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Topic: Saturn Bomberman

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Saturn Bomberman
If you have Saturn Bomberman, a bunch of Saturn controllers, a large TV set and a bunch of friends over for a party, I guarantee that you will be playing this game for the majority of the party.
What bothers me is that in Saturn Bomberman 2 and Bomberman 64, the gameplay seems a little different, everything's in 3D and the bomb explodes in an explosion similar to how a real miniature bomb would.
Saturn Bomberman is one of the best action games of the year.
www.vgzone.com /reviews/saturn/bomberman2.htm   (645 words)

 Untitled Document   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
Saturn Bomberman is the "shizzle" so to speak.
The in game sounds are as good as any modern Bomberman game while the voice acting for the characters is superb, especially the dialogue in the story mode which I unfortunately can not understand because it's in English but it sounds great, defiantly not 'Room 101' worth that's for sure.
Saturn Bomberman is still the best Bomberman game ever made mainly because of it's wide range of gameplay modes which Bomberman Fight lacks due to the "fighting game format" that Bomberman Fight chose to present itself with.
www.indygamers.co.uk /saturn_010.htm   (1082 words)

 Nintendo DS ::: Advanced Media Network - Yoshi's Island, Elite Beat Agents, Zelda: Phantom Hourglass, Final Fantasy
A very basic game that is “easy to learn yet hard to master,” Bomberman places opponents in a simple arena containing blocks, some breakable and some indestructible, and challenges players to trap their enemies in the blast radius of a bomb as it explodes outward in the four cardinal directions across the grid.
While all this talk about explosions makes Bomberman games sound violent enough to have Jack Thompson on the phone negotiating lawyer fees with Ted Kaczynski, part of the charm of the series is that its action-puzzle destruction is wrapped in cute, unrealistic, non-violent, abstract, kid-friendly candy coating.
Bomberman is presented in the classic 2d top-down view of it’s granddaddies, and what it lacks in graphical sophistication and “gee-whiz” factor it makes up with colorful, crisp artwork that leaps off the screen but doesn’t obscure the action even in a super ultra bombing frenzy.
ds.advancedmn.com /article.php?artid=2230   (874 words)

 Saturn Bomberman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Deep in the tangled underbrush of the rainforest, a glint caught Bomberman's keen eye.
As with Super Bomberman 5, Saturn Bomberman utilizes Dinosaur helpers, which are initially found as eggs released upon the destruction of a soft block.
Saturn Bomberman has a story mode which can be played single player or two-player.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saturn_Bomberman   (754 words)

 GameCube ::: Advanced Media Network - Zelda, Mario, Metroid, Super Smash Bros, Eternal Darkness, F-Zero, Star Fox, ...
Bomberman Generations, only for Nintendo GameCube, is perhaps the most complete and fulfilling Bomberman title yet, even surpassing Saturn Bomberman in terms of both lasting appeal and flat out addictive gameplay.
Bomberman's mission, if he chooses to accept, will be to recover the six crystals before all of the evil goons can get their hands on them.
What adds on to the wonderful world of Bomberman Generations is the ability to perform several other functions with the continued use of the analog stick and A-button; such as kicking a bomb, picking up a bomb, throwing a bomb, and charging up a bomb for maximum destruction.
gc.advancedmn.com /article.php?artid=7   (849 words)

 Saturn Bomberman review for the SATURN
Saturn Bomberman brings back that lovable, so cute that you want to see him blown up, white suited bomber and his fl suited compatriot (commonly referred to as the Anti-Bomberman).
Saturn Bomberman is not just about laying bombs and having them kill your enemies, it's about the cool powerups that allow you to kill your enemies faster.
Saturn Bomberman is one of the most fun and addictive games to come out in a long time.
www.gamerevolution.com /review/saturn/saturn_bomberman   (910 words)

 Sega Saturn Wireless Controllers? - AtariAge Forums
My family enjoys Bomberman for the SNES and Gamecube, but those games are restricted to 4 players maximum.
Apparently the best Bomberman is the Sega Saturn Bomberman, which can have up to 10 players at a time, when using 2 multi-taps.
Run the extension from the saturn to the tap, and usually everyone who can see the TV has tons of cord.
www.atariage.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=81096   (1445 words)

Saturn Bomberman tries to put a spin on power-upping with ridable dinosaurs that grow by killing enemies, but they do little more than add a graphic element to moves from previous games.
Saturn Bomberman's most promising feature, which I have yet to try due to the lack of a NetLink modem, is online battle that supports up to four players, with two at each end, via direct connection or the Planet Web service provider.
While Saturn Bomberman may not be the breathtaking piece of the Bomberman legacy that Bomberman 64 is rumored to be, it is still one of the more important additions, and NetLink owners have a potentially fabulous feature available to no other console or Bomberman game.
members.aol.com /chikong/reviews_sbman.html   (694 words)

 Amped News Playstation Portable - Bomberman Review - www.ampednews.com - Powered by WiredLabs
To this day, it is still widely regarded as the best in the series, but due to the relative obscurity of the Saturn and the apparent rarity of Saturn Bomberman itself, many players are looking for the game that will come along and accomplish what the Saturn classic pulled off.
As Bomberman, or one of his colorful counterparts, you can lay bombs that explode in four directions, chain them together for combination blasts, and use powerups to create more powerful explosions and present a greater threat to your adversaries.
The graphics are entirely 3D, and make Bomberman's simplistic appearance look as good as it possibly can, but it's not going to even attempt to push your PSP if that's what you're looking for.
www.ampednews.com /gamehub/bomberman-psp/review/842   (881 words)

 Saturn Bomberman
All the qualities that made Bomberman fun and addictive are still there, and some new elements have been added.
First, though, you are treated to a fully animated opening sequence that is very tongue-in-cheek and begins with the sleeping Bomberman being buried in bombs by ninja-robots.
The story mode involves the Bomberman (or men, as it can be 2 player simultaneous) traveling through time and space to various worlds to regain stolen gems.
www.ex.org /1.5/38-bomberman.html   (606 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Bomberman for N-Gage at Epinions.com
Saturn Bomberman was the reason I bought a Saturn.
For those gamers that have been living under a rock for about 12 years, Bomberman is a little Japanese game where you control a small sprite in a grid/maze of blocks.
Saturn Bomberman supports 10 players at once in the one arena.
www.epinions.com /content_41333788292   (475 words)

 Bomberman News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
I have arrived in Japan and gotten the scoop on Saturn Bomberman 2 which was shown at the Tokyo Game Show.
Hopefully import companies will also be able to increase their stock of Saturn Bomberman due to the lower street price in Japan.
Saturn Bomberman has been formally announced for distibution in the United States.
wso.williams.edu:8000 /~aeatonsa/bomb/news.html   (1101 words)

 Amazon.com: Bomberman Hero: Video Games   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
First it was Saturn Bomberman, then it was the rendered/isometric Bomberman World on the PlayStation, followed by Bomberman 64, Bomberman Fight for the Saturn, and Bomberman Wars for the Saturn and PlayStation.
Bomberman himself is fully rendered in polygons and animated beautifully, as are the numerous enemies and boss characters.
Musically, Bomberman Hero's soundtrack is reminiscent of the one found on Saturn Bomberman, a mix comprising assorted techno and drum n' bass tracks.
www.amazon.com /Bomberman-Hero/dp/B00002STGE   (2107 words)

 PC-FX World - F&R - Hi-Ten Bomberman
Hi-Ten Bomberman was a game that was originally planned to be released on the PC-FX, however due to NEC's publishing guidelines, Hi-Ten would never be released for the unit.
Hi-Ten Bomberman was a 10 player version of the popular PC Engine/TG-16 game "Bomberman", and was formatted for play on wide-screen HDTV's - the first game ever for the HDTV standard (at the time, HDTV's have been in Japan for many years).
Saturn Bomberman is basically what the PC-FX version should have been like.
www.pcenginefx.com /PC-FX/html/pc-fx_world_-_f_r_-_hi-ten_bom.html   (248 words)

 Curmudgeon Gamer: Bomberman '93 is Excellent
I and my friends got hooked playing Super Bomberman with a multitap on my SNES back in the day, and while that game is not yet available on Virtual Console, the similar Bomberman '93 was released last night, becoming the first must-own VC release.
Saturn Bomberman is the finest Bomberman Hudson ever made - right down to an insane 10 player mode which led me to hunt down two Saturn multitaps and haunt car boot sales for years until I accumulated ten Saturn controllers.
The thing that makes or breaks Bomberman multiplayer, that I've seen, is the responsiveness of the controls (3D Bomberman games usually fail here), whether or not they muck about too much with the rules (Bomberman 64 additionally fails because of this with its round explosions), and the types of powerups available.
curmudgeongamer.com /2006/11/bomberman-93-is-excellent.html   (969 words)

 Saturn Xband/Netlink question - AtariAge Forums
Mine died on me and the Saturn worked, but it was quirky 'til I got the battery replaced.
Saturn Bomberman had no mention of additional fees for online play besides the ISP and phone company charges.
Duke and Bomberman were my favorites but I played and enjoyed Virtual On alot even though I got my butt handed to me on more than several occasions.
www.atariage.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=76531   (2599 words)

The Sega Saturn was originally sold in a grey color, but like the Duo R the color was changed to white when a lower cost revision was developed.
As with the PC Engine, the Saturn was known for its wide selection of accessories such as a printer, multi-taps, and specialty controllers like the mouse.
A Bomberman game was planned for NEC’s last system, the PC-FX, but development was instead carried over to the Saturn in Bomberman SS, the fan’s favorite even after 10 years.
dutchie.trouble-free.net /~midlandc/c_files/the_white_line/Saturn.html   (330 words)

 Electric Playground
If you've played Bomberman on some other system in the past, then you've played it here too, 'cause I'm tellin' ya, a 32-bit processor hasn't changed this game at all.
Saturn Bomberman is really as fun as the people you play it with.
The music is annoyingly catchy in some places, the characters are cute, the concept is simple and addictive and the bosses are big and scary and it seems to take forever to kill them.
www.elecplay.com /reviews_article.php?article=2832   (572 words)

 Bomberman News
According to Sega's official web site Saturn Bomberman will be released in September of 1997.
Hopefully import companies will also be able to increase their stock of Saturn Bomberman due to the lower street price in Japan.
Saturn Bomberman has been formally announced for distibution in the United States.
wso.williams.edu /~aeatonsa/bomb/news.html   (1101 words)

 Bomberman (DS) Reviews. DS Games Reviews by CNET.
If you're a Bomberman fan, you already know exactly what to expect, but this is also a good game for anyone yet to be acquainted with Hudson's long-running series.
The action in Bomberman's multiplayer mode takes place on both screens, with a series of tunnels that connect them together.
The variety is definitely one of the best things about Bomberman, but at the same time, there's something to be said for just playing in classic mode, which strips the game down to its decade-old roots.
reviews.cnet.com /Bomberman_DS/4505-10068_7-31394879.html   (865 words)

 The Best Sega Saturn Games For Today: Top Titles That Still Matter - racketboy.com
Since the Saturn didn’t quite have the 3D horsepower to compete with the likes of the Playstation and N64, Sonic Team bended their brains to create a game that had a traditional 2D videogame experience contained in a three-dimensional world.
With this extra horsepower, the Saturn was able to produce practically arcade-perfect translations of all the hottest 2D fighters of the generation (including tag-team games like X-Men vs Street Fighter), which the Playstation was limited to crippled and inferior ports.
Bomberman has shown his face on virtually every video game console known to man since the 8-bit era.
www.racketboy.com /retro/2007/01/best-sega-saturn-games-for-today-top.html   (4895 words)

 WorthPlaying - Xbox 360 (X360) , PlayStation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PlayStation 2 (PS2), GameCube (NGC), PSP, ...
Hudson’s popular Bomberman series has been seeing releases since the late eighties, with at least one game bearing the title releasing on almost every popular platform with the ability to play games.
The Gamecube has already seen one Bomberman release with Bomberman Generations, an extremely mediocre effort that was bogged down not only with the usual curse of a terrible single player mode, but carried a substandard multiplayer mode along with it — a big no-no for this series.
Unlike Bomberman 64, which drastically changed the formula we all knew and loved (and I, unlike most Bomberman fans, was completely fine with this), Jetters sticks with the grid-based deathmatches that made the original games the classics they are.
www.worthplaying.com /article.php?sid=17184   (1995 words)

 bombtap   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-04)
The Bomberman Multi-Tap is essentially the same as the standard Saturn multi-tap except that it is shaped in the boxy head of a Bomberman.
Bomberman is one of those games that will bring people together but it also has the chance of making enemies out of once true friends and even adversaries out of ordinary people.
Bomberman can be an amusing and entertaining game but there is the potential of enmity once you get started with Bomberman.
www.ncsx.com /www/bombtap.htm   (167 words)

 Alex's Bomberman SS Shrine (A Saturn Bomberman Page)
This is the only dedicated Bomberman SS (a.k.a.
All Bomberman SS characters, likenesses and names are © 1996 Hudson Soft.
Sega, Sega Saturn and related trademarks are © 1997 Sega.
wso.williams.edu /~aeatonsa/bomb   (102 words)

 WorthPlaying - Xbox 360 (X360) , PlayStation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PlayStation 2 (PS2), GameCube (NGC), PSP, ...
The Bomberman series returns with Bomberman for Nintendo DS, boasting the first eight-player wireless LAN action for the Nintendo DS system and supporting the DS microphone.
Bomberman's addictive blend of strategy and action will keep puzzle fans and players of all ages and skill levels drawn to the 100 stages of gameplay.
Eight player Bomberman almost graces Saturn Bomberman levels of fun (10-player widescreen mode!), but without the added extras that made that game so close to complete genre perfection (if you consider Bomberman games to be a genre unto themselves), this DS rendition is nowhere near being the classic that that game was.
www.worthplaying.com /print.php?sid=27400   (1177 words)

 Xbox 360 Store :: Saturn Bomberman
Only problem : you need a lot of joysticks and at least one multitap (with one multitap on the sega Saturn you can get up to 7 players at once, still a truck-load of fun), the single player / two player game is not brilliant, though it is fun.
There are some cons about Bomberman, first off, the controller can be irritating when you are playing in a difficult area that requires absolute concentration, second, load times can be so slow that you'd rather watch TV.
Bomberman is pretty hard-to-find, and so is the Sega Saturn console.
www.xboxtoday.ca /store/Saturn_Bomberman-B00004SW2B.html   (369 words)

 Bomberman on Xbox Live Arcade? news from 1UP.com
Of course, nothing's set in stone yet, but Hudson's online marketing manager has told 1UP the possibility of Bomberman appearing as part of the ever growing collection of old school downloads is currently "under evaluation," and the company definitely felt the Saturn Bomberman incarnation would prove a great addition to Xbox Live Arcade.
There is no better installment in the long-running multiplayer series than the Sega-powered 10-player frag fest that is Saturn Bomberman, and the possibility of bringing the magic back in an online format with voice chat is almost too much for me to handle.
Although I already have both a Saturn and a Dreamcast, being able to play everything on one console would certainly be nice.
www.1up.com /do/newsStory?cId=3149106   (1010 words)

 Bomberman Jetters (GameCube) - GamerWiki
Bomberman Jetters was the second Bomberman game to be released on the GameCube.
Its multiplayer mode is very similar to that found in Bomberman Generations (GameCube).
This game is part of the Bomberman series.
www.gamerwiki.com /index.php/Bomberman_Jetters_(GameCube)   (107 words)

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