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In the News (Fri 19 Apr 19)

  FDA/CFSAN Guidance for Industry Significant Scientific Agreement in the Review of Health Claims for Conventional Foods ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Studies that examine dietary components often focus on the intake of the substance of interest as part of a food or a total diet, or may infer intake as part of post-hoc evaluations of the data.
Scientific studies provide the means to identify which effects on a disease or health-related condition result from the consumption of a particular food substance and which effects are the products of other factors.
The schema also demonstrates that the significant scientific agreement standard is one that is objective, flexible, and responsive by illustrating the variety of combinations of data from different types of good quality studies that may give rise to a body of evidence sufficient to establish the validity of a substance/disease relationship.
vm.cfsan.fda.gov /~dms/ssaguide.html   (7433 words)

 Nielsen's Psyc of Religion: Scientific Studies of Religion, by Wuthnow
The role of scientific studies should not be, in the first instance, to discover what is common among the various religious traditions, but to understand what is different and to gauge reactions to those differences.
If the study of religion were more consistently deliberate in bringing together the realm of facts with the world of values, then it would be harder to imagine where the objections to scientific studies would lie.
Scientific studies of religion need to be guided both by hubris (to venture hypotheses at all) and humility (to acknowledge when they are wrong).
www.psywww.com /psyrelig/wuthnow.html   (2694 words)

 Research on the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Programs - Summary
The more than 500 scientific studies conducted at 200 independent universities and institutions in 33 countries and published in over 100 leading scientific journals have documented that this technology benefits every sphere of life: physiological, psychological, sociological, and ecological.
In a study of transient, chronic alcoholics it was found that the technique produced a 65% abstinence rate and another study of high school and college drug users in a rehabilitation center found an 89% reduction in drug usage.
Studies have shown that when the University group, or a similar group located anywhere in the world, is sufficiently large, that is, approaching the square root of 1% of the world population (7,000), that international relations improve and regional conflicts decrease world-wide.
www.mum.edu /tm_research/summary_tm_res.html   (1916 words)

 Scientific Dietary Studies -- Vegetarian Diets
Study Shows Vegetarian Populations Have Lower Rates of Hypertension, Berkow and Barnard 2005, Nutrition Reviews: A scientific review shows that high blood pressure can be reduced with diet changes, especially a vegetarian diet.
A 12-year study of 85,900 women indicated that the consumption of animal protein was associated with an increased risk of fracture.
Heart Disease in British Vegetarians, Burr and Butland 1988, American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 48, 830: A study of 10896 individuals with a special interest in health foods revealed that death due to ischemic heart disease, over the 10 to 12 years followed, was significantly lower in the vegetarians than in the non-vegetarians.
www.thevegetariansite.com /diet_stud.htm   (2095 words)

 A Status Report on Breast Implant Safety
Recently published studies have shown that women with silicone gel-filled breast implants do not have a greatly increased risk of some well-defined autoimmune diseases, which were among the serious health concerns surrounding the devices.
Some recent studies comparing the rates of immune-related diseases in women with implants versus those without implants have provided reassurance that women with implants are not at a greatly increased risk of these disorders.
Recently, however, a study to measure TDA in women with polyurethane implants found that a woman's risk of cancer from exposure to TDA released by the implant is negligible--about one in a million over a lifetime.
www.fda.gov /fdac/features/995_implants.html   (2610 words)

 VAAM Hornet Juice scientific studies
Our studies show clearly that larval saliva consists mainly of amino acids, the composition of which is similar among the five hornet species found in Japan (1).
In this study, we prepared an amino acid mixture identical to that in the larval saliva of V. mandarinia, and analyzed the nutritional effect of these amino acid nutrients on endurance exercise in swimming mice.
Further studies of agonists and antagonists of b – adrenergic receptors strongly suggest that the process is probably controlled exclusively by the adrenergic system (3).
www.vaam-power.com /vaam_studies.html   (6936 words)

 Scientific studies show fluoridation's claimed benefits are in dispute
In this study in oral epidemiology, officially collected statistics are presented which show that, 15 yr after fluoridation commenced in Auckland, New Zealand, there was still a significant correlation between dental health of children and their social class.
The purpose of this study was to estimate the prevalence and the severity of dental caries and dental fluorosis in primary and permanent teeth of 582 subjects, aged 7 to 16 years, from the fluorosis areas of Khouriba and the non-fluorosis area of Beni Mellal, Morocco.
During the first three decades of the study the level of caries prevalence was strictly correlated with the availability of an optimal caries preventive F concentration in the drinking water.
www.fluoridation.com /caries1.htm   (8002 words)

 The Feminist View Of Domestic Violence vs Scientific Studies
Since we began publishing scientific studies on family violence the women’s shelter has returned our contributions and is conducting a smear campaign against us.
There are more than 100 solid scientific studies that reveal a startlingly different picture of family violence than what we usually see in the media.
One study done of emergency room patients shows that only 1% of men who were injured by women reported the incident to police.
www.lectlaw.com /files/fam27.htm   (4336 words)

 Say No To GMOs! - Scientific Studies
These two studies show that food DNA is circulated to the tissues of animals and may even be transmitted from the mother to the fetal tissues.
In one of the two studies transgenic DNA from a plasmid is clearly circulated to tissues while in the other transgenic DNA was not detected in tissues.
However, the latter study involved a lower relative input of the transgene and should be repeated with higher resolution of the transgene and using high relative input of the transgene say by feeding concentrated Bt plasmid.
www.saynotogmos.org /scientific_studies.htm   (5482 words)

 Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Most published scientific research papers are wrong, according to a new analysis.
The world's largest exhibit of books and digital resources for biblical studies is on display at the congress.
The Institute for Biblical and Scientific Studies is a non-profit tax-exempt organization interested in the areas of Bible and science.
www.bibleandscience.com   (861 words)

 Scientific Studies of the Arctic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
An accepted paper describing the scientific merits of such a continuous seawater pumping system will be published by the professional journal Arctic in the near future.
We focused our studies on declining benthic biological productivity and changes in benthic population structure, and resulting impacts on higher trophic levels, using declining populations of a threatened sea duck, the spectacled eider.
We talked about the scientific goals and objectives of the SBI program during a three-part radio interview provided to Nome Alaska radio station KNOM in May 2004 prior to the first process cruise in 2004.
arctic.bio.utk.edu   (1999 words)

 Scientific Studies of Qigong
In an auxiliary study, "changes were accompanied by improvements in symptoms such as soreness, dizziness, insomnia, hair loss, impotence, and incontinence associated with Kidney deficiency hypertension (a TCM diagnosis.)"
Dr. Sancier referenced a study of patients with "medically diagnosed malignant cancer." They were divided into two groups, and all received drugs.
Dr. Sancier reported, "To study the mech-anism of keeping fit by Qigong, a controlled study was made of 100 subjects classified either as pre-senile or with cerebral function impaired by senility."
www.learningstrategies.com /Qigong/Study1.html   (650 words)

 Scientific Studies Done on the Visionaries
Discernment and Scientific Study of the Visionairies in Medjugorje from the Medjugorje Star.
In summary, the unique aspects of the results of the scientific investigations point to the conclusion that nothing in the physical realm is allowed to interfere with the apparition experience.
Scientific experts have defined the phenomena " as a state of active, intense prayer, partially disconnected from the external world, a state of contemplation with a separate person whom they alone can see, hear, and touch."
www.medjugorje.org /science.htm   (957 words)

 Noni Cancer Research and Scientific Studies
During the course of his research through the scientific literature for compounds similar to Xeronine, he located one that had a chemical structure that was extremely close.
This is a very significant study by a team of researchers from the University of Hawaii led by Annie Hirazumi.
In this study, a team of Japanese researchers studied the effect of over 500 extracts from tropical plants on the K-ras-NRK cell (a pre cursor to certain types of cancer).
www.cnw.com /~timo/scien/cancer.html   (3449 words)

 Noni Scientific Studies and Noni Traditional Uses
imple research shows scientifically that Noni (Morinda citrifolia) is a natural combination of amazingly beneficial compounds to heal the body as a whole, and to maintain health.
In his study, doctors and/or patients are to drink Noni Juice for a 7-month period, with a loading serving of 4 oz.
Simple research shows scientifically that Noni is a natural combination of amazingly beneficial compounds to heal the body as a whole, and to maintain health.
www.cnw.com /~timo/scien/scientific.html   (2054 words)

 PulseTech Scientific Studies
The studies were conducted in response to a request from the military, scientific and engineering communities for scientific validation of claims that our technology actually improves battery efficiency and lengthens battery life.
Results of the studies confirmed that several significant improvements in lead-acid battery performance are attributable to our ReNew-it PulseTechnology.
During these studies, these crystalline buildups were regularly investigated by X-ray diffraction methods.
www.pulsetech.com /pulsetechnology/scientific/scientific.html   (656 words)

 MAPS: MDMA ("Ecstasy") Research Page
Study findings also suggest that monkeys, like humans, may slowly lose interest in taking MDMA over time, and that this change of heart is not a sign of brain toxicity.
The rationale for Dr. Grob's proposed study was based in part on numerous remarkable anecdotal accounts of the therapeutic use of MDMA in the treatment of cancer patients.
To date, no scientific studies have been attempted to evaluate the safety, efficacy or mechanism of action of MDMA as an adjunct to the reduction of pain in end-stage cancer patients, as a treatment of anxiety and depression, or as a tool to facilitate psychologically-mediated stimulation of the immune system.
www.maps.org /research/mdma   (16053 words)

 The British Institute of Homeopathy   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
New studies of Allium cepa and Album sativum have affirmed their close similarity, revealed a veritable cornucopia of bioactive agents present in both remedies and a hitherto unknown `Sulphur factor' which supports their claim to be important polycrests.
Recent scientific studies on garlic alone number several thousand, most of which have been published and confirm its extraordinary healing benefits.
As previously mentioned, it is the act of cutting into, crushing or macerating the bulbs in the preparation of their mother tinctures which instantly releases a host of complex odiferous chemical compounds which have been named from the genus, Allium.
www.britinsthom.com /news.asp   (1355 words)

 Scientific Research on the Transcendental Meditation Program: Physiological, Psychological and Sociological.
There are more than 600 scientific studies documenting the benefits of the Transcendental Meditation program.
Over 600 scientific studies at more than 200 independent research institutions make the TM technique the most thoroughly researched program in the field of human development.
Over 600 scientific studies at more than 200 independent research institutions in 35 countries during the past 40 years confirm that the technique works—and brings remarkable benefits to people around the world.
www.tm.org /discover/research   (306 words)

 Transcendental Meditation (TM) Scientific Research studies
There are 508 studies collected in volumes 1 through 5 of Scientific Research on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program: Collected Papers, and in the recent research section that follows volumes 1 through 5.
The 508 papers are organized chronologically, and by sections, beginning with paper number 1 on the physiological effects of the Transcendental Meditation technique, published in Science in 1970 by Dr. Keith Wallace, and ending with paper 508 on world peace by Dr. Bevan Morris, recently published in Modern Science and Vedic Science.
Of special interest are the 40 studies on the Maharishi Effect--the growth of coherence in the collective consciousness of states, nations, and the world, which can be found in the final section of Part III: Sociology, B: Productivity and Quality of Life, principally in Vols.
www.tm.org /research/508_studies.html   (314 words)

 Scientific Studies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
We believe that such studies serve a dual purpose, contributing to our knowledge of the specific, measurable effects of flower essence therapy, and helping to establish the validity of flower essences in the scientific and medical communities.
The first study involves the use of Five-Flower FormulaT (Dr. Bach's emergency formula, also sold under the brand name Rescue Remedy.) by subjects in an induced stress situation - a mental arithmetic exercise.
In the test group of 24 subjects, those using the flower remedy were found to have a significantly reduced level of reactivity, as measured by muscular activity (EMG) at spinal locations corresponding to the heart and throat chakras.
www.flowersociety.org /scientific.htm   (362 words)

 Tootsie Roll Industries - The Licking Machine, And Other Scientific Curiousities
We are aware of three studies that have been conducted.
A group of students at Swathmore School used human lickers in a scientific experiment and determined it took an average of 144 licks to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.
Based on the wide range of results from these scientific studies, it is clear that the world may never know how many licks it really takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop.
www.tootsie.com /memoriesLicksMachine.html   (216 words)

 Parents. The Anti-Drug. -- Drug Information
Monitoring the Future is a long-term study of the behaviors, attitudes and values of American youth and college students.
The latest study discovered that while overall illicit drug use remained steady in 2000, use of Ecstasy and steroids increased.
This study found that states spend approximately 13 percent of their budgets dealing with the effects of drug, alcohol and cigarette abuse -- the same amount they spend on higher education.
www.theantidrug.com /drug_info/drug_info_research.asp   (713 words)

 SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH ON NONI (Morinda citrifolia)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
The scientific community has begun to show more and more interest in these products as the benefits become even more well known.
In this study, a team of Japanese researchers studied the effect of over 500 extracts form tropical plants on the K-ras-NRK cell, (a pre-cursor to certain types of cancer).
This study included various experiments on the treated mice to determine the analgesic effect, if any, from the plant extracts of the Morinda Citrifolia (Noni).
www.ocii.com /~fisher/noni/studies.htm   (940 words)

 Biology4Kids.com: Scientific Studies: Scientific Method
You see, the scientific method is the way scientists learn and study the world around them.
It can be used to study anything from a leaf to a dog to the entire Universe.
The basis of the scientific method is asking questions and then trying to come up with the answers.
www.biology4kids.com /files/studies_scimethod.html   (520 words)

 Scientific Studies
There are 508 studies collected in volumes 1 through 5 of ScientificResearch on Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi Program:Collected Papers, and in the recent research section that follows volumes1 through 5.
The 508 papers are organized chronologically, and by sections, beginningwith paper number 1 on the physiological effects of the Transcendental Meditationtechnique, published in Science in 1970 by Dr. Keith Wallace, andending with paper 508 on world peace by Dr. Bevan Morris, recently publishedin Modern Science and Vedic Science.
Of specialinterest are the 40 studies on the Maharishi Effect--the growth of coherencein the collective consciousness of states, nations, and the world, whichcan be found in the final section of Part III: Sociology, B: Productivityand Quality of Life, principally in Vols.
www.maharishi.org /tm/research/508_studies.html   (253 words)

 Magnetic Water Treatment-New Scientific Studies Show Support   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
This site presents the results of two recent scientific studies on MWT that conclude that the technology does work when the water conditions are favorable.
In addition to the studies, we have attempted to provide some key definitions to help the consumer gain a better understanding and appreciation for this important technology.
Magnetic water treatment is described in two recent peer reviewed scientific studies that conclude that MWT works under the right conditions.
magneticwatertreatment.com   (623 words)

 Biology4Kids.com: Scientific Studies: Logic
On the other hand, if we talk about biology, if you understand how animals interact with each other then you are able to better understand the whole ecosystem.
The scientific method is a rational, logical thought process that is used to figure out facts and truths.
There are no opinions that are considered scientific laws.
www.biology4kids.com /files/studies_logic.html   (405 words)

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