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 Scottish-Canadian - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scottish-Canadians or Scots Canadians are citizens of Canada whose ancestry originates in the northwest European country of Scotland.
Scottish-Canadians are the 3rd biggest ethnic group in Canada.
Agnes Macphail, first woman to sit in the Canadian House of Commons /wiki/Scottish-Canadian   (145 words)

 MacLeod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Duncan Stuart McLeod (1854–[?]), Canadian politician from Manitoba
Duncan Lloyd McLeod (1874–1935), Canadian politician from Manitoba
Neil McLeod (1842–1915), Canadian politician from Prince Edward Island /wiki/MacLeod   (217 words)

 Canadian Identity
The evolving values of today's Scottish Canadian community are thus of vital concern to the social and economic planners of Canada.
The lowland "fermtoun" and the early Upper Canadian Scottish "settlement" were "communities" where neighbours and relatives worked and played together in relative isolation from the outside world.
Now, if the farmer were Scottish and the blacksmith German, they would have each contributed ideals, attitudes and values that were unique to their native land and beneficial to their adopted Canada. /canadian.htm   (992 words)

 Scottish - Heritage Community Foundation
Scottish fur traders and their families were among the first to settle Lower Fort Garry (Winnipeg), Fort Pelly (Saskatchewan), Fort Victoria (Pakan, Alberta) and Edmonton.
Scottish Imports Inc (known affectionately by Edmontonians as the "Scottish store") provides a number of links, products and services tailored to meet the needs of the city's Scottish population.
Many Scottish names are found during a role call of Canada's earliest adventurers: in 1795, Alexander MacKenzie reached the Pacific Ocean via an overland route; and in 1808 Simon Fraser followed the treacherous river that now bears his name to the Pacific Ocean. /albertans/people/scottish.html   (978 words)

 Canadian Collections - National Library of Scotland
Canadian material is acquired in both English and French, and the Library also acquires as extensively as possible publications in and relating to the Scottish Gaelic of Nova Scotia.
There are however a number of older Canadian newspapers (see Holdings of US and Canadian Newspapers in Scottish Libraries) and individual items of interest relating in particular to travel, exploration, mountaineering and Scottish emigration to Canada.
For a more detailed description and lists of Canadian and US material held by the Library, see Resources for American and Canadian Studies in Scottish University and Research Libraries. /collections/foreign/canadian.html   (768 words)

 Knight Family Military Service and Medals
Rowland A. Knight was a CSM in the Canadian Scottish Regiment.
By nightfall the Canadian Scottish were six miles inland, dug in their forward positions around Pierrepont and ready for an expected counter-attack.
Canadian Scottish Regiment was from Victoria, British Columbia. /kcic1/military.html   (1675 words)

 Scottish Military Historical Society - Summary
In 1930, a second battalion was added which was converted to machine gun in 1936 as the 66th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment (Canadian Scottish Regiment) R.C.A. The Canadian Scottish absorbed the 62nd AT Battery and 66th Light AA Regiment as a 2nd Battalion in the reorganisation of 1954.
By the turn of the century, all of the British regiments had been withdrawn from Canada as the Canadian Militia was embodied for civil defence and defence against a non-threatening United States.
The Toronto Scottish was organised as the Mississauga Regiment in 1921 and the name was quickly changed to the Toronto Scottish. /~james.mckay/na003.htm   (2143 words)

 2422 Canadian Scottish Army Cadets History
When these batteries amalgamated with the Canadian Scottish Regiment on the 31st of December, 1954, the four cadet corps, 1617 (Qualicum Beach), 1726 (Comox), 2308 (Port Alberni), and 2422 (Duncan), were re-affiliated, thus becoming Canadian Scottish.
This means that a couple of the current Cadet Corps weren't always Canadian Scottish.
Although some of the cadet units have been disbanded since the Cadet Battalion came into being, it should be noted that these units were predated by a unit formed on the 12th of March, 1921. /pac/2422army/history_e.htm   (330 words)

 * News @Guelph *
Although Waterston's specialty at Guelph was Canadian literature and she never had an opportunity to teach in the Scottish studies program, her love of Scottish writing and her research interest in the genre have never waned.
Waterston links the works of Canadian writers such as Alice Munro, Hugh MacLennan, Margaret Laurence and W.O. Mitchell to Scottish writers such as Scott, Barrie, Robert Burns, Thomas Carlyle and Robert Louis Stevenson.
Here, she found herself ensconced in a city founded by Scottish novelist John Galt and at a university that was to become world renowned for its academic and archival offerings in the study of Scottish history and culture. /atguelph/01-06-20/articles/book.html   (606 words)

 All Hands - December 2001 - The Need Has Arisen
Diving to the ground to avoid being shot, a Canadian Scottish Regiment soldier moves in for the kill on the Mondo Island Liberation Organization (MILO) army.
A Canadian Scottish Regiment soldier waits for transportation back to base after rounding up all the Mondo Island Liberation Organization (MILO) soldiers who had been hiding in the forest.
A Canadian truck is guided off a U.S. Army landing craft from the 385th Transportation Battalion late in the afternoon, prior to "Mondo's" conflict. /pubs/allhands/dec01/pg20.htm   (2129 words)

 Canadian History - Part 2
Scottish pioneers expelled from their homeland settled the area in the mid-19th century.
Scottish music, in the finest Cape Breton tradition, lives on in Detroit, Michigan, thanks to Johnny Archie MacDonald who grew up in Little Judique Ponds just after the turn of the century.
He sat for two terms in the town council; was the second mayor of Chatham (1857) and acted for a period as chairman of the Board of School Trustees. /history/canada/part2.htm   (1730 words)

 Scottish Canadians
In Honour of St. Andrews Day, Here are a bunch of Famous Scottish-born Canadians.
Scottish Immigration was so strong that at the end of the 19th century there were almost as much scots as English.
In Ontario, there are many Scottish areas such as Guelph, Perth, MacNab Township and around the Huron and Bruce Counties. /article.cfm/life_in_canada/29335   (402 words)

 History of the Pipes and Drums
From that alliance the Canadian Scottish adopted Hunting Stewart as the regimental tartan, with uniform patterned after "the Dandy 9th", the Territorial Army Highland Battalion of The Royal Scots.
The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) is Vancouver Island's infantry unit.
In 1920 the Canadian Scottish Regiment was formed with headquarters in Victoria. /history.htm   (351 words)

 The Tartan Connection
Rapt in Plaid combines an extensive literary analysis of the Scottish influence on Canadian writing with a memoir of Elizabeth Waterston's personal experience as a graduate student, professor, researcher and editor within the field of Canadian Studies as it developed from the 1940s.
Scottish women's literature is a relatively new area of scholarship, made accessible only recently by A History of Scottish Women's Writing, edited by Douglas Gifford and Dorothy McMillan.
Waterston is also aware of the dangers of her decision to "focus attention on a single, imported strand in the national fabric," as she notes in the preface. /reviews/177/5590_Alker.html   (585 words)

 Official Publication about The Scottish Rite
The Scottish Rite builds a superstructure on this firm base, and so provides a means whereby the earnest seeker after truth may receive further and deeper knowledge and understanding of the same great truths.
The term "Scottish" is translation of the French "Ecossais" in the French titles of some of the degrees of the Rite of Perfection.
The 30th, 31st and 32nd degrees culminate the teachings of the Scottish Rite, and must be conferred in full ritual form. /srcanada.htm   (1933 words)

 Piggy - Humour - Early Canadian Long Poems - Canadian Poetry
A lesser Canadian poet might have been tempted by the affinity between, for example, hock and hockey, but Buchanan aims higher, soaring on the viewless pig’s wings of her poesy, but never forgetting her Scottish ‘roots’ (1.17).
Since even Northrop Frye had Scottish ancestry, there can be little doubt that the Scots were responsible for creating the “garrison mentality,” the “terror of the soul,” and the “[a]dolescent dreams of glory [that] haunt the Canadian consciousness (and unconsciousness)” (Frye 827, 830).
This neglect is dismaying in view of “the depth of Scottish influence. /english/canadianpoetry/longpoems/piggy/i_s.htm   (2201 words)

 The Scottish Military Tradition in Canada
The first blooding of Canadian Scottish units occurred on the beaches of Dieppe, August 1942 when The Essex Scottish, the Cameron Highlanders of Canada, and elements of the Black Watch went ashore into a hail of fire with their comrades of Second Division.
The Scottish military tradition is generally associated with the Highlands, home of the clans, where a tribal feudalism akin to our own Canadian aboriginal peoples flourished with its own hierarchy of chieftains.
The Scottish military tradition lives on in Canada, perpetuated primarily by the militia regiments and the RCAF and RCR pipe bands. /Heritage/FSCNS/Scots_NS/Sct_Military/Scot_Military_Canada.html   (2570 words)

 Scottish Rite of Canada, Freemasonry, Masons and Masonry
he Scottish Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason (Third Degree) may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic, Blue or Craft Lodge Masonry.
The purpose of the Scottish Rite, simply stated, is to seek that which is the most worth in the world;
Scottish Rite of Canada, Freemasonry, Masons and Masonry   (193 words)

 Annual Game Dinner — The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s)
The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary’s) has a deep and permanent place in the hearts of the citizens of this province and the bond between this Regiment and the City of Victoria is indivisible!
We rejoiced in the freedom that your duty and sacrifice have won for us and we traced an unsurpassed record of courage and valour by those serving with the Canadian Scottish through 9 decades of war and peace, devoted to the citizens of this province, of Canada and the world.
Canadian Reserves are also under United Nations administration, participating in peacekeeping missions presently in Bosnia, Croatia, and Africa. /whatsnew/sp/sp_nov29_2003.htm   (1056 words)

 B-G Forums - Scottish & Canadian Accents
Scottish accents certainly vary from one area to the next, and books have been written on the subject.
I often pick this out when a Canadian is talking --- the first element of the diphthong 'ow' approaches the 'o' of 'know' when a voiceless consonant (e.g.
Canadians will often comment on how Americans say some words differently, like "ruff" for "roof". /forums/showthread.php?t=1237   (1514 words)

 World War One Scottish and Highland Headdress
The tradition headdress of Highland and Scottish Regiments in the Canadian Army was the glengarry, a boat shaped hat with two silk tails and a toorie on top.
The glengarry had been worn throughout the British Army in the previous century, and that practice had extended to units of the Canadian Militia as well, though by the early years of the 20th Century, non-Scottish units had replaced the glengarry with other forms of headdress.
As the war progressed, the unit adopted one single set of dress distinctions, and became known as simply "Canadian Scottish". /uniforms/glengarries.htm   (1273 words)

However, unit's such as the Royal Canadian Regiment and Queen's Own Rifles of Canada do not wear the crown of the current monarch and their pattern of badges do not change.
Designs varied from a complete depiction of the cap badge (as on the Toronto Scottish button) to the use of significant icons (ie the falcon's head of the 48th Highlanders or the Little Black Devil of the Royal Winnipeg Rifles).
Some of the buttons illustrated here appear to have a "Queen's Crown" (in other words, may appear to be postwar in manufacture, as most badges were changed in or after 1953 to reflect the ascention to the throne of a new reigning monarch). /buttons.htm   (871 words)

In November 1998 the Canadian Scottish Regiment Museum held an exhibition of the Regiment's Victoria Crosses, loaned to the museum by the Canadian War Museum and families of holders.
In 1920 the 88th was amalgamated with the 50th (The Gordon Highlanders of Canada), the new regiment being called The Canadian Scottish Regiment.
The Regiment perpetuates several First World War battalions, the 16th Bn (The Canadian Scottish), Canadian Expeditionary Force, is the one with which the Regiment is closely indentified. /bbmetcal.htm   (715 words)

 The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) 90th Anniversary Ceremonial Review
The Canadians saw the morning of June 7th, a full six miles into the French countryside, with the Canadian Scottish gaining four of your main battle honours here a cost of 87 lives against some 200 of the enemy.
Since its formation in 1912, Members of the Canadian Scottish have proudly marched through most of Canada's history, sometimes with support and resources and sometimes without, but always garnering both the bright triumphs of Peace and the inevitable tragedies of War.
'Wallace' the Regimental Mascot, who won hearts and raised morale for many years after 'enlisting' in the Canadian Scottish in 1940, was one of a succession of imposing St. Bernards. /whatsnew/sp/sp_sep28_2002.htm   (1320 words)

 Studies in Canadian Literature
Both Calum, a Canadian descendent of displaced Scottish crofters, and Kenn, a native Scot, struggle to decode the barely audible notes emanating from the vacuum created by received notions of history.
The Scottish ancestral past--the darkness of the diseased blood and the music that rise within Calum--becomes viable for him when it merges with the darkness that is without, the Cape Breton evening and death.
Calum's ruminations before his fatal fall further parallel the disintegration of the Scottish Highland community with the dissolution of the contemporary Gaelic-speaking community in Cape Breton: "[F]or the first time in the centuries since the Scottish emigrations there is no human life at the end of the dark road" (155). /Texts/SCL/bin/get.cgi?directory=vol17_1/&filename=Gittings.htm   (3598 words)

 Alexandria Scottish Heritage Fair
Scottish Diaspora Dogs, Scottish-Canadian: One of the most interesting and skilled retriever dogs in the world is the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever.
The Scottish Deerhound, a sighthound bred to hunt stag, is a fine example of the group.
Bred as a cattle herding dog in Northern California in the middle of the last century by Scottish merchant Alexander McNab, this dog is still used by the cattle and sheep ranchers of Mendicino County, California, and surrounding areas. /scotfair/beasties.htm   (284 words)

 Scottish Studies > Program Information
Special emphasis is at present laid on Scottish history from the 14th to the early 20th century, Scottish migrations and settlement in Canada, and Scottish and Scottish-Canadian literature.
The Interdepartmental Group in Scottish Studies was established to co-ordinate graduate studies in the history, literature and culture of Scotland and Scottish settlements in Canada.
Scottish Studies is a graduate program, however several undergraduate courses in Scottish/British History or Literature are also offered. /scottish/program.shtml   (356 words)

 Andrew Lenz's Bagpipe Tips: Who's Who in Bagpiping
Was previously the PM of the Scottish Gas PB and the Pipes and Drums of the Edinburgh and Heriot Watt Universities Officer Training Corps.
- 1957) Scottish, born on the isle of Mull.
PM of the CMF Cameron Highlanders PB, the Coastal Scottish and the City of South Perth PB, all A grade bands in Australia. /articles/whoswho.shtml   (14691 words)

 The Kitshop - The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)
Welcome to the Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's) Kitshop located in the Regimental Headquarters at the Bay Street Armoury in Victoria, British Columbia.
The Kitshop - The Canadian Scottish Regiment (Princess Mary's)
The Regiment is part of 39 Canadian Brigade Group in Land Forces Western Area and is a Militia infantry unit in Canada's Army Reserve.   (273 words)

 Special Collections
That year he was transferred to the 16th Battalion, (The Canadian Scottish) of the Canadian Expeditionary Force.
Following World War One, Urquhart was appointed the Additional Aide de Camp to His Majesty the King and Commander of the Canadian Scottish Regiment's 1st Battalion in 1921.
He relinquished command in 1946 upon re-organization of the Canadian Scottish Regiment into the post-war Reserve Force. /spcoll/Mil/CSP/Urquhart.html   (858 words)

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