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Topic: Saugatuck River

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  History of Redding, CT Landscape Pages-Bodies of Water
Saugatuck North 7: SN7 is a small, 6 acre tract lying north of the junction of Route 53, Umpawaug Road, and Station Road.
Saugatuck North 8: SN8 is situated south of the junction of Umpawaug Road and Route 53.
Saugatuck South 15: SS15 is situated on the east side of Route 53 north of the junction of 107 and 53.
www.historyofredding.com /HRwater.htm   (3882 words)

 Preserve America Community: Saugatuck, Michigan
Saugatuck is unusual among Midwest frontier towns in that it did not experience the destruction of the fires that hit most towns in the mid to late 1800s or the railroad that brought modernization and urban growth.
Key to the area's history and popularity is its natural environment, nestled on the shores of Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River and defined by steep, rolling dunes to the west and lush orchard country and farmland to the east.
Saugatuck has shown respect for its historic resources, adopting an historic district ordinance in the early 1980s and appointing an historic district commission.
www.preserveamerica.gov /3-18-04PAcommunity-saugatuckMI.html   (521 words)

 Seeing The Light - Kalamazoo River Lighthouse
After the purchase of land to the north of the river mouth from Horace M. Comstock on March 5, 1838 for the sum of $250, a contract for the station's construction was awarded with the stipulation that it be completed by October 15, 1838.
Congress appropriated an additional $10,000 for harbor improvements at the river entrance in 1873, at which time the piers were reinforced, and the North pier extended to a length of 310 feet and the south pier to 225 feet in length.
With the establishment of a flashing white light on the Saugatuck Harbor north pier in 1914, the new river entrance was completely illuminated, and the old 1859 light was considered obsolete.
www.terrypepper.com /lights/michigan/kalamazoo   (3009 words)

 River plumes.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
River water commonly appears more brown in color than the lake because the river is ordinarily carrying more suspended particles such as silt and clay.
A photograph of the plume at the mouth of the Kalamazoo River at Saugatuck, Michigan, is shown in Figure 3.
The geometry of a river plume as well as the sharpness of its boundary may vary considerably depending on a number of factors (e.g., wind, wave, and current conditions as well as the amount of material carried in suspension).
faculty.gvsu.edu /videticp/plume.htm   (497 words)

 Saugatuck, Michigan Area Information and History
Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River around Saugatuck and Douglas provides a delightful place to come and have fun whether you are an avid fisherman, golfer, bike rider or just want to sit on the beach and watch the waves roll in.
Saugatuck Michigan has drawn artists from all over the country to paint its towering dunes, pristine beaches and jewel-like settings on Lake Michigan’s eastern shore.
Saugatuck Michigan, is the home to the nationally acclaimed Oxbow Summer School of Art and Artists Residency.
www.free4allcity.com /michigan/info/saugatuck2.htm   (777 words)

 Saugatuck Michigan Area Information and History
Saugatuck has had a ferry crossing on the river since 1838 and it's the last of its kind on the Great Lakes.
The Star of Saugatuck is an old fashioned stern wheeler that shuttles passengers on tours of the river and along the Lake Michigan shoreline.
Located on Lake Michigan and the Kalamazoo River, Saugatuck and Douglas, Michigan, are nestled between the steep, rolling dunes that border Lake Michigan on the west and lush orchard country and farmlands to the east.
www.free4allcity.com /michigan/info/saugatuck.htm   (732 words)

 About SHYC
Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club, located at the mouth of the Saugatuck River in Westport, Connecticut, was founded in 1959.
Situated in a residential area, Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club does not have a restaurant or bar for non-members but transient yachtsmen are welcome and may utilize the pool and barbeque areas.
The fuel dock is on the left upon entering the basin from the Saugatuck River Channel.
www.saugatuckharboryc.com /Pages/About.htm   (201 words)

 Saugatuck River - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The land east of the river was opened to white settlement in 1637 after the defeat of the Pequot by John Mason in the Pequot War.
After treaties with the local tribes, members of the Massachusetts Bay Colony began to settle the area between the Saugatuck and the Norwalk Rivers to the west between 1639 and 1661.
The town of Wesport was incorporated out of the existing village of Saugatuck at the mouth of the Saugatuck River and several surrounding communities in 1835.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Saugatuck_River   (361 words)

 Saugatuck Boat Cruises - History & Crew Members
The Kalamazoo River proved to be a tranquil river that was excellent for launching boats, and was easily accessible to Lake Michigan, as the mouth of the river was only one mile from Saugatuck.
On September 28th, 1998 the keel was laid for Star of Saugatuck II, and over the next 12 months she took shape and was assembled, then disassembled for launching.
Kelly was born and raised in the Saugatuck area, and now works part time during the season, when she isn’t working her full time job, and taking care of their daughter, our future little first mate.
www.saugatuckboatcruises.com /aboard.htm   (1773 words)

 Saugatuck Technology - About the Name
Saugatuck Technology got its name from the town that it is headquartered in.
At the beginning of 1835, many residents of Saugatuck and the surrounding area whose lives were centered on the thriving riverfront port.
1835 - The Village of Saugatuck was incorporated as the Township of Westport, from portions of Norwalk, Fairfield and Weston.
www.saugatech.com /aboutname.htm   (1300 words)

 Norwalk River Watershed Information
The Norwalk River watershed lies in an area that's bounded by the Housatonic River watershed on the north and east, the Hudson River watershed on the west, and Long Island Sound on the south.
The Norwalk River's banks have undergone human modification in many places, often to the detriment of the river's water quality and posing threats to the plant and animal life that lives along the river.
Throughout the Norwalk River watershed, a new lending arrangement termed a watershed improvement loan is available to provide local property owners with another method for handling certain types of critical improvements, such as repairs to malfunctioning septic systems or removal or replacement of in-ground fuel tanks.
www.norwalkriver.org /ws.htm   (1009 words)

 Destination Saugatuck Michigan Travel and Lodging Vacation
Saugatuck is first and foremost a water town.
Located along the Kalamazoo River with Lake Kalamazoo serving as a natural harbor, numerous marinas and charter services line the shores.
The chain ferry is propelled by hand-cranking it along a chain that stretches across the Kalamazoo River.
www.virtualcities.com /ons/mi/s/as/mis76a1.htm   (649 words)

 Kalamazoo Public Library - Local History
The goal of the river trade was to transport finished goods from the Great Lakes ports to inland settlements and return downstream with the produce of the settlers.
However, river transportation was slow and often inconvenient (especially when traveling upriver), and Kalamazoo, the largest settlement on the river, was above the shoals near Otsego, so goods traveling to and from the village were usually hauled the last few miles overland.
Many of the chemicals dumped into the river by the paper industry were especially destructive to the river.
www.kpl.gov /collections/LocalHistory/AllAbout/general/KalRiver.aspx   (962 words)

 Saugatuck Vacation Rentals, Hotels, Weather, Map and Attractions
And, with its location along the Kalamazoo River, Saugatuck has several marinas and boat charters that line the shores where visitors can observe sailboats, pontoon boats, yachts and fishing boats moving up and down the river to Lake Michigan.
Saugatuck’s Oval Beach has been rated by Conde Naste’s Traveler Magazine as one of the “25 best shorelines in the world,” and MTV has ranked it as one of the top five beaches in the country.
Saugatuck Dunes State Park has over 1,000 acres of rugged dunes, with both groomed and ungroomed trails for hiking and cross-country skiing.
www.michiganvacations.com /regions/Saugatuck-Michigan.html   (562 words)

 Saugatuck Falls Natural Area - Redding, CT.  - BerkshireHiking.Com
Saugatuck Falls Natural Area is located right across the street from John Read Middle School in Redding, CT. off of Route 53.
turtle making its way to the river, an owl swoop down and snag a mouse, a neat little frog using his camouflage expertise to hide from us, and a pair of wood ducks swimming and eating within a quiet part of the river.
Along the river the trail is a little shaky and slopes towards the river.
www.berkshirehiking.com /hikes/saugatuck_falls.html   (865 words)

 Saugatuck/Douglas Area Business Assocation
The history of Saugatuck and Douglas is based on the bounty and inspiration of the landscape.
The far side of the river was dotted with summer tent camps and a summer camp established by the Rev. George W. Gray from Chicago (now the Presbyterian Camp).
Saugatuck and Douglas are now firmly established as vacation destinations for new generations of urbanites seeking respite from the city in all seasons.
www.saugatuckdouglas.com /history.html   (692 words)

 Concerned Citizens for Saugatuck Dunes State Park - Home
Concerned Citizens for Saugatuck Dunes State Park was founded in the fall of 2001 to work for the preservation and expansion of Lower Michigan's most spectacular state park after the City of Holland and Laketown Township each submitted separate plans to the Michigan DNR to use the park for a water treatment plant.
She stated the League recognizes population growth mandates new sources of good water but feels there must be an open invitation for citizens to be involved in every aspect of the process, particularly where it concerns the park.
We live in Saugatuck to be near the beach, the open dunes, and the relatively undisturbed coastal woods of places like Saugatuck Dunes State Park.
www.saugatuckdunes.org   (4258 words)

 Connecticut Fishing Information
For all that, the river is clean, the center of a greenway that runs through the center of the crowded county.
But it does commit the 11 towns to protect the quality of Saugatuck River water by employing good land use practices and by educating the public about how chemicals they put on their lawns can end up in the river.
The problems of the Saugatuck involve its history in the 18th and 19th century, when it was lined with small mills and factories.
ctfishing.blogspot.com /2006/04/protecting-saugatuck-river-watershed.html   (1026 words)

 Saugatuck - History
The first settlement in the area was a fur trading post established in 1825, followed four years later by the founding of Saugatuck, and shortly thereafter the settlement of Singapore, located on the river very near to the Lake Michigan shore.
Saugatuck became a magnate for short-term visitors and built many hotels and amusements for them, while Douglas had relatively few day-trippers, but many conservative residents w ho stayed for the entire season.
Saugatuck has the best-known establishments, but Douglas has come a long way in recent years.
www.thetimmelcollection.com /saugatuc.htm   (2057 words)

 Saugatuck Douglas MI - 2006 - 2007 Calendar of Events, Schedule of Events, Events Schedule   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
The Saugatuck and Douglas area offers a wide variety of attractions, recreation and entertainment.
The museum is located in the old pumphouse on the west shore of the Kalamazoo River.
Parking is available at Mt. Baldhead Park, or take the chain ferry from Saugatuck across the river - the museum is a short walk to the north.
www.saugatuck.com /calendar/cal01.html   (202 words)

All of the Saugatuck River Watershed, except for a small portion tributary to the West Branch, flows to the Saugatuck Reservoir straddling the Redding-Weston line.
All of the Aspetuck River Watershed in Redding, the easternmost quadrant of the Town, drains south to the Aspetuck Reservoir in Easton and Fairfield.
Aspetuck River tributary that is unnamed and flowing from the north end of the old Redding Landfill entering Newtown easterly towards the Aspetuck River: B/AA.
www.hvceo.org /water/WATERREDDINGMAIN.php   (1099 words)

 Norwalk River Water Quality Readings
Funding was then made available by the CT DEP to continue testing on the Norwalk River for a third summer (April 1 to September 30, 2001) based on a continuing interest by Norwalk River Watershed Advisory Committees and the CT DEP.
The Silvermine River (Site SM3) was the only tributary to be added back to the testing schedule because of strong interest in a trout habitat restoration project undertaken by the Norwalk River Watershed Initiative during 2001/2002.
The Norwalk River is suitable for non-designated swimming, because people swim in some of the deeper sections of the river.
www.norwalkriver.org /waterreadings.htm   (2622 words)

The Saugatuck River flows through Westport Harbor and empties into Long Island Sound at the southwestern end of Westport.
The river is navigable from its mouth at the Saugatuck section of Westport to the U.S. Route 1 Bridge in Westport, a distance of 4.2 miles.
The main navigation feature of the Westport Harbor/Saugatuck River area is a four-foot-deep channel that extends from the highway bridge at Saugatuck to Westport Harbor, where it divides into two smaller, stub channels, also four feet deep.
www.nae.usace.army.mil /water/topic.asp?mytopic=westport-nav   (167 words)

 Atlantic Kayak Tours, Beginner Kayak Tours   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
A chain across the Hudson River from Constitution Island to West Point served to keep the British Navy from moving north on the river during the Revolutionary War.
The Saugatuck River in Westport, Connecticut is a very scenic route out to the Long Island Sound.
In the afternoon we would return to the eastern side of the river to have lunch at Georges Island, which is a county park.
www.atlantickayaktours.com /Pages/Tours/Beginner.shtml   (2261 words)

 The Timmel Collection
Saugatuck is the embodiment of a small town in America.
The little Victorian Village seems to sway with the rhythm of the lake and the river, yacths moored along its waterfront, fish on its menus, and nautical gear in its storefronts.
Saugatuck survived though, making the transition from mill town to resort when the carriage-trade families of St. Louis and Chicago discovered, at the turn of the centruy, its cooling breezes and dual waterfronts.
www.thetimmelcollection.com /about.htm   (718 words)

 Saugatuck River Sail and Power Squadron
They cover all 50 states, and their purpose is to promote high standards of navigation and seamanship.
Saugatuck River Sail and Power Squadron is located in CT. Many squadron members are boaters on both Saugatuck River and Long Island Sound.
Educationally, Saugatuck River offers Boat Safety courses to the general public, as well as advanced educational courses to our members.
www.usps.org /localusps/d2/saugatuck_river   (139 words)

 Town of Westport, Connecticut - Westport to revitalize shellfish beds   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
After three years of meetings with commercial fishermen and state officials, and review of what other shellfish commissions are doing in different parts of the state, the Commission developed feasible strategies for the revitalization of Westport‘s shellfish resources.
Work in the river is restricted to the off-season when recreational boating activity is at a minimum.
The clams from the river will first need to be depurated, or cleansed, for two weeks, in open water before being harvested.
www.ci.westport.ct.us /news/shellfishbeds.htm   (274 words)

 Saugatuck River Bridge Rehabilitation
CTE performed the engineering feasibility and economic analysis study and then designed the interim repairs to extend the bridge life for five years during which design could be completed and funding for a replacement structure could be put in place.
The Saga Bridge carries the four-track electrified Metro-North Railroad over the Saugatuck River and Ferry Lane.
It also carries Amtrak's New York-Boston segment of the Northeast Corridor, a total of over 200 trains daily.
www.cte.aecom.com /MarketsAndServices/39/59/index.jsp   (168 words)

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