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In the News (Mon 18 Jun 18)

  California Governor Schwarzenegger launches right-wing agenda
Schwarzenegger’s plan is to gain legislative approval for the spending cap and then place the measure on the March ballot.
Schwarzenegger is combining these attacks on the living standards and democratic rights of California’s working people with threats to bypass the legislative process and go directly to the voters for approval of his initiatives should the state legislature fail to fall into line.
Schwarzenegger ran a demagogic campaign, portraying himself as a tribune of “the people” rather than a tool of “special interests.” He refused to spell out his program and instead relied on Hollywood-style photo-ops and empty slogans to hide the reactionary character of his political agenda.
www.wsws.org /articles/2003/nov2003/cali-n29.shtml   (1214 words)

 CNN.com - Coming soon: Schwarzenegger's transition team - Oct. 9, 2003
Schwarzenegger, an Austria-born bodybuilder who came to this country and made a fortune in the movies, will take office sometime in mid to late November, once election results are certified.
Schwarzenegger is married to Maria Shriver, a niece of President Kennedy.
Schwarzenegger both apologized for what he described as bad behavior and disputed some of the allegations, but he was never specific.
www.cnn.com /2003/ALLPOLITICS/10/08/recall.main/index.html   (1132 words)

Schwarzenegger Friday vetoed AB 1873, a bill that would have extended the "safe surrender" period from 72 hours to a month for parents who want to leave their babies at hospitals and fire stations.
Schwarzenegger vetoed legislation that would have required for-profit employers with 10,000 or more employees in the state to spend at least 8 percent of their total wages on healthcare insurance or pay the difference to the state.
Schwarzenegger _ who has a mixed record on gay rights bills and has received heavy lobbying from conservative groups to oppose the bill _ argued that existing education codes already protect students against discrimination based on their sexual orientation.
www.schwarzeneggergovernor.com /arnie/index.html   (6452 words)

 Arnold Schwarzenegger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Schwarzenegger was born in Thal, Austria, a town bordering the Styrian capital, Graz, and christened Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger.
Schwarzenegger admitted that he has "behaved badly sometimes" and apologized, but also stated that "a lot of (what) you see in the stories is not true." This came after an interview in adult magazine Oui from 1977 surfaced, in which Schwarzenegger discussed attending sexual orgies and indulging in drugs like marijuana.
Schwarzenegger supported the campaign of his friend, Kurt Waldheim, former UN chief and a former Austrian politician who was accused of war crimes during World War II in Yugoslavia, which resulted in both Waldheim, and his wife, Elisabeth, both of whom belonged to the Nazi Party, being excluded from entering the United States.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Arnold_Schwarzenegger   (5271 words)

 USATODAY.com - Action-hero governor in retreat lately   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Yet Schwarzenegger's inability to outmaneuver an extremely unpopular Legislature also serves as an object lesson for 21st-century American politics: The coveted role of political outsider is not one of improvisation only, but also of close study.
Schwarzenegger overreached in his bid to recast California, most analysts agree, relying more on image and momentum to carry his agenda than time-tested political calculation.
Schwarzenegger threatened to target some of the most powerful political forces in the state through ballot initiatives on redistricting reform, merit pay, privatizing pensions, and capping state spending.
www.usatoday.com /news/nation/2005-04-26-schwarzenegger_x.htm   (951 words)

 Schwarzenegger Embraces Environmental Goals Ahead of San Francisco Conference
Schwarzenegger was the center of attention Wednesday as he announced California's goals to reduce the emission of so-called greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, which many scientists believe are major contributors to climate change.
Schwarzenegger offered no specifics on how the goals will be reached, but environmentalists say the targets can be met through existing and future technology and government-backed incentives.
Schwarzenegger, who was once a bodybuilder, for putting his muscle into the state's environmental efforts, but the group says now is time for the heavy lifting of creating concrete policies.
www.voanews.com /english/2005-06-02-voa9.cfm   (648 words)

 Actor has poor voting record / Schwarzenegger cast no ballot in five of past 11 elections
Schwarzenegger aides said they were researching four of those five elections to see why absentee ballots were requested by the actor but not recorded as being received by elections officials.
Schwarzenegger campaign aides were researching the actor's schedule and interviewing his assistants about four 1996 and 2000 absentee ballots they said the actor requested.
Schwarzenegger is not the first political candidate with a spotty voting record.
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2003/08/12/RECALL.TMP   (1436 words)

 CNN.com - Davis concedes, Schwarzenegger wins - Oct. 8, 2003
Schwarzenegger and his wife, Maria Shriver, kiss during Tuesday night's victory speech.
Schwarzenegger, an Austrian-born bodybuilder who has never before held public office, defeated 134 other candidates on the ballot -- ranging from veteran politicians to sitcom stars to a pornography magnate.
Schwarzenegger will assume office within 10 days of the official vote certification, which must be completed by November 15, according to the state elections code.
www.cnn.com /2003/ALLPOLITICS/10/07/recall.main/index.html   (915 words)

 LAPD: Schwarzenegger rode illegally - Politics - MSNBC.com
Arnold Schwarzenegger smiles Monday as he speaks carefully with 15 stitches in his lip from a weekend motorcycle accident.
Schwarzenegger, a Harley-Davidson owner who rides regularly along the California coast, said he had a motorcycle license when he lived in Europe, but never thought about getting another one after he arrived in the United States in 1968.
Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson, acting on initial information Sunday, said the governor’s Class C driver’s license allowed him to ride the motorcycle with its sidecar attached.
www.msnbc.msn.com /id/10794604   (531 words)

 SignOnSanDiego.com > News > Politics -- Schwarzenegger a convention star
Schwarzenegger plans to deliver a 20-minute speech, which is scheduled to be carried by all three of the major news networks in one of their three hours of convention coverage.
Democrats contend the Republicans are seeking to use moderates such as Schwarzenegger to deflect attention away from what they say are President Bush's policies designed to appeal to the GOP's conservative base, such as opposition to abortion and same-sex marriages.
Besides being a celebrity married to a political media star in her own right, Schwarzenegger is a bona fide hero among Republicans, some analysts believe.
www.signonsandiego.com /news/politics/20040826-9999-1n26arnold.html   (1157 words)

 BREITBART.COM - Schwarzenegger to Hometown: Remove My Name
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger on Monday told officials in his hometown in Austria to remove his name from a sports stadium and stop using his identity to promote the city.
In a letter that began "Dear Mister Mayor," Schwarzenegger said he decided to spare the Graz city council "further concern" should he be forced to make other clemency decisions while he's governor.
Schwarzenegger spokeswoman Margita Thompson said the letter was faxed Monday to the Graz city hall.
www.breitbart.com /news/2005/12/19/D8EJKF48B.html   (363 words)

 BREITBART.COM - Schwarzenegger Hurt in Motorcycle Mishap
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger received 15 stitches in his lip Sunday after he and his 12-year-old son were involved in a motorcycle accident near their Los Angeles home, his spokeswoman said.
Schwarzenegger was riding a Harley Davidson motorcycle with his son Patrick in the sidecar when another driver backed into the street, spokeswoman Margita Thompson said in a statement.
Both Schwarzenegger and his son were treated for cuts and bruises at St. John's Hospital in Santa Monica and released, Thompson said.
www.breitbart.com /news/2006/01/08/D8F0TP7G0.html   (146 words)

 Schwarzenegger, Arnold (Harpers.org)
Schwarzenegger was also trying to explain comments he made years ago about his admiration for Adolf Hitler: "I admired Hitler for instance because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power.
Arnold Schwarzenegger was sworn in as governor of California.
It was reported that Arnold Schwarzenegger wore a Prada suit to his inauguration as governor of California; his wife, Maria Shriver, wore a cream skirt and shell by Valentino.
www.harpers.org /ArnoldSchwarzenegger.html   (1168 words)

 Siege Heil: The Bush-Rove-Schwarzenegger Nazi Nexus and the Destabilization of California
Arnold Schwarzenegger's Austrian father volunteered for the infamous Nazi SA and became a ranking officer.
By controlling the state houses in New York, Florida, Texas and California, the GOP would have a lock on the four largest states in the union, and thus the ability to manipulate vote counts and strip voter registration rolls in the run-up to the 2004 election.
Schwarzenegger replied, "I admire Hitler, for instance, because he came from being a little man with almost no formal education, up to power.
www.commondreams.org /views03/1006-08.htm   (1392 words)

 Arnold Schwarzenegger   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Schwarzenegger has long been rumoured — granted, the film has been on the drawing board for about a decade or so — for the role of the Cyborg ‘Ido’ in the film, which tells of an amnesiac female cyborg.
Schwarzenegger is currenlty the Governor of California and should he not seek/win re-election, speculation is that he will return to his action roots with "Terminator 4" being chief amongst his return projects.
Speaking on the subject in a San Francisco Chronicle article, Schwarzenegger has told producers that unless the movie is made in California, "they will never see me for one second in the movie." According to the article, the movie is going to be shot in Budapest.
www.rottentomatoes.com /p/arnold_schwarzenegger/news.php   (5441 words)

 CNN.com - California elects Schwarzenegger - Oct. 8, 2003
Capping a remarkable rise from Austrian farm boy to burgeoning politician, the former bodybuilding champion promised not to let the people down after he ousted Democrat rival Gray Davis to take the reins of a state with the fifth largest economy in the world and a population of 35 million.
Schwarzenegger, who has never held public office, beat 134 other candidates on the ballot -- ranging from veteran politicians to sitcom stars to a pornography magnate -- despite being dogged by allegations of sexual harassment and claims he admired Hitler.
Cheering on as the recall vote unfolded were hundreds of residents in Schwarzenegger's home region of Austria, where he remains a favorite son.
edition.cnn.com /2003/ALLPOLITICS/10/08/recall.main.intl/index.html   (605 words)

 Yes on Schwarzenegger. No on Bush. - By William Saletan - Slate Magazine
Schwarzenegger describes coming to America in 1968 and watching the presidential race* between Hubert Humphrey and Richard Nixon.
It's telling that Schwarzenegger says he's "proud to belong to the party of Abraham Lincoln, the party of Teddy Roosevelt, the party of Ronald Reagan, and the party of George W. Bush." The GOP under Bush is nothing like what it was under Lincoln or even Roosevelt.
There's a curious gap in Schwarzenegger's speech as he segues from his litany of Republican principles to the case for Bush.
www.slate.com /id/2106025   (1863 words)

 Keyword   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Schwarzenegger is touting his win as reflecting a new political paradigm -- centrism and bipartisanship -- that should be emulated at the national level.
Or, as Schwarzenegger said in a recent interview, referring to himself and his Democratic chums in the Legislature: "We could be a model for the rest of the nation." People close to the governor say he...
Schwarzenegger lays claim to the enactment of California?s biggest public works program since the Pat Brown era of the 1960s The defeat of all the tax measures on the ballot was right in line with the Arnold playbook, as was...
www.freerepublic.com /focus/keyword?k=schwarzenegger   (6007 words)

 Text: Remarks by California Gov. Schwarzenegger to the National Republican Convention (washingtonpost.com)
SCHWARZENEGGER: And one thing I learned about America is that if you work hard and if you play by the rules, this country is truly open to you.
SCHWARZENEGGER: And, ladies and gentlemen, if you believe that we must be fierce and relentless and terminate terrorism, then you are a Republican.
SCHWARZENEGGER: We are the America that gives more than any other country to fight AIDS in Africa and the developing world.
www.washingtonpost.com /wp-dyn/articles/A50470-2004Aug31.html   (2129 words)

 Schwarzenegger's Nazi problem. - By Timothy Noah - Slate Magazine   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-08)
Schwarzenegger, a native of Austria, had invited Waldheim to the wedding, which of course can't be held against him because the invitations surely went out well before the war crimes story broke.
In addition, Schwarzenegger's mother had for many years lived with Alfred Gerstl, a prominent Austrian politician who rose to the top post in the upper house of Austria's parliament.
Schwarzenegger reportedly addressed him as "Uncle." (Schwarzenegger's father, who died three decades ago, was a police official who had belonged to the Nazi party.)
slate.msn.com /id/2086742   (1661 words)

 Arnold Schwarzenegger
Schwarzenegger has an indomitable will to succeed as he made clear when he decided in his teens to use body-building as a stepping stone to bigger and better things.
Before his mega-successful movie career, Schwarzenegger had already made himself into a millionaire with his real estate dealings and mail-order business selling fitness books and cassette tapes, all the while completing a correspondence courses from the University of Wisconsin which ended in his bachelor's degree in business and international economics.
He has been married to Maria Shriver, a member of the Kennedy clan, since 1986 and it seems that his wife's political genes may be running off on Schwarzenegger, although unlike Shriver's uncles, Robert and John F. Kennedy, Schwarzenegger is a Republican.
www.tribute.ca /bio.asp?id=1230   (305 words)

 Carmelites of Indianapolis
Californians sounded a political revolution on Tuesday, throwing their governor out of office and electing in his place Austrian-born Arnold Schwarzenegger -- a Hollywood action hero who tapped a deep vein of voter anger by vowing to defeat politics as usual.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Governor-elect will be trading Hollywood glamour for a simple office in Sacramento, California.
It is my prayer that Arnold Schwarzenegger will be the man to bring about a change in California.
www.praythenews.com /News_topic.asp?c=169   (951 words)

 Schwarzenegger to Give Address at State GOP Meeting
Schwarzenegger last fall alienated independents and Democrats by supporting a slate of losing ballot measures that would have given him more control over state spending and undercut the influence of public employee unions.
Schwarzenegger has denied suggestions that he has a new direction in 2006.
Schwarzenegger faces the same dilemma faced by California Republicans in all statewide races: About 35 percent of registered voters are Republicans, meaning he has to look elsewhere for votes.
www.sacunion.com /pages/state_capitol/articles/7837   (570 words)

 Arnold Schwarzenegger - SourceWatch
Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger, a Republican, is currently the 38th Governor of California.
He was elected during the California 2003 Gubernatorial recall election when 55.4% of the people voted to recall then-Governor Gray Davis, a Democrat.
Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill that would have regulated their use", Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2005.
www.sourcewatch.org /index.php?title=Arnold_Schwarzenegger   (503 words)

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