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Topic: Second Intifada

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In the News (Sun 22 Jul 18)

  Intifada - MSN Encarta
The intifada was loosely organized, and three main groups participated in the movement, including the United National Command, which included the principal factions of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO); the Islamic Resistance Movement, or Hamas; and the Islamic Jihad.
The intifada was a factor leading to the September 1993 Oslo Accords between the PLO and Israel.
In reaction to the second intifada, Israeli public opinion shifted noticeably to the right, and in February 2001 center-right politician Ariel Sharon, a vocal critic of returning the West Bank and Gaza Strip to Palestinian control, was elected prime minister.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761579974/intifada.html   (655 words)

In addition, the second Intifada, and especially the PA's refusal to prevent suicide bombings inside Israel - was viewed as a violation of a central pillar of the Oslo "grand bargain": the PLO's renunciation of violence.
Second, it reflected the fact that while emotionally most Arab publics identify with the Palestinians' plight, they are deeply divided about the extent to which their national resources should be mobilized on the Palestinians' behalf.
Second, given the enormous costs sustained by the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza, it would not be easy for Arafat to explain why violence should be abandoned in the absence of meaningful Palestinian gains.
www.tau.ac.il /jcss/sa/v4n3p2Fel.html   (6177 words)

 Palestine - Israel Journal of Politics, Economics and Culture
The seven years that passed between the beginning of the Oslo process and the outbreak of the second Intifada were characterized by fierce political struggles between the supporters of the Oslo agreement and its opponents - struggles that reached their tragic peak in the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin.
Since the beginning of the second Intifada, the Israeli media have provided their readers and viewers with a one-sided, partial, censored and biased picture of reality - a picture which seemingly supports the new hegemonic narrative.
Second, the events following the September 11 attack on the Twin Towers, and the ensuing American operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, created a sense of ideological confidence in the Israeli public, both in terms of the global “fight against terror” and the “patriotic” press coverage.
www.pij.org /details.php?id=38   (1776 words)

 al-Aqsa Intifada 2000   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The al-Aqsa Intifada is the wave of violence and political conflict that began in 2000 between Israel and the Palestinians.
Focuses on the impact of the Al-Aqsa Intifada outbreak on the socio-economy of Palestine.
Highlights the outbreak of the second Intifada in October 2000.
www.au.af.mil /au/aul/bibs/alaqsa.htm   (3409 words)

 MyJewishLearning.com - History & Community: The Second Intifada (Part 1)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Where the first Intifada was characterized most memorably by Palestinian youths throwing stones at Israeli soldiers, the second Intifada has been far bloodier, taking on the aspects of armed conflict, guerilla warfare, and terrorist attacks.
But the second Intifada brought fear home to the streets of Israeli towns in the form of exploding buses and rocket attacks.
But the second Intifada rapidly took on the characteristics of armed combat between Israeli and Palestinian forces--with the Palestinian civilian demonstrators caught in the middle of the deadly cross-fire.
www.myjewishlearning.com /history_community/Israel/Overview_IsraeliPalestinian_Relations/Intifada_I/Intifada2.htm   (1290 words)

 JUST VISION > Thematic Highlights > Intifada
The anger involved in the second intifada was far deeper.
The first intifada lasted for seven years, but it didn't have as huge an impact as the second intifada.
During the first intifada, Palestinians used stones and basic tools to protest, whereas the weapons used in the second intifada took the form of resistance to the next level.
www.justvision.org /excerpts/?q=Intifada   (1563 words)

 Al-Ahram Weekly | AL-AQSA INTIFADA SPECIAL | The rise and fall of the Intifada
At its start, the Intifada -- the second in the history of Palestinian resistance of Israeli military occupation -- was viewed with pride among Arabs, at least at the public level.
The increasing official Arab impatience with the Palestinian Intifada was highlighted by the resolutions of the last Arab summit that took place in Beirut earlier this year, in which there is no reference to the uprising.
This said, the future of the Intifada, however, will not be determined by the level of official Arab support since, as many officials and observers would agree, no Arab official, including Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, is in a position to either halt or keep up the Intifada.
weekly.ahram.org.eg /2002/605/sup91.htm   (1266 words)

 Palestine:From Statelet to Protectorate
The first Intifada was not free of mistakes and problems, but at its root it expressed a sound revolutionary approach.
From the beginning, the Intifada took on the aspect of a social revolt, that is, resistance not only against Israeli rule, but also against the local establishment.
The leadership of the second Intifada had three heads, and as many goals, yet none of these were tuned to the needs of the people.
www.hanitzotz.com /challenge/74/intifadas.html   (4285 words)

 Palestinian Children and the Second Intifada
Israeli government officials have falsely portrayed them as unwitting pawns of Palestinian gunmen who use them as human shields, and as the offspring of calculating parents who value their children’s lives as an economic commodity that they are willing to sacrifice for money.
As the intifada has intensified, the image of Palestinian children in Israel has become progressively melded with the faceless image of the “Palestinian terrorist.” In the international media, children are depicted as either stone-throwing youth or as casualty statistics, lying on a stretcher or in a morgue.
The conditions of children’s lives during this intifada are not new; they are simply an intensification of those experienced by previous generations of Palestinian children who have grown up under occupation.
www.ifamericansknew.org /stats/chil-cook.html   (1307 words)

 Al Jazeera English - Archive   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A highly provocative move by Israeli politician Ariel Sharon was the act that triggered the second Intifada.
Seven Palestinians were killed in the fighting and thus the second Intifada - Intifadat al-Aqsa - was started.
The Intifada was – and still is - an expression of a deep disappointment and frustration over the ongoing disrespect and denial of basic rights for Palestinians caused by the occupation - including the right to free access to Jerusalem, security and development, and the refugees' right to return.
english.aljazeera.net /NR/exeres/ED8317B4-626C-498B-8AD2-F9274D510D99.htm   (1418 words)

 The Second Palestinian Intifada:A Chronicle Of A People’s Struggle Book Review By Jim Miles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The story of the Palestinian people through the five years of the Intifada is grossly misrepresented in western media.
But the epilogue of the Second Palestinian Intifada is both positive and hopeful, while still serving as a warning that a subjugated people can never be fully denied.
“The Second Palestinian Uprising…will always be remembered by most Palestinians, as well as by people of conscience everywhere, as a fight for freedom, human rights, and justice.
www.countercurrents.org /pa-miles080706.htm   (1024 words)

The word Intifada is Arabic and means "shaking off", because the Palestinians were trying to shake off the occupation by Israel.
It was largely a non-violent movement with such expressions as tax revolts, home education when schools were closed, etc. but did include rock throwing on the part of the Palestinians and gunfire from Israelis.
The second Intifada began in September 2000 after Ariel Sharon's appearance on the Haram ash-Sharif along with about 1000 armed soldiers and policemen.
www.holylandalternatives.net /intifada.html   (857 words)

 JURIST - Gans: The Refusal To Serve In The Occupied Territories In The Second Intifada
Barak’s second argument for distinguishing between selective and universal objection is that it is difficult to draw the line between someone who sincerely claims to be a conscientious objector and someone who objects to a specific policy of a particular government.
The second fear is that this recognition might turn the Israeli army into “an army of militias, consisting of different units, each one permitted to act in certain areas and forbidden to act in other areas”.
The second fear indicated by Barak, namely, that recognizing selective refusal might transform the IDF into many smaller armies, is also groundless.
jurist.law.pitt.edu /forum/forumnew109.php   (1467 words)

 CAMERA: NPR’s Second Intifada
Whoever thinks that the intifada broke out because of the despised Sharon’s visit to the Al-Aqsa Mosque, is wrong, even if this visit was the straw that broke the back of the Palestinian people.
This intifada was planned in advance, ever since President Arafat’s return from the Camp David negotiations, where he turned the table upside down on President Clinton...
The intifada began because of the desire to put an end to the occupation and because the Palestinians did not approve of the peace process in its previous form.
www.camera.org /index.asp?x_context=4&x_outlet=28&x_article=428   (3109 words)

 Unmasking the Second Palestinian Intifada
Most notably, the non-violent protests of the first Intifada, which were met by the iron fist of the Israeli state.
This iron fist policy was a specialty of Prime Minister Ariel Sharon during the second Intifada.
The Second Palestinian Intifada is not merely a tirade on the Palestinian people being subjected to Israeli policy and US support of that policy.
www.informationclearinghouse.info /article15441.htm   (2197 words)

 ei: Children of the Second Intifada
I call him and all the other children living under the current Israeli occupation, and more recently the siege, "Children of the Second Intifada." My generation was referred to as the children of the first Intifada.
The Children of the Second Intifada have it worse.
Never has Gaza been described as "a massive humanitarian disaster," where there is a shortage of basic amenities such as sugar and flour, and 88 percent of the population is reduced to depending on external food aid.
electronicintifada.net /v2/article6155.shtml   (782 words)

 Islam Online- News Section   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
GAZA CITY, September 28 (IslamOnline.net and News Agencies) - The three-year-old Intifada has managed to inflict heavy losses on the Israeli occupation forces and should go non-stop, because it is the one and only way to liberate Palestine, Palestinians told IslamOnline.net, as thousands took to the streets to mark the third anniversary of the Intifada.
"When the (second) Intifada was sparked, analysts reckoned that it would last for a couple of weeks, but thank God it enters now its fourth year and the enemy has sustained heavy losses," said Mo'men Al-Dalw, 21.
"The Intifada is no longer about armless children and youths who stand up to the occupation forces with their military juggernaut, but it helped Palestinian factions develop their resistance techniques and architect more accurate operations to resist the occupation forces and force them out," he added.
www.islamonline.net /English/News/2003-09/28/article08.shtml   (1063 words)

 The Electronic Intifada - Related websites - Where to find information about the Second Intifada?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
This page lists mostly Palestinian information/news sources on the Second Intifada in English and Arabic.
AlAqsaIntifada.org - a general resource about the current Intifada, including a list of martyrs and the circumstances of their deaths, news articles, analysis, political cartoons, diary entries about the current conditions in Palestine, action alerts, intifada art, and related links.
Al-Haq's Intifada section - a general resource about the current Intifada, from the oldest human rights organisation in the occupied Palestinian territories.
electronicintifada.net /relatedsites/i2.html   (690 words)

One of the most interesting but least addressed is the role of Palestinian police and military units during this second intifada.
Prior to the eruption of the al-Aqsa intifada, the PA imported large amounts of food supplies, stored large amounts of water and oil and prepared an alternative power source by deploying large generators in various locations in the PA. Most of the purchases are legal imports, some of the equipment was bought in Israel.
Second, the policemen themselves are strong nationalists who support the demonstrators' cause and methods.
meria.idc.ac.il /journal/2000/issue4/jv4n4a1.html   (3167 words)

 ei: Second Intifada
He lays out the causes of the Second Intifada and argues that peace without justice is impossible.
She then settled in Dheisheh, near Bethlehem, one of 59 Palestinian refugee camps that are considered the oldest refugee camps in the world.
Testemant to Israeli brutality and Palestinian resilience during the Israeli invasion of the refugee camp in spring 2002.
electronicintifada.net /bytopic/store/230.shtml   (1078 words)

 "The Use of Palestinian Children in the Al-Aqsa Intifada" by Justus Reid Weiner
One major difference between the current Al-Aqsa intifada and its predecessor, the original intifada of a decade ago, is the enormous increase in Palestinian firepower, primarily in the form of tens of thousands of assault rifles.
Palestinian sources have dubbed the current disturbances the "Al-Aqsa intifada." Intifada is the Arabic word for "uprising" or "shaking off" and Al-Aqsa is the mosque in Jerusalem which observant Moslems regard as their third holiest site, after Mecca and Medina.
The current Al-Aqsa intifada should be distinguished from the earlier intifada, which began in December 1987, had practically disappeared by the time of the Gulf War in January 1991, and ended with the commencement of the Oslo peace process in mid-1993.
www.jcpa.org /jl/vp441.htm   (7838 words)

 Islam Online- News Section   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
As the first Palestinian Intifada was manifested with broad participation of the Palestinian people, the second Intifada immediately turned into a military confrontation between the resistance groups and the occupation forces.
The second Palestinian Intifada has seen the usage of more sophisticated weapons, contrary to the first Intifada, whose main weapon against the occupation forces was stones.
He said the “martyr operations” were also one of the main characteristics of the second Intifada.
www.islamonline.net /English/News/2004-09/28/article03.shtml   (999 words)

 Start of the al-Aqsa Intifada in 2000
It was accumulated in the depths of our people and was bound to explode in the face of Barak's government because of the political problem that was put off for more than a year and a half -- the problem of independence.
From the beginning, in September 2000, the al-Aqsa intifada developed into the worst period of violence in Israel's history, excepting only the periods of all-out war with neighboring Arab countries.
Marwan Barghouti, Fatah-Tanzim, and the Escalation of the Intifada
www.palestinefacts.org /pf_1991to_now_alaqsa_start.php   (733 words)

 The Second Intifada - an Israeli Strategy
Ya'alon scolded the committee for revealing that the Israeli occupation army effectively provoked the Palestinians into escalating the violence during the first few months of the second intifada in order to give the army a pretext to hit hard on the Palestinian society and bully it into unconditional surrender.
On 29 June, for example, Reuven Pedatzur wrote in Ha'aretz that the number of Israeli casualties was so low that the army proudly cited the disproportionately large number Palestinians killed and maimed by Israeli forces as evidence "of the military victory and correctness of the policy of massive use of force".
Pappie concurred with Tarazi that the Palestinians would have preferred a low-combustion intifada with as little violence and bloodshed as possible had it not been for Israel's harsh response.
www.infoimagination.org /islamnm/second_intifada.html   (1094 words)

 Sharon and the Second Intifada
The violence of the second intifada had ebbed and flowed over one and a half years.
Sharon might not have been able to fulfill his ambition to kill Arafat, but he had severely crippled him as a leader, both in practice and prestige.
The second notorious outcome of Operation Defensive Shield was the battle in the Jenin refugee camp.
www.jewishvoiceforpeace.org /publish/article_256.shtml   (591 words)

 The effects of Israeli violations during the second uprising "intifada" on Palestinian health conditions. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The effects of Israeli violations during the second uprising "intifada" on Palestinian health conditions.
THIS ARTICLE DOCUMENTS ISRAELI VIOLATIONS OF INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS and humanitarian law during the second intifada, and their effects on the health situation of more than three million Palestinians living in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.
The article is based on reports of such violations documented by numerous international, Israeli, and Palestinian health and human rights organizations operating in the field.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_go2620/is_200209/ai_n6490512   (179 words)

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