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Topic: Schiphol

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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Schiphol Airport - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Schiphol has large shopping areas as a source of revenue and as an additional attractant to air-carrier passengers.
Schiphol Plaza is the shopping center before customs, hence not only for air travellers, but also for people who just change train here, etc. There is a regular-size supermarket, Food Village, that is open until midnight seven days a week.
The Schiphol ATC tower, with a height of 101 m, was the tallest in the world when constructed in 1991.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Schiphol_Airport   (604 words)

 Schiphol Group   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
ICT is central to the Schiphol Group vision of integrated "airport cities".
Schiphol Airport's long term service partner Getronics undertook full Total Cost of Ownership analysis, resulting in recommendations which would lead to 15% savings as well as major improvements in security and quality of service.
For the indirect cost-analysis, they chose to set up a series of workshops in which key personnel from Schiphol were actively involved in the programme to identify all current assets, to seek out best practice and to document areas of particular organisational complexity.
www.getronics.com /gb/en-gb/knowledge/case_studies/other_industries/schiphol_group.htm   (591 words)

 Article Page One
The successful development of the Schiphol region has served as a model for other European air hubs, although not all have chosen to follow the same path.
Unlike Schiphol, which has attempted to unify everything within a single building, the BAA has begun work on a fifth terminal at Heathrow, at a cost of almost 3 billion pounds.
Aéroports du Paris, the eighth-busiest airport in the world, sees the both the Schiphol region as well as the airport itself as a force to be reckoned with.
www.angelfire.com /nt2/nathanielgray/schiphol2.html   (606 words)

 Schiphol   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Schiphol USA LLC is a division of Schiphol International the international arm of Schiphol Group.
Schiphol is much more than just an efficient transport hub, It is a AirportCity, with services and facilities for passengers, meeters and greeters, visitors, the airport based companies and their employees.
Schiphol International, which was created to bring the expertise employed at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to airports around the world, provides management support and consulting on finance and administration, marketing and operations, strategy, regional planning, airport development and air traffic management.
www.jfkiat.com /Schiphol.htm   (296 words)

 Schiphol Airport -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Schiphol is the home base of (Click link for more info and facts about KLM) KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), (Click link for more info and facts about Martinair) Martinair and (Click link for more info and facts about Transavia) Transavia.
Schiphol has large (A mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services) shopping areas as a source of revenue and as an additional attractant to air carrier passengers.
The Schiphol (Click link for more info and facts about ATC) ATC tower, with a height of 101 (The 13th letter of the Roman alphabet) m, was the highest in the world when constructed in 1991.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/sc/schiphol_airport.htm   (1389 words)

 Airport Technology - Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Expansion
The expansion plans at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol include the new fifth runway, Polderbaan (open for operation the end of February 2003), the renovation of Departure Lounge 1 (due to open 2005) and the innovative and relatively new automatic border passage system using iris recognition, enabling quick and secure border passage.
The White Paper allowed the construction of Schiphol's fifth runway with the condition that the noise level in the airport environs does not increase.
Schiphol Group, the IND and Dutch Border Police worked in close affiliation to test the system's operation and effectiveness during the pilot programme.
www.airport-technology.com /projects/schiphol   (1379 words)

 Ambassador Sobel - Annual Schiphol Awards dinner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Schiphol airport creates a transportation, communications, and business corridor that has proven irresistible to companies looking for a European headquarters, such as Cisco, or that have perishable commodities, such as Alsmeer.
Schiphol airport is the crown jewel of the Netherlands' logistical infrastructure.
In the Schiphol region, 35% of the companies in the cluster are high-tech.
www.usemb.nl /102802.htm   (1839 words)

 Encyclopedia: Schiphol Airport   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Schiphol Group is a Dutch company which is 100% shareholder of Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam Airport, and Lelystad Airport.
Martinair aircraft at Amsterdam (Schiphol) Airport, the Netherlands (two McDonnell Douglas MD-11 and a Boeing 747) Martinair is both a charter and scheduled airline based in the Netherlands, with daily passenger or cargo charter and regular flights to many destinations around the world from its main base of Schiphol...
Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCTs) at Schiphol Airport Air Traffic Control (ATC) is a service provided by ground based Controllers who direct aircraft on the ground and in the air to ensure safe, orderly and efficient traffic flow.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Schiphol-Airport   (3533 words)

 Amsterdam Schiphol Airport - Europe for Visitors
msterdam's Schiphol (pronounced "Skip-pole") Airport is the fourth-busiest European gateway, with nearly 28 million passengers and 322,000 takeoffs and landings in a typical year.
And it's bad, because Schiphol's departure gates are poorly designed for large numbers of passengers.
Schiphol is a relatively easy airport to get around in, and there are no major hassles in finding your way from an international arrival gate to a connecting flight's departure area.
europeforvisitors.com /europe/articles/amsterdam_schipohl_airport.htm   (500 words)

 Werkstuk Aardrijkskunde What are the advantages and disadvantages of Schiphol? | scholieren.com
Schiphol is the biggest airport of the Netherlands, that’s why it is a main port.
Schiphol is a airport which grew very fast the last few years.
Also the plans of a further expansion of Schiphol of not building in the neighbourhood of districts shows us that the possibility that people who live nearby Schiphol in the future have less the risk of being involved in a plane-crash.
www.scholieren.com /werkstukken/17804   (1396 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
KLM’s homeport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, is a modern and efficient international airport with a friendly face.
Transfers at Schiphol go quickly and smoothly, because all the facilities have been placed in a single terminal, making long bus rides or walks unnecessary.
Schiphol’s extremely favorable location allows you to travel to the heart of Amsterdam by train or by car within 15 minutes.
www.klm.com /jp_en/flying/schiphol/index.jsp?ComponentID=33985&SourcePageID=1267   (159 words)

 Advisers Recommend Schiphol Remains Majority Government Owned
Schiphol's main competitors BAA, which operates London's Heathrow and other airports, and Fraport, which runs Frankfurt Airport, are already listed, while Paris airport operator Aeroports de Paris (ADP) is due for privatization next year.
Schiphol operates three airports in the Netherlands, along with Terminal 4 at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York and Brisbane Airport in Australia.
Schiphol reported a net profit of EUR191 million (USD$235.1 million) for 2003 with 40 million passengers passing through its airports.
news.airwise.com /stories/2004/09/1095937351.html   (430 words)

 Company News On Call
Schiphol Group owns and operates the main Dutch airport, Schiphol -- which handled 34.4 million passengers and 1.17 million tons of cargo in 1998 -- as well as owning and/or operating several other airports in the Netherlands.
Traffic and transport growth at Schiphol have exceeded market trends in recent years and enhanced Schiphol's position as the fourth-largest airport in Europe by passenger movements, and the third-largest by cargo handled at the end of 1998.
Schiphol Group's 1998 financial performance was strong, with funds from operations interest coverage of 8.3 times (x) and adjusted net debt to capital of 22%.
www.prnewswire.com /cgi-bin/stories.pl?ACCT=105&STORY=/www/story/05-20-1999/0000944570   (700 words)

 Journeywoman - Holland Mini-Guide - Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport boasts the largest duty free complex with some of the cheapest duty free pricing in all of Europe.
Some antique planes are suspended from the ceiling while some on the ground have open cockpits and your young pilots are free to climb in and explore (several fathers have been known to do the same).
Schiphol houses a railway station connecting all major cities in Holland and Europe.
www.journeywoman.com /girltalk/holland/amsterdam_schiphol_airport.html   (784 words)

 Passenger Opinions about Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Schiphol is basically a shopping centre, and the endless parade of not-particularly-nice shops that line the walkways can get a little tedious after a while.
Whereas LHR is (I feel) quite "boxed off" and "segmented", Schiphol is a "corridor" airport, where people from all corners of the world pass each other for a few brief seconds on their way to wherever.
Schiphol juggles passengers arrving from all points of the planet (Americas, Europe, Asia and Africa) due to its strategic location and rather easily transfers them to forward destination flights without much hitch.
www.airlinequality.com /Airports/Airport_forum/ams.htm   (3182 words)

 Schiphol IPO Gets Government Clearance
Schiphol's move towards privatization has been a bumpy one since the government first raised the idea in 1997 and may still face some obstacles when parliament starts debating the issue later this year or in early 2005.
Schiphol's main competitors BAA which operates London's Heathrow, and Fraport which runs Frankfurt Airport, are already listed and have market capitalizations of GBP£5.9 billion (USD$10.8 billion) and EUR2.1 billion (USD$2.6 billion) respectively.
Schiphol operates three airports in the Netherlands, Terminal 4 at John F Kennedy Airport, New York and Brisbane Airport in Australia.
news.airwise.com /stories/2004/07/1088802010.html   (402 words)

 Schiphol.nl - Relaxed op reis, uw tickets, reisverzekering en zelfs vaccinaties   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Actuele vluchtinformatie via SMS: Schiphol kan u op de hoogte houden van actuele vluchtinformatie over uw vertrekkende en aankomende vlucht.
Deze landelijke taxiservice is voor iedereen die van en naar Schiphol reist.
Schiphol Plaza bevindt zich voor de paspoortcontrole en is voor iedereen toegankelijk.
www.schiphol.com   (516 words)

 Health Impact Statement Schiphol Airport - RIVM Rapport 441520003
One was based on combining (estimated) pollutant exposure levels in the Schiphol study area with exposure-response relations derived from the literature (risk evaluation).
Thirdly, a questionnaire base survey on risk perception and annoyance has been conducted in a sample of the population in the Schiphol area and the general Dutch population.
In addition a subgroup of the Schiphol population was interviewed.
www.rivm.nl /bibliotheek/rapporten/441520003.html   (206 words)

 Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Information - Netherlands, Europe Provided By Columbus Travel Guides   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
The Connexxion Schiphol Hotel Service (tel: (0)38 339 4771) is a daily hotel shuttle service running from the airport to over 55 hotels in and around Amsterdam; the Connexxion desk is situated in the Arrivals hall 2, for tickets and information.
Schiphol information desks are located before passport control in Schiphol Plaza, halls 2 and 3 in Arrivals, and behind passport control in Lounges 2 and 3.
There are a number of hotels in the Schiphol area, most of which offer a free shuttle service to the airport.
www.worldairportguide.com /airports/ams/ams.asp   (1048 words)

 Amsterdam Schiphol Launches "Iris Scan" Trial
Schiphol Group, the government company that owns the airport, said the iris scan was the fastest and safest form of biometrics recognition, and is confident it will win approval.
The software was developed in a joint project by Schiphol, the airport police and the immigration service.
Schiphol is Europe's fourth-busiest airport, with about 40 million passengers a year.
www.flyertalk.com /forum/showthread.php?t=62793   (342 words)

 Budget Traveller's Guide to Sleeping in the Amsterdam airport
One week later, we connected at the same airport (Schiphol) and boarded our return to the USA along with a group of tired, dirty, and complaining college students who reported that they had spent three days at Schiphol without comfort, sleep or availability of opportunities to clean-up.
Schiphol Airport is in my opinion one of the best airports in the world.
In other words 'main terminal' and 'secure boarding areas' need to be clearly defined when contributors make their comments otherwise the information is pointless and potentially even dangerous, as with Schiphol these two areas are worlds apart with regard to sleeping.
www.sleepinginairports.net /europe/amsterdam.htm   (8877 words)

 Amsterdam.info » Amsterdam airport, Schiphol airport AMS
These are located in Schiphol Plaza, open 7:00 am to 11:00 pm, and you can also book a car in advance.
For long-term parking is available a car park P3 located between Schiphol Centre and Schiphol-East with rate 45 EUR for the first three days and 5 EUR a day onwards.
Smoking is prohibited at the Schiphol airport except for bars and restaurants with a smoking area.
www.amsterdam.info /airport   (481 words)

 Explosion, large fire disrupts Schiphol airport   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
AMSTERDAM, Netherlands (AP) — Thousands of people were evacuated from Schiphol international airport in Amsterdam Sunday after an explosion and fire in a fast-food restaurant in the passenger terminal.
A news release from Burger King several weeks ago said the Schiphol outlet was its busiest in the world.
Schiphol, the home airport of Royal Dutch KLM airline, is a popular transit point for travelers making connections from Europe to points around the world.
www.usatoday.com /news/world/2001-04-08-dutch-blast.htm   (506 words)

 Ibis Schiphol - Amsterdam
Ibis Schiphol have 644 rooms, each room is fully equipped with everything that you might need in the course of your visit.
The area around the Ibis Schiphol is part of the hinterland of Amsterdam's airport.
There is a free shuttle bus between the hotel and the airport terminals, as well as a bus link with the centre of the city.
reservation.placestostay.com /SearchHotel.aspx?AffiliateId=74754&HotelId=AAGjEKbhgB0TXaF0rCU8&Currency=USD   (372 words)

 Preston Software Used for Schiphol Airport Study
In a long-term agreement with Schiphol Group, Dutch flag carrier KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, and Air Traffic Control the Netherlands LVNL, To70 will examine current and predicted capacity issues at Schiphol Airport and assess the impact of changes to future traffic schedules.
Schiphol Airport runs one of the largest and most complex airport operations in the world and is the fourth busiest airport in Europe.
The capacity model of Schiphol airport is among the many studies that To70 will conduct using TAAM.
www.boeing.com /news/releases/2005/q3/nr_050721g.html   (404 words)

 CNN.com - Schiphol backs eye scan security - March 27, 2002
Schiphol is one of several major European airports embracing new technology to win back passenger confidence amid security fears following September 11.
The Schiphol project, called Privium, has been on trial since late last year.
But Schiphol officials say the trial has shown most people get used to the method quickly.
archives.cnn.com /2002/WORLD/europe/03/27/schiphol.security   (670 words)

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