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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  the sauna appreciation society
no sauna society members are in the competition for the 3rd year running, but they practice when they can.
For a Finnish soldier, home is his sauna about the finnish peacekeeping force in the former Yugoslavia off abcnews.com.
25.07.2000: the annual sauna competition in heinola, finland is on the 4th and 5th of august.
www.sauna.org   (454 words)

  Sauna — A Finnish national institution — Virtual Finland
The expression ‘to have a sauna’ covers the whole bathing process and includes several repeated periods of perspiring in the heat and the steam, known as löyly, produced by the water thrown on the stones.
The sauna with chimney introduced at the end of the 18th century marked an important stage in the history of the stove and the sauna.
In the sauna, folk healers could concentrate on their work in peace and quiet and patients were receptive to treatment because there were many deeply held beliefs and a certain respect connected with the sauna.
virtual.finland.fi /finfo/english/sauna.html   (3039 words)

 Sauna provider, far infrared technology leader.
Sauna provider Sunlight Saunas™, the leader in sauna technology, offers the most advanced sauna technology and other wellness products to our customers.
Far infrared saunas have shown to assist in weight loss, pain management, skin purification, detoxification and stress reduction.
The result of Sunlight Saunas heater designs allows for better performance well within this vital wave range of 7 to 14 microns with a good portion of wavelengths at 9.4--which is the frequency at which a water molecule resonates or vibrates.
www.sunlightsaunas.com   (636 words)

 Nordic Culture > The Sauna - Scandinavica.com
Sauna is one of the national icons of Finland, as Pizza is for Italy or the Cangaroo is for Australia.
Sauna was originally connected with spiritual and religious ceremonies, healing and superstition.
Some Like It Hot: Finns are mad for sauna, and Nikki Rajala tells both insights as to the Finnish sauna tradition and humorous stories and anecdotes such us when during WW II, Finnish soldiers taking a sauna stayed in so long they found themselves behind enemy lines when they came out.
www.scandinavica.com /culture/tradition/sauna.htm   (1501 words)

Sauna therapy utilizes heat stress and increased circulation to facilitate lipid mobilization and excretion of fat-stored toxins.
Sauna therapy enhances this process by mobilizing poisons from body storage sites into general circulation, where they are then transported out of the body through various excretionary pathways such as perspiration.
Sauna detoxification is thought to lead to the removal of fat soluble chemicals from the body by encouraging their elimination through sebaceous and sweat glands.
www.ecomall.com /greenshopping/sauna.htm   (4320 words)

 Saunafin Saunas and Steambaths;sauna:sauna kit, home sauna, build a sauna, sauna heater, finnish sauna, sauna plan, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
If the sauna is part of a larger renovation; such as a finished basement, or addition, it is easy to incorporate the sauna kit into whatever space is available.
The sauna can be installed to suit particular settings; for example, exterior can be drywall and painted to match the outside decor of a bathroom.
This is important in a sauna where the wood is exposed to extremely high, dry temperatures, interspersed with blasts of humidity when water is splashed on the heater or the walls.
www.saunafin.com /liner.html   (653 words)

 Sauna People Co. Ltd - History of Sauna
The sauna is not a Finnish invention, however, despite a strong belief to the contrary.
He realized the central significance of the sauna for Finnish culture as a whole upon his arrival in Vermland, central Sweden, in the summer of 1817: "I had not taken a bath in a year although I was earlier used to bathing at least twice a week.
According to the ethnological interpretation, the original sauna was a hole dug in the ground, in the middle of which was a heated pile of stones, and which our ancestors covered with hides.
www.sauna.co.nz /saunashistory.htm   (3064 words)

 Finnish Sauna Secrets
Sauna is one of the important links to that nature, which is a very healthy thing, both physically, mentally and spiritually.
Sauna Culture to Finns is the exact opposite of the way the sauna is used in some European/western countries where it has found its way back to the old central European immoral traditions.
City saunas in America are often paneled in redwood or cedar and Finnish saunas are generally paneled in spruce, or knotless pine.
peacecountry0.tripod.com /sauna.htm   (4362 words)

 Building better sauna kits with factory-direct savings
A sauna is basically a dry heat with the addition of moisture to the air when water is sprinkled on the rocks.
Also remember that most government regulations require a commercial sauna have a door with glass in it to allow the occupants to be viewed from outside.
Sauna lights are often operated by dimmer switches which offer the option of adjusting each light as the "mood" warrants.
www.homecraft.bc.ca /sauna_kits.htm   (1514 words)

 Saunafin — Your Sauna Source —Home Saunas, Commercial Saunas
Whether you are building your own home sauna or steambath, or are looking for a pre-fab or infrared sauna, Saunafin will take care of your entire sauna and steambath needs.
For many, this is what a true sauna is all about and it is something they desire and appreciate.
In this case, a traditional sauna is likely more suitable as they are readily available in a great selection of sizes.
www.saunafin.com   (1173 words)

 Sauna Kit, Sauna Heater, Modular Sauna - Finlandia Sauna
Saunas were rediscovered in America for their relaxation and many health benefits.
The main benefit of Sauna is that it opens the pores and flushes out the body's toxins and impurities.
Finlandia Sauna is one of the oldest Sauna companies in the U.S. and has been manufacturing the highest quality Saunas since 1964.
www.finlandiasauna.com   (352 words)

 The Finnish Sauna
While a hot sauna may seem a cruel punishment to unexperienced bathers, it is actually a very pleasant experience.
It was believed that once the darkness set in, the sauna would be used by the invisible folk, the previous inhabitants of the house.
After the sauna, they visit the graves of their families and friends before settling down for the festive dinner.
cankar.org /sauna   (335 words)

 Sauna - Saunas - Saunasfactorydirect.com
Sauna by Airwall is the leader in the far infrared sauna industry.
Airwall far infrared saunas are made for commercial use yet can be used in home applications.
Airwall far infrared saunas with solid ceramic technology give true surround coverage, while some companies claim to have surround coverage yet they don't have any heaters in the front wall.
www.saunasfactorydirect.com   (161 words)

This sauna is affordable, portable and beautifully crafted from aromatic Canadian cedar and plugs into any standard 120V wall socket.
Thermal Life TM saunas are also ideal for use in health clubs, resorts, and in the offices of heath care providers.
Infra-red saunas, during a 20-30 minute session, create approximately the same amount of perspiration as a 6 mile run.
www.noaw.com /Sauna/sauna.htm   (681 words)

 History of the Finnish Sauna and the Nordic Bath
The sauna was no luxury to the Finns and it would take more than a few such pamphlets to discourage their use.
Often a sauna left by an evacuated villager was repaired and heated by the freezing troops.
Known as Friends of the Finnish Sauna (Suomalaisen Saunan Ystavat), and later as the Sauna Society of Finland (Sauna Seura r.y.), their task was to research the climatic conditions inside the sauna, to determine the best ways of construction, and to perform tests to the sauna's physiological effects.
www.cyberbohemia.com /Pages/historyofnordic.htm   (4237 words)

Sauna and Steam have been utilized as a natural approach to a healthier lifestyle for centuries.
A sauna is a dry heat bath taken in a well-insulated room lined with untreated kiln-dried soft wood and heated with igneous rocks.
Not to mention the physical benefits of both the sauna and the steambath: skin cleansing, improved blood circulation, better muscle recovery, headache relief, less joint pain and a better night’s sleep.
www.adelacove.com /sauna1.htm   (435 words)

 Sauna, Home Saunas, New Sauna Technology
A sauna uses high temperatures and dry heat while steam bath uses a lower temperature and a high moister level (steam).
Our goal is to educate you before you buy on the different types of Saunas available today as well as showing you the different options to construct and heat your sauna.
Several options are available for heating your sauna the traditional type of heat is through a wood burning stove although these work well, they can be time consuming.
www.hot-sauna.com   (177 words)

 A Sauna - Infrared Sauna and Finnish Saunas Information
This allows the sauna to heat up very quickly as it is the infrared lights effect on your skin that does the heating, not the air around you.
Infrared saunas harness this same power to give you the ultimate sauna experience at a fraction of the cost of traditional saunas.
Many people move their sauna's indoors for the winter to avoid having to go outside and experience the cold air after a nice relaxing sauna.
www.a-sauna.com   (279 words)

 Benefits of Sauna Use
Basically, what happens to the body during a sauna is quite simple--your metabolism and pulse rates increase, your blood vessels become much more flexible, and your extremities benefit from increased circulation.
Not to say that a sauna would put you in excellent physical condition without moving a muscle (don't some of us wish!), but that it brings about the same metabolic results as physical exercise.
They say that after leaving the sauna, the mind is in a relaxed, lucid state, free of the worries of the everyday world.
www.saunakits.com /faq-health-pop1.html   (288 words)

The lava stones sued to heat the sauna can function dry or with a misting from a spray bottle we provide, so you can control the amount and intensity of the dry or moist heat, as you prefer.
This means that a brief 15-30 minute sauna visit before your massage appointment will allow your muscles to release more of their built-up tension.
For those wishing to use the sauna only, the $15.00 fee covers up to a half-hour of sauna, terry wraps, ice water and a locker for your street clothes and personal items while you enjoy your sauna relaxation.
www.serenity-dayspa.com /pages/sauna.html   (812 words)

 Sauna, Saunas, Infrared Sauna
While the main benefit of using an infrared sauna is to expedite the detoxification process by profuse deep sweating it would be counter productive to use a sauna that outgases toxic fumes.
The Sauna interior wood will become hot enough to cause emision of toxic fumes if it were made of cedar or other outgassing wood types.
A sauna heater is one of the most important considerations you should evaluate before buying ANY far infrared sauna.
www.luxsauna.com   (591 words)

 Sauna : RATGEBER   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sauna in der heutigen Vielfalt ist der moderne Garant für Streßabbau, Vitalität und Lebensfreude.
Den Wunsch nach einer Sauna in den eigenen vier Wänden hegen viele Menschen, doch oftmals...
Unter der Holzsauna verstehen wir die eigentliche Sauna, auch finnische Sauna genannt:...
www.sauna-ratgeber.de   (264 words)

 SAUNA STORE - Sauna, Saunas, Home Sauna Rooms, Sauna Heaters and Sauna Accessories
Sauna tradition has existed in Scandinavia for thousands of years.
Select from our quality line of indoor saunas; pre-fab saunas, or let us design and make a custom sauna for you.
Our saunas are made of the finest wood with highest quality honoring the original sauna construction.
www.saunastore.com   (141 words)

 Sauna   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Sauna's have been enjoyed for thousands of years, from the Romans to modern times, and provide a number of health benefits.
By definition, the Sauna (Finnish word), is a room lined with softwood heated by rocks and steam.
Both temperature, 160°F and higher and humidity, 15% to 50%, are controlled by the sauna participants.
www.steamandsauna.com /sauna.htm   (228 words)

 The Finnish Sauna Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Finnish Sauna Society is a private cultural association founded in 1937 to foster the heritage of the national bath.
The function of the Finnish Sauna Society is to preserve the traditional native sauna culture, spread information about it, correct wrong impressions about the sauna, emphasize the meaning of sauna bathing for a healthy life and also to develop the sauna of the present day.
The International Sauna Society was founded in 1977 on the initiative of the Finnish Sauna Society as a common organization for sauna associations in different countries.
www.sauna.fi /pages/saunasoc.htm   (374 words)

 SAUNA   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The sauna is an integral part of a Finnlander's life: It'swhere he cleanses both his body and his soul and it's also an important social institution in the Finnish community.
The sauna bath has gained widespread popularity in North America the last couple of years and anyone who has had one doesn't need to be told why.
A sauna can be heated in an hour and a half but the rocks never get hot all the way through in that amount of time and, as a result, will cool off too quickly.
www.motherearthnews.com /green_home_building/1971_January_February/Sauna   (2405 words)

While the word "sauna" (in the Finnish pronounciation, the "au" sound is like "ou" in "loud") means different things in different countries, for a Finn it means an elementary part of everyday life.
The stove is traditionally fuelled by wood, but electrically heated saunas are common due to their safe, easy and clean use.
This is not the way sauna is meant to be enjoyed, not to mention that it can be dangerous.
www.chenowith.k12.or.us /whs/students/finland/sauna.html   (828 words)

 Ice Hotel Sweden Sauna
This is the motto of the Swedish Sauna Academy which was founded in the genuine, traditional sauna in Jukkasjärvi.
And the truth is, a sauna is guaranteed to warm the cockles of your heart.
The sauna building is a part of our local heritage and was once the first inn in the area.
www.scantours.com /ice_hotel_sauna.htm   (227 words)

 Sauna Therapy
Saunas are powerful devices and monitoring your progress by a professional trained in sauna use is always advisable.
Infrared lamp sauna therapy is one of the least costly, safest and most powerful ways to eliminate toxic metals, toxic chemicals and chronic infections.
The infrared lamp sauna penetrates deepest, we believe, and we are waiting for formal studies to confirm or disprove this hypothesis.
www.drlwilson.com /Articles/sauna_therapy.htm   (3503 words)

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