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Topic: Seaman

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  Seaman Review for Dreamcast - Gaming Age
Seaman utilizes the Dreamcast's internal clock to the fullest, as it keeps track of both the time spent with Seaman, as well as the time you do not spend with it.
Your Seaman and habitat still live on while the game is off for that period of time, so not attending to it for more than 2 days, will most likely result in a tank full of dead creatures.
Seaman requires you play the game for many days consecutively, though playing it for many hours at a clip, wont really do anything.
www.gaming-age.com /cgi-bin/reviews/review.pl?sys=dreamcast&game=seaman   (993 words)

 Lewis and Clark . Inside the Corps . The Corps . Seaman| PBS
It is believed that it was during this period that Lewis, for “20$” purchased Seaman, his “dogg of the newfoundland breed” to accompany him to the Pacific.
In 1916, the dog’s name, Seaman, through historian error in deciphering the journalists’ poorly formed words in their longhand manuscript journals, resulted in the popular but erroneous name, Scannon.
On July 15, beyond the falls, Seaman’s strength as a swimmer was demonstrated.
www.pbs.org /lewisandclark/inside/seaman.html   (1282 words)

 Seaman recounts axing her husband - 12/08/04   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Seamans had argued about Nancy Seaman purchasing a condominium that morning, and during that discussion, she said her husband cut her on the wrist with a knife and then threatened her life.
Seaman, a petite former grade school teacher, said her husband frequently abused her during their 30-year marriage and she planned to move out.
Seaman said her husband cut her wrist and chased her into the garage, where he pushed her to the floor and kicked her, cursing and threatening that she would die before she ever got half of what he owned.
www.detnews.com /2004/metro/0412/08/A01-27495.htm   (873 words)

 Seaman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Seaman as a rank refers to the one of the lowest ranks in a navy.
In commonwealth context it refers to the lowest rank in the navy, followed by Able Seaman and Leading Seaman, and followed by the Petty Officer ranks.
Advancement to Seaman is attained automatically after a certain number of months in service, barring any disciplinary action.
www.secaucus.us /project/wikipedia/index.php/Seaman   (218 words)

 IGN: Seaman Review
That, coupled with the bizarre VMU Microphone device that is included with the Seaman seed disc, has sparked the interest of many bystanders, several not as experienced with the Dreamcast as I. Those wholly unfamiliar with this unit have been witness to evidence of this strange creature, and are inquisitive.
I have played with the Seaman for a half-hour now, and all I have to show for it is a mutated egg bobbing in water, a sunken food pellet, a seemingly broken heater, and a crick in my legs.
Had the Seaman become too accustomed to a single voice, it would have become confused by other voices and would have failed to recognize words], but that did not discourage at all their quest for knowledge.
dreamcast.ign.com /articles/164/164720p1.html   (4213 words)

 COURTTV.COM- TRIALS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The assistant, Frederic Seaman, said he collected the memorabilia because, as an aide to the Beatle's family, he was "an eyewitness to history." These are the alleged sources of his profits, compiled from trial testimony.
In 1994 Seaman sold nine manuscripts of Lennon's to philologist Gary Zibet, including a letter to Paul and Linda McCartney discussing the breakup of the Beatles and an invitation to Eric Clapton to form a supergroup.
Seaman sold two additional manuscripts to Gary Zibet in the summer of 1997, including a letter in which Lennon said the Beatles would never get back together and another letter seeking to ban Paul McCartney from accessing archived materials at Apple Records.
www.courttv.com /archive/trials/ono/ono_chart.html   (345 words)

 Seaman - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Seaman can be a generic term for sailor.
Seaman is the third lowest enlisted rank in the U.S. Navy and other navies.
For the U.S. Navy and U.S. Coast Guard the rank is just above Seaman Apprentice and below Petty Officer Third Class; this rank was formerly known as Seaman First Class.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Seaman   (269 words)

 Jury doesn't buy Seaman's story - 12/15/04
Seaman argued with her husband a final time May 10 over a condominium she had purchased.
When she was arrested, Nancy Seaman, who had been telling friends and police for three days she had no idea where her husband was, told police "it was an accident...
Kaluzny portrayed Seaman as a battered wife, calling experts to testify to the syndrome of women who are afraid to leave abusive husbands.
www.detnews.com /2004/metro/0412/15/A01-34117.htm   (1199 words)

 Seaman -- DC -- Five Stars
Seaman has now made his debut over here, and one thing is for sure – the face of gaming has been changed forever.
Seaman’s creator, and the fellow who’s face graces the fishy little man, Yoot Saito insists that there are still people in Japan who believe Seaman is real.
Seaman is definitely more interactive and less of a pain in the ass than standard digital pets.
www.gamesfirst.com /reviews/shawn/seaman/seaman.html   (1739 words)

 PlanetDreamcast: Games - Reviews - Seaman
Eventually Seaman noticed and asked what I was doing, which led to a great series of questions from Seaman that had to be answered correctly if he was to help me solve the rock puzzle.
Seaman also wished me happy birthday, and reminded me the day before my wife's birthday to get her something nice.
Sometimes Seaman would wax philosophic about the state of humanity, happiness in the workplace, human reliance on technology and even if he was real or simply an imaginary video game character.
www.planetdreamcast.com /games/reviews/seaman   (872 words)

 [No title]
Seaman asserts that Head's deposition was of critical importance because, it argued, her testimony would refute most of Melford Cleveland's claims and would substantiate Seaman's contentions.
Seaman was unsuccessful in several informal efforts between November 1999 and March 2000 to schedule the depositions of Sarah Head and Belle Cleveland and to complete M.O. Cleveland's deposition, and to obtain other discovery information from the plaintiffs.
Seaman responded on May 2, 2000, by pointing out that the complaint filed by the Clevelands and Head was replete with personal-injury claims and that Seaman was entitled to obtain the Clevelands' and Head's medical records unless the personal-injury claims were stricken from the case.
www.wallacejordan.com /decisions/Opinions2002/1001658.htm   (5196 words)

 Seaman cheat codes for dreamcast   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Seaman says he thinks that pesky ring hanging from the upper-left of the tank (haven't you always wondered what that was for, it seems to be completely useless before this!) should be the key to getting out.
Before Seaman leaves, he will tell you that he appreciates all the attention you gave him, and that he will always be just outside if you want to talk to him.
Seaman is copyright 2000 Vivarium Inc. Sega Dreamcast is copyright 1999 SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. This FAQ is not associated with or endorsed by either Vivarium Inc. or SEGA Enterprises, Ltd. This FAQ may be freely distributed for noncommercial purposes only if it is not alterted in any way and the author is given due credit.
gr.bolt.com /games/codes/dreamcast/seaman_walk.htm   (3429 words)

 Seaman Review for Dreamcast - Gaming Age
one thing that Seaman does, that many gamers may not realize, is that it really runs in "real time".
While a game such as Seaman doesn't rely on visuals, what Sega has concocted isn't half bad.
Seaman in all it's various forms, are nicely modeled and textured, but the habitat and surroundings could be considered bland.
www.gaming-age.com /cgi-bin/reviews/review.pl?sys=dreamcast&game=seaman   (993 words)

 Penn State Department of Meteorology · Faculty Page Seaman
Seaman has developed several different numerical models to investigate the dynamics of orographic flows, sea breezes, extratropical storm development, pollution transport, urban influences, and the interactions of boundary layer and convective processes.
Seaman, N.L. and S.A. Michelson, 2000: Mesoscale Meteorological Structure of a High-Ozone Episode during the 1995 NARSTO-Northeast Study.
Otte, T.L., N.L. Seaman and D.R. Stauffer, 2001: A heuristic study on the importance of anisotropic error distributions in data assimilation.
www.met.psu.edu /dept/faculty/seaman.htm   (408 words)

 Seaman v
Seaman testified he was going to take the sheets (all 1500) to show them to Bill Greely, even though he had appeared to be heading to the valet parking lot, and his car, when he picked up the box.
Seaman contends that Musselman defamed him by the sentence "Cecil Seaman is a whole lot better liar than he is a thief!" Musselman argued, and the circuit court agreed, that the sentence constitutes pure opinion and is not actionable as a defamatory statement.
Upon the whole, we must conclude that the statement "Cecil Seaman is a whole lot better liar than he is a thief" constitutes a statement of opinion and is not actionable as it does not imply the existence of undisclosed defamatory facts as the basis for it.
tarlton.law.utexas.edu /dawson/cases/racing/seaman.htm   (2072 words)

 Electric Playground
Seaman’s premise revolves around the discovery of a new life form by a French scientist.
At its best, Seaman completely conceals the man behind the curtain, and offers startling moments of interactivity when he responds to a word or phrase you’d never have guessed would be in his vocabulary.
Plus, while the long, slow process of maintaining Seaman’s habitat on a daily basis and nudging him along the evolutionary tree is rewarding in a bonsai tree growing kind of way, some gamers simply won’t have the patience to play Seaman the way it’s intended.
www.elecplay.com /reviews_article.php?article=2998   (826 words)

 ESPN.com Soccernet England: David Seaman
With the self-styled nickname 'Safe Hands', Seaman has been a mainstay at Arsenal for over a decade but, with errors finally starting to creep into his game, he faced challenges for the No.1 jersey with club and country.
Sven Goran Eriksson left Seaman out of his first squad that played a friendly against Spain in February 2001 but said this was because he already new about the goalkeeper's ability.
Seaman returned to the squad for England's World Cup 2002 qualifying campaign against Finland despite doubts over an injured back.
www.soccernet.com /england/players/seamandavid.html   (521 words)

 Raising Seaman's Club Page on 1UP.com
This is a place to converse about how you're little "seaman" came to be, what he said, how he made fun of you, and any other topic that you wish to discuss.
Seaman would only speak for short amounts of time to gain enough information to continue to evolve.
People always expected seaman to give lengthly conversations which he did, but on the caretakers part mostly all of the responses allowed were Yes or No answers.
seaman-club.1up.com   (506 words)

 Who is a Seaman? Lawsuit Overview - Find Trial Lawyers and Attorneys with Experience in Who is a Seaman? Personal ...
A seaman is defined as a member of the crew of a vessel.
To meet seaman status, an employee must contribute to the function of the vessel, the accomplishment of the vessel's mission, or the vessel's maintenance.
A worker may be defined as a seaman even though he or she was not on the vessel at the time of the accident as long as his or her assignment was "in service of the ship."
www.injuryboard.com /view.cfm/Topic=573   (487 words)

 Seaman - Reader Review - GameFAQs
One admirable fact about Seaman is that the developers have not set out to make it the ultimate time-waster, and they have not set out to make anything particularly epic.
The only requirement is that you play daily and at least leave Seaman in a comfortable position by turning up the heater in his tank and pumping in a breatheable amount of air.
Seaman, in his adult form, will ask you questions about yourself, including your job, age, parents, and the like.
www.gamefaqs.com /console/dreamcast/review/R11412.html   (599 words)

 Game Revolution Sega Dreamcast Review Page - Game Revolution   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Seaman is a pissy little bastard, and getting him to say anything useful or to ask you interesting questions is often a time-consuming affair.
Seaman takes a good solid month to "complete," and sitting down to play for a few hours at a time is out of the question.
Seaman is an experience, one with some shiny bright spots as well as some irritatingly dull ones.
gr.bolt.com /games/dreamcast/sim/seaman.htm   (992 words)

 Salon.com Technology | See Seaman swim
Seaman has a sense of humor, and a sarcastic wit at moments.
As a surrogate pet, Seaman is not only more demanding and finicky than your average cat, but you can't even pet it.
As the first of its kind, Seaman is interesting and well-executed -- especially considering the current limitations of artificial intelligence and voice recognition technology.
archive.salon.com /tech/review/2000/08/16/seaman/index1.html   (1078 words)

 CNN.com - Review: Dreamcast's 'Seaman': Evolution of the virtual pet - August 11, 2000
Seaman is not limited in its speech however and will bend your ear on a variety of topics.
If you are mean to Seaman or if you consistently say things it can't understand, then it will ignore you or say things such as "I'm not talking to you, go away." To put it nicely, Seaman is crabby most of the time.
Watching your Seaman grow is a slow process unless you are speaking on an evolutionary scale.
archives.cnn.com /2000/TECH/computing/08/11/seaman.review   (856 words)

 BBC SPORT | Football | My Club | Man City | Seaman quits football
Seaman, 40, joined City last summer, signing a one-year deal with the club, after having spent 13 years at Arsenal.
Seaman said he had advised City manager Kevin Keegan to sign James, who succeeded him in the England team.
Seaman played over 1,000 club and international matches and was awarded the MBE in 1996, the year he emerged as a hero for his penalty saves - most notably against Scotland and then Spain in a memorable shoot-out during the European Championship.
news.bbc.co.uk /sport1/hi/football/teams/m/man_city/3394397.stm   (490 words)

 Salon.com Technology | See Seaman swim   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Seaman was released first in Japan, where it has already become the bestselling Japanese Dreamcast release of all time.
Seaman comes with its very own microphone, and that is the genesis of both the ingenuity and the mundanity of this game.
The conceit of this game is that Seaman is a rare omniscient creature from ancient Egyptian times, a hybrid fish-man who can imbue vast knowledge to his human brethren.
archive.salon.com /tech/review/2000/08/16/seaman/print.html   (1559 words)

 History of Seaman Corporation   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Seaman Corporation traces its origins to a basement workshop in Canal Fulton, Ohio, equipped with two sewing machines and fueled by Norm Seaman's dedication to create fabrics that could set a new world standard for versatility and performance.
Today, Seaman Corporation has turned that dream into a reality with modern corporate headquarters, product development laboratories and a primary manufacturing facility in Wooster, Ohio.
Seaman Corporation Corporate Brochure provides an overview of the company that's committed to maintaining the cutting-edge in fabric technology.
www.seamancorp.com /whatIs.html   (314 words)

 Amazon.com: Books: Seaman: The Dog Who Explored the West With Lewis and Clark (A Peachtree Junior Publication)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Along the way, Seaman befriends a member of the Corps of Discovery and proves itself to be a valuable contributor to their happiness and success.
Using Lewis' dog, Seaman, as a focal point, she details the many dangers and perils faced by the explorer group while doing good character development of the protagonists.
Seaman: The Dog Who Explored The West With Lewis and Clark is a wonderfully written, very highly recommended historical novel.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1561451908?v=glance   (1577 words)

 RWI News -- TIM SEAMAN ON PBS RADIO   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
"As for the miles," Seaman said, "90 miles per week is normal with double workouts of 7-12 miles in the morning and a 10K run in the afternoon.
When asked about his longest walks, Seaman was quick to note the role of Coach Enrique Pena who assists all the walkers on their 19-20 mile long walk by offering refreshments every 10-12 minutes along the way.
Seaman is the second race walker from Chula Vista to be interviewed by PBS in recent weeks.
www.worldwidewalkers.net /news/summer2004/timSeamanPbs.html   (687 words)

 Seaman   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
It will squirm, and eventually after tapping it enough, it will die and the baby Seaman will appear and will be in the next stage (Gillman).
It is good to talk to your Seaman frequently.
Select a Seaman and move the Analog-stick in circles around its head.
www.angelfire.com /ca3/segagamemenu/seaman.html   (285 words)

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