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Topic: Seabird

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In the News (Tue 16 Jul 19)

  Monterey Pelagic Seabird Cruises
Monterey Seabirds features year-round pelagic trips enabling you to experience the seabirds of the Monterey Bay in their respective seasons.
This year we're offering a free seabirding trip for every three seabirding trips you take.
Note that regular Whale Watch trips are also scheduled on the same dates as the Seabird trips.
www.montereyseabirds.com   (382 words)

 Facts about topic: (Seabird)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Seabirds are bird (Warm-blooded egg-laying vertebrates characterized by feathers and forelimbs modified as wings) s that spend much of their lives, outside the breeding season at least, at sea.
Another seabird family that does not land while feeding is the skimmer, which has a unique method; skimmers fly along the surface with the lower mandible in the water, this shuts automatically when the bill touches something in the water.
Whilst the defentition of seabirds suggests that the birds in question spend their lives on the ocean (A large body of water constituting a principal part of the hydrosphere), many seabird families have many species that spend some or even most of their lives inland away from the sea.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/se/seabird.htm   (3719 words)

 Encyclopedia: Seabird
Seabirds, by virtue of living in a geologically depositional environment (that is, in the sea where sediments are readily laid down) are well represented in the fossil record.
Seabirds, being apex predators, suffered from the ravages of DDT until they were banned, and concern continues with other pollutants, for example Forster's Terns in San Francisco were found to have high levels of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), used as fire retardants.
Whilst the defentition of seabirds suggests that the birds in question spend their lives on the ocean, many seabird families have many species that spend some or even most of their lives inland away from the sea.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Seabird   (278 words)

 Encyclopedia article on Seabird [EncycloZine]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
There have been claims of prey-depletion by seabirds of fishery stocks, and while there is some small evidence of this, the effects of seabirds are considered smaller than that of marine mammals and predatory fish (like tuna).
Fisheries aslo have negative effects on seabirds, and these effects, particularly on the long lived and slow breeding albatross are a source of increasing concern to conservationists.
The by-catch of seabirds entangled in nets or hooked on fishing lines has had a big impact on seabird numbers, for example an estimated 44,000 albatross are hooked each year on tuna lines set out by Japanese fleets.
encyclozine.com /Seabird   (1687 words)

 Seabird   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Some seabird species, such as the albatrosses and petrels are truly pelagic, breeding on sea cliffs and small islands, and wintering on the open ocean.
Kleptoparasites are seabirds that make a living (or more often a part of their living) stealing food of other seabirds.
Oil spills are also a major threat to seabird species, as both a toxin and because the feathers of the birds become saturated by the oil, causing them to lose their waterproofing.
www.worldhistory.com /wiki/S/Seabird.htm   (4190 words)

 Australian Seabird Rescue
Australian Seabird Rescue was established at Ballina, New South Wales in 1992, following the rescue of a pelican hooked in fishing tackle.
Since that time, ASR volunteers have been involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of seabirds and shorebirds, marine turtles, and to date, have rescued over 1000 Australian Pelicans.
If the line breaks when attempting to reel in the bird, or you find a bird hooked or entangled, phone your local Wildlife Agency or rescue group, and inform them of the bird, the injury and location.
www.seabirdrescue.org   (698 words)

 The Bird Book Supply Service May
Seabird Populations of Britain and Ireland by Ian Mitchell, Stephen Newton, Norman Ratcliffe and Timothy Dunn.
A detailed T. and A.D. Poyser monograph: the findings of Seabird 2000 compared with the surveys of 1974 and 1991, with 512 pages, numerous maps, figures and photographs.
A fine and inexpensive photographic guide to New Zealand's very many seabirds (eg three-quarters of the world's albatrosses and petrels), with 136 pages, 116 colour photographs and 108 maps.
www.birdingworld.freeserve.co.uk /Stocklist.htm   (13822 words)

 Seabird Colonies _ Home Page
Almost a fifth of all the seabirds in Scotland breed on National Trust for Scotland properties.
A major project is under way to allow the recovery of the island's seabird colonies which are threatened by predation from Brown Rats.
Aims: To examine practical case studies of dealing with invasive mammals in seabird colonies, like Canna and elsewhere.
www.nts-seabirds.org.uk   (300 words)

 Seabird Encyclopedia Article, Description, History and Biography @ ArtisticNudity.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-23)
Looking For seabird - Find seabird and more at Lycos Search.
Find seabird - Your relevant result is a click away!
Look for seabird - Find seabird at one of the best sites the Internet has to offer!
www.artisticnudity.com /encyclopedia/Seabird   (101 words)

 Alaska Seabird Incidental Take Reduction Program and Longline Gear Seabird Avoidance Measures
In 1998, the AKR appointed a Seabird Coordinator to focus on seabird-related issues.
AKR seabird-related responsibilities and activities include: consultations under the Endangered Species Act, data collection by fishery observers, public and industry outreach and education, research, regulatory action, and participation in the development of an international and national plan of action to reduce the incidental take of seabirds in longline fisheries.
The Alaska Region plays a proactive role in its coordination with local, regional, national, and international agencies, organizations, and experts in its efforts to reduce seabird incidental take in hook-and-line fisheries.
www.fakr.noaa.gov /protectedresources/seabirds.html   (229 words)

SEABIRD's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
Remember the first road trip that Seabird ever went on and me and Mike Sandberg came too?
Was that in Ohio or Indiana because me and Mike were having a debate the other day and we really need to know!
www.myspace.com /seabird   (1061 words)

 Pacific Seabird Group (PSG) Website:
Dedicated to the study of Pacific seabirds and their environment
Please visit the new Grants page on this website for more information about the Conservation Small-Grant Program.
One of the many membership perks is access to the Pacific Seabirds group listserve.
www.pacificseabirdgroup.org   (316 words)

 Save Our Seabirds
Save Our Seabirds is known as one of the region's only oiled wildlife response organizations for wildlife.
Save Our Seabirds, a 501c-3, not for profit organization, is hoping to move our operations to the old Pelican Man facilities in Sarasota, Florida.
Find out more about what is needed, and how you can help.
rd.business.com /index.asp?epm=s.1&bdcq=Seabird&bdcr=1&bdcu=http://www.seabirdrehab.org/&bdcp=&partner=2662601&bdcs=nwuuid-2662601-64173666-E5DF-D2FA-3E54-5D254A24B96A-ym   (128 words)

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