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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Seafair: our summer bash
Seafair was the brainchild of Greater Seattle Inc., a group of prominent local boosters hoping to use Seattle's 100th anniversary as a springboard to increased civic cooperation and promotion.
Seafair's grand parade featured lavish floats and a whole cast of royalty led by King Neptune, who in 1952 was portrayed by civic leader E.L. Blaine Jr.
Seafair thrived in the wake of the hydroplanes, surviving because the community supported its commitment to Seattle and to family fun.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /centennial/september/seafair.html   (959 words)

  Seafair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seafair is a summer festival in Seattle, Washington, USA that encompasses a wide variety of small neighborhood events leading up to several major city-wide celebrations.
Seafair begins in early July; since 1972, its arrival has been heralded by the Milk Carton Derby, a whimsical boat race on Green Lake in which all the boats have been constructed out of empty milk cartons.
The Seafair Triathlon is held on the shores of Lake Washington from Seward Park.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Seafair   (625 words)

 Seattle SEAFAIR Commodores - Articles of Organization
Additional objective is to serve as ambassadors of goodwill for SEAFAIR including participation in the Northwest Festival Hosting Association and to serve when requested and appropriate as welcoming greeters in promoting SEAFAIR, Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.
Applications for membership in the SEAFAIR Commodores must be submitted in writing to the Personnel Officer or the Membership Committee by the sponsoring Commodore on the prescribed form.
SEAFAIR Commodores are expected to maintain personal conduct befitting a professional organization at all times.
www.seattlecommodores.com /text/articles.htm   (3100 words)

 Seafair: Facts and details from Encyclopedia Topic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
The united states navys blue angels, or navy flight demonstration squadron, was formed at the end of world war ii, by order of admiral chester nimitz,...
A beauty contest, or beauty pageant, is a competition between people, based largely, though not always entirely, on the beauty of their physical appearance...
Another controversial aspect of Seafair is the involvement of the Seafair Pirates[Follow this hyperlink for a summary of this subject], EHandler: no quick summary.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/s/se/seafair.htm   (1508 words)

 It's time again for Seafair and a debate that strikes at the city's soul
Seafair was born before many of our other major attractions and events -- before big-league sports, before Bumbershoot, before Folklife.
From the soaring, deafening Blue Angels to the rooster-tail-producing hydroplanes, to the landing of the Seafair pirates on Alki...
Seafair is for the young, and the young-at-heart.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/234604_seafair30.html   (1240 words)

 SEAFair 98
SEAFair is conceived to be a serial of international events, exhibitions/video conferences, workshops, and meetings that will explore the creation and existing of new media and electronic arts and venues.
SEAFair urges the discussions about the artistic, philosophic, educational, and other aspects of the emerging media.
SEAFair serves as an international and intercultural meeting point of arts and technologies.
www.swarm.org /pipermail/support/1998-May/003733.html   (457 words)

 SeattlePI.com: Sound Off: Seafair: Love it or hate it?
Let's face it, Seafair is held in an area that's never had the infrastructure to handle large crowds so the residents of the area are held captive for four, five days.
Seafair is a tradition that has created so many wonderful memories for myself and those close to me. From the soaring, deafening Blue Angels to the rooster tail producing hydroplanes, to the landing of the Seafair pirates on Alki...
Seafair was a tradition long before most of you clowns moved here and I hope it's still a summer tradition when all of us are dead and gone.
blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com /soundoff/archives/005301.html   (13601 words)

 Seafair Seattle
Seafair is not just an event - it’s a Seattle tradition for fifty two years and one of six hydroplane boat races across the country.
Seafair, Inc. was created with the idea of producing a summertime festival.
The organization committee known as The Seafair Boat Club was established in 1975 on Seafair’s behalf to help with administration.
www.racerchicks.com /motor/seafair.html   (882 words)

 Seafair 2005
SEAFAIR and title sponsor Virginia Mason Team Medicine are partnering to create a one of a kind Seattle area summertime marathon.
SEAFAIR is celebrating 56 years of unlimited hydroplane racing on Lake Washington.
There are more than 5,000 SEAFAIR volunteers, hundreds of thousand of spectators who come out for the parades and hydroplane races, thousands more that participate in the half marathon, torchlight run and triathlon and the youth who participate in the Ambassador Program and compete for the Miss SEAFAIR Scholarship.
www.findthewayhome.com /custom1.shtml   (717 words)

 HistoryLink Essay: Seafair including Aqua Follies is held for the first time in King County from August 11 to 20, 1950.
Seafair including Aqua Follies is held for the first time in King County from August 11 to 20, 1950.
As part of Seafair, the International District holds an elaborate "International Carnival" involving a "a huge lion-headed beast engaged in mock combat," there is a Filipino bamboo dance, and the famous Bon Odori.
A centerpiece of the first Seafair was the Aqua Follies with a cast of 125 performing on the south shore of Green Lake in Seattle.
www.historylink.org /output.cfm?file_ID=1469   (188 words)

 Washington: SEAFAIR (Local Legacies: Celebrating Community Roots - Library of Congress)
Seattle's annual SEAFAIR has celebrated the community spirit of Puget Sound since 1950, when it began as a way to highlight the city's centennial.
Since SEAFAIR began, the duties of its "royalty" have broadened to serve as goodwill ambassadors throughout the year.
SEAFAIR parades provide opportunities for local communities to celebrate their heritage, diversity and cultural uniqueness.
lcweb2.loc.gov /cocoon/legacies/WA/200003634.html   (542 words)

 HistoryLink Essay: Seafair -- Beginnings
On the first night of Seafair, the King, Rex I of Seafair, Founder, Realm of Neptune, was crowned.
On August 16, 1950, at the Civic Auditorium, 20 Seafair princesses vied to be crowned the Queen of the Seas.
At Seafair, King Neptune's flags flew from the ship's mast and six life-like dummies, the crew, were on deck.
www.historylink.org /essays/output.cfm?file_id=1470   (1789 words)

 SCCA-Skopje, SEAFair'98   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
SEAFair is the first manifestation of this kind on the Balkans, bringing together International web artists, multimedia artists, media critics and theorists, as well as the interested audience.
SEAFair is conceived to be a serial of international events, exhibitions/video conferences, which will explore the creation and existing of new media and electronic arts and venues.
SEAFair at the same time serves as an international and intercultural meeting point of arts and technologies.
www.scca.org.mk /seafair/98   (475 words)

 Seafair: The Seafair Time Warp (Seattle Weekly)
For many longtime Seattleites, Seafair is a treasured throwback to the '50s, when every guy was a World War II vet, local culture was J.P. Patches the clown, and the hydroplanes were the biggest annual sports highlight in a minor-league town.
When a sympathetic City Council member approached Seafair on the issue, he was told, essentially, to go jump in Elliott Bay: Seafair paid its permit fees to the city and could therefore do what it liked.
But if Seafair were to be created anew, a host of facets now taken for granted in liberal Seattle would never pass musterfrom leering pirates and beauty pageants to the monthlong celebrations of militarism and alcohol.
www.seattleweekly.com /2003-07-16/news/the-seafair-time-warp.php   (869 words)

 Seafair - Detailed Information, Event Schedule & More @ Kickin' Tickets inc.
If you have a Seafair question that is not answered here, simply call 1-866-339-0035 for assistance.
All Seafair charts and detailed information are intended to be used as a general indication of seat locations and stage position to better help with making a more informed buying decision.
Seafair tickets may be sold for more than face value.
www.kickintickets.com /seafair_tickets.html   (297 words)

 Seafair speeds along - The Olympian - Olympia, Washington   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Born in Seattle in 1920, Burd's job as a boilermaker took him to Alaska twice during August, forcing him to miss the hydroplane race that's become as much a part of Seattle's culture as coffee, salmon and the Space Needle.
Burd, who's as at ease with a wrench as he is with a listening ear, is a walking, talking hydroplane museum.
Kaley remembers going to Seafair's Torch Light Parade as a little girl, sitting on top of a van with her sisters to watch.
www.theolympian.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20050807/SPORTS/508070324/1002   (1015 words)

 1960 Seafair Trophy Race
On Monday, August 8 the stage was set with the same cast of principals, officials and many thousands of devoted hydroplane fans who trudged, motor did, powered and sailed through the blazing sunlight to see the race fought to an ultimate conclusion.
The governor of the state in the mayor of Seattle who were to award the Seafair Trophy, went home.
On August 20 ft. the decision of the Seattle referee and Seafair race committee was upheld unanimously.
www.lesliefield.com /races/1960_seafair_trophy_race.htm   (1980 words)

 Haze Gray & Underway Photo Feature: Seattle Seafair 2001
The annual Seattle Seafair fleet cruise offers a unique chance for members of the public to ride aboard a US Navy warship at sea.
Seafair has been a Seattle-area tradition for 50 years, and is always a popular event.
Last year's Seafair fleet cruise featured five ships - see our Seafair 2000 photo feature for more about last year's event.
www.hazegray.org /features/seafair2001   (871 words)

 The Seattle Times: Northwest Life
Of course you know that Seafair is the Seattle area's summer celebration of parades, pirates, hydroplanes, community festivals, Navy ships and much more.
Seafair celebrates the region's ethnic and racial diversity.
Drill teams, like the one pictured here in 1998, are a popular ingredient in Seafair parades because of their sharp performances, costumes and catchy names.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /news/lifestyles/links/seafairquiz03.html   (588 words)

 1956 Seafair Trophy Remembered
In its place was the Seafair Trophy, which had been a secondary event for Limited boats in recent years and run between heats of the Gold Cup main event.
The 1956 Seafair T rophy was the first to feature a sizeable hometown fleet.
It's interesting to note that nine of the seventeen Seafair entrants were designed by Ted Jones, including the winner SHANTY I, which Jones always acknowledged as his all-time favorite.
www.thunderboats.org /history/history0010.html   (2830 words)

 Seafair Pirate Adventures
The salty troupe's shenanigans and formidable float, the Duck, have become synonymous with SEAFAIR revelry.
The Pirates, originally members of the Washington State Press Club's Ale and Quail Society, banded together in 1949 to promote Seattle and Seafair while having fun and serving the community.
The 40+ Pirates are an elite troupe who carefully selects their members based on their ability to mix well with the public and for their unique musical or theatrical talents.
www.seafairpirates.org /AboutPirates/DEFAULT.HTM   (217 words)

 Seattle Seafair Pirates -  News, Sponsors, Links
Aye, ye scurvy landlubbers, it's Seafair time again, and we Seafair Pirates be mighty busy pillaging and plundering our fine city in the name of fun this time o' year.
Seafair is Seattle's answer to midsummer madness - the kind of madness that leads Scandinavians to pull all-nighters drinking aquavit and eating fish.Seafair traditions may be old hat to natives and long-time residents, but to newcomers and new generations, an explanation/upP-I File.
Seafair is here again and it wouldn't be Seafair without the Seafair Pirates.
www.seafairpirates.com /SPONSORS   (1407 words)

 Seattle SEAFAIR Commodores - Welcome
The Seattle Commodores are a SEAFAIR family group of men and women from the greater Seattle area who are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the community.
Formed in 1955 the Commodores have been active volunteers in helping to raise funds for SEAFAIR.
Letter from Linda Andrews Russell, 1967 SEAFAIR Queen
www.seattlecommodores.com   (61 words)

 Seafair, a Mobile Show Venue, Is Under Construction: Maine Antique Digest, November 2005   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
Seafair will spend 11 months sailing from port to port from Florida to Boston beginning in December 2006.
To see what he is talking about log on to Seafair’s Web site (www.expoships.com) and take a virtual tour of the five-story yacht that deploys its own docking pylons.
Enter on a red carpet, meet your host, who will probably be your banker or local museum director, and then stop at several galleries to look at paintings and furniture.
www.maineantiquedigest.com /articles/nov05/seafair1105.htm   (866 words)

 SEAFAIR, Seattle
The metro area’s various neighborhoods and ethnic communities get behind SEAFAIR in a big way, sponsoring their own parades and festivals to coincide with the event.
The Seattle neighborhoods of Magnolia, Queen Anne, Ballard and Wallingford, and the towns of Redmond, Renton and Mercer Island are among some of the communities that will hold their own sanctioned SEAFAIR events.
Postscript: Due to the war in Iraq, the U.S. Navy may have to change its plans to participate in SEAFAIR since several of the ships scheduled to visit then are now in the Persian Gulf.
www.theculturedtraveler.com /Festivals/Archives/Seafair.htm   (329 words)

 SEAFAIR 2006 |KeyBank Air Show at SEAFAIR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-24)
During one weekend each year, SEAFAIR fans witness captivating sights as the best pilots in the world perform heart-pounding stunts over Lake Washington.
SEAFAIR is thrilled to have the six-plane flight demonstration squadron return to Seattle and perform on August 4-6, 2006.
Perfect northwest weather, pulse-quickening excitement on the water, food and activities on the shore and the U.S. Navy Blue Angels streaking across the summer sky; SEAFAIR 2005 proved to be wildly entertaining.
www.seafair.com /airshow.asp   (249 words)

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