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In the News (Fri 15 Mar 19)

  Scandinavia Travel – Denmark Travel Packages – Norway Travel – Sweden Package Vacation – Gate 1 ...
Scandinavia Tours and Scandinavia Vacations: Scandinavia Tours and Scandinavia Vacations: Book a Scandinavian vacation or tour with Gate 1 Travel, the premier provider of Scandinavian tour packages.
Tour Scandinavia, Russia and the Baltics on these escorted, motor coach bus tours including flights, hotel accommodations, transfers, transportation, meals and sightseeing.
A professional English-speaking tour manager handles all of the group's needs throughout your tour of Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltics.
www.gate1travel.com /scandinavia-travel/default.aspx   (226 words)

  Scandinavia House - Programs
Scandinavia House is closed on Saturdays from June 30 through September 1.
Scandinavia House is pleased to present eight episodes of the International Emmy Award-winning Danish crime drama The Eagle (Ørnen) during its annual summer TV series.
Scandinavia House features regular programs for children and families in the Heimbold Family Children’s Learning Center, a colorful, welcoming environment where children ages 3 to 10 and their caregivers can learn about the history and culture of Scandinavia through books, toys, workshops, and parties.
www.scandinaviahouse.org /programs.html   (2003 words)

  Scandinavia - MSN Encarta
Scandinavia (ancient Scandia), name applied collectively to three countries of northern Europe—Norway and Sweden (which together form the Scandinavian Peninsula), and Denmark.
The term Scandinavia is sometimes extended to include Iceland and the Faroe Islands, which are linguistically related to the others, and to Finland, which is not linguistically related.
The term Nordic has been applied to the five countries of northern Europe (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland) that are united by geographical and economic factors.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761572025/Scandinavia.html   (137 words)

 Read   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Reports of the death of marriage in Scandinavia are greatly exaggerated; giving gay couples the right to wed did not lead to massive matrimonial flight by heterosexuals.
Indeed, in Scandinavia the majority of families with children are headed by married parents.
In the Netherlands, a bit south of Scandinavia, 90 percent of heterosexual couples with kids are married.
slate.msn.com /toolbar.aspx?action=read&id=2100884   (1279 words)

 The End of Marriage in Scandinavia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Scandinavia's out-of-wedlock birthrates may have risen more rapidly in the seventies, when marriage began its slide.
Marriage in Scandinavia is in deep decline, with children shouldering the burden of rising rates of family dissolution.
THE DECLINE OF MARRIAGE and the rise of unstable cohabitation and out-of-wedlock childbirth are not confined to Scandinavia.
www.weeklystandard.com /Content/Public/Articles/000/000/003/660zypwj.asp?pg=2   (5201 words)

 Boston.com / News / Boston Globe / Opinion / Op-ed / Death of marriage in Scandinavia
Data from European demographers and statistical bureaus show that a majority of children in Sweden and Norway are now born out of wedlock, as are 60 percent of first-born children in Denmark.
Certainly Scandinavia's system of registered partnerships is not the only cause of marital decline.
Same-sex registered partnerships are Scandinavia's latest contribution to Western family change -- a sharp cultural separation between the ideas of marriage and parenthood.
www.boston.com /news/globe/editorial_opinion/oped/articles/2004/03/10/death_of_marriage_in_scandinavia   (897 words)

State Highway 49 and County Highway B serve the Village of Scandinavia..
The Village of Scandinavia is served by the Waupaca Municipal Airport, a general aviation facility located 10 miles south of the Village.
The nearest scheduled airport is the Outagamie County Regional Airport, located 40 miles southeast of Scandinavia, in Appleton.
www.wcedc.org /mscan.htm   (320 words)

 Scandinavia Summary
Scandinavia is a region in northern Europe composed of the countries Sweden, Norway, and Denmark.
Scandinavia is the cultural and historic region of the Scandinavian Peninsula.
Scandinavia: Red: the three monarchies that compose Scandinavia according to the strictest definition; Orange: the possible extended usage; Yellow: the maximal extended usage that takes Scandinavia as synonymous with The Nordic countries.
www.bookrags.com /Scandinavia   (206 words)

 Scandinavia, Nebraska NE, township profile (Harlan County) - hotels, festivals, genealogy, newspapers - ePodunk
At the time of the 2000 census, the per capita income in Scandinavia was $14,154, compared with $21,587 nationally.
Median rent in Scandinavia, at the time of the 2000 Census, was $220.
The average commute time for Scandinavia workers is 18 minutes, compared with 26 minutes nationwide.
www.epodunk.com /cgi-bin/genInfo.php?locIndex=273147   (446 words)

Of the tribes in Scandinavia in the early years, the most powerful were the Svear or Sviar whom Tacitus mentions.
Scandinavia was a region rich in agricultural products and growing political influence.
Sweden and the adjacent lands were lucky enough to not be subject to major intrusions of outside people but the period from 400 CE to 700 CE was still a period which saw a considerable degree of cultural change.
www.ancientworlds.net /aw/Places/Place/325157   (216 words)

 AllRefer.com - Scandinavia, Scandinavia (Scandinavian Political Geography) - Encyclopedia
It consists of the kingdoms of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark; Finland and Iceland are usually considered part of Scandinavia.
Sometimes the word "Norden" is applied to the five countries because it avoids the physiographic and cultural limitations of the word Scandinavia.
The oldest Germanic literature (see Old Norse literature) flourished in Scandinavia, especially in Iceland.
reference.allrefer.com /encyclopedia/S/Scandinv.html   (479 words)

Once home to dreaded Vikings, Scandinavia has become a playground for outdoorsmen and cutting-edge center of style, design, and technology.
Scandinavia's northern climate and rugged geography has always inspired and challenged its people.
In Scandinavia, size matters when it comes to waterfalls, fjords, and North Sea oil platforms.
www.homeatfirst.com /scandina.htm   (360 words)

 Royalty.nu - Scandinavian Royalty - History, News, Books
The Democratic Monarchies of Scandinavia by Ben A. Arneson.
Royal Families of Medieval Scandinavia, Flanders, and Kiev by Rupert Alen.
The book considers the political backgrounds of the monarchs' reigns and describes the dissolution of the union between Norway and Sweden in 1905.
www.royalty.nu /Europe/Scandinavia/index.html   (355 words)

 Amazon.com: Scandinavia: The Complete Guide to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden (7th Edition): Books: ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Also, there is not a lot of information in the book about train or boat travel in Scandinavia.
Even though this book was released in 2000, some of the times museums were open differed from the guide, so confirm with the museum before exploring.
Overall, I was pleased with my purchase and it served me well while in Scandinavia.
www.amazon.com /Scandinavia-Complete-Denmark-Finland-Iceland/dp/0679035311   (943 words)

The Scandinavia 300 handles utility sewing like a dream, but its embroidery feature really adds a new dimension to your hobby.
The Scandinavia 300 is computerized and helps you choose the right stitch, whether for utility sewing or embroidery.
With your Scandinavia 300 comes an embroidery card with several different embroidery designs to get you started.
www.husqvarnaviking.com /us/598_1103.htm   (149 words)

 Five Stars of Scandinavia -- GRAND TOUR OF SCANDINAVIA 2007
Our comprehensive escorted tour to Scandinavia and Russia features a combination of the most spectacular Fjords in Norway, the colorful Scandinavian capitals, and magnificent historic St. Petersburg.
Dinner and overnight at Radisson SAS Scandinavia Hotel, ideally located in the city center, near Karl Johan Boulevard and the Royal Palace.
Day 15 HELSINKI (B) Your Grand Tour of Scandinavia ends after buffet breakfast in hotel, with morning transfer to Helsinki Vantaa Airport to connect with your flight home.
www.5stars-of-scandinavia.com /escorted/?id=grand_tour.html   (1356 words)

 Scandinavia Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Scandinavia Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
The Scandinavian Tourist Boards have excellent product oriented information available to assist you in making travel arrangements to one of the most attractive regions in Europe.
Are you currently planning a trip to Scandinavia?
www.goscandinavia.com /brochure/index.shtml   (179 words)

It is from Scandinavia that most of our yule log traditions derive.
The dark cold winters inspired the development of traditions concerned with warmth and light.
Yuletide, meaning "the turning of the sun" or the winter solstice, has traditionally been a time of extreme importance in Scandinavia - a time when fortunes for the coming year were determined and when the dead were thought to walk the earth.
www.the-north-pole.com /around/scandinavia.html   (170 words)

 Pictures of Scandinavia, by BamJam Productions
This website Pictures of Scandinavia will take you on a tour through three very different countries: Denmark, Sweden and Norway (sorry Finland, maybe next year).
Every self-respecting town in Scandinavia has one, we will show you the best-known in each country.
Furthermore we'll show you some major cities, a zoo, a museum for modern art, a ski-resort and lots more.
www.bamjam.net /Scandinavia/index.html   (118 words)

 Age of Steam Expansion #3 - Scandinavia and Korea | BoardGameGeek
Age of Steam Expansion #3 - Scandinavia and Korea
This Age of Steam Expansion #3 contains a two-sided board with Scandinavia and Korea.
The Scandinavia map adds sea routes and an extra action "Ferry" which allows transport from one coastal city to another.
www.boardgamegeek.com /game/14183   (300 words)

 Infosecurity Around the Globe - Infosecurity Scandinavia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Infosecurity Scandinavia is the only trade fair in Scandinavia to focus exclusively on IT and information security where conferences, exhibition and other interesting activities are co-ordinated.
Infosecurity Scandinavia is co-located with Networks Telecom and Storage Expo giving you three strong trade shows in Sweden, all at the same venue.
The event is the largest and most widely appreciated IT show in Scandinavia and has been held for twelve years and counting.
www.infosecworld.com /page.cfm/Link=14/t=m/goSection=6   (117 words)

 Amazon.com: Scandinavia: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Made in Scandinavia by Made in Scandinavia (Audio CD - 2000) - Import
From Scandinavia: Lindberg: Clarinet Quintet, Sorenson: Angels' Music, Saariaho: Nymphae, Tiensuu: Arsenic and Old Lace by Arditti String Quartet, kari kriikku, and jukka tiensuu (Audio CD - 1996)
Jazz from Scandinavia by Various Artists (Audio CD - 2005) - Import
www.amazon.com /s?ie=UTF8&keywords=Scandinavia&tag=tradingtraine-20&index=music&link_code=qs&page=1   (654 words)

 Travel in Scandinavia with a rail pass from Rail Europe
Travel in Scandinavia with a rail pass from Rail Europe
Plan your trip on your terms, with our options.
If you'd like to travel to Scandinavia and 13 other countries, be sure to check our Eurail Global Pass.
www.raileurope.com /us/rail/passes/scandinavia_index.htm   (227 words)

 Robinson Scandinavia - Home
We are specialised in organising tours to Scandinavia and Finland (since 1982).
We are based where you need us; in Scandinavia!
Our clients are Travel Agents, Tour Operators, Airlines and Transport Companies from the whole world..
www.robinsonscandinavia.com /en/index.htm   (46 words)

 Scandinavia Vacations - Scandinavia Travels - Map Of Scandinavia
Use this map to search various destinations within Scandinavia as well as find hotels that await you in selected cities.
Visit Scandinavia during the spring and fall months; you'll enjoy smaller crowds and catch a little bit of the warmth of summer.
Spring can be beautiful—as winter melts away, blossoms and colors bloom.
www.expedia.com /daily/vacations/europe/maps/scandinavia.asp   (201 words)

 Scandinavia Tours : Huge Discounts on Scandinavia Vacations, Scandinavia Travel
As a large-scale seller of Scandinavia tours and Scandinavia vacations, we are able to offer you unbeatable prices and unparalleled value.
Cathedrals and Castles of the Imperial Europe, Scandinavia and Russia Cruise with Oslo
Cathedrals and Castles of the Imperial Europe, Scandinavia and Russia Cruise with Berlin
www.affordabletours.com /Scandinavia   (207 words)

 Contiki Holidays » Tours » Scandinavia
Scandinavia is full of stunning scenery, long summer days, enchanting folk tales and mythical wild life.
Explore it the easy way with this two week journey through the capital cities of Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen and some of the lesser known gems.
Geiranger: See the stunning Geiranger Fjord.; Photo stop at the most scenic spot in Scandinavia.
www.contiki.com /tours/149-scandinavia   (1024 words)

 Scandinavian Explorer
For a limited time only save up to $800 per couple on this remarkable journey to Scandinavia.
Your fascinating voyage to Scandinavia begins as you depart New York this evening on your overnight flight.
Late morning arrival in Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital and delightful cultural center.
www.smartours.com /scandinavia.htm   (1013 words)

 Scandinavia Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Scandinavia Tourist Boards - Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden
Please feel free to browse the country websites of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.
Keep up-to-date on special promotions and news on Scandinavia travel by joining our e-list below.
www.goscandinavia.com   (87 words)

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