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Topic: Scripting language

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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

  Scripts in HTML documents
Scripts may be evaluated as a document loads to modify the contents of the document dynamically.
The syntax of script data depends on the scripting language.
in the header, whose script is located in an external file and is in the scripting language "text/vbscript".
www.w3.org /TR/REC-html40/interact/scripts.html   (2075 words)

  Scripting language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Scripting languages can be interpreted or compiled, but because interpeters are simpler to write than compilers, they are interpreted at least as often as they are compiled.
Many languages for this purpose have common properties: they favor rapid development over efficiency of execution; they are often implemented with interpreters rather than compilers; and they are strong at communicating with program components written in other languages.
Scripting languages are often designed for interactive use, having many commands that can execute individually, and often have very high level operations (for example, in the classic UNIX shell (sh), most operations are programs themselves).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scripting_programming_language   (1340 words)

Scripting languages are less efficient than system programming languages, in part because they use interpreters instead of compilers but also because their basic components are chosen for power and ease of use rather than an efficient mapping onto the underlying hardware.
Scripting languages provided less benefit when they were used for the first implementation; this suggests that any reimplementation benefits substantially from the experiences of the first implementation and that the true difference between scripting and system programming is more like a factor of 5-10x than the extreme points of the table.
Scripting languages have existed for a long time, but in recent years several factors have combined to increase their importance.
home.pacbell.net /ouster/scripting.html   (5441 words)

 Scripting for the Java Platform
For example, many developers think that the Perl scripting language is a great way to process text and to generate reports.
The script's responsibility is to pop as many operands from the stack as necessary, perform the calculation, push the result back on the stack, and return the result at the end of the procedure.
For the mortgage calculation, the script checks the stack to make sure that at least three values are available: the principal amount of the loan, the annual interest rate, and the number of years allowed for payment.
java.sun.com /developer/technicalArticles/J2SE/Desktop/scripting   (3059 words)

 Scripting Language
Language interpreter can be embedded within another application, allowing users to automate application operation, to provide customized handling of application events, or to define new application functions using the scripting language.
A scripting language is used to coordinate and combine components that are written in some other language and cannot usually itself be used for writing those components.
Scripts may be all in one file, or may bring in files from a series of subdirectories, such as Python scripts, with their modules in subdirectories.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?ScriptingLanguage   (2886 words)

 Scripting - SVG 1.1 - 20030114
The contentScriptType attribute on the 'svg' element specifies the default scripting language for the given document fragment.
Identifies the default scripting language for the given document.
A 'script' element is equivalent to the 'script' element in HTML and thus is the place for scripts (e.g., ECMAScript).
www.w3.org /TR/SVG11/script.html   (899 words)

 What is scripting language? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
Scripting languages, which can be embedded within HTML, commonly are used to add functionality to a Web page, such as different menu styles or graphic displays or to serve dynamic advertisements.
These types of languages are client-side scripting languages, affecting the data that the end user sees in a browser window.
Other scripting languages are server-side scripting languages that manipulate the data, usually in a database, on the server.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/S/scripting_language.html   (250 words)

 Jakarta BSF - BSF Documentation
Bean Scripting Framework (BSF) is a set of Java classes which provides scripting language support within Java applications, and access to Java objects and methods from scripting languages.
This interface provides an abstraction of the scripting language's capabilities that permits generic handling of script execution and object registration within the execution context of the scripting language engine.
Multiple languages can be supported within a given JSP; this is accomplished by using the BSF taglibs, which are available from the Jakarta Taglibs project.
jakarta.apache.org /bsf/manual.html   (841 words)

 ONJava.com -- Groovy, Java's New Scripting Language
When scripting languages that started elsewhere come to Java, they tend to bring a lot of their own API with them rather than using the "standard" (to us) Java API.
Foreign scripting languages tend to have their own special syntax, based on what the original developers liked.
The only good way to learn a language (even a scripting variant of a language you know) is to download it and start applying it.
www.onjava.com /pub/a/onjava/2004/09/29/groovy.html   (1416 words)

 The PHP Scripting Language
This article describes the basics of the PHP scripting language, which is very easy to learn if you are familiar with any programming language.
This chapter is the first of three that focus on the PHP scripting language.
The PHP script shown in Example 2-1 is rather pointless: we could simply have authored the HTML to include the greeting directly.
www.devshed.com /c/a/PHP/The-PHP-Scripting-Language   (1465 words)

 HowTo : TGE scripting language reference :. GarageGames
The TGE scripting language uses a fairly straightfoward syntax, but there are some low-level concerns (what's the complete list of reserved words and other tokens?) and high-level ones (how do objects and namespaces work?) that need to be addressed in some detail.
When the engine code calls a script function, it passes handles to identify objects that should be operated on; the script functions in turn often pass these handles around among themselves.
It's possible for the contents of these fields to be accessible by both the script code and the engine code, and in fact that is often the case; in that situation, you of course need to assign a value to the field that makes sense for the type of information it's supposed to be holding.
www.garagegames.com /index.php?sec=mg&mod=resource&page=view&qid=2212   (3979 words)

ActiveWord scripting commands below are used in the Action field of the Scripting editor in the Add Wizard.
This scripting command may be used to identify the Window Class Name of those contexts where Shift+Backspace keys do not remove a triggered ActiveWord.
The path points to a text file which contents will be analyzed as a script, resulting in either a plain substitution or a command.
www.activewords.com /scriptinglanguage.html   (4651 words)

 Choosing a scripting language for ASP
This factor becomes important when you have to work on a team and the team members are new to scripting.
ASP not only supports multiple scripting languages, but it lets you mix languages within a single page.
This article was written to help you in deciding choose a scripting language to write ASP pages, especially when you are new to ASP.
www.kamath.com /columns/my3cents/mtc002_scripting.asp   (870 words)

 Scripting language
A scripting language is one in which people think they're writing scripts, and a programming language is one in which they think they're writing programs.
Scripting languages support doing programmatically what otherwise is done directly by the user through direct commands (whether textual or graphical).
I suppose one might draw the line by saying that a scripting language is one where the main effect of a program is to drive another system, while in a programming language the program itself is the main action.
www.cs.man.ac.uk /~pjj/cs211/langdes/script.html   (1326 words)

 Scripting Languages
Scripting languages can be used for rapid prototyping, interactive debugging, scripting, and access to high-level data structures such associative arrays.
In order to access this function from a scripting language, it is necessary to write a special "wrapper" function that serves as the glue between the scripting language and the underlying C function.
Virtually all scripting languages provide C functions for creating variables so installing constants is usually a trivial exercise.
www.swig.org /Doc1.3/Scripting.html   (1690 words)

 Language Options Comparison
The author(s) of the scripting languages simply built upon something they were already familiar with or gave it a bunch of features without documenting their tradeoff considerations.
Scripting languages are usually not good at this because preventing such problems often involves implementing picky little rules that tend to bloat up the syntax with strong typing, conversion functions, and other "anal retentive" concepts.
Scripting languages tend to be a bit loser with regard to this than other languages.
www.geocities.com /tablizer/langopts.htm   (15312 words)

 i.Mage Help
Scripting is a way of generating content based on exact parameters in a repeatable way.
All the variables used and their values at the end of the script are printed at the end of the output log.
Scripts should be saved externally to i.Mage and copied into the script editor as needed.
www.memecode.com /image/help/scripting.html   (1112 words)

 Scriptorama: A Slightly Skeptical View on Scripting Languages
Also some scripting languages are slightly higher level then others although all of them are higher level them Java and C++ (in a sense that programs for a particular set of problems are shorter).
The reader must understand that the treatment of the scripting languages in press, and especially academic press is far from being fair: entrenched academic interests often promote old or commercially supported paradigms until they retire, so change of paradigm often is possible only with the change of generations.
More commonly, languages are marketed by a small group of influential writers, and the word-of-mouth hyping extends heirarchically down into the workplace, where a bunch of downtrodden programmers wishing they were having more fun stage a coup and start using a new "forbidden" language on the job.
www.softpanorama.org /Scripting/index.shtml   (10783 words)

 scripting-language - SWiK
Scripting languages are a type of programming language designed to increase the speed of coding by making code less verbose.
ROPE is a simple scripting language that allows firewall packet-matching rules to be written for linux’s Iptables.
Groovy is an agile, dynamic language for the JVM which combines many features from languages like Python, Ruby and Smalltalk such as closures and dynamic typing and makes them available to Java developers using a Java-like syntax.
swik.net /scripting-language   (703 words)

A language which enhances C++ with some new keywords which define active objects and synchronization primitives in a way that preserives the philosophy of object oriented programming.
Screamer provides a comprehensive contraint programming language on top of this substrate in which mixed problems of numeric and symbolic constraints can be formulated and solved.
Scripting languages are those that are primarily interpreted and which can be directly executed from a text file using the standard
stommel.tamu.edu /~baum/linuxlist/linuxlist/node43.html   (11823 words)

 [No title]
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Related keywords: macro recorder, macro, macros, macro utility, key shortcut, shortcut, macro maker, text replacement, expand, playback, scripting language, macro recorder, macro language, utility, desktop enhancement, toolbar, event scheduler, event processor,...
Related keywords: delphi, kylix, c++builder, pascal, paxpascal, script, scripter, scripting, language,...
www.1000files.com /free/scripting-language.html   (273 words)

 Comments on: Is HTML a scripting language?
Sure there is some cross-over between a markup language and scripting … but there is cross over between a lot of things.
While JavaScript is the most widely implemented scripting language, it is possible to use any language, provided the browser you are using can understand it.
No, HTML is not a scripting language, it is basically a hypertext markup language or a bsic language used to create web pages only.
www.killersites.com /blog/2006/is-html-a-scripting-language/feed   (1015 words)

 MetaCollection of CGI and PHP script archives and link directories
Scripting language designed by end users for real time programming.
An HTML-style scripting language designed to be run on a web server but can also be run from the command line.
Primitive functions can be easily added to be called by script, to call script functions, and to define operator behaviors for user objects.
www.metacollection.com /dir/Computers/Programming/Languages/Scripting   (401 words)

 BeanShell - Lightweight Scripting for Java
JSR-274 the BeanShell Scripting Language, has passed the voting process with flying colors.
BeanShell scripted classes are fully typed and appear to outside Java code and via reflective inspection as ordinary classes.
However their implementation is fully dynamic and they may include arbitrary BeanShell scripts in their bodies, methods, and constructors.
www.beanshell.org   (465 words)

 The Amber scripting language
Scripting languages are growing rapidly in popularity, and for good reason: they are unmatched for power and speed of development.
The Amber Scripting Language combines the traditional advantages of scripting languages with support for software correctness, large-scale software engineering and re-use.
The Amber Scripting Language is still experimental and is only suitable for enthusiasts.
xamber.org   (204 words)

 Jakarta BSF - Bean Scripting Framework
In addition, BSF permits any Java application to be implemented in part (or dynamically extended) by a language that is embedded within it.
This is achieved by providing an API that permits calling scripting language engines from within Java, as well as an object registry that exposes Java objects to these scripting language engines.
Information on where to obtain scripting languages for use with BSF is available on the Related Projects page.
jakarta.apache.org /bsf   (223 words)

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