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Topic: Satellite internet

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  DirecWay Texas | Wildblue | Satellite Internet service providers - direcway a reliable broadband Internet
The time of day, the speed of the computer, signal strength, the particular satellite the customer is commissioned to as well as the speed of the of page being requested are examples of some items that effect overall performance.
When you look at the current fleet of satellites in the sky, most are based on KU or C-band technology (KU verses KA*), and were designed to provide what is termed "bent pipe" services.
When you start adding users (satellite internet users) transmitting back to the satellite it does not take very long before that 5000 transactions per second is exceeded.
www.2-upgrade.com /_e/page/1077/direcway_a_reliable_broadband_Internet.htm   (691 words)

 Howstuffworks "How does satellite Internet operate?"
Satellite Internet does not use telephone lines or cable systems, but instead uses a satellite dish for two-way (upload and download) data communications.
Two-way satellite Internet uses Internet Protocol (IP) multicasting technology, which means up to 5,000 channels of communication can simultaneously be served by a single satellite.
The satellite data downlink is just like the usual terrestrial link, except the satellite transmits the data to your computer via the same dish that would allow you to receive a Pay-Per-View television program.
computer.howstuffworks.com /question606.htm   (314 words)

 RV Satellite Internet
The iNetVu mobile satellite internet antenna is fully automatic, this antenna will keep you in touch with mobile internet access 24 hours a day and 7 days a week when other forms of communication are unavailable or just too slow.
The Internet offers a wealth of useful information and research opportunities for us, and the time and money saved by using the Internet for such tasks, such as staying in touch with people or banking, is incredible.
A direct satellite link is the equivalent of having the Internet beamed to your RV by satellite, allowing you to access the web from almost anywhere.
www.highspeedsat.com /rvsinstalls.htm   (578 words)

 Two way Satellite Internet. Two way VSAT LinkStar iDirect
Once implemented, the Two way Satellite Internet equipment is able to transmit the information (together with the relevant colateral devices) by Wi-fi (wireless transmissions) existent telephone lines or even CPL (trough the electrical network).
Another important aspect is that a satellite internet connection is completly independant, running on it's own, in the most extreme and far away locations, anywhere in the world.
Using a satellite internet service, you do not only posses the latest satellite technology available, but also obtain very high speed of download and upload, increased security and all of this, at prices even lower than the the usual terestrial connections.
www.lamit.ro /two-way-satellite-internet-services.htm   (1353 words)

 High Speed Satellite Internet Access - Frequently Asked Questions
Using the DW4020 satellite terminal, which performs many of the functions of a typical IP router, we are able to connect anyone with a networked setup, regardless of the type of operation system they are using.
A feed-horn serves 2 major purposes, the first is to accept the satellite signal that is reflected by the dish antenna and the second is to select the polarity of the signal that is to be sent on to the LNA.
This is of particular importance to satellite internet access services since it is desirable to keep the personal satellite earth station as low size and with as low power transmitter as possible, yet powerful enough to get a good signal into the satellite.
www.highspeedsat.com /f_a_q.htm   (8499 words)

 South Central Internet - Satellite High Speed Internet Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
This high-speed Internet connection will be available to all of our customers, not just in certain areas.
Satellite Internet is very stable and easy to use as you are always connected, there is no dialing up.
The satellite communicates with the StarBand hub facility, which has a direct connection to the Internet.
www.scinternet.net /services/satellite   (832 words)

 DirecWay Texas | Wildblue | Satellite Internet service providers
The effects of this overall increase in faster satellite internet communications will be to reduce lag (latency for those that know) by a factor of 2.
If there is a downside to Ka-band satellite internet, it is because its frequencies are so concentrated, its spectrum must be broken up into spot beams with a greatly reduced footprint.
Wildblue is the first company to offer a true high speed satellite internet alternative to the public than that offered by Direcway or Starband, Unlike its competition, Wildblue will provide service to the continental 48 states based on spot beam technology.
www.2-upgrade.com   (923 words)

 Satellite internet service providers worldwide - Satellite Signals Ltd
Satellite internet dishes are an alternative and provide independent small-dish two-way high-speed broadband satellite internet access from anywhere except the extreme polar regions.
The capacity for satellite internet is measured in amounts of transponder bandwidth (MHz) and downlink eirp power (dBW) and uplink G/T (dBK) and sensitivity (dBW/^m2) are sold to broadband satellite internet service providers who have teleports with groups of large earth station dishes.
New Ka band satellite broadband services (Wildblue) have started this year in the US and Canada and capacity is rapidly filling up.
www.satsig.net   (1238 words)

 Satellite Internet Broadband   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
While I knew that the satellite Internet connection had to go, it took a nice offer from our local provider to (finally) get me to make the switch.
Satellite Internet service is wonderful for remote locations that are not served by any other broadband connections.
You can achieve blistering downloads on large files over a satellite Internet connection, although there are significant caveats.
www.geekbooks.com /blog/archives/000074.html   (301 words)

 Satellite Internet Ground Control is a DIRECWAY, VSAT, and Mobile Satellite Internet Provider
Broadband satellite Internet access is our specialty, but there are other products and services to consider when building a satellite Internet solution for your business.
Use your satellite Internet connection as a telephone to call any phone in the world.
We offer the highest speeds available from Direcway satellite internet as well as our own Galileo satellite Internet service that is breaking new ground for satellite internet speed and satellite internet performance.
www.groundcontrol.com   (308 words)

 Satelite internet, satellite broadband, DSL and ADSL access info
Satellite Internet, or satellite broadband, allows you to surf at DSL or cable Internet speeds using a satelite dish antenna for two way data communications to the Internet and therefore does not require the use of your telephone line or cable system.
With satellite Internet you can talk on your phone while accessing the WEB so you’ll never miss important calls and your surfing won’t be interrupted.
Satellite Internet uses advanced encryption technology to handle your sensitive data and protect your privacy.
www.satelite-internet.com   (850 words)

 Get high speed direcway satellite internet for your home and business   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Satellite internet, or satellite broadband, uses a satellite dish antenna for two way data communications to the internet and therefore does not require the use of your telephone line or cable system.
With satellite broadband you can talk on your phone while accessing the WEB so you’ll never miss important calls and your surfing won’t be interrupted.
And, unlike dialup internet access, multiple users can access your new satellite internet connection at the same time, so your kids can do their homework research while you play internet games with your friends.
www.get-direcway.com   (372 words)

 Broadband - Global Communications - CBAND - VSAT - Satellite Communications
Cband is a range of satellite transmission frequencies that TV and radio channels use to transmit to full-size satellite dishes.
Satellite Communications complement, augment or extend any Communications Network while providing turnkey solutions for private data networks connecting business enterprises, governments and financial institutions worldwide with Intelsat’s VSAT.
Each day our satellites are used to connect disparate locations for voice communications or financial transactions, transmit email or Web pages, broadcast news or sporting events.
www.intelsat.com   (377 words)

 High Speed Satellite - satellite radio - phone & tv plus dsl internet
Satellite communication technology has been available for many years and is an ideal medium for simultaneously disseminating information to many users, linking remote geographical locations, and providing connectivity to wide coverage areas.
Satellite VoIP can turn a standard satellite Internet connection into a way to place free phone calls.
Satellite technology gives you the ability to achieve greater productivity on the internet and to enjoy the best in communication, as well as, television and audio entertainment.
www.highspeedsat.com   (949 words)

 Satellite Communications, Satellite Internet, and VPN Networks - Telesat Canada
Anik F2 is the first satellite to fully commercialize the Ka frequency band - a breakthrough satellite communications technology for delivering cost-effective, two-way broadband services.
Telesat is pleased to announce its newest satellite initiative, Anik F3, and is accepting expressions of interest from Canadian satellite users.
Canadian communities that need satellite capacity to access broadband are invited to submit applications to the National Satellite Initiative by January 22, 2004.
www.telesat.ca   (134 words)

 Worldwide service providers Satellite Internet Broadband two way access internet via satellite
Broadband internet and email access connection via direct two-way customer premise terminals (CPT) is now possible in USA and south America following a maturing of the technology and building of hub dishes by satellite broadband internet services providers.
The setting up and management of 2 way satellite broadband interactive (BBI) return channel system (RCS) satellite internet terminals (SIT) is done by the provider so any problem VSAT sites can be switched off remotely until a technician attends.
Also, the satellite internet equipment design and frequency bands comply to international regulatory "type approval" for general use so that operation does not cause interference to other services or continue to require individual satellite internet licence / licensing.
www.satsig.net /ivsat.htm   (1267 words)

 Satellite Internet VSAT and Telecom Services by BusinessCom
Possesing an extensive satellite fleet, BusinessCom Internet via Satellite is one of the world's most flexible and competitive satellite Internet service providers.
With satellite coverage stretching from the Western Africa to the Pacific our core business is to serve users for broadband Satellite Internet access, integrated business network solutions and turn-key projects.
Get Satellite Internet access for your home and business needs at any point in the world, absolutely no terrestrial infrastructure is required.
www.bcsatellite.net /eng_index.html   (538 words)

 ESA - Telecommunications - Broadband satellite Internet access for schools in rural Ireland
The aim of the trial is to investigate how far this technology can offer a solution to connect schools to the Internet, to build networks between schools and to transmit large files of information be it data, video, audio, or graphics.
It allows the user to receive Internet services with a relatively small antenna (less than 1metre diameter) and a PC equipped with a satellite modem anywhere within the footprint of the Eutelsat W3 satellite (used by Web-Sat).
Capitalising on experience gained and technology developed under earlier ESA Telecom supported projects — Trapeze, (tele-education via satellite for traveling communities) and Web-Sat, (high-speed satellite Internet provision) — SchoolSat is top of the class, successfully developing a solid example for the provision of sustainable, fully operational satellite Internet services for schools.
www.esa.int /esaTE/ESASVNTHN6D_index_0.html   (445 words)

 Satellite Internet Access | Satellite Internet Service   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
SA has satellite Internet access available in all of the lower 48 states.
Satellites are really designed to broadcast and not receive information from small transmitters.
Direct TV SkyWay USA is a broadband satellite Internet service provider, specializing in providing High speed broadband satellite Internet to the rural American market using a one-way satellite Internet service.
www.satellite4internet.com   (659 words)

 WIRELESSONTARIO.com - broadband solutions, wireless solutions and comunication solutions
Broadband Ontario Incorporated Residential Satellite Internet Service featuring Direcway, Hughes fixed and mobile internet satellite solutions in Canada offers customers the chance to enjoy two way high-speed broadband internet satellite connectivity at their home or cottage without the high cost of a corporate solution.
Broadband Ontario Incorporated has had the two way high speed broadband internet satellite connection available for Canadians for 50 months in a fixed (stationary) and a mobile (trailer, RV) platform.
To get connected all you need is a satellite dish (typically a 0.74m dish) installed at your home or office/RV, Trailer, or Emergency vehicle so that the dish faces the southern sky.
www.broadbandontario.com   (221 words)

 Satellite Broadband - Internet Plans & Pricing - Telstra BigPond Australia
Broadband Regional Connect is a specially-designed Internet option for regional Australia, using a high speed combination of 1-Way Satellite and ISDN.
You are welcome to connect your BigPond Broadband Satellite service to a Server or LAN and provide web access to multiple users on your site.
The one-off hardware charge is a subsidised figure, and the equipment will only become your property at the end of your 18-month contract (or on payment of the cancellation fee after an early termination).
www.bigpond.com /internet-plans/broadband/satellite   (916 words)

 Satellite Communications for VoIP, Remote Communications, Distance Learning, Satellite Broadband Internet, ...
Satellite 2006 @ Washington DC February 6-9, 2006
Our satellite communications services include satellite broadband Internet, satellite video broadcasting, videoconferencing, telecommunications, industrial communications, portable and remote communications, telemetry solutions, digital teleports, data centers, elearning or distance learning, and VoIP.
Globecomm features a wide range of solutions including satcom earthstations, mobile satellites, satellite broadcasting, satellite teleports, satellite uplinks, satellites for remote communications, telemetry solutions, digital teleports and more.
www.globecommsystems.com   (424 words)

 CityStar® Satellite Internet Services
Experience the Internet the way it was meant to be.
Using a proven digital satellite technology, we will beam the Internet directly to your home or business at speeds up to 15 times faster than today's dial-up modems.
CityStar® satellite Internet uses exclusive digital frequencies to provide two-way, high speed Internet access to homes and businesses.
www.citystar.net /satellite.html   (192 words)

 Satellite Internet VSAT broadband satellite internet access satellite ISP by Skycasters
Click here to see how we've been providing high-speed satellite Internet to state and federal agencies for years.
We are a full-service broadband satellite Internet access provider, with satellite Internet service deployed to thousands of U.S. Government, Fortune 1000 and small business users nationwide.
Our nationwide sales and service is backed by offices in Virginia and Ohio, and for a no-obligation, free quote on satellite Internet service, please take our site survey.
www.skycasters.com   (281 words)

 Two way Mobile Satellite Internet. Mobile VSAT Satellite Internet
The iNetVu two way mobile satellite internet system mounts easily on top of vehicles (RVs, SUVs, Vans or any other commercial vehicle) or transportable platform, and with a simple click the dish automatically deploys, locks on to the selected satellite and interfaces with the modem to enable service.
This mobile satellite internet system was designed especially to serve high institution levels.
- The mobile satellite internet system's aplicability is found in multiple and various domains of activity and areas, inside industrial areas, in mobile locations like your own car or mobile surveillance units.
www.lamit.ro /mobile-two-way-satellite-internet.htm   (614 words)

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