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  Scientific method - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scientific methods or processes are considered fundamental to the scientific investigation and acquisition of new knowledge based upon physical evidence by scientific communities.
Scientific quantities are often characterized by their units of measure which can later be described in terms of conventional physical units when communicating the work.
Scientific journals use a process of peer review, in which scientists' manuscripts are submitted by editors of scientific journals to (usually one to three) fellow (usually anonymous) scientists familiar with the field for evaluation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scientific_method   (6107 words)

 Frederick Winslow Taylor. Founder of scientific management school.
Taylor formalized the principles of scientific management, and the fact-finding approach put forward and largely adopted was a replacement for what had been the old rule of thumb.
Scientific method, he advocated, could be applied to all problems and applied just as much to managers as workers.
The scientific selection, training and development of workers instead of allowing them to choose their own tasks and train themselves as best they could.
www.accel-team.com /scientific/scientific_02.html   (1053 words)

 SCIENTIFIC - Definition
Agreeing with, or depending on, the rules or principles of science; as, a scientific classification; a scientific arrangement of fossils.
Having a knowledge of science, or of a science; evincing science or systematic knowledge; as, a scientific chemist; a scientific reasoner; a scientific argument.
Bossuet is as scientific in the structure of his sentences.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/scientific   (121 words)

 PANTHEISM: Nature, universe, science and religion
Scientific or natural pantheism is a modern form of pantheism that deeply reveres the universe and nature and joyfully accepts and embraces life, the body and earth, but does not believe in any supernatural deities, entities or powers.
Scientific or Natural Pantheism - Pan for short - has a naturalistic approach which simply accepts and reveres the universe and nature just as they are, and promotes an ethic of respect for human and animal rights and for lifestyles that sustain rather than destroy the environment.
Scientific Pantheism is a consistent, non-dualistic, empirical and logical approach to pantheism.
www.pantheism.net /paul/index.htm   (1864 words)

 Scientific Realism
Scientific realists hold that the characteristic product of successful scientific research is knowledge of largely theory-independent phenomena and that such knowledge is possible (indeed actual) even in those cases in which the relevant phenomena are not, in any non-question-begging sense, observable.
To a good first approximation, typical scientific explanations offer accounts of the causal mechanisms or processes by which some phenomena are brought about, and scientists evaluate the explanatory power of a theory by trying to assess the likelihood that mechanisms or processes posited by the theory operate to produce the relevant effects.
He insists that the success of research in normal science is explained, in significant part, because scientific practitioners have, as a result of their understanding of the paradigmatic theory, a quasi-metaphysical knowledge of the basic (and often unobservable) causal factors involved in the phenomena they study.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/scientific-realism   (8965 words)

 Scientific Explanation
In fact, the notion of “scientific explanation” suggests at least two contrasts — first, a contrast between those “explanations” that are characteristic of “science” and those explanations that are not, and, second, a contrast between “explanation” and something else.
A related point is that while most theorists of scientific explanation have proposed models that are intended to cover at least some cases of explanation that we would not think of as part of science, they have nonetheless assumed some implicit restriction on the kinds of explanation they have sought to reconstruct.
The boundaries of the category “scientific explanation” are far from clear, but while (2.4.1) is arguably an explanation, it is not what one usually thinks of as “science” — instead it is a claim from “ordinary life” or “common sense”.
plato.stanford.edu /entries/scientific-explanation   (16044 words)

 Lesson 2-5 Scientific Notation
Scientific notation is simply a method for expressing, and working with, very large or very small numbers.
Numbers in scientific notation are made up of three parts: the coefficient, the base and the exponent.
Remember that correct scientific notation has a coefficient that is less than 10, but greater than or equal to one.
www.fordhamprep.com /gcurran/sho/sho/lessons/lesson25.htm   (897 words)

Scientific explanations are in terms of natural phenomena rather than supernatural phenomena, although science itself requires neither the acceptance nor the rejection of the supernatural.
A scientific theory is a unified set of principles, knowledge, and methods for explaining the behavior of some specified range of empirical phenomena.
However, when we refer to a scientific theory, we are not referring to a speculation or guess, but to a systematic explanation of some range of empirical phenomena.
skepdic.com /science.html   (2268 words)

 Scientific Workflows
Scientific workflows promise to become an important area of research within workflow and process automation, and will lead to the development of the next generation of problem-solving and decision-support environments.
As scientific data sets are consumed and generated by the pre- and post-processors and simulation programs, the intermediate results are checked for consistency and validated to ensure that the computation as a whole remains on track.
One, scientific computations in problem-solving environments, which are of great importance, have the key features of workflows and provide a rich testbed on which to apply workflow ideas.
www.csc.ncsu.edu /faculty/mpsingh/papers/databases/workflows/sciworkflows.html   (3005 words)

 Scientific fraud and the power structure of science, by Brian Martin
A narrow definition of scientific fraud is convenient to the groups in society -- scientific elites, and powerful government and corporate interests -- that have the dominant influence on priorities in science.
Several of the common misrepresentations and biases are natural outgrowths of the hierarchies within scientific organisations: misrepresentation in citations, false pictures of research in grant applications, appointments of cronies and exploitation of subordinates.
Suffice it to say that scientific fraud, whether defined as usual in narrow terms or broadly conceived as a range of types of misrepresentation and bias, cannot be seriously affected by tinkering with a few policies.
www.uow.edu.au /arts/sts/bmartin/pubs/92prom.html   (7459 words)

 Scientific Discovery
That is because in many scientific areas, such as nanotechnology, molecular genetics and the exploration of space, information is being generated too fast for humans to analyze it effectively.
The intention of the symposium was that that the papers proposing models of scientific creativity would help researchers concerned with implementing discovery programs, and the papers discussing the successes and techniques employed in working systems will help researchers extract general frameworks for scientific machine discovery.
Scientific discovery is an interesting and important task domain because it involves highly ill-structured problems that call on the whole range of human cognitive resources, and thereby provides deep insights into complex and creative human thinking.
www.aaai.org /AITopics/html/discovery.html   (2469 words)

 Scientific Method
Discussion of this approach to scientific investigation is so ubiquitous that it is easy to come to the conclusion that this is the description of how science works.
One of the most significant strengths of scientific knowledge is the degree to which it is self correcting, and this is one part of that.
Most scientific investigations, whether they follow the scientific method's protocol or not, shift back and forth between induction and deduction.
www.cod.edu /people/faculty/fancher/SciMeth.htm   (2339 words)

 What is the ``scientific method''?
The scientific method is the best way yet discovered for winnowing the truth from lies and delusion.
In contrast, the theory that ``the moon is populated by little green men who can read our minds and will hide whenever anyone on Earth looks for them, and will flee into deep space whenever a spacecraft comes near'' is not falsifiable: these green men are designed so that no one can ever see them.
A frequent criticism made of the scientific method is that it cannot accommodate anything that has not been proved.
phyun5.ucr.edu /~wudka/Physics7/Notes_www/node6.html   (706 words)

 Scientific Testimony - About Us
Scientific Testimony - About Us publishes articles, news reports and commentary about the use of scientific evidence in legal proceedings.
SCIENTIFIC TESTIMONY is edited and published by faculty and students of the Department of Criminology, Law and Society, University of California, Irvine.
Discussion of legal issues surrounding scientific evidence; may range from brief case notes and comments to longer articles in the style of traditional law reviews.
www.scientific.org /information/about.html   (767 words)

 Health and Consumer Protection - Scientific Committees
High quality scientific advice for the drafting and amendment of Community rules regarding Consumer protection in general and Consumer Health in particular is of utmost importance.
Many issues relating to consumer health are of a multidisciplinary nature and require input from various scientific disciplines.
The scientific advice by these Committees is made available without undue delay following a request by the Commission for a scientific advice or opinion on a new development that may cause concern for consumer health.
europa.eu.int /comm/food/fs/sc/index_en.html   (436 words)

 McKinley Scientific: buy, sell, rent, new and used analytical lab equipment and instruments   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
McKinley Scientific provides asset management strategies that reduce the cost of instrumentation and improve the ability to change as needs change.
McKinley Scientific pays for the instrument and leases it back for less than the purchase value.
The instrument is your to use for the lease term.
www.mckscientific.com /leasing.php   (274 words)

 Lottery   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Scientific Games is a global marketing and technology leader in the lottery industry with over 120 national and international customers, including many of the world's highest revenue-producing lotteries.
Scientific Games is the only company in the world offering the Fulline
In fact, Scientific Games invented the first modern secure instant tickets and continually reinvents them with new games, new play styles, licensed properties, and other fresh, unique ideas.
www.scigames.com   (260 words)

 Scientific Computing World - The global resource for scientists who rely on computing
Scientific Computing World is a leading resource for scientists, researchers and technicians all over the globe who rely upon computing to help them with their work.
Scientific Computing World is dedicated to helping professionals in the field of science computing keep up with this rapidly-changing landscape.
In charting the enormous growth of scientific computing, we are aware that areas such as geoscience and climate modelling are generating ever larger quantities of raw data.
www.scientific-computing.com   (538 words)

 A Dictionary of Scientific Quotations
Scientific American magazine in September 1992 upped the ante considerably with an estimated of 1 1/2 square metres; thats a square of brain forty inches on each side, getting close to the card-table estimate.
It might be going too far to say that the modern scientific movement was tainted from its birth; but I think it would be true to say that it was born in an unhealthy neighbourhood and at an inauspicious hour.
"The scientific method," Thomas Henry Huxley once wrote, "is nothing but the normal working of the human mind." That is to say, when the mind is working; that is to say further, when it is engaged in corrrecting its mistakes.
naturalscience.com /dsqhome.html   (6670 words)

 Edmund Scientific's ScientificsOnline
For over 50 years, Edmund Scientific has been proud to provide our customers with the latest and best selling, unique science-related items available.
Our goal at Edmund Scientific is to provide hobbyists and science enthusiasts with high quality products for every project.
Edmund Scientific has been proud to provide our customers with the latest and best selling, unique science-related items available.
www.edsci.com   (551 words)

 Scientific   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Welcome to the Scientific world of Test and Measuring Instruments, the trusted source for the scientific fraternity of India for Forty years.
Scientific is in the business of building trust and in the last four decades, it has proudly serve this nation through changing Technologies and requirements taking creative and technlogical challenges in its stride.
Browse on, this web based office of Scientific is designed to be a ready reference to its customers.
www.scientificindia.com   (181 words)

 Homogenizers, Centrifuges, Mixers, Rockers, Shakers, Thermostatics, Rocker, Orbital Shaker, Nutating mixer, Nutator, ...
Over the past 12 years, PRO Scientific has expanded the size and nature of its product lines.
In 1994, PRO Scientific accepted the invitation of Hettich Centrifuges of Germany to be its distributor of centrifuges and microcentrifuges in the United States and Canada.
Shortly there after, PRO Scientific became a U.S. Distributor of Memmert thermostatic equipment PRO Scientific is excited to announce that it has added Vortex and Nutating Mixers, Orbital Shakers, and Rockers to its lines of laboratory equipment.
www.proscientific.com   (279 words)

 Hart Scientific Temperature Measurement and Calibration
Hart Scientific announces a new digital temperature and humidity logger for ultra-accurate recording of environmental conditions in critical locations such as calibration and research labs, pharmaceutical and chemical storage areas, and many medical environments.
The Model 5121 Temperature/Humidity Generator is a significant addition to Hart Scientific’s core product line and provides a natural progression into humidity calibration instrument sales.
Hart Scientific’s new Mini Metal-Cased Cells (indium, tin, and zinc) are primary standards that offer several advantages over other cells.
www.hartscientific.com   (509 words)

 Rockwell Scientific: Careers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Rockwell Scientific is a powerhouse of technical innovation with a broad range of RandD and commercialization initiatives.
Rockwell Scientific does not accept unsolicited resumes from agencies with which we do not have an existing relationship.
All recruiter-forwarded, third party resumes will be considered property of Rockwell Scientific and treated as a direct application.
www.rockwellscientific.com /html/careers.html   (134 words)

 Find the Scientific Jobs in your area at thingamajob.com
Aerotek Scientific is currently working with a contract research organization in Evansville, IN who is currently in need of an Analytical Chemist to join their team.
A leading industrial hygiene company in the Richmond area is actively seeking a Microbiologist with a concentration in spore trap or bacteria and fungus.
This position is a Generalist position and will perform a variety of clinical laboratory procedures to evaluate and determine reliability of test results and provide data for diagnostic treatment and prevention of disease.
scientific.thingamajob.com   (2339 words)

 Locate the Scientific Jobs in Tennessee that you are searching for at Thingamajob   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Our client, a contract laboratory concentrating on the testing of textiles, fabrics, and foot ware is currently seeking Laboratory Technician to begin working in their Nashville, TN facility.
Aerotek Scientific is seeking a QA Manager who has experience in a manufacturing facility.
Aerotek Scientific has a wide range of clients: from food and beverage manufacturers, environmental labs, to personal care laboratories, and many more throughout the city.
scientific.thingamajob.com /Browse-Jobs/Tennessee/0   (2066 words)

 scientific instruments,scientific instrument exporters,scientific instrument manufacturers,laboratory ...
Manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of scientific instruments, microscopes, laboratory testing equipment/ instruments and scientific educational equipments from India offer high quality and reasonably priced scientific instruments to the domestic and international markets.
Ludhiana (Punjab) is considered the hub of scientific instruments manufacturing and exports.
With increasing expertise in manufacturing scientific and laboratory instruments and equipments, manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of scientific and laboratory instruments from India are looking towards establishing newer markets and business relationships across the globe.
www.indianscientificinstrument.com   (186 words)

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