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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  Saskatchewan Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Saskatchewan Party is a centre-right political party in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
The Saskatchewan Party serves as the province's Official Opposition, holding 27 of the 58 seats (1 vacant due to a recent resignation) in the province's Legislative Assembly in Regina.
In 2004, the Saskatchewan Party had attacked the provincial NDP government over a bad investment, named SpudCo, and the actions of a cabinet minister, Eldon Lautermilch who was forced to apologize for misleading the legislature, a fact that only became apparent once sworn evidence was acquired from a civil lawsuit against the province.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saskatchewan_Party   (867 words)

 Saskatchewan Liberal Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The party dominated Saskatchewan politics for the province's first forty years providing six of the first seven premiers, and being in power for all but five of the years between the province's creation in 1905 and World War II.
After the defeat of the Liberals in the 1971 election at the hands of the CCF's successor, the Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP), the party remained the principal opposition party in the province until the 1978 election, when the party was wiped out and replaced on the right by the Progressive Conservatives.
The party continued to founder and, in 1997, several right-wing Liberal Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) joined forces with Reform Party of Canada supporters and former Tories to form the Saskatchewan Party.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saskatchewan_Liberal_Party   (690 words)

 Saskatchewan Party Responses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Saskatchewan Party is committed to increasing the operating grants to the province’s two universities by 5% per year over four years with funding coming from the General Revenue Fund.
Saskatchewan has recently suffered through periods of major drought, as well as the mad cow crisis, which has yet to be resolved.
The Saskatchewan Party recognizes that, as a province, we must be proactive, not reactive, when it comes to growth in Saskatchewan – be it in our students, our institutions, the research and development sector or innovation.
ursu.uregina.ca /Provincial_Election/SaskatchewanParty.html   (2436 words)

 Liberal Party of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The party has been frequently dubbed "Canada's natural governing party", since it was in power for most of the twentieth century, and starting with Wilfrid Laurier in 1896 every leader of the party has served as Prime Minister of Canada.
The Liberal Party was reduced from a majority to a minority government due, in part, to the sponsorship scandal, in which advertising agencies supporting the Liberal Party received grossly inflated commissions for their services.
In April 2005, David Kilgour, one of the party's two MPs from Alberta announced that he was leaving the party to sit as an independent member of the House of Commons due to the damaging allegations of corruption in the Liberal Party's Quebec wing based on testimony in the Gomery Commission inquiry.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Liberal_Party_of_Canada   (4607 words)

 CTV.ca | Saskatchewan Party accepts moderate platform
The new ideas were pitched as a way for the right-of-centre party to fill gaps in its old policy - especially on the social side - and appeal to a broader cross-section of voters.
Saskatchewan Party leader Brad Wall was quick to call the convention a success, saying the new policies would provide the basis for the party to govern.
The party forced the NDP into a minority government situation in 1999 and was widely expected to win the election in 2003.
ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1107743520205_7?hub=Canada   (421 words)

 cric.ca - Canada's Portal - Quick Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
When his party screwed up royally, with a cartoon portraying Saskatchewan Party leader Elwin Hermanson as a Nazi prison camp guard loading hapless NDP supporters into a train making it into public, Calvert was immediately contrite.
The Saskatchewan Party defeated Melenchuk in Saskatoon Northwest and Osika in Melville-Saltcoats.
Saskatchewan Party officials were hinting election night that voters could be back at the polls sooner than they think.
www.cric.ca /en_html/guide/provinc_elections/saskatchewan_elec.html   (1718 words)

 The Saskatchewan Party - Platform   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
•The Saskatchewan Party recognizes that local government is the most efficient of the three levels of government and will not force local governments into decisions regarding amalgamation with other municipalities but will facilitate such discussions at the request of individual local governments or their provincial associations.
The Saskatchewan Party will determine whether community service and/or job training for able-bodied, employable residents without children, is in order so that recipients will be in a better position to gain the necessary experience to support themselves.
A Saskatchewan Party government will amend the Health District Act to ensure that all members of District Health Boards are elected by the people of the district.
www.sasktelwebsite.net /skparty/platform/platform_rt.htm   (2829 words)

 Saskatchewan Election -- Saskatchewan Election Kickoff
October 21st 1991 saw the ascension of Saskatchewan’s NDP under the tutelage of Roy Romanow, from the tired Tory administration of Grant Devine, in what proved to be one of the province’s most dynamic election campaigns.
As well, recent statements by Sask. Party officials that their ability to cut taxes should they form government be limited, as well as revelations of a ’Hit List’ of civil servants with NDP affiliations smacks of amateur hour.
>Saskatchewan Election Primer: NDP on the Defensive > >October 21st 1991 saw the ascension of Saskatchewan’s >NDP under the tutelage of Roy Romanow, from the tired >Tory administration of Grant Devine, in what proved to >be one of the province’s most dynamic election >campaigns.
www.voy.com /163468/1.html   (1272 words)

 CBC - Saskatchewan Votes 2003
Daryl Wiberg (Sask) is the MLA for Saskatchewan Rivers.
Saskatchewan Rivers was a new constituency in 1995.
The Saskatchewan Party and the NDP still appear to be in a dead heat in the days before the Nov. 5 election.
www.cbc.ca /saskvotes2003/riding/040   (294 words)

 Real Women of Canada - Newsletters - Saskatchewan - It Pays To Get Involved
The party was established by a conglomeration of Liberal, PC and Reform party members, including eight sitting MLAs.
That The Saskatchewan Party (as government) will pay child care subsidies by voucher directly to low income families to allow them to choose the type of care they want for their child, including the option of home care by one parent.
We are determined to continue our involvement as members of The Saskatchewan Party, as we firmly believe and hope that it will develop into a party with socially conservative policies and thus, offer the Saskatchewan electorate a true alternative in provincial politics..
www.realwomenca.com /newsletter/1998_May_Jun/article_8.html   (991 words)

 Saskatchewan Party has 'hit list' of 2,000 NDP names
Regina - The Saskatchewan Party has compiled a 'hit list' of more than 2,000 people with NDP connections who could be fired if the party wins the next provincial election.
Saskatchewan Party spokesperson Reg Downs denied that a witch hunt is planned if the NDP loses power.
The Saskatchewan Party was formed in 1997 from the discredited remains of the corruption-ridden provincial Progressive Conservative party and right-wing provincial Reform Party members.
www.nupge.ca /news_2003/n25se03a.htm   (350 words)

 Archive | September1997 | Tidbits
Saskatchewan's Liberal leader wrote to 16 000 party supporters in an attempt to keep them from shifting allegiances to what he called an alliance of two-faced Liberals, corrupt Tories, and sinister Reformers that make up a new provincial party.
Reform won eight of 14 federal seats in Saskatchewan, leading the party to believe the soil is fertile for success at the provincial level.
The party's executive council met in Calgary recently and approved a reorganization of Reform's full-time staff in Ontario, complete with the creation of a new position aimed at co-ordinating the efforts of right-wing voters at the constituency level to support Tories provincially and Reform federally.
www.enterstageright.com /archive/articles/0997tidbits.htm   (4728 words)

 A new player in Saskatchewan politics - Showdown on the Prairies: A History of Saskatchewan Elections - CBC Archives
Formed two years ago by disgruntled Tories and Liberals, the Saskatchewan Party is gaining momentum as the 1999 election draws nearer.
Hermanson was a federal Reform Party MP from 1993-97, serving as House leader and chief agriculture critic.
It was a stunning result as the Saskatchewan Party won more of the popular vote than the NDP, reducing the NDP to a minority government in the process.
archives.cbc.ca /IDC-1-73-884-5220/politics_economy/elections_saskatchewan/clip7   (446 words)

The Saskatchewan party was an outgrowth of the national party, though with an independent streak that reflected its particular environment.
Saskatchewan was then (and even now) a largely agricultural province dominated by wheat, sparsely populated, and ethnically diverse.
The CCF was able to retain a commitment to internal democracy because the party was itself the result of a democratic community.
www.ou.edu /special/albertctr/extensions/sp98/schwartz.html   (2085 words)

 ipedia.com: Saskatchewan Party Article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Saskatchewan Party is a right-wing political party in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan.
The party was established in 1997 by a coalition of former Progressive Conservative and Liberal support...
The party was established in 1997 by a coalition of former Progressive Conservative and Liberal supporters who sought to remove the New Democratic Party from power.
www.ipedia.com /saskatchewan_party.html   (179 words)

 CTV.ca | Saskatchewan Party presents new moderate face
Wall was coy about admitting he is trying to position the Saskatchewan Party closer to the center of the political spectrum, but the underlying message was clear.
Formed out of an alliance between disgruntled Liberals and vanquished Tories back in 1997, the Saskatchewan Party is relatively new of the political scene, but its rise to prominence has been quick.
The NDP accused the Saskatchewan Party of having a privatization agenda and the Saskatchewan Party had trouble countering that.
ctv.ca /servlet/ArticleNews/story/CTVNews/1107647293532_63?hub=Canada   (371 words)

 Saskatchewan Party blew election   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Saskatchewan Party's breakthrough in urban centres was limited to three seats in Saskatoon.
And with incumbent Daryl Wiberg unable to hold the critical northern grainbelt riding of Saskatchewan Rivers, and the party unable even to take away the NDP's rural seats such as Yorkton and Meadow Lake from Clay Serby and Maynard Sonntag, respectively, the writing was on the wall.
But if you had to pick one single reason for the Saskatchewan Party blowing the six and half percentage point lead it had in April, it would be a combination of Elwin Hermanson and the party's message, neither of which instilled trust.
www.canada.com /national/features/elections2003/saskatchewan/story.html?id=7A77C1AF-ADB1-4DBA-A0A4-470C1B6B72A7   (764 words)

 Canada: Saskatchewan New Democratic Party forms coalition with Liberals
When no party has a majority of the seats in a legislature, the largest party, or in rare instances the second largest, forms a minority government.
Moreover, both the NDP and the Liberals were stunned by the surge in support for the right-wing Saskatchewan Party.
But the NDP-Liberal coalition also attests to the blurring of party lines under conditions where all the parties have moved sharply to the right and repudiated the reformist polices of the postwar boom.
www.wsws.org /articles/1999/oct1999/ndp2-o02.shtml   (609 words)

 Re: Saskatchewan Election 2003 - Ridings to Watch -- Sask. Ridings To Watch
Indeed, this is borne out by a recent >>newspaper poll that puts the incumbent NDP and upstart >>Saskatchewan Party neck and neck.
Saskatchewan >>Party candidate Randy Atkinson is expected to put up a >>tough fight, and could conceivably trounce Serby.
However, throw in >>Independent candidate Grant Schmidt, who wrested the >>Saskatchewan Party nomination from Bjornrud in March >>only to have the decision of the riding’s membership >>reversed a few weeks later, and the possibility of an >>electoral backlash is in the cards.
www.voy.com /164937/74.html   (1059 words)

 Sept 30
The Saskatchewan Provincial Election gave us Roy Romanow as Premier and now he has bailed out of his responsibility under the guise of renewing the NDP Party.
The NDP Party has allowed the possibility of 13 year old children to be allowed to vote in Lorne Calvert not just as NDP Party Leader but as Premier of Saskatchewan.
If the message is sent the political landscape of Saskatchewan will be largely unaffected but the political climate on the other hand may change dramatically, particularly in the NDP back offices where the smell of stupidity is the strongest.
www.angelfire.com /sk2/politickle/GnJan30.html   (416 words)

 Saskatchewan Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The Saskatchewan Party serves as the province's Official Opposition, holding 28 of the 58 seats in the province's Legislative Assembly in Regina.
The Saskatchewan Party still rejects both the notion of public investment in the economy, and government regulation of business.
In 2004, the Saskatchewan Party had attacked the provincial NDP government over a bad investment, named SpudCo.
www.knowledgehunter.info /wiki/Saskatchewan_Party   (841 words)

 Mapleleafweb.com: Political Action - Registering a Political Party in Saskatchewan
The Saskatchewan Elections Act is legislation passed by the provincial government to regulate provincial election activities, such as the registration of political parties.
Have a petition for registration in the prescribed form signed by at least 2,500 voters, 1,000 of whom must reside in at least 10 different constituencies, with a minimum of 100 voters in each of those constituencies (addresses of the signatories must be included).
The application must be accompanied by a petition for registration in the prescribed form signed by at least 2,500 voters, 1,000 of whom must reside in at least 10 different constituencies, with a minimum of 100 voters in each of those constituencies (addresses of the signatories must be included).
www.mapleleafweb.com /participation/guides/register_party/provincial/sk.html   (664 words)

Doug Wilson for Parliament [native of Saskatchewan seeking NDP nomination in Toronto federal riding of Rosedale; Wilson was earlier in conflict with University of Saskatchewan Faculty of Education; was executive director of Saskatchewan Association on Human Rights; in Toronto since 1983].
NDP convention [Saskatchewan provincial annual meeting, where resolutions on provincial AIDS policy and on legislation to protect against discrimination based on sexual orientation were passed].
Editorial [in which author wonders whether the New Democratic Party, which forms the present Saskatchewan government and draws many votes from the queer community, is really that strong in its support of gays/lesbians; mentions two events in the last months that cause questioning].
library.usask.ca /spcoll/srsd/journals/perceptions/1703.html   (970 words)

 NDP Caucus Main page
NDP MLA’s took the Saskatchewan Party to task today for repeatedly ignoring the Code of Ethics the party adopted at its February 2006 convention.
As a way of recognizing the valuable contributions of the close to 150,000 seniors in Saskatchewan, the provincial government is offering a Seniors' Gold Plan, available to all Saskatchewan residents 65 years of age and older.
Saskatchewan will be the first province in Canada to have comprehensive legislation for the return to the Crown of decommissioned mine and mill sites located on Crown land.
ndpcaucus.sk.ca   (881 words)

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