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 Schooner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most traditionally rigged schooners are gaff rigged, sometimes carrying a square topsail on the foremast and occasionally, in addition, a square fore-course (together with the gaff foresail).
The only seven-masted (steel hulled) schooner, the Thomas W. Lawson, was built in 1902, with a length of 395 ft (120 m) and carrying 25 sails with 43,000 ft² (4,000 m²) of sail.
The larger multi-masted schooners were somewhat unmanageable and the rig was largely a cost-cutting measure introduced towards the end of the days of sail.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Schooner   (536 words)

 Schooner - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
A schooner is a type of sailing ship characterized by the use of on two or more masts.
Alternatives include the with one or two square rigged topsails on the foremast, and the with staysails only on the foremast.
The only seven-masted (steel hulled) schooner, the, was built in 1902, with a length of 395 ft (120 m) and carrying 25 sails with 43,000 ft² (4,000 m²) of sail.
www.lakecharles.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Schooner   (365 words)

 Schooner Ernestina
In the words of the schooner's present captain, "the cargo hold was converted every 20 years or so to whatever paid the freight." While the interior arrangement of this space has changed, the original construction has not; deck beams, hatch carlings, knees, and ceiling planking remain unmodified.
The 1894-built schooner Ernestina, ex-Effie M. Morrissey, is the oldest surviving Grand Banks fishing schooner, the only surviving 19th century Gloucester-built fishing schooner, and one of two remaining examples of the Fredonia style schooners, the most famous American fishing vessel type, and is the only offshore example of that type.
The schooner was sold in March 1905 to Capt. Ansel Snow of Digby, Nova Scotia, but retained her American registry through the employment of an American "paper" captain though she sailed out of Digby with a Canadian crew to sell her catch in the United States.
www.ernestina.org /publications/NHLstudy.html   (3649 words)

 Schooner Man Schooner & Tall Ship
She is a scow schooner: a wide, flat sailing boat with gaff-rigged sails.
There are some examples of modern ships but most are of traditionally rigged vessels Schooners were first used by the Dutch in the 16th or 17th century however, much of their development took place in America from the time of the American Revolution.
Carr-Laughton, the Librarian of the British Admiralty, says that the essentials of the schooner rig are two gaff sails and a headsail, all beyond is accidental.
www.schoonerman.com /home.htm   (510 words)

 Home Page
The feel of your feet on the deck of the schooner as it rides over the ocean waves.
The power of the wind as it fills the sails and move a mighty schooner on it way.
Schooner: - sailing ships with at least 2 masts (foremast and mainmast) with the mainmast being the taller.
www.schoonerman.com   (369 words)

 Bowdoin National Historic Landmark Nomination
The schooner was built almost entirely of white oak; she is framed with double sawn frames spaced 24 inches on centers with long and short arm floor timbers passing over the keel.
The schooner carries an auxiliary engine that drives a single screw, which is protected by a skeg that runs from keel to rudder foot.
The schooner's maiden voyage of 1921-1922 was to the shores of Baffin Island, where Bowdoin spent the winter iced in and banked with snow while the crew conducted geomagnetic experiments for the Carnegie Institution.
www.cr.nps.gov /maritime/nhl/bowdoin.htm   (3580 words)

 What is a Schooner?
Whatever the origin of the name a schooner is a vessel rigged with fore-and-aft sails on her two or more masts, and originally carried square sails on her foremast, though later, with the advance in rig designs, these were changed to jib-headed or jackyard-topsails.
Schooners are fore-and-aft rigged (as distinguished from square-rigged) and have two or more masts.
Unlike yawls and ketches, the after mast of a two-masted schooner is taller than the forward one (in rare designs, the two masts may be the same height).
www.schoonerrace.org /schooner_definition.htm   (343 words)

Quickstep is a 45 foot topsail schooner built in 1955 on the Chesapeake Bay.
The Great Bayfield Schooner Race was socked in with heavy fog on Saturday, the grayness of the background adding a seafaring flavor to the pageantry and spectacle at hand.
And though the lack of wind left the boats to compete in something more than a schooner parade and something less than a sailing race, the thrill of tall mast ships rushing headlong through through the coolness of the big lake left a line of spectators along the length of the seawall.
www.marlew.com /schooner.htm   (672 words)

 Volunteer and Internship Opportunities with Schooner Sound Learning   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Schooner Sound Learning is a non-profit marine education organization dedicated to the conservation of Long Island Sound.
As a Schooner educator you have the opportunity to promote environmental awareness while shaping the attitudes of people from all ages and backgrounds.
Schooner volunteers have donated over 3,500 hours of their valuable time over the past year, allowing us to educate over 17,000 people from ages three through senior citizens about environmental concerns on Long Island Sound.
www.schoonersoundlearning.org /siwork.html   (888 words)

 The Glamorous Six Masters
Measuring 342 feet in length with a 45 foot beam, she had to be a record setter for schooner size.
After 11 years of seafaring, it was believed to have been sabotaged during World War I. Carrying war materials overseas, arson was suspected as she was consumed by fire in the North Sea.
As on all of the big schooners, lifeboats were slung astern by davits for such emergencies and, one would expect, utilized on this occasion.
www.afn.org /~stan/ships.html   (1111 words)

 Schooner Gulch SB
Historically, Schooner Gulch is within the territory of the coastal branch of the Central Pomo Indians which extends from the mouth of the Navarro River to the mouth of the Gualala River.
John was born in Scotland and occupied an area of Schooner Gulch between 1866 and 1868, which was largely used as a milling operation for timber.
Legend has it that Schooner Gulch got its name from a story in which a schooner was sited, one evening, stranded on the beach in the mouth of the gulch, yet in the morning showed no evidence of being there.
www.parks.ca.gov /?page_id=446   (395 words)

 Tern Schooners
Coal is being discharged from schooner via a hoist to a coal car on a gantry at Commercial Point, Boston.
Ice is visible in the harbor and on the distant shoreline.
She perhaps was slightly larger than the Mary E. Crosby, for in their final years the tern schooners grew as they attempted to compete with trains, steamships, and, increasingly, the truck.
home.earthlink.net /~steveells/nantucket/tern-schooners.html   (490 words)

 techPowerUp! :: Thermaltake Schooner
Thermaltake has been creative - the Schooner is the first VGA cooler which uses a heatpipe to transport heat to the outside of the case.
By the way, a "schooner" is a sailing ship with at least two masts - usually a big one and a second smaller one.
Schooners were first used by the Dutch in the 16th and 17th century.
www.techpowerup.com /reviews/Thermaltake/Schooner   (233 words)

 Schooner's Page
Schooner became a part of our ausssie family in the spring of 1999.
Schooner helps us herd cattle and is very good at it.
Schooner currently has his first litter on the ground.
www.angelfire.com /wa/willowispranch/Schoonerspage.html   (219 words)

 Schooner Olad | Welcome to Camden, Maine.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Aaron will talk about the history of the area and the schooner trade while you sail to one his favorite locations.
Having run the business for the past five years, I am pleased and excited to be the proud new owner of the Schooner Olad, and I look forward to being a part of the next chapter of The Olad's rich history.
Schooner Olad has a new a website, with online booking to make your vacation planning even easier.
www.maineschooners.com   (353 words)

 The Schooner Ernestina
McClain, a former schooner skipper and prominent public figure in 1890s Gloucester, designed the 112' Morrissey with a 13' draft and 8,500 square feet of sail.
This was the biggest catch that any schooner brought in that month and it fetched a decent price: $4.00 per quintal (100 pounds) for large fish and $3.50 for small.
The Morrissey was raised and towed to Rowayton, CT where Henrique Mendes, of the Portuguese colony of Cape Verde, purchased her for $7,000 and towed her to New Bedford for repairs.
www.umassd.edu /specialprograms/caboverde/ernestina.html   (1851 words)

 Prairie Schooner History Exhibit -- History
The Schooner is the oldest literary magazine to remain in publication in the Midwest region and maintains an international reputation for publishing high quality and diverse work.
Wimberly headed the Schooner as chairman of the board of editors and received assistance from a student board of editors.
The current editor-in-chief of the Prairie Schooner is Hilda Raz, who started her tenure as editor in 1987.
libr.unl.edu:2000 /etcexhibits/schooner/history.html   (670 words)

A few days ago, the Manitou made its first appearance of the season, coming in from Northport under sail on a breezy evening.
This schooner is similar to one of the sailboats that was common near the end of the 19th century, but is built with 21st century materials.
She measures 114', weighs over 100 tons, and has 3000 ft2 of sail.
www.beaverisland.net /Excursions/Boats_and_Tugs/Schooner/schooner.htm   (129 words)

 About Prairie Schooner   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Prairie Schooner, a national literary quarterly published with the support of the English Department at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Nebraska Press, is home to the best fiction, poetry, essays, and reviews being published today by beginning, mid-career and established writers.
To celebrate Prairie Schooner’s tenth birthday, associate editor Maurice Johnson wrote in the Spring 1937 issue: "Like other little magazines, the Schooner was not published for money's sake, paid nothing for contributions, and sought to print the work of new writers not yet accepted by the wealthy, policy-bound periodicals.
Johnson’s vision has been upheld in Prairie Schooner's eighty-year history, and the modest figure of twenty writers has swelled to literally hundreds of authors who got their start at Prairie Schooner before the mainstream publishing houses took a first look.
prairieschooner.unl.edu /html/about.html   (331 words)

 Our Priorities - Schooner Regional Development Corporation
The Schooner Regional Development Corporation's goal in the Tourism Sector is to develop to the fullest the tourism industry on the Burin Peninsula.
Through research activities and partnerships, we are raising awareness of economic development activities as they relate to tourism within the zone.
It will be conducted to increase visibility of the Schooner Regional Development Corporation's Zone as a place for information technology economic activity.
www.schooner.nf.ca   (811 words)

 Schooner.Net - Schooner
Schooner is a user-configurable lab environment that is available to the scientific community.
Schooner runs on the Wisconsin Advanced Internet Laboratory (WAIL), which is located in the computer science department at UW-Madison.
Users can select hardware from a pool of 80 PCs and more than 30 Cisco routers, including models Cisco12000, Cisco7000 series, Cisco3600 and Cisco2600 for their own experiments.
www.schooner.wail.wisc.edu   (99 words)

 About the Historic Schooner Adventuress
Yacht designer B.B. Crowninshield had watched over her construction and the slender-hulled, gaff-rigged schooner was launched at the Rice Brothers' Yard in East Boothbay Maine.
On her first trip, she sailed all the way down to and through the Straits of Magellan and then up to arctic waters so Borden and his companions could hunt - unsuccessfully - for bowhead whales.
The historic schooner Adventuress is still a working vessel.
www.soundexp.org /ship.info/history.htm   (897 words)

 Schooner Appledore - Windjammer Sails and Cruises in Camden, Maine and Key West, Florida
Schooner Appledore - Windjammer Sails and Cruises in Camden, Maine and Key West, Florida
From the moment you set foot upon her solid deck, you sense something special about the Appledore.
The Appledore also offers charter sails for weddings, parties, family reunions, or any event that would be fun at sea.
www.appledore2.com   (181 words)

 maine classic schooner cruises, rockland, maine
The Schooner Ellida is a 1922 John Alden designed wooden schooner that offers Maine windjammer vacations and sailing charters along the coast of Maine.
Our schooner is the right size for small groups or families that want to arrange a special vacation together.
The waters are calm, the winds fair, and the landscape diverse and breathtaking.
www.maineclassicschooners.com   (818 words)

 (Schooner Restaurant, The - Freeport, NY) The Schooner Restaurant
Come down to The Schooner Restaurant, where superb seafood specialties for lunch and dinner will delight your senses.
We have an enormous assortment of delectable seafood and steak platters, made both fresh and hot for your enjoyment.
Proceed west on Merrick Road one mile, then turn left on South Ocean Avenue and follow to the end.
www.theschooner.com   (135 words)

 The Scow Schooner Project   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The Scow Schooner Project relies on the generous contribution of time and effort from its volunteers to carry on its work.
The Scow Schooner Project is a project of the Galveston and Trinity Bay Marine Museum a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution eligible to receive tax deductible contributions.
Show your support for The Scow Schooner Project by becoming an honorary owner of a plank of the schooner.
www.scowschooner.org /volunteer.asp   (258 words)

 Schooner Fare
Sunday night at The Holy Mackeral with Schooner Fare became an institution.
On St. Patrick's Day when we were playing at the University of Maine, I announced to Steve and Chuck that in September I would be joining Schooner Fare and would give my notice to the other group.
I would hop the Amtrak, plane, bus or drive to meet Chuck and Tom in Boston, New Hampshire or Maine and we would sing for the weekend.
www.outergreen.com /schoonerfare/sfbio2.html   (819 words)

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