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Topic: Scottish National Party

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 Scottish National Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The SNP was formed in 1934 from the merger of the National Party of Scotland and the Scottish Party.
Some attempted to cement this at the 1975 SNP conference where a motion to change the name of the party to the Scottish National Party (Social Democrats) was due to be debated.
However, the party's MPs who in the main represented seats won from the Conservatives were less keen to have the SNP viewed as a left-of-centre alternative to Labour, for fear of losing their seats back to the Conservatives. /wiki/Scottish_National_Party   (2043 words)

 Scottish National Party - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Scottish National Party
Nationalist party that supports the separation of Scotland from the UK as an independent state within the European Union.
The SNP won 6 of Scotland's 72 seats and over one-fifth of the Scottish vote in the 1997 general election, and 35 of 129 seats in the 1999 election to the new Scottish Parliament, in which it forms the main opposition.
It was formed by the combining of several early nationalist parties in 1934 and at first advocated only autonomy (self-government) within the UK. /Scottish+National+Party   (212 words)

 Features - Organisations - Scottish National Party
Branches are the backbone of the Scottish National Party.
By 1934 the National Party had amalgamated with the smaller Scottish Party to form the Scottish National Party (the name was not commonly abbreviated to the SNP until the 1960s).
Annual Conference is the supreme governing body of the Party and elects the National Executive Committee, the leadership of the Party, which deals with the day-to-day running of its affairs. /features/orgs/snp.htm   (2110 words)

 Scottish National Party - dKosopedia
The Scottish National Party was formed in 1934 by the merger of the National Party of Scotland (a group of former Liberals and Labourites who favored Scottish independence) and the Scottish Party (a group of former Conservatives who favored Home Rule, ie autonomy within the UK).
The party only won five seats in the UK general election of 2001, and with the emergence of the Scottish Socialist Party and the Scottish Green Party, the SNP is no longer the sole advocate of Scottish independence.
The discovery of oil in the North Sea off the Scottish coast boosted support for the SNP in the 1970s, culminating in a 1979 referendum on devolution which failed to pass. /index.php/Scottish_National_Party   (320 words)

 The "Scottish National Party Manifesto 92"
Alone amongst the political parties in Scotland, the Scottish National Party is offering a way forward which will produce social justice, social concern and economic progress.
The SNP favours the introduction of a concessionary national transport pass for the disabled and pensioners. /homepages/Stewart_Stevenson/jasspol4.htm   (4518 words)

 BBC NEWS VOTE2001 PARTIES Scottish National Party
Under its party slogan "We stand for Scotland", the SNP states that while Scotland is a "rich country" it is not a "rich society".
The party was established in 1934 and won its first Westminster seat in a by-election in 1945.
He further surprised commentators by saying he would not stand again for the Scottish Parliament but would fight to keep his Westminster seat in the coming election. /vote2001/hi/english/parties/newsid_1179000/1179151.stm   (513 words)

 Scotland: Scottish National Party in crisis
The Scottish National Party (SNP) is still reeling from their drubbing in the May 1st elections to the Scottish parliament.
The membership of the party is overwhelmingly based in the rural area of north-east Scotland.
The new constitution would mean the few areas, overwhelmingly rural and where the SNP has it's traditional electoral base, in which the membership is concentrated would dictate party policy. /eng/2003/08/17scotland.html   (586 words) News - Scottish National Party
THE SNP needs a £1m war chest to successfully compete in next year's Holyrood election, party...
ALEX Salmond yesterday warned that he was seeking to return to the Scottish Parliament "to shake...
THE Scottish Liberal Democrats published plans to grant sweeping new tax powers to the Scottish... /topics.cfm?tid=324   (458 words)

 The Scottish National Party
It was SNP pressure that forced the Scottish Executive to press ahead with free personal care for the elderly.
The SNP is committed to a meaningful reduction in class sizes for Primary 1-3 (prioritising areas of poverty first) to 18, in stark contrast to New Labour’s failure to meet their own meaningless targets.
The SNP want to establish an Education Convention to take education out of the political battleground, and to establish consensus as the basis for educational advance. /sections/Scotland/Students/SNP.asp   (442 words)

 SNP History - East Kilbride Scottish National Party
As the largest opposition party the SNP is the "Official Opposition" in the Scottish Parliament.
The NEC and the Party are led by the National Convener, currently John Swinney MSP.
The Annual Conference elects a National Executive Committee (NEC) which is the political leadership of the Party. /history   (966 words) Election - Scottish National Party
It may be that the Scottish Parliament, reconvened in 1999, may have restored a sufficient amount of nationhood to cause some SNP voters to stray away from the single independence issue to other parties.
Captain's innings: Whilst Salmond's return to the helm of the party from Westminster in 2004 was heralded as the beginning of a new age for the SNP, with leadership hitting 10,000, it still remains to seen where the party will fit into the political landscape this time around.
Alex Salmond and deputy Nicola Sturgeon are certainly a convincing and charismatic double act, but it's been a quieter term of office so far compared to Salmond's rousing role at the helm the party first time round. /parties.cfm?party=SNP   (435 words)

 Scottish National Party Information
The SNP won 35 seats in the Scottish Parliament Elections and is the Official Opposition Party in Scotland.
The SNP (founded in 1934) is the political party that argues the case for Scottish independence.
With the first ever elections to the Devolved Scottish Parliament in May 1999 the SNP was in its best position to challenge new Labour - an election on home ground. /~scottishfreedom/polsnp.html   (113 words)

 Executive betrays Scottish shipyard — SNP - Scottish National Party
SNP depute leader Nicola Sturgeon has reacted furiously to news that a Scottish shipyard has lost out to a Polish rival in a bid to build a fisheries protection vessel.
"The fact of the matter is that Scottish taxpayers will pay handsomely for this work to be awarded to Poland while Scottish shipbuilders languish on the dole.
"This tendering process has been a shambles from the start and now the workers at Ferguson's and their families will suffer as a direct result of the First Minister's failure to protect Scottish interests. /snpnews/2005/snp_press_release.2005-08-04.2400110385   (354 words)

 Scottish Socialist Party
The Abolition of NHS Prescription Charges (Scotland) Bill was supported by the SSP, Scottish National Party, Greens and independents.
The Scottish Socialist Party is a part of the Scottish Free School Meals Campaign along with CPAG Scotland, One Plus, Poverty Alliance, Scottish Youth Parliament, UNISON, EIS, SSTA, BMA, STUC Women's Committee, Scottish Local Government Forum against Poverty, Members of the Scottish Churches Social Inclusion Network, Dundee Anti-Poverty Forum.
In the Scottish Parliament SSP MSP's have been fighting to hold the health boards and the Scottish Executive to account for their actions.   (1032 words)

 Dundee SNP
SNP MP’s today joined the Save the Scottish Regiments campaign group to petition Downing Street.
In a letter to Ms Robison, Transport Minister Tavish Scott also revealed that conditions placed on the Scottish Executive’s ‘Route Development Fund’ (RDF) would be relaxed for the airport, dropping for the first time the requirement that supported services must operate at least five round trips per week.
Dundee East MSP and Shadow Health Minister Shona Robison, has welcomed the return of the Health Committee of the Scottish Parliament to Dundee on Tuesday 7 March.   (517 words)

 Bannockburn SNP,Scottish National Party Bannockburn branch
The SNP is a democratic left-of-centre political party fully committed to Scottish Independence.
Bannockburn SNP is proud to be the main historical branch of the Nationalist movement in Scotland.
Bannockburn SNP holds monthly meetings in Bannockburn Community Centre,every second Tuesday of the month.   (126 words)

The Scottish National Party is a Political Party party in Scotland which campaigns for an independent Scotland.
The SNP won six seats at the 2005 General Election. /Parliament.aspx?id=10370&glossary=true   (35 words)

 Scottish National Party Candidates
The group attracted immediate and hostile attention from the Labour Party, with a lengthy press release explaining why the SNP was hopelessly split and dividing candidates between different wings of the party.
Councillor Colin Campbell, Kilbarchan, Renfrewshire, former head teacher and party defence spokesman
Alex Salmond, MP for Banff and Buchan and leader of the party /scot99/snpholy.html   (929 words)

 Scottish National Party - 04 / European Manifesto
Promoted by Peter Murrell, on behalf of the Scottish National Party, both of 107 McDonald Road, Edinburgh, EH7 4NW.
Scottish National Party - 04 / European Manifesto
Meet the people who will be elected for the SNP on June 10 and discover how your vote can ensure Scotland’s voice is heard.   (227 words)

 SNP Kirkcaldy Constituency Association
The SNP has Branches based in Kirkcaldy and Burntisland. /snp   (9 words)

 SNP Students - Home
Tony Blair and unionist cronies in the Scottish Executive have lauched numerious attacks on students, from tuition fees to abolishing student grants and the FSN has been there defending student rights all the way.
For more than 40 years the FSN has been at the forefront of the fight for Scottish Independence on university and college campuses across Scotland and further afield.
It is only the SNP which will fight for Scotand time after time.   (172 words) - Official Status for Gaelic
To similar effect is the Scottish Land Court Act 1993 (1993 c.45, s.1(5)), requiring a Gaelic-speaking member on the seven-member Land Court, which deals with non-crofting land disputes in the Highlands and Islands as part of its national remit.
Schedule 1 to the British Nationality Act 1981 (1981 c.61, Schedule 1, s.1-(1)(c)) enumerates among the requirements for naturalisation as a British citizen that the applicant “has a sufficient knowledge of the English, Welsh or Scottish Gaelic language”.
Scottish children should have ‘right to be taught in Gaelic’ /rannsachadh/officialstatus.htm   (7725 words)

 BBC NEWS Election 2005 Scotland SNP unveils 'people's manifesto'
I watched the SNP party political broadcast on Thursday and the Sean Connery voiced introduction (is it really his voice?) was particularly annoying considering he lives in Barbados and spends very little time in this country.
It is left to the SNP to speak for Scottish interests and hopefully the voters of Scotland will realise that a strong SNP presence at Westminster will ensure Scottish issues are on the agenda.
I think every Scot should vote for SNP as this party has our best wishes at heart. /1/hi/uk_politics/vote_2005/scotland/4446193.stm   (4395 words)

 Scottish National Partygains support
The SNP are a progressive party, standing well to the left of the Labour Party on all issues.
The SNP exhibits an internationalism unknown to the major political parties, call for withdrawal from NATO at earliest opportunity; support for East Timor; increase aid for third world, cheered enthusiastically; understanding of the real causes of hunger in Africa, trade imbalance, debt crisis and wars, not overpopulation.
Nationalism here is more than a peripheral issue: In April, Scots voted overwhelmingly for parties supporting, in one form or another, greater sovereignty. /back/1992/81/81p16a.htm   (1597 words)

 Scottish national Party,SNP,Scottish politics,Scottish Independence
This scottish national party,snp,section contains a series of briefing notes on the Scottish National Party’s policies and positions on various topical issues.If you need further or more detailed information on any topic please fill in the submission form and we will get back to you.
Scottish National Party,SNP,Bannockburn Scotland,Bannockburn snp,Bannockburn scottish national party,scottish national party,snp,snp files,the history of the scottish national party,scottish national party manifesto,scottish politics,scottish independence, scottish wars of independence
Bannockburn SNP,Scottish National Party Bannockburn,Stirling Council Elections 2003,home page for Bannockburn East Ward for Alasdair MacPherson,Scottish National Party candidate /crime.html   (527 words)

 SNP Scottish National Party News
THE first all-party Speaker's Conference for nearly 30 years should be called to tackle the row over party funding, Plaid Cymru and the SNP said last night.
The defeats at the hands of Liberal Democrats and the SNP pile on the agony for the party north of border after two losses in February.
In yesterday's by-election for Stirling Council, the SNP's Scott Farmer took a seat from Labour in the Borestone Ward. /index.php?snp-news   (1018 words)

 Chapter 9 - The Scottish National Party
Muriel had been a supporter of the Nationalist cause since 1932 when she became a member of the National Party of Scotland in Glasgow.
Much nearer the truth is the disclosure in the files in the Scottish Record Office of a Secretary of State struggling to reconcile his "Home Rule" and socialism past with the actions of an establishment in panic.
Despite the high profile of some of the leaders of the SNP, particularly John MacCormick, the Party in the 1940’s was in extremely poor shape. /HISTORY/mcintyre/chap9.htm   (1616 words)

 Midlothian SNP
Becoming a member of the SNP involves as much or as little as you wish.
Anyone who believes that Scotland should be independent, like any other small European country can join the SNP.
You can simply join to show your support and pay your annual subscription of £10 (£5 for pensioners) and leave it at that. /midlothiansnp/join.htm   (129 words)

 Pub Philosopher
I am still left wondering what happened to the Tories, who would have us believe that they are the party of individual freedom, and the rest of the mainstream right-wing on Saturday.
The rally had no coverage in the Telegraph (remember its "Free Country" campaign?) or the Spectator and there were no expressions of support from any Conservative MPs.
It seems that the image we have been shown in the UK, of French youth united against the new labour laws, is only half the story.   (1958 words)

 Useful Links
Scottish National Party; Scotland's Independence Party, with details about policies and membership.
Plaid Cymru; Welsh national party packed with details about welsh politics.
Labour Party; Information about the party, news, contacts and details about how to become a member. /useful_links.htm   (428 words)

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