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Topic: Sassanian empire

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  Roman Empire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The extent of the Roman Republic and Roman Empire.
The empire of Parthia, the arch-rival of Rome, at its greatest extent, c.
The Western Roman Empire was divided among the eldest son Constantine II and the youngest son Constans.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Roman_Empire   (10583 words)

For many centuries, the term "Empire" in the West applied exclusively to states which considered themselves to be successors to the Roman Empire, such as the Byzantine Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, or, later, the Russian Empire.
In 1204, when Constantinople was sacked during the Fourth Crusade, the Crusaders created a Latin Empire in Constantinople, while the descendents of the Byzantine Empire went to Asia Minor and established two smaller empires: the Empire of Nicaea and the Empire of Trebizond.
The Mongol Empire was governed by kurultai, and there was freedom of religion, tax exemption and extensive trade routes that were nurtured by the Khan.
www.brainyencyclopedia.com /encyclopedia/e/em/empire.html   (1789 words)

 Encyclopedia :: encyclopedia : Roman Empire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Because the empire of Rome lasted for such a long period of time (31 BC–1453), there are certain alternative names used by historians to distinguish various semantic periods or eras.
Despite early successes against the Sassanian Empire in the East, Alexander Severus' increasing inability to control the army led eventually to its mutiny and his assassination in 235.
The Empire was parted again among his three surviving sons.The Western Roman Empire was divided among the eldest son Constantine II and the youngest son Constans.
www.hallencyclopedia.com /Roman_Empire   (8260 words)

 Roman Empire - Facts, Information, and Encyclopedia Reference article
The Roman Empire is the term conventionally used to describe the Ancient Roman polity in the centuries following its reorganization under the leadership of Octavian (better known as Caesar Augustus), until its radical reformation in what was later to be known as the Byzantine Empire.
Roman Empire is also used as translation of the expression Imperium Romanum, probably the best known Latin expression where the word "imperium" is used in the meaning of a territory, the "Roman Empire", as that part of the world where Rome ruled.
barset:events from:212 till:216 shift:(2,1) fontsize:XS text:Construction of the~Baths of Caracalla at:251 text:Battle of Abrittus from:258 till:274 text:Gallic Empire at:284 text:Bagaudae revolt barset:break at:268 text:Battle of Naissus at:312 text:Battle of Milvian Bridge at:313 text:Edict of Milan at:325 text:First Council of Nicaea barset:break at:378 text:Battle of Adrianople at:381 text:First Council of Constantinople at:431 text:Council of Ephesus
www.startsurfing.com /encyclopedia/r/o/m/Roman_Empire_411e.html   (8602 words)

 Roman Empire   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Roman Empire, successor of the Roman Republic, controlled the Mediterranean world and much of Northern Europe after 31 B.C. The last Roman emperor in the western half of the empire was deposed in 476.
As Emperor, Augustus organized the affairs of his empire with aplomb; it is largely due to his genius that the Roman Empire lasted for as long as it did.
noun: Roman Empire = an empire established by Augustus in 27 BC and divided in AD 395 into the Western Roman Empire and the Eastern or Byzantine Empire; at its peak lands in Europe and Africa and Asia were ruled by ancient Rome.
encyclozine.com /Roman_Empire   (2060 words)

 Iran - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Iran   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
226 by Ardashir, founder of the Sassanian Empire.
During 633–41 Persia was conquered for Islam by the Arabs and then in 1037–55 came under the Seljuk Turks.
Their empire broke up in the 12th century and was conquered in the 13th century by the Mongols.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Iran   (2743 words)

 Roman Emperors - DIR Gordian III
Security along the frontiers remained the most pressing concern, and the young emperor would die while on campaign against the expanding Sassanian empire and its energetic leader, Shapur I. The future emperor was born in Rome on 20 January 225.
The campaign against the Sassanians continued as the Roman army proceeded to march down the Euphrates during the fall and early winter.
Early in 244, the Roman and Sassanian armies met near the city of Misiche (modern Fallujah in Iraq, 40 miles west of Baghdad).
www.roman-emperors.org /gordo3.htm   (1963 words)

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