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Topic: Scientology and the legal system

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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Scientology - European Court Decision vs France
On March 14, 2000 the European Court of Justice ruled in favour of the Church of Scientology against France in a case where France had tried to submit a transfer of funds from abroad to the French Church of Scientology to a preliminary authorisation based on alleged reasons of "public security".
It follows that, in the case of direct foreign investments which constitute a genuine and sufficiently serious threat to public policy and public security, a system of prior declaration may prove to be inadequate to counter such a threat.
In the present case, however, the essence of the system in question is that prior authorisation is required for every direct foreign investment which is 'such as to represent a threat to public policy [and] public security, without any more detailed definition.
www.cesnur.org /testi/scient_EU_en.htm   (1548 words)

  Scientology and the legal system - Biocrawler   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
When the Church of Scientology was charged with a felony count of practicing medicine without a license in the 1996 case involving the death of Lisa McPherson, a Scientologist, the state of Florida asked for damages of approximately $15,000 to be awarded against the organization.
Scientology vowed not to pay the award, and the case was dragged through the courts for 22 years, including two separate appeals to the Supreme Court of the United States and two additional appeals to the California Supreme Court.
Scientology and the Legal System (http://www.modemac.com/cos/cos3.html) from An Introduction to Scientology http://www.modemac.com/cos/
www.biocrawler.com /encyclopedia/Scientology_and_the_legal_system   (1015 words)

 Scientology's Lies | Scientology Lies   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Scientology does not have 8 million members; it is not the fastest growing religion in the world.
Scientology's case records of its members who undergo "auditing" therapy are private and never revealed, much as the records of physicians, psychologists, and priests are not revealed.
Scientology founder L Ron Hubbard was a famous war hero, was struck blind as a result of war injuries, and realized the great truths that came to be known as Scientology while clinically dead on an operating table due to other war injuries.
www.scientology-lies.com /liesindex.html   (774 words)

 Hate Groups : Church of Scientology - Examining the cult's hate and harassment practices
Scientology had suffered so much negative press for so many years that Bezazian and her small cadre could do little to stem the tide.
Scientology lost that case, again and again, until - in October, 2001 - the Supreme Court refused to reinstate the organization's libel suit.
The Church of Scientology claims fair use quoting to be a violation of copyright.
www.apologeticsindex.org /s04f.html   (1688 words)

 The Watchman Expositor: Church of Scientology - A Religious Mafia?
Scientology's history of terror and abuse appears to be the result of its founder's delusion and paranoia.
Scientology is governed by inviolate policies or "Scriptures" of L. Ron Hubbard which, when followed, have produced an extraordinary record of institutionalized abuse, financial exploitation, harassment, intimidation, civil and criminal convictions of its members, leaders, and even the church itself.
Actually, it is Scientology's own heinous and nefarious activities of individual abuse, and abuse of the legal system, which jeopardize everyone's religious and personal freedoms.
www.watchman.org /sci/scientologymafia.htm   (2714 words)

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 Southeastern Europe Country Analysis Brief
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 Rome and Romania, Roman Emperors, Byzantine Emperors, etc.
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 BU's Scientology Connection
At the heart of Scientology's current legal battle are documents, written by Hubbard, that cannot be shown to members until after they have completed a long series of steps.
One of the most sensitive of these secrets is the revelation that much of humanity's misery is caused by the souls, or "body thetans," of space aliens who were transported to Earth 75 million years ago, chained to a volcano, and exploded with hydrogen bombs.
Scientology controls its members, Hassan contends, through such techniques as hypnotic trances in which they're taught to reject the anti-Scientologist entreaties of family and friends.
www.rickross.com /reference/scientology/Scien97.html   (1302 words)

 Gerry Armstrong--Scientology, the Last Laugh
A key point that everyone fed into Scientology’s system reaches, which the European and U.S. Governments, the media, the public and the Scientologists can productively be brought to understand and address is the “Suppressive Person” doctrine.
Amicarelli, all his fellow recruiters, all their recruits, every Scientology corporation or “church” everywhere in the world, every related entity such as the feeder groups, and all of their directors such as Miscavige, officers, employees, volunteers such as Cruise, agents and lawyers are contracted to destroy human rights.
Scientology’s big push into Brussels, Amicarelli’s rants of war and the Fourth Reich, his identification of front groups such as Narconon and Criminon as feeder lines, and the organization’s blind eye and deaf ear for its libel-proof reputation have made this confrontation very timely.
www.gerryarmstrong.org /50grand/writings/scientology-last-laugh.html   (1800 words)

Also in the late 1980s, when the President of the Church of Scientology International visited Spain, within 24 hours there was a raid upon the luncheon at which he was speaking.
Scientology members are banned from the major political parties.
Scientology artists are banned from performing in Germany.
www.religiousfreedom.com /Conference/brazil/taylor.htm   (1109 words)

 [No title]
As the mother church for the religion, CSI ensures that all Scientology churches and, through Scientology Missions International (the mother church for missions), all Scientology missions operate in a coordinated manner to achieve the broader aims of Scientology.
The scripted name or legal mark, while conventionally applied to paper, may also be applied to other devices that capture the name or mark.
Ron Hubbard's works on the Scientology religious philosophy (consisting of materials that are written, such as Hubbard Communication Office Policy Letters and Bulletins; recorded, such as in tape lectures; and filmed, as in technical and public films) are the scriptures of Scientology.
scncatalog.scientology.net /OA_HTML/wise_glossary.htm   (2446 words)

 Affidavits and Declarations - LMT Legal Section
She was enlisted by Scientology to write an affidavit to counter the charges Zoe raised in her declarations and video interviews.
Stephen A. Kent, Ph.D. Stephen Kent is a professor at the University of Alberta in the Department of Sociology.
Kellerhals is the head of security for Scientology in Clearwater, Florida and was involved in the enforced stay of Lisa McPherson during the last 17 days of her life.
lisatrust.bogie.nl /legal/declarations.htm   (704 words)

 Declaration of Jesse Prince in the Wollersheim case - 6/99
All of us were present during legal strategy sessions with the attorneys representing CSC during and after the trial and at those meetings we formulated the strategy that the lawyers were to employ at trial and to frustrate collection of the judgment after it was rendered.
Scientology had virtually unlimited funds to spend on litigation and was willing to spend the money to drive any opponent into bankruptcy.
Scientology would "play the religious card" as often as possible screaming at the top of its lungs that any lawsuit represented a threat to all religions and was based on religious discrimination against Scientology as a misunderstood and maligned new religion.
www.whyaretheydead.net /krasel/aff_jp9906.html   (3272 words)

 Scientology Gag Agreements - A Conspiracy for Silence
I realize that my objectivity may be questioned, because during a 5-year span in the 1980s I represented the Church of Scientology in a series of bogus "religious fraud" cases brought against the Church in Boston and elsewhere.
Scientology conducts its litigation, not to win but to "destroy utterly, if possible"...
The existence of Scientology is completely dependent upon what I describe as a conspiracy for silence to be able to still lure unsuspecting young people into Hubbard's trap..
www.lermanet.com /scientologyscandals/silence.htm   (1218 words)

 2004 Bavarian Interior Ministry report on Scientology as an extremist organization
Even the basic concepts of Scientology yield political dimensions that the scientology "technology" is supposed to change not only the individual, but the entire social and state relationship in the sense of a fundamental new order of society.
The pressure to perform the system puts on staff and members is so strong that orders from functionary proponents and the technocratic regulations of "Admin tech" are carried out, as a rule, without objection, in some cases even at the cost of infringing upon standards and function requirements.
The court's references that fighters had to be recruited for Scientology and that, finally, Scientology pursued the concept of undermining the constitutional system, pointed in the direction of a method of operation that was designated as militant-aggressive.
www.lermanet.com /cisar/germany/2005_05.htm   (5209 words)

 Los Angeles Messenger Service, Los Angeles Attorney Service, LA Messenger Service
Now Legal Service employees one of the most experienced staffs in the industry to help you complete your jobs timely and accurately.
Legal research on the Internet to locate people using public records, annotated guides, online teaching tools, articles on specific research issues and material on evaluating resources.
Searchable database containing the full text of the propositions, ballot pamphlets, and related legal and legislative material from 1911 to the present.
www.nowlegalservices.com   (2577 words)

 Narconon scam and Scientology's Legal Opinions
As he prepared to sentence the top Scientology ® Guardian's Officer and wife of the "Source" of the Way to Happiness for her part in instigating and carrying out such schemes, US District Judge Charles R. Ritchey told Mrs.
For anyone to use the benefits of those laws or to seek under the guise of those laws to destroy the very foundation of the government is totally wrong and cannot be condoned by any responsible citizen." She got 5 years and $10,000 in fines.
The other two are Scientology "Reverend" Arthur Marin, who has seen his own troubles with the law, and William Benitez, who was already in jail when he was lured into Scientology.
www.crackpots.org /lobs36.htm   (564 words)

 Church of Scientology Legal and Media Relations
In Australia, as one example, legal actions by the Church brought about a landmark victory which greatly expanded religious freedom throughout that country.
In certain cases, the Church has used the courts to protect its copyrighted materials, or to ensure it rights and the rights of its members are safeguarded.
During the history of the Church, a few unscrupulous individuals, lusting for money, have observed how Scientology is prospering and rapidly expanding, and unsuccessfully have abused the legal system in an attempt to line their own pockets.
www.scientology.org /en_US/news-media/faq/pg049.html   (422 words)

 Scientology Critics' Information: Index
Scientology's eventual aim is to seize control of media and government and so to run the world according to Hubbard's principles.
Scientology was created by a science-fiction writer, and appropriately enough, its belief system includes a galactic empire and space aliens blowing each other up.
Scientology's war against judges: this "church" spends a remarkable amount of time and money in the courtroom.
www.spaink.net /cos/mpoulter/scum.html   (1451 words)

 RELIGIONS - Catholic Religion, True Religion, Greek Religion - Shopping, Services and Information at RELIGIONSIWORLD.COM
Religion is a system of social coherence based on a common group of beliefs or attitudes concerning an object, person, unseen being, or system of thought considered to be supernatural, sacred, divine or highest truth, and the moral codes, practices, values, institutions, traditions, and rituals associated with such belief or system of thought.
It is sometimes used interchangeably with "faith" or "belief system"
The words "belief system" may not necessarily refer to a religion, though a religion may be referred to as "belief system."
www.religioniworld.com   (656 words)

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