficult for the astronomer or those he served to retain confidence in his solar eclipse predictions.
users.bigpond.net.au /bkolberg/studies/saros.html   (4992 words)

 On the Saros
For instance, the annular eclipse of February 1999 belongs to Saros series 140, whilst the total eclipse of August 1999 belongs to series 145.
The eclipses within any Saros series are not identical: the area they cover gradually migrates, each eclipse being centred slightly to the north or south of its predecessor.
This gives a saros series a fixed life span, beginning as a minor eclipse near one of the poles, evolving cycle by cycle into a major eclipse spanning the equatorial regions, and eventually ending as another minor eclipse at the opposite pole.
www.inconstantmoon.com /cyc_ecl3.htm   (575 words)

 Saros-Inex Panorama of Solar Eclipses
He arranged 8000 solar eclipses in a soros-inex panorama, grouping the eclipses column by column according to saros intervals, and line by line according to inex intervals.
In fact, each saros series lasts 12 to 15 centuries, and produces 69 to 86 eclipses, separated by one saros period (6585.32 days).
Inex series have a longer lifetime than saros series, because the shift of the moon with respect to the node of its orbit is much smaller for the inex (0.040° per cycle) than for the saros (0.478° per cycle), and the inex period (29 years) is longer than the saros (18 years).
www.jgiesen.de /saros/panorama.html   (599 words)

 NASA TP 1999-209484: Saros History
The periodicity and recurrence of solar (and lunar) eclipses is governed by the Saros cycle, a period of approximately 6,585.3 days (18 years 11 days 8 hours).
Thus, the Saros is useful for organizing eclipses into families or series.
The total eclipse of 2001 June 21 is the fifty-seventh member of Saros series 127, as defined by van den Bergh [1955].
umbra.nascom.nasa.gov /eclipse/010621/text/saros-history.html   (535 words)

 NASA RP 1344: Saros History
The total eclipse of 1995 October 24 is the twenty-second member of Saros series 143, as defined by van den Bergh [1955].
One saros period later, the umbra's path crossed through Spain during the well observed eclipse of 1905 Aug 30.
The next event of 2013 Nov 3 is a hybrid eclipse since it is total along most of its path but becomes annular near the sunrise and sunset portions of the track.
umbra.nascom.nasa.gov /eclipse/951024/text/saros-history.html   (639 words)

 A refreshing break in Saros - Turkish Daily News Aug 09, 2007
Saros Gulf is one of the popular summer resorts due to both its closeness to Istanbul and its sea that is conducive for fishing and diving.
Saros gulf, 75 kilometers long and 35 kilometers wide, offers various alternatives to scuba divers who have limited time.
Saros Gulf is one of the best places in the region for fishing, as the shipwrecks have become attractive places for fishes.
www.turkishdailynews.com.tr /article.php?enewsid=80389   (853 words)

 The Saros Group
The Saros Group Pty Ltd will be displaying it's range of Environmental related products and services at the Mining2003 conference to be held at the Carlton Crest Hotel in Brisbane, 27-30th October, 2003.
The Saros Group Pty Ltd is a Brisbane based niche services company providing environmental compliance and monitoring services for vibration and air-overpressure in the construction and quarrying industries.
"The Saros Group has been successful in making its mark as a niche player in the petroleum consulting industry, and is currently building it's reputation as a niche player for asset intensive industries in the areas of business strategy and specialised environmental services," said Dr Theologou.
www.saros.com.au /about/news.html   (1090 words)

 Saros :: Company
As to lighting equipment, “Saros” is either producer and wholesaler.
If ordinary “Saros” production assortment is not right for you, we can contrive and manufacture an article espeshially for you.
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 Solar Eclipse Saros Series 134 and Lunar Eclipse Saros Series 146
The connections are known as families or astronomically referred to as saros.
This Lunar Eclipse cycle is Saros 146 and it is relatively new.
When the two Saros are tied together for this year, we will feel the significance of relationships and self as defined within the relationship.
www.lunarliving.org /solar_saros134_lunar_saros146.shtml   (1204 words)

 SAROS Home Page
Saros is a network of individuals with a common approach to the work, and a common philosophy that we continue to develop and use.
Organizations by their nature tend to become fixed and inflexible, but the very aim of Saros is contrary to this, so we are always looking to individual experience rather than doctrine, always seeking knowledge rather than formulations.
In this way, the members of Saros can all work in different ways and yet contribute to the greater whole.
www.saros.zynet.co.uk /Welcome.html   (103 words)

 Cycles Research Institute - Saros Cycle
Every saros series begins with a number of partial eclipses near the north or south polar regions.
Even numbered Saros series occur at the descending node2 of the Moon's orbit and start with a partial eclipse at high southern latitudes.
For Saros series 117 through 156 (those series currently in progress), links are provided which local circumstances at greatest eclipse for all eclipses in each series.
www.cyclesresearchinstitute.org /lunar/saros.html   (1071 words)

 Eclipse frequency and recurrance: The Saros cycles
Because the Saros does not contain an integral number of days, its biggest drawback is that subsequent eclipses are visible from different parts of the globe.
A Saros series doesn't last indefinitely because the various periods are not perfectly commensurate with one another.
If a Saros series begins near the ascending node, the first eclipse will be partial from the northern polar region and the previous sequence of events is reversed.
www.strickling.net /saros.htm   (1375 words)

 Saros Philosophy
In Saros, we think it is an approach to understanding our world and ourselves.
The basis of Saros Philosophy is that underlying all the complexities of life there is a fundamental simplicity.
The value of this model is that, like a map, it gives us an idea of the terrain that lies beyond our normal range of experience, and helps us to recognize it when we get there.
www.saros.zynet.co.uk /philos.html   (309 words)

 the saros or saros period
The length of one cycle of solar and lunar eclipses, at the end of which the pattern of eclipses recurs, except that the area on Earth from which an eclipse is visible will be about 120 degrees of terrestrial longitude to the west of the area where it was last observed.
One saros period is the amount of time required for the motions of the Earth and moon to carry the centers of the sun and moon back to almost exactly the same relative position.
The saros period is 6,585.32 days or 18 years 11.33 days, or 233 lunations.
www.sizes.com /time/period_saros.htm   (130 words)

 The Coyote Oak Journal - Solar Eclipses, Saros Cycles and Chumash Rock Art
This period is called the Saros cycle, and the sequence is referred to as a Saros.
A Saros is typically comprised of 70 to 80 eclipses.
The Saros starts at one pole, and then over a period of about 12 to 14 centuries the eclipse paths of the sequence shift toward the opposite pole, where the series ends.
www.sierraphotography.com /coyoteoakjournal/coj081502.htm   (910 words)

 Solar Eclipse Saros Series 129 and Lunar Eclipse Saros Series 141
The Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2005 is Solar Saros 129 which was born on October 3, 1103.
The Lunar Eclipse on April 24, 2005, is Lunar Saros 141 which was born on August 25, 1608.
The Solar Eclipse, Saros 129 is filled with a dynamic energy.
www.lunarliving.org /saros129.shtml   (762 words)

 The Saros
Note that a total solar eclipse is only visible to the small area of the earth in the center of the new moon's shadow, whereas a total lunar eclipse can be visible to the entire night-time half of the earth.
It realigns the periods in which the moon is at the same phase (such as new or full), at the same distance, and at the point of intersection of the moon's orbit with the sun's apparent path.
The Babylonians are known to have been aware of the saros since at least several centuries B.C. It is not known whether such knowledge dates back to the time of Abraham, who lived in that same area about 2000 B.C.
www.johnpratt.com /items/docs/lds/easter/saros.html   (478 words)

 Saros: intelligent ambient downtempo
Joerg Huettner founded "Saros" back in 1998 together with DJ Jan Osh as a Goa/Ambient project.
After 8 months of work they already had their first live gig in front of an enthusiastic crowd in December of the same year.
After Joerg relocated in 1999 he went on solo with "Saros", focusing more and more on ambient and downbeat tracks.
magnatune.com /artists/saros   (181 words)

 Saros - Hungry Eye Records
SAROS began gigging in the fall of 2004 and quickly met with much excitement and enthusiasm from the local SF scene.
After their live debut at the local metal venue Lucifer's Hammer in the heart of SF’s Mission District (with local fl metal-ers Ludicra), it was clear that this was a band destined to leave its mark, upping the ante for musicianship and live delivery.
Saros Five Pointed Tongue CD The story of Saros begins with two Bay Area natives meeting up with two east coast transplants.
www.hungryeyerecords.com /bands/saros/index.html   (338 words)

 The Metonic Cycle and the Saros
He mistakenly connected the naming of a cycle of 223 synodic months by the tenth century Greek lexicographer Suidas with the eclipse cycle of the same period.
This period is the Saros and it amounts to 18 years, 10 and a third days.
It also happens that the Saros is also nearly equal to 239 anomalistic months (the time between successive closest approaches of the Moon to the Earth) and so the length of the eclipses in each cycle will be approximately the same.
www.oarval.org /metonic.htm   (480 words)

 Saros Incorporated Home Page
Saros Incorporated is dedicated to providing our clients practical solutions to their needs.
We do this by combining our many years of business operations experience with intuitive, flexible software tools that can be adapted to the way you do business.
We'd be glad to give you a free phone consultation to discuss your individual situation and explore ways we could contribute to your success.
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