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Topic: Sceptre with the Cross

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In the News (Tue 18 Dec 18)

  Carriage Museum of America
The Sceptre with the Cross, or Sceptre Royal, is likewise of gold, the handle plain, and the upper part wreathed; it is in length two feet nine inches and a quarter, and is of the same thickness as the former.
Eighth, the Sceptre with the Dove, to the Duke of Richmond.
The Exhortation being ended, her Majesty delivered the sceptre with the cross to the Lord of the Manor of Worksop, to hold the same on her right hand, and the sceptre with the dove to the Duke of Richmond, to hold the same on her left hand during the homage.
www.carriagemuseumlibrary.org /queen_vic_process.htm   (0 words)

  Sceptre - LoveToKnow 1911
Among the Etruscans sceptres of great magnificence were used by kings and upper orders of the priesthood, and many representations of such sceptres occur on the walls of the painted tombs of Etruria.
Under the Republic an ivory sceptre (sceptrum eburneum) was a mark of consular rank It was also used by victorious generals who received the title of imperator, and it may be said to survive in the marshal's baton.
With the advent of Christianity the sceptre was often tipped with across instead of the eagle, but during the middle ages the finials on the top of the sceptre varied considerably.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Sceptre   (924 words)

The plain saltire is nothing but a cross placed in a different position, and whatever was the origin of the one as a device upon a shield, was probably also the origin of the other.
Argent, on a saltire gules an escallop or--See of ROCHESTER.
The Cross of S.Julian is a saltire crossed, or as otherwise described, a cross crosslet placed saltirewise.
www.heraldsnet.org /saitou/parker/Jpglosss.htm   (11711 words)

 The Offense of the Cross « A Soul’s Anchor
The Offense of the Cross « A Soul’s Anchor
With such associations it is hard to imagine that the cross is an offense or an insult to anyone in the modern world.The cross may have gained popularity as a symbol, but the essential offense of the message of the cross has not ceased.
At the cross, they are all the same - the saint and the sinner, the upright and the thief, the moral law keeper and the flagrantly disobedient.
asoulsanchor.wordpress.com /2007/03/20/82   (0 words)

 Russian College of Heraldry Imperial Arms Blazon m RM
All displayed within an imperial robe of estate with a pavilion Or, semée of imperial eagles, doubled Ermine, and ensigned with an imperial crown proper.
Enté en pointe Argent, two bears statant erect combatant Sable, supporting a throne Or, cushioned Gules, on which are placed a sceptre and a long cross saltirewise, both Or.
Azure, the sun in splendour accompanied in chief with a cross couped, all Or (for
www.armorial.ru /imperial_m.htm   (1835 words)

 NationMaster - Encyclopedia: Sovereign's Orb
Atop the Orb is an amethyst surmounted by a Cross.
The Orb is a religious symbol; it represents the Monarch's role as Defender of the Faith and as Head of the Church of England.
At the end of the ceremony, the Monarch holds the Orb in the left hand, the Sceptre with the Cross in the right hand, and wears the Imperial State Crown as he or she leaves Westminster Abbey.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Sovereign%27s-Orb   (1091 words)

 The Cross: Its Origin and Significance (No. 39)
The handled cross (or cross potencée) is in the form of a T produced by suppressing the upper limb of the Latin cross (which we have seen in the sun symbols derived from the Chaldeo-Assyrian systems).
The mallet and cup which became identified as the tau cross is identified as the symbols (of creative power and plenty) borne by Dispater, the wheel of the sun-god, the cornucopia and torque carried by Cernunnos (ibid.).
The symbolism that arose from the cults was that of the cross, and the incidence of the propitiation of Hecate (Artemis, Rhea or the Mother Goddess) and Hermes at cross-roads was aimed specifically at the control of spirits of the dead.
www.ccg.org /english/s/p039.html   (12091 words)

  Kids.Net.Au - Encyclopedia > Sceptre   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Among the Etruscans sceptres of great magnificence were used by kings and upper orders of the priesthood, and many representations of such sceptres occur on the walls of the painted tombs of Etruria.
Under the Republic[?] an ivory sceptre (sceptrum eburneum) was a mark of consular rank It was also used by victorious generals who received the title of imperator, and it may be said to survive in the marshal’s baton.
With the advent of Christianity the sceptre was often tipped with a cross instead of with an eagle, but during the middle ages the finials[?] on the top of the sceptre varied considerably.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/sc/Sceptre   (665 words)

 The Cross: Latin: Christian Resource Centre (Bermuda)!
After the cross was outlawed as a means of execution, it became fully embraced by the Christians as their symbol of Christ.
The Latin cross is not inappropriate for a church that composed itself entirely of men, for in several early societies the Latin cross was a primary phallic symbol.
Phallic-masculine meanings of the cross are broadly hinted at in the fifth-century Gospel of Nicodemus, which says Jesus descended into hell and redeemed Adam, together with Old Testament patriarchs, prophets, and fore- fathers, by making the sign of the cross on their foreheads.
www.nisbett.com /symbols/cross.htm   (1139 words)

 English Monarchs - Kings and Queens of England - The Crown Jewels.
We know the appearance of the State Crown of Henry VII, which shared their fate, as it is depicted in some of the portraits Charles I, by Daniel Mytens and Van Dyck.
There were also various sceptres, swords, coronets, rings and an Anglo-Saxon comb, Some of the pieces were probably reclaimed burial regalia, including those stripped from the rich shrine of Edward the Confessor in Westminster Abbey by Henry VIII.
The Orb, a golden globe topped by a diamond encrusted cross is symbolic of the world ruled by Christianity, is held by the monarch in the coronation ceremony.
www.englishmonarchs.co.uk /crown_jewels.htm   (1013 words)

 Sceptre with the Cross
The Sovereign's Sceptre with the Cross - Tie Pin
The design of this unusual stud-pin is taken from the famous 'Sovereign's Sceptre with the Cross' (1661) which contains the world's largest diamond weighing 530 carats, and literally hundreds of other precious gems.
The 1/12th scale miniature stud-pin is gold plated, hand painted, set with Austrian crystal stones, and has a butterfly studpin fitting.
www.crownminiatures.com /Jewellery/sceptrewiththecr.html   (0 words)

 Tattoo Designs & Symbols - crown, cross, celtic, cherry, tattoos, meanings & explanations of most popular ...
The Celtic Cross is well represented in the Book of Kells and other manuscript illustrations - many of them religious texts - and carved stone crosses with the familiar intertwined lines and zoomorphic figures of Celtic art...
The Cross itself is one of the most ancient, widespread, and important symbols in human history - the vertical and horizontal lines representing...
Like the sceptre, the crown is a visible badge of office, granting the wearer, it's possessor, the absolute right to rule.
www.vanishingtattoo.com /tattoos_designs_symbols_c.htm   (1523 words)

 Westminster Abbey - Coronation at the Abbey
A sceptre like this has been carried since the Coronation of Richard I (1189); the dove symbolises the Holy Ghost.
When the two sceptres are held they symbolise ‘mercy hand in hand with justice’.
Sword of State – 4ft long, two-handed sword, 8lbs, arms of William and Mary on the scabbard; carried in front of the Sovereign on all state occasions.
www.westminster-abbey.org /coronation/elizabeth_ii_coronation.htm   (1060 words)

 SCEPTRE - Online Information article about SCEPTRE
France the royal sceptre was tipped with a fleur de lys, and the other, known as the See also:
account of Richard I.'s coronation the royal sceptre of gold with a gold cross, and the gold rod (virga) with a gold dove on the top, are mentioned for the first time.
new sceptres were made, and though slightly altered, are still in use.
encyclopedia.jrank.org /SAR_SCY/SCEPTRE.html   (982 words)

 Welcome to What is Christianity
It was in 431 that crosses in churches and chambers were Introduced, while the use of crosses on steeples did not come until about 586.1 the sixth century, the crucifix Image was sanctioned by the church of Rome.
The temple of Serapis in Alexandria was surmounted by a cross.
The form of the cross that Is today known as the Latin cross was used by the Etruscans, as seen on an ancient pagan tomb with winged angels to each side of it.
www.whatischristianity.org.uk /Facts/is_the_cross_a_christian_symbol.htm   (2046 words)

 Sceptre with the Dove - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Sceptre with the Dove symbolises the spiritual authority of the Monarch under the Cross.
The Sceptre with the Cross, another sceptre in the Crown Jewels, represents temporal or lay authority.
The Sceptre with the Dove, and the other Crown Jewels, may be found on display at Jewel House in the Tower of London.
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Sceptre_with_the_Dove   (173 words)

 RTÉ.ie Entertainment: Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix by Charles R Cross
Cross' last book was 'Heavier than Heaven', his fascinating biography of Kurt Cobain, and the similarities between both men's lives are, at times, eerie.
Whatever the reason, Cross is always readable, but his depiction of Hendrix's final year lacks the power and the ever-growing sense of dread which characterised his writing on Cobain's.
Cross, who says he's been writing the book in his mind since his first visit to Hendrix's grave in the 1970s, does a good job with the familiar and an excellent one with the forgotten.
www.rte.ie /arts/2005/1004/crosscr.html   (660 words)

 1963 HUMBER SCEPTRE - Vintage European Automobiles
Thus, although the Humber Sceptre's close affinity with the Hillman Super Minx is obvious, yet in many quite important details they are as different as chalk from cheese.
Compared with the Singer Vogue, the Sceptre has a slightly higher axle ratio of 4·22 instead of 4·44 to 1; in overdrive top it runs at 20·2 mph per 1,000 rpm, sufficiently high for a true 85 mph or so to be held indefinitely in very leisurely style.
Enhancing the Sceptre's attraction for the keen buyer such equipment as automatic reversing lamps, an electric dock and a heater are included in the standard equipment.
www.vea.qc.ca /vea/articles/humbersceptre.htm   (2016 words)

 Science Fair Projects - Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom
The term refers to the following objects: the crowns, sceptres (with either the cross or the dove), orbs, swords, rings, spurs, colobium sindonis, dalmatic, armill, and the royal robe or pall, as well as several other objects connected with the ceremony itself.
The Sceptre with the Cross, was made in 1661, and is so called because it is surmounted by a cross.
The Sceptre with the Dove, was also made in 1661, and atop it is a dove symbolising the Holy Ghost.
www.all-science-fair-projects.com /science_fair_projects_encyclopedia/British_Crown_Jewels   (1517 words)

 Rafal T. Prinke - Early Symbolism of the Rosy Cross
It is a small cross surrounded by a wreath containing four roses and it appears to be the only image of the Rosy Cross in the earliest, and generally believed to be authentic, Rosicrucian writings.
The symbol is a Calvary cross with a rose in its centre, which is identical with what Manly Palmer Hall considers to be the original symbol of the Rosicrucians.
However, the woodcut by Kulmbach seems to indicate that the rose joined to the cross was somehow connected with Hermetic thought as early as the beginning of the 16th century.
www.levity.com /alchemy/early_rc.html   (1296 words)

 Medieval coins - Cross and crosslets coinage
A small cross potent appears in each of the angles as does a small saltire over the centre of the main cross.
Reverse: Cross fleury with pellets or pellets/rosettes in alternate angles.
Reverse shows cross fleury with pellets in the angles, two of which have stalks.
www.finds.org.uk /medievalcoins/tealby.php   (645 words)

 Judah's Sceptre and Joseph's Birthright: Part Third/Chapter 7 - at BibleStudy.org
This is the pre-Christian cross of which relics are found along the trail of Israel, as they were being sifted through the nations to the isles of the Northwest, and which Ignatius Donnelly finds not only in Egypt and Ireland, but almost everywhere else.
Donnelly's object in discussing the pre-Christian cross is to prove that the cross has been a sacred emblem ever since the creation of man, and that it originated in the garden of Eden, because of the four rivers which parted in Eden and became four heads.
If it be true that the sign of the cross became sacred in the garden of Eden, then surely, after the giving of the birthright, it became doubly so to the house of Joseph; but now it is thrice sacred to them, for on the cross their Saviour made full atonement for sin.
www.biblestudy.org /bibleref/jsceptre/jsbp3c07.html   (2655 words)

 The Moscow Kremlin - Virtual exhibitions
The sceptre belonging to Tsar Peter I was made of gold and adorned with colour enamels and precious stones.
The sceptre’s form and details are close to the sceptre of Tsar Michael Fyodorovich of the XVIIth century.
The sceptre must have been executed in 1682 on the occasion of setting for reigning of brothers Ivan and Peter Alekseevich.
www.kreml.ru /en/main/virtual/exposition/regalia/PetrAlekseevich/sceptre   (197 words)

 The "Beauvais" Hoard
The type I coins have a profile bust of the king holding a sceptre, and a cross moline with fleur-de-lis on the reverse.
Of particular interest is the modification of the sceptre with an annulet enclosing a pellet that replaces the royal fleur-de-lis.
Until the Short Cross coinage introduced by Henry II in 1180, when the productivity of English mints saw a major increase, only a limited number of English coins were transported to the continent, primarily by international merchants, nobility, and the church.
www.symbolicmessengers.com /beauvais.htm   (5024 words)

 voided long cross info
These mints were closed in 1250 and the type modified to include the king holding a sceptre, only the London, Canterbury, Bury St. Edmunds and Durham mint remained open.
Following Henry III death in 1272 the coinage continued to be struck in his name during the early years of Edward I reign.
The cross on the reverse aided this practice.
www.yorkcoins.com /voided_long_cross_info.htm   (415 words)

 Meditation on "The Empress"
Her crown, sceptre and shield (coat-of-arms) are the three instruments of the exercise of this power.
It is by virtue of the sceptre that she is not impotent.
For it is precisely "the accelerated evolution of the living forces of Nature" that the eagle of the shield of the Empress represents the means by which the aim of magic is attained.
www.medtarot.freeserve.co.uk /letter03.htm   (830 words)

 SCEPTRE - FaST Metal Pages: complete collection of bands' discographies,lyrics,tracks,members,guests,art-covers
Tony and Phil were always the core of SCEPTRE and so they soon thereafter formed SARDO and continued as a band.
The SCEPTRE 3 song demo was recorded in '83 with Butch Say, John Camps, Tony Sardo and Phil Sardo.
A demo was redorded that included a new version of "Sceptre" and "Baptized in Blood", with a new line-up in '86 and another in '87 but those were never officially released.
www.speed-n-power.com /band/Sceptre   (687 words)

 [No title]
The Sceptre with the Cross, symbolising the Sovereign's temporal power under the Cross.
The first recorded appearance of the sceptre in the coronation dates from the ninth century.
In the middle of the Maltese cross, on the top, is the Sapphire of King Edward, the Confessor (said to have come from Edward, the Confessor’s coronation ring).
www.angelfire.com /realm2/coronation/crownjewels.html   (730 words)

 Globus cruciger & Sovereign's Orb   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The globus cruciger (Latin) is an orb (globus) topped with a cross (cruciger), a Christian symbol of authority used throughout the Middle Ages on coins, iconography and royal regalia.
It symbolises God's (the cross) dominion over the world (the orb), held under the protection and dominion of an earthly ruler, or sometimes celestial being.
Atop the Orb is an amethyst surmounted by a Cross.
www.red-ice.net /winterwonderland/globuscrucigersovereignorb.html   (332 words)

 PenHero.com - Welcome!
Cross to sell home office - 4/28/06 TMCNet, Norwalk, CT, USA
Yard-O-Led Sceptre Collection - 11/26/05 The Luxist, USA
Cross Retail Stores Named 'Best of the New' - 3/18/05 Yahoo Finance
www.penhero.com /News/PenNews.htm   (2389 words)

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