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Topic: Scrapple

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In the News (Thu 20 Jun 19)

  The Bulletin - Philadelphia's Family Newspaper - 4/25/2007 Scrapple King Crowned At First Annual Scrapplefest
Although some historians trace its origin to Germany, scrapple is widely believed to be a Pennsylvania Dutch institution originating in the 17th century.
Some scrapple recipes may include heart, liver and tongue, while others might replace the traditional pork offal with loin or shoulder meat.
The Scrapple King makes his burger with Ochs homemade scrapple, sautéed green peppers and red onions, Worcestershire sauce, and an egg to bind.
www.thebulletin.us /site/news.cfm?newsid=18259063&BRD=2737&PAG=461&dept_id=576361&rfi=6   (617 words)

  Urban Dictionary: scrapple
Scrapple is a savory mush in which cornmeal and flour, often buckwheat flour, are simmered with pork scraps and trimmings, then formed into a loaf.
Scrapple is typically made of hog offal, such as the head, eyes, heart, liver, bladder, and other scraps, which are boiled with any bones attached (often the entire head), to make a broth.
Scrapple is typically cut into thin (quarter-inch-thick) slices, pan-fried in butter or oil until the outsides form a crust, and served at breakfast, as an accompaniment to eggs.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=scrapple   (415 words)

 Culinary Sleuth   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Scrapple is the unique creation of the Pennsylvania Dutch, and therefore only quasi-American as the immigrants combined their German heritage with New World ingredients.
It's a deck of cards sized slab, crispy on the outside, soft inside and may be embellished with butter, maple syrup, applesauce, ketchup or mashed in with its usual partner: a plateful of fried eggs.
Although edible raw, Scrapple is usually sliced and fried in butter or lard.
www.globalgourmet.com /food/sleuth/0998/scrapple.html   (457 words)

 Cold, Hard Football Facts.com: Home: Scrapple
Scrapple is most closely associated with Pennsylvania Dutch country and it’s still easy to find all over Pennsylvania, especially in the southeastern part of the state.
In its most basic form, scrapple is pork mixed with spices and some sort of grain that is then formed into loaves.
Think of that for a moment: scrapple was made with the stuff you wouldn’t even put in sausage.
www.coldhardfootballfacts.com /Article.php?Page=312   (545 words)

 CapeGazette.com - Covering Delaware's Cape Region
Scrapple is one of those regional specialties surrounded by myth and folklore – it is even said to have graced the tables of Ben Franklin and George Washington.
Although edible raw, scrapple is traditionally fried and served with eggs, ketchup or maple syrup.
Uncooked, scrapple may be gray and greasy, and to some, even appear unappetizing, but it’s sugar-free, almost carbohydrate-free and to scrapple lovers, it’s heavenly hash.
www.capegazette.com /storiescurrent/200609/applescrapple092906.html   (651 words)

 ++ Habbersett Scrapple Corporate Internet Site | History ++   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Scrapple tasted so good, was so easy to serve in so many different ways, that it soon became a favorite dish, growing in popularity as the country grew.
Scrapple was next on the list--adding a "fresh" tasting meat dish to the colonists', limited menus.
Habbersett's is real old-fashioned country scrapple, a generous blend nutritious flavored lean pork, stone ground whole wheat flour, highest quality cornmeal, salt and natural spices.
www.habbersettscrapple.com /history.html   (419 words)

 Roadfood.com Forums - Scrapple?
The real scrapple I grew up with (my uncle was a butcher) was made with parts, is parts if you know what I mean.
When scrapple is set, cut in 3/8 to 1/2 inch slices and fry in hot, greased skillet.
scrapple as a kid was good because your ma said to eat it.
www.roadfood.com /forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=427   (1899 words)

 Scrapple (Pon Haus)
Scrapple must be well-seasoned or it will taste very bland when fried.
It is critical with scrapple to let each side brown thoroughly before attempting to turn it over or it will stick and fall apart, so be very patient.
Scrapple freezes very well; just slice and wrap individually in waxed paper and then place in freezer bags.
teriskitchen.com /padutch/scrapple.html   (779 words)

 BerksWeb's Authentic Berks County Recipes - Scrapple
Scrapple was a way of using odd bits and pieces of meat, combined with meal and spices, and it was, thus a product of farm kitchens and small meat packers.
There are a number of Scrapple recipes, however, this is an old family one that has proven itself for years.
Remove scrapple from the refrigerator a few minutes before using and mash with a fork or potato masher.
www.berksweb.com /pam/scrapple.html   (1336 words)

 Breakfast Ideas: Scrapple, Sweet Potato Muffins, Apple Cake
Once the scrapple is cooked, cooled and removed from the pan, it can be sliced and placed between sheets of plastic wrap prior to freezing.
At breakfast, heat clarified butter in a large skillet, add the frozen scrapple slices and saute until golden brown.
Scrapple can be kept refrigerated for two days, or frozen up to one month.
www.molsol.com /Cooking/breakfast2.html   (482 words)

 Kunzler scrapple, ring & Lebanon bologna, online mail order steak, holiday ham, bacon, free food recipes, Lancaster ...
Please visit your local grocer to purchase all Kunzler's quality meats (see Store Locator to the right) or if you can't find a store near you, shop our online store featuring some of our most popular products, including our famous hand-trimmed steaks which can only be found in finer restaurants.
Made in the heart of Dutch country, Kunzler Scrapple boasts a perfect blend of fresh pork, hearty grains and spices that has made it a legend here in Lancaster County.
Served warm and browned, the taste will bring you back to the old farm kitchen where it originated over 200 years ago.
www.kunzler.com   (301 words)

 SCRAPPLE Eastern-style scrapple (a breakfast food like sausage) - Recipe
Among my schoolmates, the story was that if you ever found out what was in commercial scrapple you would stop eating it, and I did stop eating it for many years.
You can make scrapple out of almost any meat, though chicken and pork are traditional.
A loaf of home-made scrapple will keep for 10 days in the refrigerator, or it can be cut into slices and frozen.
www.worldwideschool.org /library/books/tech/recipes/staples/scrapple-1/Chap1.html   (340 words)

 ~~~ Grandma black's scrapple ~~~
She always liked to have a fresh ham on Easter and would boil the hock down for scrapple Easter night and fix the mush up.
The next morning she would fry up enough scrapple for a small army.
I guess with 4 kids and their spouses, 8 grandkids and too many 2cnd and 3rd cousins around plus parents and other friends and relatives, we were a small army.
www.recipeslist.com /maindishes-recipes-list/breakfastrecipes-recipes-list/grandmablacksscrapple-recipe-for-free.html   (288 words)

 Generator.X blog » Blog Archive » Artistic interfaces: Scrapple   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Scrapple is a product of several years of experimentation that Golan has done on active scores, i.e.
His AVES project (on which the Scribble piece is performed) has so far been the culmination of this work, but I have to admit I think Scrapple works almost better on a musical level.
Scrapple (Golan Levin, Sue Costabile, USA 2005) treats a table’s surface as if it were a kind of musical tablature, producing music in real-time from objects lying on it.
www.generatorx.no /20050919/artistic-interfaces-scrapple   (548 words)

 kyw.com - Philadelphia Magazine: Scrapple
Scrapple is a breakfast food that serves up a big reaction.
But if you're from Philly you know what scrapple is: cornmeal mush mixed with pork scraps, seasoned with onions, spices, herbs and shaped into loaves and sliced for frying.
Scrapple, a mixture of pork scraps, corn meal and onions, is a regional breakfast favorite.
cbs3.com /seenon/local_story_011090707.html   (416 words)

 Kunzler Scrapple Recipes
Remove Kunzler Scrapple from the refrigerator a few minutes before using and mash with a fork.
Serving suggestions: Dip the Kunzler Scrapple sticks in Kings Syrup and serve with scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, a glass of orange juice and a steaming cup of coffee.
Mash Kunzler Scrapple with a fork, spread on biscuit, and spread chili sauce in even layer.
www.kunzler.com /recipes/default.asp?fa=scrapple   (340 words)

 The Mediadrome - Food - Scrapple, A Return To My Roots
The traditional method is to take a pigs head and pig liver (and probably other organ meats), cook the hell out of it, chop up the meat, bind it with cornmeal, and add spices.
My first foray into scrapple making was two years ago when I had the opportunity to take possession of a few pig's heads from someone doing their fall butchering.
The second is that contrary to most scrapple recipes, inclusion of buckwheat flour yields the color and taste I was after (my family had a particular brand to which we remained loyal).
www.themediadrome.com /content/articles/food_articles/scrapple.htm   (366 words)

 Cooks.com - Recipes - Scrapple
To serve, cut scrapple into 1/3 inch thick...
Scrapple and eggs and treacle make a workman's breakfast - or a gourmet's.
For breakfast slice scrapple about 1/4 inch thick...
www.cooks.com /rec/search/0,1-0,scrapple,FF.html   (92 words)

 Dog chicken scrapple recipe
Originally the Pennsylvania Dutch scrapple was made from organ meats and pork.
This chicken scrapple was a variation since chicken is a very easy and accessible ingredient to come by.
Next, add in the scrapple, and fry slices on both sides until scrapples are golden brown.
www.seefido.com /html/dog_chicken_scrapple_recipe.htm   (174 words)

 networked_performance: Scrapple
Scrapple: A physical active score table, by Golan Levin, is a physical version of the screen-based Audiovisual Environments (AVES) devised for the Scribble performance in 2000.
In Scrapple, object placed on the table become sound-producing elements that determine the score's rhythm and pitch.
They are interpreted as sound-producing marks in an active score: flexible shape-holding curves allow for the creation of melodies, a group of small toys and other moving objects yield ever-changing rhythms.
www.turbulence.org /blog/archives/001342.html   (118 words)

 Scrapple - Some History and Recipe
As a kid in Pennsylvania I was fed scrapple before I could hold it (it was usually a breakfast "finger food" in our house except for Mother, she always ate hers between slices of buttered bread).
The ultimate reward came when the scrapple was thick enough for little test patties to be fried on a piece of iron atop one of the fire pits.
Finally, when the seasoning was perfect, the scrapple was ladled out into loaf pans and allowed to firm up on a table in one of the cold out-buildings.
www.foodreference.com /html/a-scrapple.html   (710 words)

 Real Scrapple Recipe | Recipezaar
They can tell you Grandma made scrapple but not what her recipe was.
After the seasoning is mixed thoroughly and the onions cooked, pour the scrapple into pans (not bowls) and refrigerate to 30 - 32F degrees immediately.
Both my DH and I were raised on scrapple, Habersetts to be exact.We come from outside Philadelphia, now live in Missouri and there is no scrapple nor have they heard of it.
www.recipezaar.com /139484   (644 words)

 Old-Fashioned Scrapple | Recipe   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The name of this Pennsylvania Dutch dish comes from the chopped "scraps" of cooked pork that are mixed with ground cornmeal broth and seasonings.
The squares of scrapple are fried and traditionally served hot for breakfast or brunch.
In large skillet brown scrapple on both sides in a small amount of hot oil.
www.gardenguides.com /how-to/recipes/breakfast/scrapple.asp   (142 words)

 Scrapple Recipe   (Site not responding. Last check: )
MMMMM----- Recipe via Meal-Master (tm) v8.05 Title: Scrapple Categories: Yield: 4 Servings Boil a good-sized soup bone until the meat falls off the bone.
Remove the meat, chop fine and return it to the liquor; season it with 1 teaspoonful of sage, salt and pepper.
Cut in thin slices and fry brown, or it can be served warm without frying.
www.hugs.org /Scrapple.shtml   (103 words)

 Scrapple on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
From the looks of your previous and next photos (look in the upper right of this window), it wouldn't be hard to assume this to be an emu sandwich.
I'm sort of curious, but the only way I'm going to be able to try it is by buying a giant slab (the only way I've seen it sold) and cooking it myself.
I've found the missing ingredient that will complete Scrapple and make it 'everything'.
www.flickr.com /photos/40969592@N00/28842647   (208 words)

 Kitchen Mailbox: Goetta recipe is the German answer to scrapple
Several months ago, Kitchen Mailbox received a recipe request for goetta, which was unknown to us but not to a few of our readers who sent us their recipes.
Goetta is of German origin, similar to mush and almost identical to what the Pennsylvania Dutch call scrapple.
The recommended oatmeal, pinhead, isn't available in this area, but a similar oatmeal, steel cut, is sold here and may be used as a substitute.
www.post-gazette.com /food/20000831mailbox.asp   (665 words)

 Amazon.com: Scrapple: Video: Massey,Brown,Lee,Bredel,Hanson   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The film makers thought they would have a great schtick for their movie---a pig (named scrapple!) in one of the film's central roles...
Scrapple is indeed the best movie I've seen that captures ski bum life- and it has an awesome soundtrack.
Scrapple is a great movie, but the reason I'm writing this review is to give everyone a little heads up.
www.amazon.com /Scrapple-Massey/dp/B0000296GX   (967 words)

 SCRAPPLE RECORDS - extra listening   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Matt Mitchell has put together an album-length electro-acoustic work that will be the next Scrapple Records release (early 2007).
A new Scrapple Records release of the Sepia Duo (Seth Meicht, saxophone; Brendan Dougherty, drums) should come out in early 2007.
This is some work from that session recorded May 2006 in Berlin, Germany by Brendan.
scrapplerecords.com /extralistening.html   (134 words)

 Delaware Firm Recalls Scrapple For Possible Listeria Contamination
WASHINGTON, June 3, 2004 - Milton Sausage and Scrapple Co. Inc., a Milton, Del., firm, is voluntarily recalling approximately 350 pounds of fully cooked scrapple that may be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) announced today.
The products subject to recall are one and two pound packages of "The Old Home Made Brand, MILTON SCRAPPLE." The packages subject to recall have a sell by date of "6 24" and bear the establishment number "EST.
The recalled products were produced on May 24, 2004 and shipped to restaurants in Delaware and Maryland, as well as grocery stores in Delaware.
www.fsis.usda.gov /News_&_Events/Recall_018_2004_Release/index.asp   (530 words)

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