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Topic: Scuba

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In the News (Thu 22 Aug 19)

  Scuba set - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most modern open-circuit scuba sets have a diving regulator consisting of a first stage pressure reducing valve that is sealed over the diving cylinder's output valve, and the second stage "demand valve"; at the mouthpiece, with a thin pressure hose linking the two stages.
In modern scuba sets, a buoyancy compensator, such as a back-mounted wing or stabiliser jacket (otherwise known as a 'stab jacket'), is built into the scuba set harness.
A predecessor to scuba gear, the Momson lung, was used as emergency escape gear by WWII submariners.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Scuba   (2545 words)

 Scuba - Encyclopedia.WorldSearch   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In modern scuba sets, a buoyancy compensator, such as a wings or stabiliser jacket, is built into the scuba set harness, although strictly speaking it is not a part of the breathing apparatus.
Some scuba sets incorporate attached extra stage cylinders, as bailout in case the main breathing gas supply is used up or malfunctions, or containing another gas mixture.
Open circuit scuba may supply various breathing gases, but pure oxygen is used rarely, generally as a decompression gas in volumes in technical diving.
encyclopedia.worldsearch.com /scuba.htm   (2185 words)

 The Scuba Guide - Scuba Diving Consumer Guide   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In reality, scuba diving is not as dangerous as people seem to believe and in those rare instances of a scuba fatality it is almost always shown diver recklessness was the cause.
Scuba diving, to the properly trained, is not dangerous compared to most other banal activities we do without hesitation.
But anyone who puts scuba diving in the same list as riding a bucking bronco or jumping out of an airplane is probably letting their fears take precedence over factual research.
www.thescubaguide.com   (1481 words)

 Scuba Diving [encyclopedia]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In short, scuba diving is an underwater activity practiced with the help of a system or an apparatus (usually a tank and air pressure regulator) able to provide a reserve of air in order to allow the diver to breathe air during the immersion.
The maximum safe depth for normal scuba gear with normal air in the tank is certainly within the 50 metres, beyond which nitrogen narcosis becomes an almost certain danger.
Scuba diving requires practice and a certain amount of experience before entering water without an instructor (or a professional assistant).
artzia.com /Recreation/Outdoor/Scuba   (885 words)

 Scuba Tech - Destin Florida - scuba & snorkel dive shop
There are tank racks and bench seats designed for the scuba diver's comfort, two drop-down ladders on a spacious platform, and two giant-stride entry points.
The observant scuba diver will notice many different types of shells, and the photographer will be surprised at the magnificent underwater scenery.
The most popular beach dive for scuba and snorkel is the Destin jetties, at the entrance to the Destin Pass.
www.scubatechnwfl.com   (463 words)

 SuperClubs - Scuba Diving
For some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the Caribbean, just slip on a pair of fins and discover a colorful world of tropical fish and living reefs.
Scuba is available at our other resorts (except Brazil) but is not included.
Referrals are written when a person has completed the training course and pool portion of a scuba certification with their local dive center, and wishes to complete their open water certification.
www.superclubs.com /activities/scuba/sc_scuba.asp   (1098 words)

 [rec.scuba] FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Scuba, Monthly Posting   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
There are many conflicting opinions on mail order that have little to do with scuba, and, after long consideration, I felt that it was impossible to write a mail order question answer that was informative, covered all views, and which generated more light than heat.
The two lists are scuba-d, which holds the scuba digests that are constructed from the postings to rec.scuba, and scuba-l which is a completely independent scuba related discussion list.
Scuba diving is a physically demanding sport, which requires a healthy heart, well able to tolerate exercise, and healthy lungs.
www.faqs.org /faqs/scuba-faq   (8558 words)

 Scuba St. Lucia - The best diving in the Caribbean!
SCUBA ST. LUCIA is in one of the most scenic settings the Caribbean has to offer.
Just a mile and a half from the picturesque town of Soufriere on St. Lucia's south-western Caribbean shoreline, Scuba St. Lucia is part of the ANSE CHASTANET Resort which is nestled amidst a 600 acre tropical estate with two soft sand beaches bordering on pristine coral reefs.
SCUBA ST LUCIA is situated on the beach at the Anse Chastanet Resort just steps from the water.
www.scubastlucia.com   (392 words)

 YMCA Scuba Welcome Page
The history of national dive training in the United States began with the development of the YMCA Scuba Program.
Today, as in the past, no sport diver in the world is better trained than the individual who has met the high standards of YMCA Scuba.
In the 40+ years since our inception, YMCA Scuba has continued to provide the highest level of community-oriented education for divers and instructors based on the YMCA mission: To put Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind, and body for all.
www.ymcascuba.org   (203 words)

 Scuba Diving Equipment Europe - Discount scuba gear store
SCUBA DIVING has come a long way from the original scuba diving equipment of a hard hat setup to be one of the worlds leading sporting activities.
With the evolution of dive gear, the sports divers are diversifying into a larger array of scuba specialities.
When looking for scuba gear it is best to have a good idea of the type of diving you will use the piece of gear for.
www.scuba-equipment-europe.com   (237 words)

 The Scuba Shack - Maui
Scuba Shack is currently taking applications for a high energy experienced instructor, captain, or dive master to join the team of one the very best staffs in the world, right here on Maui!
The Scuba Shack is an owner operated full service dive shop in Kihei, Maui (Hawaii) offering chartered boat dives to Molokini and other popular destinations on Maui's fastest dive boat.
The Scuba Shack's boat is called "What's the Scoop", and is 40 ft in length, powered by twin turbo diesel engines and Jet out drives (no propellers).
www.scubashack.com   (335 words)

 Scuba Equipment USA - discount scuba gear sales and diving information
New scuba equipment extends bottom time, enhances dive comfort, and is more enjoyable all round.
It is always good to know what scuba equipment is being bought by your fellow scuba divers.
A dive travel speacialist is able to give you a quote on your next scuba diving vacation, just visit the travel vacation section for more information.
www.scuba-equipment-usa.com   (345 words)

 Scuba Diving Phuket Thailand
Scuba diving in the tropical waters of Phuket Thailand!
Our aim is to offer the widest range and highest quality scuba diving services in Thailand, without the loss of personalized service and friendly atmosphere.
Scuba diving safaris to Surin Islands, Richelieu Rock and the untouched reefs of the Southern Islands and Burma are becoming more and more popular.
www.calypsophuket.com   (419 words)

 rec.scuba FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This group is for discussion of all topics related to scuba diving equipment: its purchase, its use, and for the sharing of experiences that others have had with it.
You can also use the SCUBA archives on ames.arc.nasa.gov. Send mail to archive-server@ames.arc.nasa.gov (or ames!archive-server) and use a subject with a line like "send scuba index".
Scuba Schools International (SSI) +1 (303) 482-0883 The Italian arm of SSI can be contacted through: http://www.tizeta.it/info/ssi/ SCUBA SCHOOLS INTERNATIONAL ITALIA Via Bergami 4 40133 BOLOGNA - ITALY tel.
scifi.squawk.com /scuba.html   (8213 words)

 Scuba Diving Padi center Sydney - Abyss scuba diving
Scuba Diving in Australia is world class and Sydney, the gateway to Australia, offers diving unmatched by any large city.
Abyss Scuba Diving is a 5 Star IDC PADI dive centre that is central to Sydney's best dive sites and offers quality service to meet all of your needs.
Abyss Scuba Diving has in excess of 40 different dive related activities every month.
www.abyss.com.au   (428 words)

 Aegean Scuba Diving Services - Main Page
A guide to scuba diving in Turkey, daily and weekly excursions by boat and links all tourism activities in Turkey...
Scuba Diving is very popular in Turkey, divers from all over the world are discovering this relatively un-dived corner of the Mediterranean.
Scuba Diving in Turkey enables us to match your language preferences, skill level and specific requirements to the most appropriate resort and to a dive center selected for its proven record of service, safety and professionalism.
scuba.itgo.com   (136 words)

 Scuba Cat Diving - Thailand Scuba Diving, Liveaboards and PADI IDC in Phuket Thailand
Scuba Cat is a PADI 5 Star IDC Centre located at Patong Beach, Phuket, Thailand.
Scuba diving equipment is available for rental on all our trips.
The team at Scuba Cat Diving are here to help you before, during and after your visit.
www.scubacat.com   (340 words)

 Florida Scuba Diving directory - Scuba Lessons, Dive Charters and Dive Shops
From these pages you'll be able to locate the scuba diving web sites of Florida's retail dive shops, scuba instructors and scuba diving charters as well as find dive trips and scuba equipment.
Scuba Divers and Florida Dive Operators: Make sure to check the Divers' Request page to connect with your next dive or scuba diver-student.
The Florida Scuba Connection site is designed to help Florida residents, and those planning a dive trip here in the Sunshine State, to find the scuba resources they want and need.
www.florida-scuba.com   (610 words)

 Howstuffworks "How SCUBA Works"
SCUBA made divers more mobile and revolutionized exploration of the oceans.
Since then, many advances in SCUBA technology have made the equipment easier to use, safer and more affordable, allowing many people to enjoy this fascinating adventure.
You can undertake weekend outings to explore offshore shipwrecks and coral reefs or go on longer dive vacations to exotic locations, perhaps meeting such creatures as sharks, dolphins and whales.
www.howstuffworks.com /scuba.htm   (181 words)

 Scuba Miami.com, Scuba diving instruction, scuba lessons and scuba diving lessons f
We offer a wide variety of scuba diving specialty certification courses including underwater photography, wreck diver, and night diver just to name a few.
Let us keep you interested, informed and educated in the marine environment by providing you with relevant information on scuba diving instruction, scuba diving lessons, scuba travel critiques and suggestions, local dive trips site information, marine conservation efforts, new products and more.
Our certified and experienced scuba instructors and staff are also college educated in marine related fields and have added an additional marine educational element to the website and to every course we teach.
scubamiami.com   (274 words)

 Scuba Cancun offers Cancun Diving, Snorkeling, Cavern Diving, Cozumel Dives & Fishing Charters
Scuba Diving Cancun in Mexico provides Scuba Dive, Snorkeling, Cavern diving, Cozumel Dives, Fishing Charters and PADI instruction
WELCOME TO is a medium size, family run dive center, it is owned by Captain Luis Hurtado who has more than 50 years of diving experience in comercial, military and sport scuba diving.
He is the first scuba instructor to work in Cancun since he founded his company in 1980.
www.scubacancun.com.mx   (120 words)

 Disount scuba diving equipment and assorted scuba gear @ absolutescubadivingequipment.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
We believe scuba diving should be affordable for anyone wishing to enjoy the many wonders of our under water world.
Absolute Scuba Diving Equipment was founded with this goal in mind and remains committed to keeping scuba gear prices reachable for even the most meager budgets.
If you love scuba diving, but hate the high cost of scuba gear, we have the answer.
www.absolutescubadivingequipment.com   (376 words)

 Houston Scuba Academy
Houston Scuba Academy was established in 1960 with the sole objective of helping people relax and have fun scuba diving.
All these years later the Houston Scuba Academy staff of professionals continues to focus on the same goal.
Our commitment is to be of service to the recreational Scuba Diver by offering top quality equipment, first class escorted trips and the safest of Scuba courses.
www.houstonscubaacademy.com   (104 words)

 Welcome to Sherwood Scuba!   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
In 1955, Sherwood, a respected manufacturer of air and gas management equipment, was asked to make regulator components to be used in a thrilling new sport called scuba diving.
From that moment, Sherwood and scuba were inseparable.
And that trust is something we’ll keep earning, dive after dive, for the next 50 years and beyond.
www.sherwoodscuba.com   (128 words)

 Scuba Safaris - Introduction - Luxury Dive Holidays
Scuba Safaris are a UK-based company specialising in luxury diving holidays around the world, from Micronesia to S E Asia to Central America.
Whether it be a rainforest trek, white-water rafting, admiring ancient monuments or just relaxing on the beach, we are able to cater for your every need.
Scuba Safaris are the UK's longest established agents for the Aggressor Fleet and Peter Hughes' Dancer Fleet and European Agents for Bikini Atoll.
www.scuba-safaris.com   (305 words)

 Scuba Gear & Scuba Equipment Online
Scuba Gear Online is offering Free UPS Ground shipping anywhere in the 48 states for orders over $150.00.
Scuba gear online, Inc. in cooperation with The Dive Shop, Inc. is an AUTHORIZED Scuba Gear Dealer for all of the SCUBA Equipment and Dive Gear we sell.
This means you can buy with confidence knowing that not only does Scuba Gear Online, Inc. Crew stand behind the scuba Gear but so do the manufacturers.
www.scubagearonline.com   (320 words)

 Boca Raton, Florida Scuba Diving Center
American Dive Center is a full service PADI 5 Star scuba diving and snorkeling dive center in Boca Raton, Florida.
Learn to scuba dive at our PADI Dive Center and get PADI certified.
Book a trip to scuba dive the reefs and wrecks of Palm Beach and Broward County.
www.americandivecenter.com   (310 words)

 Scuba forums and articles: diving equipment, medical questions, diving destinations, and marine life.
Scuba forums and articles: diving equipment, medical questions, diving destinations, and marine life.
Share your knowledge or get advice on diving equipment, ask medical questions, discuss scuba diving destinations, find travel tips, learn more about the marine life, or search the discussion database for the answers to your questions.
The website offers you full access to Usenet scuba diving discussions where you can find answers to all your questions.
www.scubamonster.com   (158 words)

 Scuba Bimini Dive Resort - (954) 524-6090   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
www.scubabimini.com   (400 words)

 Diving Phuket Scuba Club Thailand - Phuket scuba diving
He is normally rather shy as a youngster, so it is not common for scuba divers to watch the magnificent changes from adolescence to adulthood.
As a result he is becoming more familiar to the local community and our scuba divers from all over the world.
Club is the emphasis of our operation - a friendly international diveshop for snorkellers, scuba divers and people who want to learn how to scuba dive or continue their scuba diving education.
www.phuket-scuba-club.com   (411 words)

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