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In the News (Fri 22 Mar 19)

  Science fiction - The Black Vault Encyclopedia Project
Science fiction is a genre of fiction in which advances in science, or contact with more scientifically advanced civilizations, create situations different from those of both the present day and the known past.
Science fiction has often been concerned with the great hopes people place in science but also with their fears concerning the negative side of technological development; the latter is expressed in the classic theme of the hubristic scientist who is destroyed by his own creation.
Science fiction television dates from at least as early as 1938, when the BBC staged a live performance of the science fiction play R.U.R. The first regularly scheduled SF series to achieve a degree of popularity was Captain Video and his Video Rangers, which ran from 1949 to 1955 on the American DuMont Network.
www.theblackvault.com /wiki/index.php/Science_fiction   (3326 words)

 Definitions of Science Fiction
Science fiction is story-telling, usually imaginative as distinct from realistic fiction, which poses the effects of current or extrapolated scientific discoveries, or a single discovery, on the behavior of individuals of society.
Science fiction is a branch of fantasy identifiable by the fact that it eases the "willing suspension of disbelief" on the part of its readers by utilizing an atmosphere of scientific credibility for its imaginative speculations in physical science, space, time, social science, and philosophy.
Science fiction is that branch of fantasy, which, while not true to present-day knowledge, is rendered plausible by the reader's recognition of the scientific possibilities of it being possible at some future date or at some uncertain point in the past.
www.panix.com /~gokce/sf_defn.html   (2881 words)

 The Death of Science Fiction
I shall argue that science fiction as a field will be forgotten 100 years from now except by the inevitable specialists in the trivia of the past.
This is not a paradox as such; what it implies is that science fiction (hereafter SF) fans are not particularly interested in futurology, i.e., in the serious attempt to understand and predict the future, as they are in the use of various futures as settings for stories.
Science fiction in the media will continue to thrive but increasingly will be replaced by fantasy.
home.tiac.net /~cri/2001/sfdeath.html   (3202 words)

 Science Fiction - FCPL
Starship Troopers is the classic of military science fiction, examining the responsibilities of citizenship, and Stranger in a Strange Land was a favorite of the 1960's counterculture, showing Heinlein's remarkable versatility.
Ursula K. Le Guin: Feminist writer Le Guin is recognized as one of the finest writers in science fiction, entertainingly exploring the possibilities of biology and society among humans and aliens.
Connie Willis: Widely acknowledged to be the best science fiction short-story writer currently writing, Miracle and Other Christmas Stories is one of her short story collections.
www.fairfaxcounty.gov /library/reading/adult/Adultsf.htm   (1331 words)

 What is Science Fiction?: Formal Definitions of Science Fiction
Science fiction is "realistic speculation about possible future events, based solidly on adequate knowledge of the real world, past and present, and on a thorough understanding of the nature and significance of the scientific method" (quoted by Knight in Bishop,
"Science fiction is a brand of fantasy identifiable by the fact that it eases the 'willing suspension of disbelief' on the part of its readers by utilizing an atmosphere of scientific credibility for its imaginative speculations in physical science, space, time, social science, and philosophy" (
"Science fiction involves extrapolated or fictitious science or fictitious use of scientific possibilities, or it may be simply fiction that takes place in the future or introduces some radical assumption about the present or the past" (as quoted by Sobchak 19).
www.nvcc.edu /home/ataormina/scifi/define/formaldefine.htm   (248 words)

 Science Fiction on Radio
Despite a dry spell, another true science fiction that made its way to radio in the thirties is probably the best known and would shake the foundations of belief for listeners coming at a time when the world was already clashing on the European continent.
There was still a horror element in much of the science fiction produced at this time, though this was changing just as it was in written form thanks in part to editors/writers such as John W. Campbell Jr.
Not all science fiction of the period was for adults.
www.otr.com /sf.shtml   (1782 words)

 Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.
Included in the committee's report are the results of a questionnaire sent to SFWA members, a proposal that SFWA establish a committee to focus on these issues, and a suggested workflow for the committee to follow in assisting members with concerns about copyright infringement.
Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America Presented the Nebula Awards® for 2007 at the Omni Austin Hotel Downtown in Austin, Texas on April 26, 2008.
The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America elected new officers for the 2008-2009 term, naming Russell Davis as the new President-elect.
www.sfwa.org   (487 words)

 Science in Science Fiction: Making it Work
In fact, much of what is labeled "science fiction" today could as easily be labeled fantasy; and if your own style is distinctive enough, that may be the route for you.
I sought a metaphor from science to help describe the unexpected success of their resistance, which from the invaders' limited perspective seemed doomed to fail.
Remember that what makes a science fiction novel "work" in the long run is what makes any good novel work: connection, consistency, and characters that make us care.
www.sfwa.org /writing/writer.htm   (2189 words)

 Science Fiction Crowsnest - SciFi Magazine
Science fiction author Nancy Kress is interviewed by fellow SF writer Mike Brotherton about why she is fascinated by the way viruses and bacteria can mutate, loving the works of Ursula LeGuin, and waking up early and usually spending the whole morning writing.
Science fiction and fantasy agent John Jarrold has sold World English language limited-edition rights in Serbian author Zoran Zivkovic’s new full-length novel, Escher's Loops, to Peter Crowther of PS Publishing, for publication in 2009.
Science fiction and fantasy author Christopher Priest will be visiting the Birmingham Science Fiction Group in the UK to talk about the making of his book into the film of the same name, The Prestige.
www.sfcrowsnest.com   (2519 words)

 fUSION Anomaly. Science Fiction
science fiction, literary genre to which a background of science or pseudoscience is integral.
H.G. The appearance of the magazines _Amazing Stories_ (1926) and _Astounding Science Fiction_ (1937) encouraged good writing in the field, which was further spurred by post-World War II technological developments.
Individual science fiction stories may seem as trivial as ever to the blinder critics and philosophers of today-but the core of science fiction, its essence … has become crucial to our salvation if we are to be saved at all.
fusionanomaly.net /sciencefiction.html   (3256 words)

 Fictionwise eBooks: Free eBooks, eBooks for Palm, PocketPC, PC, & Mac
Best-selling science fiction print author Travis S. "Doc Travis" Taylor and best-selling eBook author Darrell Bain have combined talents to produce a new science fiction thriller.
The Saga of Seven Suns is one of the most colorful and spectacular science fiction epics of the last decade.
Moving through the genres of urban horror, science fiction, crime and slipstream, these thirteen stories examine the effects of the fantastic upon the personal, whether through future dystopias, a missing child, climatic change, or repeated infidelity.
www.fictionwise.com /ebooks/ScienceFictionEbooks.htm   (1870 words)

  Science-Fiction & Fantasy forums - Powered by vBulletin
Science fiction and fantasy literature, books, reading, and writer and aspiring novelist boards.
General reading discussion area for science fiction and fantasy literature, containing specialist subforums on key areas - what you like to read, what you don't like to read; the best and the worst authors and novels.
Feature science fiction and fantasy TV series, and their specialist boards.
www.chronicles-network.com /forum   (535 words)

 Amish Science Fiction
Science fiction is most frequently set in the future and/or peopled with people involved in science or influential events.
Perhaps the science fiction writer who has used the Amish most extensively as subject matter is Paul Levinson, in the story "The Mendelian Lamp Case," and in the 1999 novel The Silk Code which expands that story's plot and themes.
In the hundreds of science fiction and fantasy novels that we have surveyed, we have found only two works which refer to Mennonites (the broader denominational family the Amish are associated with): Gloss's Dazzle of Day has one passing reference, and Brackett's novel refers to Mennonites extensively.
www.adherents.com /lit/sf_amish.html   (2645 words)

  Science Fiction as a Genre in Adolescent Literature
Science fiction is similar to fantasy in that it is set in worlds that generally do not correspond to present realities.
Similarly, reactions to science fiction tend to be polar; that is, you either love it or you hate it.
As such, good science fiction with a conscience is going to promote new ways of looking at the human consequences and relation to things like industrialism, evolutionary theory, relativity, computers, the big ban, human presence on the moon and the possibility of alien intelligence.
falcon.jmu.edu /~ramseyil/sciencefiction.htm   (1316 words)

  Science fiction film - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Today, science fiction films are in the forefront of new special effects technology, and the audience has become accustomed to displays of realistic alien life forms, spectacular space battles, energy weapons, faster than light travel, and distant worlds.
Science fiction films have been in the forefront of special effects technology, and have been used as a vehicle for biting social commentary for which this genre is ideally suited.
Science fiction film is a film genre which emphasizes actual, extrapolative, or speculative science and the empirical method, interacting in a social context with the lesser emphasized, but still present, transcendentalism of magic and religion, in an attempt to reconcile man with the unknown (Sobchack 63).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Science_fiction_film   (4430 words)

 Science fiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The borders of the genre of science fiction are difficult to define, and the dividing lines between its subgenres are often fluid.
Thus, even fiction that depicts innovations ruled out by current scientific theory, such as stories about faster-than-light travel, may still be classified as science fiction, as they are in the popular Honorverse novels and stories by David Weber.
The premiere literary awards of science fiction, the Hugo Awards, are awarded by members of the annual Worldcon, which is almost entirely run by fan volunteers; the other major science-fiction literary award is the Nebula.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Science_fiction   (4029 words)

 TIME 100: A Century of Science Fiction
Science fiction is a native 20th century art form that came of age at the same time as jazz.
Science fiction, in its sleep and entirely by accident, makes absurd amounts of money: SF films, comic books, action figures, CD-ROMS, computer games, chrome cards, costumes —; there's no end to it.
Science fiction is a fun-house mirror for a society warped by raging technological advance.
www.time.com /time/time100/scientist/other/science.html   (644 words)

 The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy — www.greenwood.com
For readers of science fiction and fantasy, this is a guide to a literary genre that the editor considers the most liberating and expansive....[a] candidate for a shared purchase with the public library.
Over 400 entries cover all kinds of science fiction concerns, from literature to film and TV, and enjoys contributions from well over a hundred experts which discuss major genre themes, relates them to modern works, and provides reference material suitable for either browsing by genre fans or study by college-level literature majors.
Canonical works of science fiction and fantasy are central to the curriculum, while more popular works are being taught with greater frequency and often appear on summer reading lists.
www.greenwood.com /catalog/GR2950.aspx   (1040 words)

 Science Fiction
Science fiction is an incubator for imaginative minds to create visions that help us to glimpse not only the future, but also something about ourselves in the present.
The science fiction of the 20th century, he argues, not only created the concept of the robot but demonstrated the complexity of the threats, opportunities and moral dilemmas their arrival would spark.
Science fiction, a term coined in the 1930s to distinguish the genre from the pulp fiction then becoming popular, carried on examining human morality by placing its characters into situations where some limiting problem had been overcome, such as time travel.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/scifi.html   (6266 words)

 Science News for Kids: TeacherZone: Science Fiction in the Science Classroom
The use and, indeed, acceptance of science fiction as a valid tool in teaching is very similar to the situation facing information technology.
Generate a class list of the science fiction books, movies, and games that were in greatest demand as gifts this year.
After students have done these three challenges—looking at science fiction titles, science titles, and analyzing the power of words from titles—begin a classroom display of titles from popular science articles, newspaper headlines, documentary titles, and so on, as follows.
www.sciencenewsforkids.org /pages/teacherzone/scifi.asp   (2007 words)

 Science Fiction Fandom
The Science Fiction Fandom WebRing is intended to provide a gathering place for the Homepages of the many Science Fiction Fan Clubs, Associations, Groups, and Societies that exist in the world today.
Science Fiction, Fantasy, Admiral Lunar Darkmoon and her team must fight back a genocidal alien race before they succeed in their conquest.
BSFS is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, charitable, literary and educational organization, dedicated to the promotion of, and an appreciation for, science fiction in all of its many forms.
www.webring.com /hub?ring=sffandom   (674 words)

 Rick Sutcliffe's Fiction Index
In the branch of speculative fiction called science fiction, some element of science or technology is critical to the plot, and there is no magic.
Note that there is no connection whatsoever between Christian science fiction and the religion known as "Christian Science." Also, much Celtic fiction deals with these Christian themes but does not signal an explicit Christian commitment on the part of the author or characters.
Futuristic fiction is a catch-all term used by some publishers for any or all of speculative fiction, science fiction, fantasy, alternate history, and apocalyptic literature.
www.arjay.bc.ca /Fiction/index.htm   (920 words)

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