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Topic: Seattle Police Department

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In the News (Wed 19 Jun 19)

  Official Website of the Seattle Police Department
The Seattle Police Department and the Seattle Police Foundation honored the outstanding work performed by 54 employees in 14 distinct categories in their commitment to public safety and the community on October 20 at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel.
Seattle Police officers responded to an emergency call on 4/25/2006 between Broadway E. and E. John Street, where a caller had reported that a man was standing at a bus stop and had a pistol in the back waistband of his pants.
Seattle Police Chief R. Gil Kerlikowske announced this morning that the department would engage a panel of experts to provide advice and consultation to the detectives investigating last Saturday's murders on Capitol Hill.
www.cityofseattle.net /police   (1160 words)

 Board of Supervisors: Police Facilitation of Mass Protests
Police departments in all three cities strive to ensure that First Amendment rights are protected, that police involvement will be only as extensive and necessary to protect citizens and the community, and the needs of law enforcement.
Officials at the SPD explain that it depends on the type of event, time of day, day of week, type of crowd or audience expected, the history of the organizers, whether or not alcohol is allowed, and a myriad of other issues that determine how many officers they will use.
Seattle reports that their most effective strategy is to work with the organizers of an event, and to get the word out early to the public about what is going to be tolerated and what is not.
www.sfgov.org /site/bdsupvrs_page.asp?id=19355   (3632 words)

 Drug Policy Alliance: Police Corruption
Approximately half of all police officers convicted as a result of FBI-led corruption cases between 1993 and 1997 were convicted for drug-related offenses and nationwide over 100 cases of drug-related corruption are prosecuted each year.
Some police also recognize that their real function is not so much to protect victims from predators but to regulate an illicit market that can't be suppressed and that much of society prefers to keep underground.
One of America’s worst cases of drug-related police corruption occurred in California after an officer caught stealing eight pounds of cocaine from a police department's evidence locker turned on his fellow officers to get a reduced sentence.
www.lindesmith.org /law/police   (648 words)

 POLICE WRITERS - Seattle Police Department
The Seattle Police Department Canine Unit is made up of one sergeant, one training officer, and 13 officers and their K9 partners.
SPD K9s have successfully located and assisted in the apprehension of 835 felony suspects and 168 misdemeanor suspects from 1999 through 2001.
The Seattle Police SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics Team) consists of 24 Police Officers, 4 Sergeants and 1 Lieutenant who are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
www.police-writers.com /seattle_police_department.html   (991 words)

 SPD | Jobs
Those interested in becoming a Seattle Police Officer must be intelligent, exhibit sound judgment, and be healthy both physically and emotionally.
The men and women of the Seattle Police Department possess a strong sense of community, are confident and able to make quick, sound decisions.
The Department is looking for intelligent, conscientious applicants who possess a wide range of interpersonal and technical skills.
www.seattle.gov /police/jobs/default.htm   (113 words)

 Seattle Police Department - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Seattle Police Department (SPD) is the principal law enforcement agency of the city of Seattle, Washington, except for on the campus of the University of Washington, where that responsibility falls to the University of Washington Police Department.
Law enforcement in Seattle began with the appointment of William H. ("Uncle Joe") Surber as town marshal in 1861.
The chief of the Seattle police department is R. Gil Kerlikowske.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Seattle_Police_Department   (224 words)

 Seattle Police Department 2004 Citizen Appreciation Award winners
They are both committed to working with SPD to futher collaborative partnerships between the police department and communities of color.
She is an active member of the SPD East Precinct Citizens Advisory Committee and the SHA Joint Policy Advisory Committee.
While SPD Harbor Units quickly responded to the scene, the occupants of the vessel jumped into the water to avoid the fast spreading flames.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/policeawards.html   (4554 words)

 Todd Matthews ++ Freelance Journalist
Chief Gain's insistence merely re-emphasized the law, as police officers are not exempt from being subjected to polygraph examination, as written in RCW 49.44.120 of the State of Washington.
Between 1956 and 1970 illegal business was controlled by a King County prosecutor, a Seattle city council president, an assistant chief of police, city police captains, the King County sheriff, the King County jail chief, undersheriffs, a Seattle police major, and an official of the Teamsters Union.
The attorney general convened a federal grand jury and indictments were handed down to the former county prosecutor, the former chief of police, two former assistant chiefs of police, the president of the city council, the county sheriff, the head of the county jail, and a former sheriff (to list only a few).
www.wahmee.com /chapthree.html   (5926 words)

 ACLU of Washington | Content Detail
This unit of the police department, staffed by between eight and 10 police officers, is charged with investigating and responding to complaints against their fellow officers.
Recent allegations of police misconduct incidents involving a crime scene theft, the use of force against a suspect who was tied up, and the theft of a diamond ring raise serious concerns about the trustworthiness of the internal complaint process.
This term refers to a police subculture in which the fraternity of officers is viewed as a family, with loyalty to family considered its most important value.
www.aclu-wa.org /detail.cfm?id=127   (3209 words)

 Police tactics during Mardi Gras riot questioned at forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
Seattle Mayor Paul Schell speaks at a meeting last night of the Pioneer Square Community Council, where the Mardi Gras riots were discussed.
Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske, who has accepted full responsibility for the handling of the riot, said police did not move in to disperse the crowd sooner for fear of inciting more violence.
A Seattle Police Department spokesman said the county's offer was made before the event, but after the department had completed its strategic planning.
seattlepi.nwsource.com /local/mardi07.shtml   (992 words)

 Pepper Spray Gets in Their Eyes
From November 30 through December 3, as police took on demonstrators outside the World Trade Organization meeting at the Seattle Convention Center, you couldn't turn on a TV or open a newspaper without hearing how officers were using "tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray" to disperse crowds of protestors.
Still, most news outlets ignored the police assaults that preceded the looting, preferring to believe that it was the acts of a few out-of-control protestors that led to the violence, and downplaying police use of force.
Thereafter, it was quickly adopted by corrections officers and police departments, which adopted it primarily for use in incapacitating violent suspects; the FBI proclaimed pepper spray its "official chemical agent" in 1987.
www.fair.org /index.php?page=1029   (1179 words)

 Welcome to the Northwest Police Accreditation Coalition Website
Of the 25 largest cities in the nation, Seattle is one of five to be accredited.
Seattle is maintaining accreditation it first sought in 2001 and is one of 10 agencies in the state to have earned it.
Seattle police Chief Gil Kerlikowkse is also being honored by the commission for bringing now his third police department into accreditation compliance.
www.nwpac.org   (659 words)

 Police used Taser on pregnant driver
When two Seattle police officers and their sergeant decided to arrest a motorist who refused to sign a ticket, the result was a confrontation that only ended after one officer applied a Taser to the woman, who was eight months pregnant at the time.
To her attorneys and critics of police use of Tasers, Brooks' case is an example of police overreaction.
Seattle police officials declined to comment on this case, citing concerns that Brooks might file a civil lawsuit.
www.infowars.com /articles/ps/tasers_police_taser_pregnant_driver.htm   (1814 words)

 portland imc - 2001.08.01 - Local Police-Responsibility, and the CHARGE of Racism
The Seattle Police got off for WTO abuse for "not remembering", and even though it is on video, the Seattle Police officers do not have identifiable differences on the video, and can remain "anonymous"-without punishment or retribution.
I do not feel the city of Seattle is focusing on the foundation causing the problem of street violence and racism between the Seattle police department and the public; it is the Federal drug war.
I feel, that until the Seattle Police Department is held accountable for their actions; the fear and distrust of the Seattle Police Department, (being predominately created through a federally declared "drug war" on it's citizens), will create more human violence and death in Seattle.
portland.indymedia.org /en/2001/08/2643.shtml   (8327 words)

 Police Test | News | City | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
SPD Hopeful Trey Lamont Was Set to Take the Police Exam This Week; He's Filed a Citizen Complaint Instead
He'd been thinking about becoming a police officer for the past year and a half, after growing up in Seattle and seeing his peers--Lamont is fl--run into problems with the police.
As he was getting back into his car, several police cars zoomed into the lot--news reports about the melee later indicated that 41 officers and sergeants responded to the scene that night--and inadvertently blocked Lamont in.
www.thestranger.com /seattle/Content?oid=21254   (1257 words)

 American Civil Liberties Union : ACLU Sues Seattle Police for Withholding Key WTO Document
SEATTLE -- The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington today filed a lawsuit against the Seattle Police Department for failing to disclose a key document relating to police enforcement of the City's "no protest zone" during the World Trade Organization demonstrations in 1999.
The lawsuit asks the court to impose penalties on the Police Department for withholding a document requested by the ACLU under the Washington Public Disclosure Act as part of its investigation of the City of Seattle's response to WTO.
The Seattle Police Department responded on January 14, by saying, "Please accept this as written confirmation of that fact: there are no other documents...
www.aclu.org /freespeech/protest/11386prs20010510.html?s_src=RSS   (719 words)

 MenWeb - Men's Issues: When is it a Felony to Talk about olin skis?
Seattle Police Department Detective Luanne Shirey persuaded petitioner Edward C. ("Ted") Waldron to post to Rec.Skiing.Alpine on her behalf, requesting all the participants of Rec.Skiing.Alpine to limit their posting to on-topic posts and not to engage in flame wars.
Detective Shirey testified that the Seattle Police Department was concerned that the flame wars would escalate into real-world physical violence if the police department and the court did not intervene.
Shirey testified that the Police Department had been monitoring the newsgroup for some time and had "a couple of 3-inch ring binders of posts." She stated that she and her superiors had made a judgement as to which side to take in the flame war, which threats to take seriously, and which to ignore.
www.menweb.org /gagorder.htm   (1950 words)

 In Other News... | News | In Other News... | The Stranger, Seattle's Only Newspaper
This November's World Trade Organization meeting in Seattle will be the biggest trade gathering in U.S. history, and you can be sure that every commie who can get here will be out trying to piss on the parade.
The police department has set up a WTO planning commission, which is coordinating with the U.S. Secret Service, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the State Department, Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, and numerous other law-enforcement types.
SPD spokeswoman Pam McCammon maintains that the hotline is "completely separate" from IIS, and says Chief Stamper is being briefed on issues and concerns like Hoffman's.
www.thestranger.com /seattle/Content?oid=1565   (664 words)

 Seattle Police Athletic Association Home Page
SPD utilizes the facility to train and test police officers in proper firearms techniques.
The mission of the Seattle Police Athletic Association, Inc. (SPAA) is to develop and maintain a first class shooting facility that serves the local law enforcement community and our citizen members.
The SPAA is governed by an elected Board of Directors consisting of active Seattle Police Officers.
www.spaarange.com   (332 words)

 Seattle Neighborhood Group - Weed & Seed Program
Seattle Police Department will work with the US Attorney’s Office Project Safe Neighborhoods Coordinator, the lead Project Safe Neighborhoods Prosecutor with King County Prosecutor’s Office, and Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms to ensure armed career criminals who commit crimes in the Weed and Seed area are prosecuted federally for their crimes.
Meetings of the West Seattle Community Safety Partnership are a forum for community members to come together to discuss crime and other community problems, as well as monitor progress of weed activities in the designated area, and membership will be expanded to include residents of the designated site.
Seattle Police Officers, in community liaison roles, will attend community meetings and community events to enhance the understanding of the role of police by building relationships between individual officers and members of minority communities, and by providing educational materials tailored to specific communities and translated into the appropriate languages.
www.sngi.org /swws1.html   (1268 words)

 Seattle.gov - Public Safety - Police and Law Enforcement
Seattle Fire Department Paramedic, Matt Anderson, talks about the injuries that can happen from vehicle/pedestrians accidents and what to do to keep pedestrians safe.
The Municipal Court of Seattle accepts payments for misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, infractions and civil violation tickets issued in the City of Seattle.
Crime Stoppers of Puget Sound is a partnership of concerned citizens, law enforcement, and media serving the communities of King, Kitsap, and Snohomish Counties in the fight against crime.
www9.seattle.gov /html/citizen/police.htm   (212 words)

 The Cops' Credibility Gap (Seattle Weekly)
The powerful Seattle Police Officers Guild and its member street cops don't trust it to fairly investigate complaints of officer misconduct.
Meanwhile, Seattle Weekly has learned that OPA recently botched an investigation into allegations of excessive force involving Seattle police officers who arrested a homeless man, force so extreme that the man was left with life-threatening internal injuries.
Pailca says that her investigators, each a sworn police officer, typically use more resourceful methods in tracking down witnesses and victims in an investigation, especially when homeless persons are involved.
www.seattleweekly.com /news/0422/040602_news_cops.php   (1635 words)

The Seattle Police Department hired women to look after female prisoners in the city jail and to work with women and children in cases of crime or domestic violence.
Another early police matron cared for runaway children in her home, because the police department had no other place to house them.
This 1919 photo shows the women of the Seattle Police Department with some of the city's policemen and a police van.
www.seattlehistory.org /photo_database/photo_preview.cfm?photoid=7140   (148 words)

 Port of Seattle: Port Police
The Department has its own 911 center that dispatches for the Port Police and Fire Departments as well as Burlington Northern Santa Fe Police Department.
The Port of Seattle Police Department is looking for men and women who are professional, open-minded and sensitive to the needs of the diverse community they serve.
Chief of Police for the Port of Seattle.
www.portseattle.org /about/organization/portpolice/index.shtml   (169 words)

 The Seattle Police Are Out of Control (September 27, 2000)
The problem is not the bigotry of individuals, although as with anywhere else, Seattle, and the Seattle Police Department, has its proportionate share of bigots.
Particularly in the wake of the David Walker shootings, distrust of SPD among minorities in Seattle is epidemic.
SPD needs to institute a systematic method for tracking racial profiling, with dire consequences for officers, white or fl, that engage in it.
eatthestate.org /05-02/SeattlePoliceOut.htm   (713 words)

 Car thief blamed for police death in Seattle crash - Law Enforcement News   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-02)
SEATTLE- A serial car thief with a history of violence has been blamed for a crash in which he and a newly hired Seattle police officer died.
Nowak, recently hired after five years on the police force in Racine, Wis., was the second rookie officer in Seattle to die in a traffic accident in three months.
COPS (Concerns of Police Survivors) provides resources to assist in the rebuilding of the lives of survivors of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.
www.policeone.com /officer-down/1191314   (1081 words)

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