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Topic: Scandal (band)

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In the News (Wed 24 Jul 19)

  Scandal (band) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scandal was a band from the 1980s led by Patty Smyth.
Scandal was formed in New York City in 1981 by guitarist Zack Smith, who also wrote most of the band's hits.
The band had much success early on; but unfortunately due to the constant struggles within the group and their record company, it slowly dissolved--losing member after member.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scandal_(band)   (275 words)

 Scandal us lyrics, Scandal us guitar tabs, Scandal us bass tabs, Scandal us pictures, Scandal us fonts, discography, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Scandal us browse lyrics and guitar tablature, read biography of Scandal us and find out how was written.
Band fonts section Scandal us is another category that deserves some attention, especially for those who are big fans of the band Scandal us and like to collect or create band logos and such.
Our band font section has quiet a few different fonts for you to download, so you can type any text the way your favorite band writes their on their album cover.
musiceffect.com /scandal_us/guitar   (986 words)

 Scandal: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
Columbia signed the band based on the clip and the cut, and Scandal went on to become the biggest-selling EP in Columbia history.
Scandal released the Warrior album in 1984, and when singer Patty Smyth left the group soon thereafter they broke up for good.
The "Holly" in Holly and the Italians was Holly Beth Vincent, a singer/drummer/guitarist, who got her start playing in local bands in her native Chicago in the 1970s.
www.music.com /group/scandal/1   (434 words)

It was the beginning for the band to change their public image from wild-and-sexy gorgeousness to elegant beautifulness.
It was a great affect for Visual Scandal to make themselves bigger in name and in reality.
In this year of 2005, the 25th anniversary of the band's first appearance and the 20th of breaking up, ex-members CHERRY, MARK and ELIZA have realized their dream to meet again to rise for the temporary activity.
www.myspace.com /visualscandal   (447 words)

 Scandal - Biography - AOL Music
Guitarist Zack Smith formed the mainstream pop/rock band Scandal after playing in various groups, including ones that featured Dee Murray and Davey Johnson of the Elton John band.
Scandal's lineup was secured in 1982, with the addition of vocalist Patty Smyth; the rest of the band included bassist Ivan Elias, guitarist Keith Mack, keyboardist Benji King, and drummer Frankie La Rocka.
After opening for acts like the Kinks and Hall & Oates, the band released their debut single, "Goodbye to You," in 1982; their self-titled debut album followed soon afterward.
music.aol.com /artist/scandal/5360/biography   (210 words)

 CD review: "The Warrior"
When Scandal released their debut EP a couple years ago (1982), they seemed a band with some real potential.
True, they were strictly a pop band, not much different from '70s bubble gum outfits, but in lead singer Patty Smyth they had something special.
With her earthy vocals and unabashed sex appeal, Smyth is obviously the band's ticket to the big time.
www.trageser.com /archive/music/album-scandal.html   (251 words)

 [No title]
SCANDAL’US are the new face in Australian music and Mitsubishi have joined forces with the band as the exclusive automotive sponsor.
SCANDAL’US band members are sexy, chic, sporty, cool and fun — the perfect fit with the core brand values of the multi-award winning Mitsubishi Mirage.
Each band member will be the proud recipient of a Mitsubishi Mirage fitted with an exciting body kit.
www.angelfire.com /band2/scandalus/news.html   (456 words)

 \ jenyk \ band photography \ by jasper coolidge \ icewater scandal \   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
I do know that there was a lot of "buzz" for their show at Sin-e so as with all such cases of bands' reps preceding them I knew to pay attention.
Though probably not the smoothest gig in their history (tech diffs galore due to lack of the all-important sound check) the Scandal certainly didn't fail to impress and even get some hipster head nodding going with their complicated brand of off-kilter rock.
Most impressive (yeah surprise to those who know me) was lead singer Andrea, who overcame the most insurmountable odds with her sound and delivered a most impressive and compelling performance that for me drew comparisons to Eleanor of The Fiery Furnaces.
www.jenyk.com /bandphotography/icewater.htm   (222 words)

 Scandal Beauty - Free Music Downloads - MP3 Downloads - Download.com Music
Scandal Beauty is a pop band from Sweden.
The band was formed in January 2000 and has had over 50 gigs around the nation.
The goal?with the band is to?play all over the world and being immensely popular.
music.download.com /scandalbeauty/3600-8691-100652164.html   (160 words)

 scandal'us avenue
What's incredible is how strongly they have bonded as a band in such a short period of time.
With a band average age of 20, this really is the new sound of Australian pop.
After releasing their second single from the album- Make Me Crazy, Scandal'us was invited to tour with the local British 'Popstars' phenomenon Hear'say in a major tour of England, Scotland and Ireland last August/September.
www.geocities.com /scandalus_avenue/scandalus.htm   (734 words)

 Iromega Scandal - Band page with free MP3 music downloads on SoundClick
Iromega Scandal was a side project by Furik after the final release of the Furik 5 album.
Taking a break from Furik for the time being, Furik was under the identity of Iromega Scandal and created one album and two singles.
Iromega Scandal was a wise old monk who lived in the darkest hills of the night gazing up at the sky.
www.soundclick.com /iromegascandal   (203 words)

 Scandal (disambiguation) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A scandal is behaviour or talk which is regarded as very shocking and immoral by many people.
Scandal (theology), a behavior or attitude that leads another to sin in Catholic theology
Scandal, a song by Queen, appearing on the album The Miracle
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scandal_(disambiguation)   (125 words)

 Kasim Sulton's Patty Smyth and Scandal Tour
They had joined bands like the Beatles and Creedence Clearwater Revival who had come into my life, held me up with their music, and were gone.
Patty Smyth and Scandal came on stage at about 10.15pm and only played until about 11.40pm so it was a slightly shorter gig than the other gigs.
Thankfully tonight all the band came back on stage together and Patty introduced them all first (she said that Kasim was Irish from Queens!).
www.kasiminfo.com /2005/0205.html   (2164 words)

 Amazon.com: The Warrior: Music: Scandal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Scandal's impact on 80's hard guitar rock has registered as a brief blip.
Scandal's gifted in having a consistent sound which makes up for the lack of other rockers that have the same punch as "The Warrior" or some that are lyrically unmemorable.
Too bad that interference from the higher ups at the record label contributed to Scandal's demise, because Scandal was definitely a band that could've produced many more albums to follow.
www.amazon.com /Warrior-Scandal/dp/B0000025YB   (1416 words)

 VH1.com : Shows : Bands Reunited : Scandal
In the early '80s, Scandal dominated the MTV airwaves with their pop-rock hooks and the sassy stage presence of Patty Smyth.
But after a meteoric rise, the band lost member after member, suffering a slow and...
Petition for a new "BANDS REUNITED" - 10.25.2006
www.vh1.com /shows/dyn/bands_reunited/81582/episode.jhtml   (164 words)

 Scandal (1989)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Plot Summary: An English bon-vivant osteopath is enchanted with a young exotic dancer and invites her to live with him...
John Hurt as "Stephen Ward" and Ian McKellen "John Profumo" are the males.
The story is about Britain's "Profumo Affar," as it was labeled back then - a sex scandal involving English politicians in the early 1960s.
us.imdb.com /title/tt0098260/combined   (516 words)

 Casino Connection Atlantic City | Entertainment | Scandalous
It was more than two decades ago when the band Scandal was formed by guitarist/songwriter Zack Smith.
Once Smyth was on board, Scandal had early success with the single "Goodbye To You" off their debut album Scandal.
Just one year later, the band folded and Smyth launched her solo career.
www.casinoconnectionac.com /articles/Scandalous   (289 words)

 The Dave Kelly Band
From Blues/Rock to Folk/Rock to Soul, to playing in a Country band at Wembley Arena, to writing/performing in Rock band, Panama Scandal, Gary's early musical years were multifarious.
Gary's songwriting features in both the Blues Band and Dave Kelly Band sets, as well as in his own solo work.
Dave is well known for his 20+ years with The Blues Band with umpteen band albums and almost as many solo albums to his name.
www.gtamusic.co.uk /the_dave_kelly_band.htm   (402 words)

AFTER the band made their decision, we grabbed the story so I could prompt a response from Phil.
Hard rock bands and we can assume that this is a hard rock band don't generally work with a female lead and a dudes backing her up.There are exceptions but they are few and far between.
supernova isnt really a band, they are a group of astronauts planning on travelling to the sun and they are looking for someone to go for a walk on the sun because they are too scared in case their feet get burned, by the sun
www.6767.com /archives/2006/07/scandal.html   (7518 words)

 The Session: Discussions - Border Collies Scandal
They wouldn't be the first band or artist who's had to change their name because an existing band or artist with that name objected.
The leader of the Atlanta band happens to be a friend of mine, but regardless of that, I always have to come down on the side of whoever had the name first.
Colm cost himself and his band money, and Miguel money, but not doing the sensible and reasonable thing in the first place and nipping the problem right then and there when he first heard the band name was already taken.
www.thesession.org /discussions/display.php/6509   (14379 words)

 SCandAL - OneLook Dictionary Search
Scandal : Online Plain Text English Dictionary [home, info]
Scandal : E Cobham Brewer, The Reader's Handbook [home, info]
Phrases that include SCandAL: watergate scandal, fl sox scandal, lewinsky scandal, school for scandal, a roman scandal, more...
www.onelook.com /cgi-bin/cgiwrap/bware/dofind.cgi?word=SCandAL   (246 words)

 Kasim Sulton's Patty Smyth and Scandal's Tour
Kasim Sulton is playing bass and singing background vocals on the Patty Smyth and Scandal Tour of the US.
Scandal were popular in the 80s and got together again for a taping of Bands Reunited for VH-1 in August 2004.
As their bass player Ivan Elias passed away about 15 years ago, the band who all know Kasim, asked him to play bass on the show and he was the obvious choice when they decided to tour again for the first time in 20 years.
www.kasiminfo.com /2005Scandal.html   (232 words)

We are a new Ska/Rock/Pop band from Vancouver.
Like many bands we have had trouble finding a drummer but have lucked out with our current young ecclectic powerhouse on the skins.
We are always looking for organ/horn players to fill out our sound.
www.myspace.com /7oclockscandal   (315 words)

 Le Scandal - NYC's Finest Cabaret
Le Scandal is a unique blend of neo-burlesque and vaudeville, with a touch of downtown edge and a dash of Coney Island.
Drew Barrymore even performed a scandalous striptease that's been the talk of the town ever since!
And, check out the Le Scandal house band, the NYC Blues Devils, at www.NYCBluesDevils.com.
www.lescandal.com   (129 words)

 Music for Weddings, parties etc., San Francisco & the Bay Area - Celtic Scandal   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Celtic Scandal is Managed by Ben Hunter who is also the bands lead singer/bassist.
This band has played at 50+ Weddings and performs at dinner events, even fund raisers, such as The Irish Immigration and Pastoral Center Funds, The Ireland-American Fund, and even Napa's Steltzner Vineyard.
Celtic Scandal is available for weddings, parties, functions, and dances.
www.celticscandal.com   (175 words)

 Indianz.Com > News > Morongo Band denies any ties to Abramoff scandal
A lobbyist for the Morongo Band of Mission Indians says the California tribe is not connected in any way to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff.
The tribe hosted a fundraiser for Rep. Bob Ney (R-Ohio) -- who tried to help Abramoff with a scheme that ended up defrauding a Texas tribe -- and held the fundraiser in a Washington arena luxury suite -- just as Abramoff frequently did for other Republicans.
But Morongo Band lobbyist Scott Dacey -- a Washington lawyer who has represented other tribes and once worked for the National Indian Gaming Commission -- said there is no connection to the Abramoff affair.
www.indianz.com /News/2005/007713.asp   (1218 words)

 Brampton News - Brass Band Drug Scandal - Brampton Bugle   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Brampton News - Brass Band Drug Scandal - Brampton Bugle
Last week's annual brass band contest final at the Bladdery Hall, Brampton, ended in the usual disarray after most of the Slattock & Clitterthwaite Colliery Band were taken to hospital for observation following what must be the most unusual performance in their 84 year history.
Onlookers were amazed when the award winning ensemble took to the podium in what can only be described as a state of hilarity.
www.brampton-bugle.co.uk /news/brampton_news_brass_band.html   (117 words)

 Scandal Tabs: 6 Tabs Total @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Scandal Tabs: 6 Tabs Total @ 911Tabs - Tabs Search Engine
+ Get more Scandal tabs from Tab Heaven
+ Get Scandal lyrics from Mp3 Lyrics Organized
www.911tabs.com /tabs/s/scandal   (81 words)

 VH1.com : Scandal : Biography - Urge Music Downloads
VH1.com : Scandal : Biography - Urge Music Downloads
Add a link to your "Scandal" fan site on VH1.com!
Guitarist Zack Smith formed the mainstream pop/rock band Scandal after playing in various groups, including ones that featured Dee Murray and Davey Johnson of the
www.vh1.com /artists/az/scandal/bio.jhtml   (190 words)

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