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Topic: Scheldt

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  BAM: Management Company Antwerp Mobile Scheldt crossing
The Antwerp region currently offers three links for freight transport between the left and right bank of the Scheldt: the Kennedy tunnel, the Liefkenshoek tunnel and the Scheldt bridge in Temse.
This is why the decree of 13 December 2002 lays down that the Flemish Government will bring all the Scheldt river bank links into BAM (Management Company Antwerp Mobile).
Together with the closing of the Kennedy tunnel to freight traffic as of 2010, this may guarantee reliable assessments of the use of available infrastructure, with low demand elasticity.
www.bamnv.be /content/bam/site/2405   (149 words)

  Scheldt - LoveToKnow 1911
The Scheldt has a length of 250 m., of which, by a skilful arrangement of locks, not less than 207 m.
By the treaty of Munster in 1648 the Dutch obtained the right to close the Scheldt to navigation, and they clung tenaciously to it for over two centuries.
In 1839 on the final dissolution of the kingdom of the Netherlands, Holland gave definite form to this right by fixing the toll, and by obtaining the assent of the powers to the arrangement which fettered the trade of Antwerp.
www.1911encyclopedia.org /Scheldt   (218 words)

 A special “dike with doors” prevents flooding and simultaneously preserves the ecology of the Eastern Scheldt Delta.
In the Eastern Scheldt Delta, hundreds of species of algae, plankton, and water plants thrive on the mix of carbon from the sea and nitrogen and phosphorus from the rivers.
The Eastern Scheldt Delta is one of the three most important wintering grounds for birds in Europe.
The loss of the Eastern Scheldt tidal environment would haver dealt a blow to the area’s fishing, shellfishing, and tourism industries, both to those who earned a living from those activities and to the many more who reaped their benefits.
www.solutions-site.org /cat1_sol26.htm   (1041 words)

 WL :: Wave flume Scheldt
The Scheldt flume is a state-of-the art wave flume capable of generating both regular (periodic) and irregular (random) waves.
The Scheldt flume is equipped with WL
It is possible to construct all kind of foreshore bathymetries in our Scheldt flume, both fixed bed and mobile bed foreshores to ensure the wave behaviour in the model will be the same as in prototype.
www.wldelft.nl /facil/schflu/index.html   (421 words)

 Juno Beach Centre - The Battle of the Scheldt
Further north, Antwerp had been liberated by the Allies on September 3rd, but the city was located on the Scheldt River, some 80 kilometres from the open sea and the river's mouth was still under German control.
The Scheldt flows to sea by a very wide mouth divided in two by a long peninsula made of three separate islands, South Beveland, North Beveland and Walcheren.
Lieutenant-General Guy Simonds commanded the attack of the First Canadian Army against the Scheldt, in replacement of General Harry Crerar who was recovering from a bout of dysentery.
www.junobeach.org /e/2/can-eve-rod-sch-e.htm   (2186 words)

This applies to the international Scheldt river basin district, which is governed by France, the three Belgian Regions and the Belgian federal government, and the Netherlands.
The aim of the project is to lay the foundations for integrated water management in the Scheldt river basin district with a view to preparing the ground for the implementation of the WFD.
It is now complete and comprises three main chapters: a general description of the international Scheldt river basin district; the cooperation projects implemented and their outcomes; and internationally relevant conclusions.
www.ibgebim.be /english/contenu/content.asp?ref=1806   (625 words)

 Silica Retention in the Scheldt Continuum and Its Impact on Coastal Eutrophication   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Silica Retention in the Scheldt Continuum and Its Impact on Coastal Eutrophication
The main objectives of the intensive monitoring programme are 1) to obtain high frequency measurements of DSi concentrations and other parameters at the freshwater boundaries of the continuum for modelling purposes, and 2) to follow closely the seasonal evolution of DSi and BSi contents in the water column, especially during periods of diatom blooms.
Our sampling in the upper Scheldt will be limited however to areas under the tidal influences as indicated by Stations 1 - 6 where freshwater discharges are measured daily.
www.ulb.ac.be /sciences/dste/ocean/SISCO/cruises/field.html   (283 words)

 Hoboken Scheldt Embankment   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One of the partial projects is the ‘support of the restructuring of the business premises along the Hoboken Scheldt Embankment'.
The planning process for the restructuring of the industrial premises along the Hoboken Scheldt embankment started in September 2004.
The next step is to formulate a vision on the spatial economic development of the area in order to take the actions required to improve the current situation.
www.antwerpen.be /eCache/ENB/282.cmVjPTU0MjI.html   (231 words)

 Pursuit to the Scheldt
Their common objective was the line of the Scheldt.
The 37th Division, on the night of November 2/3, bridged the Scheldt and firmly established part of its forces on the eastern bank.
When the Armistice took effect, the American 37th and 91st Divisions were well east of the Scheldt.
www.worldwar1.com /dbc/fl_end.htm   (554 words)

 SCHELDT (Fr. Escaut, F... - Online Information article about SCHELDT (Fr. Escaut, F...
Flushing, is the more important and is used for ocean See also:
Scheldt has a length of 250 m., of which, by a skilful arrangement of locks, not less than 207 M. are navigable.
long negotiations Belgium bought up this right—each of the powers interested in the trade contributing its quotaaad the navigation of the Scheldt was then declared See also:
encyclopedia.jrank.org /SAR_SCY/SCHELDT_Fr_Escaut_Flem_Schelde_.html   (309 words)

 Kathryn Scheldt - Mel Bay Profile
Scheldt was Guitar Instructor at Wingate University, Wingate, N.C. and Queens College, Charlotte, N.C. From 1997-2000 Ms.
Scheldt resided in Italy where she studied Neapolitan songs and Italian music, language and culture.
Scheldt is also a Guild Certified Instructor of the Feldenkrais Method, an educational approach for improving performance.
www.melbay.com /authors.asp?author=904   (379 words)

 FilePlanet: Scheldt Estuary DC   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Scheldt Estuary DC is a head on map made for CTF and Conquest.
Scheldt Estuary DC is optimized for the New Weapons and Vehicles
The Battle of The Scheldt Estuary was a famousScheldt Estuary in order to use the Newly Captured Port of Antwerp.
www.fileplanet.com /files/130000/135448.shtml   (477 words)

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