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Topic: Scottish people

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In the News (Tue 18 Jun 19)

  Scottish People * Albawest
Scottish physician James Lind born and educated in Edinburgh and a 'Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh' devised the scientific method known today as 'Clinical Trials' to test the effectiveness of drugs or treatments.
When the Scottish King James VI (Sixth), was invited by the English to come and reign over them also, making him the first King of the UK, he was called James I (First), he visited Greenwich and on Blackheath, he played the first game of golf in England.
The Scottish Parliament has recently passed a motion that sought to right the wrong of the scientist's name being written out of history and his home town of Beith are gathering funds to erect a monument to Dr. Faulds.
www.albawest.com /scots.html   (3295 words)

  Scottish - Heritage Community Foundation
Many Scottish names are found during a role call of Canada's earliest adventurers: in 1795, Alexander MacKenzie reached the Pacific Ocean via an overland route; and in 1808 Simon Fraser followed the treacherous river that now bears his name to the Pacific Ocean.
Scottish fur traders and their families were among the first to settle Lower Fort Garry (Winnipeg), Fort Pelly (Saskatchewan), Fort Victoria (Pakan, Alberta) and Edmonton.
Scottish Imports Inc (known affectionately by Edmontonians as the "Scottish store") provides a number of links, products and services tailored to meet the needs of the city's Scottish population.
www.abheritage.ca /albertans/people/scottish.html   (986 words)

 Scottish people - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Scottish people are an ethnic group indigenous to Scotland in the north of the British Isles.
Not all of modern Scotland was Gaelic though, south-east of the Firth of Forth, that is, in Lothian and the Borders, as well as eastern Caithness and the Northern Isles, preserved the Germanic languages, English and Norse respectively, that had become entrenched in earlier centuries.
In 1603, the English and Scottish Crowns united under King James VI of Scotland (King James I of England).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scottish_people   (1211 words)

 Scottish Arts Council - Wanted: local people for Scottish Arts Council committees
The Scottish Arts Council is looking for people from all parts of Scotland to help advise Council on policy and funding decisions for the arts.
The Scottish Arts Council is the principal body responsible for the development and funding of the arts in Scotland, distributing around £54 million each year to artists, arts organisations, social inclusion partnerships, education bodies and many others.
Committees are made up of people with a wide range of knowledge and experience in their particular artform, and play a vital role in advising Council and assessing funding applications.
www.scottisharts.org.uk /1/latestnews/1001878.aspx   (557 words)

 Scottish Socialist Party   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
But the Scottish Executive continues to hide behind the skirts of their Westminster bosses, justifying their silence on the grounds that war and peace is reserved matter.
The Scottish Socialist Party stands against the tide of right wing opinion that suggests that immigration is a problem to be solved.
People fleeing from these problems don't generally travel far - usually to neighbouring country which is often as poor as the country they have left.
www.scottishsocialistparty.org /man2005/Manifesto.html   (20451 words)

 Scottish Blog - October 2005
Scottish police are to launch a crackdown on motorists flouting the mobile-phone driving ban after revealing that 20,000 drivers have been caught chatting while driving north of the border since the law came into force in December 2003.
In essence the Scottish Reformation was a struggle between what the established religion of the Church of Scotland will be, but in more depth, it has been said to be a growing stage for Scotland, with many milestones and unique events being reached during the struggle.
The Scottish Islands are divided into six main groups of islands, some of which are independent from the mainland (in terms of their local councils).
www.scottish-heirloom.com /scottish-blog/index.php/2005/10   (4500 words)

 AIUK : Scotland: Apathy is stopping Scottish people making wills
This apathy means that Scottish people are at risk of seeing their loved ones and the causes they care about lose out.
People in Scotland appear to make Wills fairly late in life, only 56% of those aged 54-65 said that they had made a Will, while 76% of people aged 65+ had.
Scottish Amnesty supporters are generous, with the average donations in the last year of Amnesty supporters living in Scotland being 7% higher than the UK average, and the overall donations begin 11% higher than the UK average - second only to London
www.amnesty.org.uk /news_details.asp?NewsID=16839   (753 words)

 The "Scottish National Party Manifesto 92"
The right of Scottish people to sovereignty over our territory and natural resources, recognising the rights and obligations of European Community membership, which shall be subject to confirmation by a referendum.
The presence in Scotland of people from diverse origins is a source of enrichment for Scottish society.
Disabled people are excellent employees, yet the current law stipulating that larger companies make up 3 per cent of their workforce from the disabled population is practically ignored.
ourworld.compuserve.com /homepages/Stewart_Stevenson/jasspol4.htm   (4518 words)

 Scottish Arts Council - Own Art encourages Scottish people to buy art
More than 140 people have purchased new works of contemporary art and craft worth £84,000 during the first six months of the Scottish Arts Council’s Own Art scheme, it was revealed today, as an additional 22 galleries across Scotland are selected to participate in the initiative.
Galleries are selected by an independent panel which assesses each application based on certain criteria including the quality of work on sale, their professional relationship with artists, the quality of exhibition space and the knowledge and training of staff.
The Scottish Arts Council champions and sustains the arts for Scotland, investing over £70 million from Scottish Executive and National Lottery funding to support and develop artistic excellence and creativity through Scotland.
www.scottisharts.org.uk /1/latestnews/1002338.aspx   (952 words)

 e-Keltoi: Volume 1, Diaspora - "This Could Have Been Mine": Scottish Gaelic Learners in North America, by ...
Especially because of the lack of linguistic criteria, people of different cultural backgrounds and proficiencies in Gaelic (from native speakers to interested non-speakers) are active in the Gaelic revival.
At the same time, people have the right to take from traditions whatever they find most amenable to their own self-understanding, and even if what they appropriate is not "true" in some sense they should not be criticized for it.
I wish more people could turn their time and energy to the more interesting and more genuine Gaelic culture but I recognize that this is entirely out of my power to change and not worth worrying about.
www.uwm.edu /Dept/celtic/ekeltoi/volumes/vol1/1_1/newton_1_1.html   (12375 words)

 Scottish Trivia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
A Scot, Henry Faulds pioneered the use of fingerprints as means of undisputed identity of people.
Scottish Freemasonry is now officially recognised as being the oldest in the world and is now recorded as a Guinness World Record.
Thomas Stanley and William Danko, in their book The Millionaire Next Door, analysed the ethnic backgrounds of the wealthiest members of US society and discovered that while people of Scottish origin make up 1.7% of the population, they comprise 9.3% of its millionaires.
www.electricscotland.com /scottish_trivia.htm   (885 words)

 Swans Commentary: The Only Road To Scottish Socialism Is Independence, by Joe Middleton - joemid02
According to opinion polls it's the favourite constitutional option of the Scottish people and the main question is how to organise the independence movement in a way which will show the British state that we want out of it.
That people have now begun to look to the discredited Tories again for an alternative is a savage indictment of his wasted years in power.
In Scotland there are three independent Scottish parties, all on the political left, all of whom believe in Scottish democracy and normal powers for this country in the international community.
www.swans.com /library/art12/joemid02.html   (1604 words)

 Scottish Games in Woodland California
This isn't a boring history lesson, this is walking around seeing all kinds of people dressed in different costumes representing some part of the Scottish past, or present.
She was crowned Queen while still an infant and had a tumultuous reign, ending in a horrible and sad death.
I would love to know who Scottish Heavies Fan is as the people he/she listed...Kraig, Jeff and Kent are my family and Jame is their friend.
insidewoodland.com /scottish.cfm   (1990 words)

 Scottish Genealogy, Scottish Family History Research
A Scottish historian, researcher and author with 30 years experience, who undertakes commissions on behalf of those wishing to source information on their Scottish roots prior to 1850.
Scottish Emigration to Colonial America, 1607-1785 - A narrative history of Scots settlement of early North America and the West Indies
Those planning to visit Scotland and interested to hear David Dobson talk on those aspects of Scottish Emigration, Scotland and the Scottish people which particularly interest them, may wish to make a reservation with his wife at their Bed and Breakfast in St Andrews, Fife.
www.users.zetnet.co.uk /dobson.genealogy   (800 words)

 Scottish people and their lives
Scottish history and people are set out here, this is not a full writing of it but a taste.
Scottish nobility and against English garrisons in Scotland.
Scottish Protestantism and Roman Catholicism was marked by conspiracy, murder, rebellion, and
www.scottishwebcamslive.com /scotland.htm   (2533 words)

 Scottish Crofters Campground
Turn onto Acadian Road and Scottish Crofters is on your left.
Tent sites are limited to two tents and a maximum of 4 people.
Scottish Crofters Campground is located a 1/4-mile from one of the most productive pools on the entire river.
www.scottishcrofters.com /campground.htm   (722 words)

 Visit Scotland Online scottish people   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Scotland is a small country on the very edge of Europe whose people historically have been tempered by the struggle with poverty and the harsh winter climate.
It is in the contemplation of the debasement of this lively, attractive and touching tradition in Scotland and the Scottish temperament for commercial purposes that the natives have to endure the greatest embarrassments and discomforts.
It is from the Lowland strain that there comes the equally celebrated Scottish tradition of dourness, implacability and splendid courage in defence, providing a complementary virtue to the splendid Highland courage in attack.
www.visit-scotland-online.co.uk /InfolinkPages/scotspeople.htm   (1816 words)

 Let's Go - People - Laura Carruthers   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-09)
Carruthers’ success with Fire and Grace and with Scottish Highland dancing can be traced back to years of hard work and gallons of sweat.
She was seven when she began her career as a competitive Scottish Highland dancer.
Carruthers chose the title Fire and Grace to emphasize the duality of the Scottish people.
www.fhtimes.com /letsgo/people/carruthers.htm   (736 words)

 Scottish Terrier Origins: Scotland's Definitive Export
I believe this is strikingly true in the case of Scotland and her definitive export, the Scottish Terrier.
That's not surprising when you know that their homeland is a place of 'large-souled' people who routinely accomplish great things with little.
I found it truer to say, the Scottish people are neither affected nor superficial, and never fake affection before it's real.
www.tartanscottie.com /scottish_terrier_origins.htm   (1820 words)

 ATH 175 Peoples of the World
Map of the United Kingdoms, Scotland is the northernmost section of land in the middle.
The people of the Shetland Islands of Scotland plan for this celebration of their Viking ancestry for most of the year, and when the last Tuesday of January comes, the ritual is a huge event that a great many Shetlanders participate in.
This is similar to what we would call a memorial, since it remembers the rich Scottish past in an attempt to keep the past alive, while still incorporating it into their modern lives.
www.units.muohio.edu /ath175/student/MCCRUMAM/index.html   (1135 words)

 People at Scottish Biomedical
Morag joined Scottish Biomedical in October 1999 where her main responsibilities include liasing with academics, being the principal point of contact for scientists and scientific queries, the design and building of custom projects and the management of active scientific programmes.
Simon joined Scottish Biomedical in November 2000 and is responsible for the operation of Scottish Biomedical's research laboratories.
His key task is to ensure the organisation’s drug-discovery and research service is successful and delivers results and milestones, as agreed, to our clients.
www.scottish-biomedical.com /biomedical/default.asp?p=18   (464 words)

 MacCorkill's Scottish - Dalriada - the Beginning
The Dal Fiatach and the Dal nAraide were constantly warring with one another over the rulership of their territory with the Kingship falling into the hands of which ever one was the most powerful at the time.
This convention was held to consider the position of the Irish Dal Riata in relation to Aed mac Aimrech, King of the northern Ui Niells on the one hand and to Aedan, King of the Dal Riata on the other.
The convention decided that any taxes levied on the Irish Dal Riata belonged to the Scottish Dal Riata and that the Irish Dal Riata fleet should also remain with them, otherwise, from that point the Irish Dal Riata became a separate entity, although the two were still allied.
www.geocities.com /~sconemac/celtic1.html   (1033 words)

 The Council of Scottish Clans and Associations, Inc. - COSCA
Taken from the Bylaws: The purpose of COSCA shall be to preserve and promote the customs, traditions, and heritage of the Scottish people by educating the public as to Scottish history, literature, music, poetry, art, and culture.
Additionally, COSCA shall, through a variety of means, provide service to the various clan and family associations of the Scottish community.
Scottish, as used hereinafter, refers to those people of Scottish and Irish descent, commonly called Celtic.
www.cosca.net   (372 words)

 Medieval and Renaissance Scottish Dancing
This article is an attempt to inspire interest and research into Scottish dancing, with the eventual goal of reconstructing some of these dances.
For example, in Colkelbie Sow (1568) [10], we see that some of the Scottish people, presumably peasants, couldn't dance court dances: "Could nacht the fete of any dansis,/Bot such thing as affeiris/To hirdis and their maneiris." The Complaynt of Scotlande (1549) [13] gives a long list of dances which appear to be country dances:
Reels are a natural starting point for considering Scottish dance because they are at the core of what is considered "traditional" Scottish dancing.* Modernly, the term "reel" refers to both a figure and a dance.
www.nonvi.com /sm/scottish_period.html   (2266 words)

 Scottish Historical Resources and Heritage Information
This ring is for sites with a Scottish theme focusing on Genealogy or related subjects such as history and heraldry.
A place to find new Scottish penpal friends from Scotland, as well as finding penpals from from around the World.
Site is devoted to the history of the McHaney name and any prior spelling or name changes that may be discovered in the course of research into the family history, and to provide a central point for the sharing of information by all so involved.
e.webring.com /hub?ring=scottishconnecti   (997 words)

 Scottish people - Muse Messageboard
Ok maybe some people in scotland are a bit common.
But there are many well educated people as well.
Admittedly the scottish parliament building is also a disgrace but i dont agree with devoulution.
board.muse.mu /showthread.php?t=3698   (583 words)

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