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  GARY WILL: Waterloo City Tour -- The Seagram Lands
The Seagram plant, which evolved from a flour mill and distillery established in 1857, was shut down in 1992.
The museum's entrance was a renovated late 19th century rack warehouse from the Seagram plant, and the museum was recognized for the excellence of its architecture.
The Seagram Lofts condominiums occupy the two former barrelhouses, and there's almost five acres of land on the site waiting to be developed.
www.garywill.com /waterloo/seagram.htm   (457 words)

  Seagram History
From 1857 to 1992 the Seagram distillery operated continuously on the corner of Erb and Caroline Streets (click here to go to the company site plan) in the heart of Waterloo.
For many, the Seagram plant was "the place" to secure a good paying job, and a place of work where you were treated "just like family".
This online exhibition focuses on the daily work of former employees of the Joseph E. Seagram and Sons distillery in Waterloo, primarily from the 1950s onwards, and highlights the four key working areas of the plant: production, maturation and warehousing, bottling, and administration.
www.city.waterloo.on.ca /SeagramCollection/history/index.html   (214 words)

  Seagram, Joseph Emm
Seagram, Joseph Emm, distiller, turfman, politician (b at Fisher Mills [near Cambridge], Ont 15 Apr 1841; d at Waterloo, Ont 18 Aug 1919).
The Seagram commitment to product excellence permitted the BRONFMAN FAMILY, which acquired controlling interest in 1928, to mold the company into a corporate empire.
Seagram was president of the Ontario Jockey Club 1906-17 and a founder of the Canadian Racing Association in 1908.
www.canadianencyclopedia.ca /index.cfm?PgNm=TCE&Params=A1ARTA0007247   (194 words)

 Seagram Museum
The Seagram Museum is a building in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada.
From 1989 to 1998 it was a museum based in the former Seagram liquor distillery in Waterloo.
Seagram's company later became the giant transnational Seagram Interactive, after it was acquired by Samuel Bronfman.
www.xasa.com /wiki/en/wikipedia/s/se/seagram_museum.html   (171 words)

 Seagram Juices Up the Three Gorges
Seagram agreed to invest $11 million to cover the costs of building and operating the nursery, center, and demonstration groves through 2005.
Seagram officials say that there is plenty of time to line up an investor for a modern processing plant, as the first fruit will not be harvested for another four years.
Seagram imported the first batch of buds from California, but importing buds is expensive, so Seagram has imported scion trees as a permanent source of budwood.
www.chinabusinessreview.com /public/0009/hulme.html   (5017 words)

 OSC - Orders & Rulings 2001 - In the Matter of The Seagram Company Ltd. - MRRS Decision - CVMO: Ordonnances et ...
Seagram is a reporting issuer or has equivalent status in each of the provinces of Canada and its common shares are listed on The Toronto Stock Exchange, the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange Limited.
Seagram is not on the list of defaulting issuers maintained by the various securities regulatory authorities in Canada.
The Participants will be required to indemnify Seagram, Vivendi and certain of its affiliates for any adverse tax consequences which any of them may incur in connection with the Reorganization and to provide a release of Vivendi, Seagram and certain of their affiliates and advisors in connection with the Reorganization.
www.osc.gov.on.ca /Regulation/Orders/2001/ord_20010126_216_seagram.jsp   (1991 words)

 Oakland Rapper Seagram Is Killed   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Oakland rapper Seagram Miller was shot to death in a hail of bullets in the early hours of the morning.
Seagram was one of those guys who on the surface seemed to be a well spoken and nice guy who remembered your name and would exchange pleasantries with you..
Seagram definitely had material that chronicled his life on the streets..but at the same time he was considered one of the best free stylers around..
www.daveyd.com /seagdies.html   (612 words)

 Seagram   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Seagram is looking to sell its Oddbins chain of 300 off-licence stores in a separate deal from the rest of the drinks operations that are being sold off following its takeover by Vivendi.
Seagram is expected to sell off its nine Scottish distilleries, which employ about 700 people, following the merger of its Canadian parent with Vivendi.
Seagram is looking to sell its European music and video mail order clubs, including Britannia in the UK, in order to focus on its record labels business.
www.ukbusinesspark.co.uk /seagrama.htm   (93 words)

 Deal Time at Seagram (int'l edition)
Seagram would occupy 5 of 18 board seats, and the Bronfman family would control an estimated 8% of the shares of the combined company, making it the largest shareholder by a factor of two or three.
Seagram's decisive break with its past came not with the 1995 purchase of MCA but with the $8.8 billion transaction that preceded it: the sale of Seagram's 24.2% interest in DuPont.
Seagram's alternately aggressive and passive style of empire-building is in part a reflection of Edgar Jr's personality.
www.businessweek.com /2000/00_26/b3687039.htm   (3458 words)

 Seagram's VO, Canadian Whisky, Canada, 750ml
The Seagram name soon became well established in the U.S. and for many years Seagram whisky was the most popular Canadian whisky in the U.S. market.
It was the Seagram name, with its reputation for excellence, that stirred the interest of Samuel and Harry Bronfman.
Therefore, in the early 90's, when Seagram's VO Master Blender, Arthur Peterson, was offered the opportunity to create a new premium Canadian whisky blend by offering his interpretation of the classic Seagram's VO Canadian Whisky, he accepted the challenge with pride.
www.queenannewine.com /noname.html   (1165 words)

 Vivendi Universal group: Overview
It is likely to shed the 'Universal' part of the corporate name in implementing the October 2003 of a deal that transfers its US film, theme park and cable television interests to a joint venture with NBC-owner General Electric.
Seagram had earlier engulfed Universal (parks, tv and film production and distribution, cable tv, book and music publishing) - sold by Japan's Matsushita - and in 1998 acquired the EU Polygram music recording empire, formerly controlled by the Philips electronics conglomerate, the EU's unsuccessful answer to Sony.
We have highlighted the range of material on the Bronfmans, Seagram and parts of the empire (eg Universal studio, Polygram and MCA) in the separate Universal and Polygram profiles.
www.ketupa.net /vivendi.htm   (1656 words)

 Morningstar.com - The year can't end fast enough for Seagram shareho
Seagram's stock has lost 15% this year, and over the past five years has risen at the leisurely pace of just 6% a year.
Seagram's alcohol division, which peddles spirits and wines, has struggled along with the rest of the liquor industry.
Seagram's dividend yield of 2.0% is also 40% higher than the index average, even though the company has boosted its dividends almost as fast as the index average over the past five years: an annualized pace of 9.2% versus 9.7%.
news.morningstar.com /article/article.asp?id=947   (957 words)

 SSRN-Exploiting and Sharing Tax Benefits: Seagram and Du Pont by Merle Erickson, Shiing-wu Wang
Seagram received dividend treatment because the Du Pont redemption was not "substantially disproportionate" as defined under I.R.C. 302(b)(2).
The redemption was not substantially disproportionate because Seagram received warrants to purchase 156 million Du Pont shares as part of the total $8.776 billion of consideration received from Du Pont.
Seagram accounted for its 25% ownership in Du Pont under the equity method of accounting, and during the period 1982-1995, the Du Pont investment accounted for about 65% of Seagram's reported earnings.
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=156492   (558 words)

 Vivendi in talks to acquire Seagram for $37 billion - Jun. 14, 2000
Seagram is a major music powerhouse, and has holdings in studios, theme parks and a significant stake in USA Networks.
Vivendi and Seagram were first reported to be talking in March, although those discussions apparently foundered amid disagreement over the continuing role of Seagram Chief Executive Edgar Bronfman Jr.
Seagram indicated in a separate release that any transaction would be an all-stock deal, although a Vivendi spokesman would not confirm this.
money.cnn.com /2000/06/14/worldbiz/vivendi_seagram   (1016 words)

 Seagram Building - Ludwig Mies van der Rohe - Great Buildings Online
"The inescapable drama of the Seagram Building in a city already dramatic with crowded skyscrapers lies in its unbroken height of bronze and dark glass juxtaposed to a granite-paved plaza below.
The siting of the building on Park Avenue, an indulgence in open space unprecedented in midtown Manhattan real estate, has given that building an aura of special domain.
We appreciate your suggestions for links about Seagram Building.
www.greatbuildings.com /buildings/Seagram_Building.html   (312 words)

 Archives | Seagram Museum Library Collections | Library | University of Waterloo
The archival materials donated by The Seagram Museum were acquired from a number of sources, through purchase and donations from individuals and from other offices of The Seagram Company, particularly from offices within Seagram's Waterloo plant.
The archives collections of The Seagram Museum were initially established in 1970 at LaSalle, Quebec and until 1982 functioned as the Seagram Information Centre, whose mandate was to acquire, arrange and make available to company employees all historical and contemporary records pertaining to the beverage alcohol industry and The Seagram Company in particular.
A significant donation of material from the home of Joseph Edward Frowde Seagram, grandson of the founder Joseph Emm Seagram, was made in 1982, and a further group of material from his home was later purchased from another source.
www.lib.uwaterloo.ca /seagrams/overview.html   (353 words)

 Seagram Building   (Site not responding. Last check: )
This steel skeleton framed skyscraper, headquarters of the Seagram Liquor Company, established the basic form of the corporate tower for years to come.
Following these premises, the Seagram Building is meant to confirm Mies' assertion that when modern industrialized building technology is truthfully expressed, architecture becomes transcendent.
Ironically, the luxurious materials used (marble for the plaza benches, travertine for the lobby walls and floor, tinted glass and bronze for the curtain wall) and the carefully controlled customized details that pervade the building remind the viewer that this building is far from being the simple result of rationalized industrial production and construction techniques.
www.nyu.edu /classes/finearts/nyc/park/seagram.html   (277 words)

 TheStreet.com: Drink Up! Seagram Rallies as Earnings Info Trickles Out
And on the bottom line Seagram swung to a loss of $95 million this quarter from net income of $95 million a year ago.
Seagram "moved in the music business at the wrong time," says Bruce Sherman of Private Capital Management, who sold his position in the stock earlier this year.
A Seagram spokeswoman declined to comment on the moves in the company's stock price, or the timing of its release.
www.thestreet.com /stocks/media/799587.html   (833 words)

Seagram's distilled spirits, wines, fruit juices, coolers and mixers are sold in more than 150 countries and territories.
Seagram manages its worldwide beverage operation through two major business units - The Seagram Sprits and Wine Group and The Seagram Beverage Group - and two U.S.-based specialized premium wine operations, The Seagram Classics Wine Company and Seagram Chateau & Estate Wines Company.
Seagram's entertainment/ communications company, MCA INC. makes motion pictures, television and home video products, publishes books, produces recorded music, and operates theme parks.
particle.physics.ucdavis.edu /Misc/Seagram.html   (117 words)

While former TV pitchman Bruce Willis has moved on to a movie career, Seagram's distillery in Lawrenceburg, Ind., on Thursday marked the 20th anniversary of its famous wine cooler.
Seagram cooler owner Pernod Ricard said it was unveiling two new flavors -- Mango Passion Paradise Punch and Green Apple Apple-Licious -- to mark the occasion.
The Seagram Co. was split up by Pernod Ricard and London-based Diageo PLC in 2001, with the Paris company collecting 39 percent of Seagram's assets in the $8 billion deal.
www.beverageaisle.com /beverageworld/headlines/article_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1000496460   (243 words)

 Seagram : marketing and advertising profile at Adbrands.net
Seagram underwent several major transformations between 1995 and 2000 before its final break-up.
After months spent wooing every one of the world's leading media groups, Seagram finally sold out to the Gallic charm of France's Vivendi in a $34bn deal which is one of the biggest ever transatlantic buy-outs.
The group's heritage liquor business was sold off, while the entertainment assets of Seagram and Vivendi were merged as Vivendi Universal.
www.mind-advertising.com /ca/seagram_ca.htm   (214 words)

 Gin Notes: Seagram's Extra Dry Gin - Slashfood   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Seagram's Extra Dry Gin has a light citrus tang with a hint of spices, over a solid but refined base of juniper, followed by a nice alcohol presence.
Also, since Seagram's is double distilled and finished in charred white oak whiskey barrels, a pretty rare thing in the gin world, it is exceptionally smooth.
Seagrams remains my favorite to this day, and you are accurate in labelling it as an amazing bargain.
www.slashfood.com /2006/10/30/gin-notes-seagram-s-extra-dry-gin   (883 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Seagram's Extra Dry Gin at Epinions.com
Seagram is one of the largest and best- known beverage companies, with product line that includes liquor, coolers, and other products.
The taste of these fruits is already there, in the gin, so it makes sense that this liquor mixes so well with these fruits in their pure form.
Seagram Gin is considered a middle to lower- end gin, which means it is considered by experts to be of average or lower overall quality.
www.epinions.com /content_150769733252   (1173 words)

 Seagram Building New York by Mies van der Rohe
Much copied but not matched, the Seagram Building is generally recognized as the finest example of skyscrapers in the International Style.
Much of the building's success comes from its elegant proportions, and its relation to the overall site: the building is set back from the street by ninety feet, and in from the side by thirty.
The Seagram building is directly across Park Avenue from Lever House.
www.galinsky.com /buildings/seagram   (390 words)

 Stereophile: Seagram Buys PolyGram
Seagram, primarily known for its liquor business, owns Universal Studios and the Universal music enterprise.
Despite its world dominance, London-based PolyGram, which owns the Motown and Mercury labels, is in last place among the major labels in US sales, according to Patrick Reilly of the Wall Street Journal.
Seagram announced that it would sell its Tropicana juice business in a public stock offering to offset its purchase of PolyGram.
www.stereophile.com /news/10176/index.html   (458 words)

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